2019-07-16 - I've Fought Spiders!


Practice in the park draws some interested spectators

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Jul 16 00:22:34 2019
Location: Central Park

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It's getting late in Central Park. The sun is setting and the number of people around in this part are considerably less.

Which is probably good because there's a giant tarantula scurrying across it. This thing is huge - the leg span is 24" at least and it's glowing blue. At least it looks like a giant tarantula - except for the fact that it's skin looks like scales and there's a demonic cast to its features.

Flying above it is a glowing blue raven - also oversized - that looks like a Zombie. The two seem to be 'playing' a game. The spider scuttles along, the raven dives and redirects it.

Not far from these two is small asiatic looking woman, her arms and shoulders covered in tattooes. She's watching.

There's few places where Brightwind can run around in the city without drawing too much attention, and Central Park is definitely near the top of the list. Dani stands nearby the grazing horse, leaning on a tree as she's in her Valkyrie armor, helm off and resting on the ground. She blinks as she notices the giant spider and raven playing 'tag', blinking a bit but… well, they aren't menacing anything, as far as she can tell, so doesn't look too worried.

Avery has just gotten off work, and needed to stretch her legs a bit — because she didn't do enough running around in the shipping department during her ten hour shift at UPS! Ah well, she gets decent(ish) benefits, didn't need a college degree (or a high school diploma!), and is not too proud to do some heavy lifting…it will do for now, sure, can't compare to a life of adventure in a world of magic and mystery, but it pays the bills. Well, mostly.

And then she realizes she's FOUND magic and mystery! There's a huge glowing spider and raven — PLAYING, and there's a woman-warrior in armor, and a pegasus! Could this evening get any better?

She watches the game playing glowy-critters, and then tracks back to the small woman watching them, perhaps a friend or mentor? Not sure. Moving towards the spider and raven. "Is the game open for others to play too?" She asks the raven, not sure if spider's can talk, but she knows that a Raven might!

The raven sort of looks at Avery, dives the spider one more time to drive it towards the woman before winging its way in a wide arcing path, that will take it past Dani and the horse. "They aren't playing." That comes from the tattooed woman - a mangled accent from south america - nothing specific to pinpoint her origins.

Dani's horse though gets a look, as does the armour. "You aren't a Knight come to rescue her, are you?" It's hard to tell if she's joking, her … attitude is so muted.

Dani grins, "Nope, Valkyrie, not a knight." She glances curiously at Keiko, "You look familiar… have you been around the Institute?" She gives Avery a grin as well, tilting her head towards them, "Hey there." Brightwind, for his part, doesn't look too worried about the spider and raven bouncing around nearby, but he is keeping an eye on them.

"Are they not? How curious, it looks like tag." Avery says in response to Keiko, and then laughs faintly at the image of a Knight riding to HER rescue. "Oh, methinks that saving would not be neeful, I am quite able to protect myself, or flee should the need arise." She quirks a brow at the mention of being of the Valkyrior. "A chooser of the slain? Honored, lady." This with a polite inclination of her brow, her manner respectful and very formal. She doesn't interrupt the conversation further, however, and keeps at a safe distance of the not-game ongoing.

"I'm not allowed there…" Keiko answers carefully. She knows The Institute is a big secret and that she knows of it, is because "… but my daughter goes there and her father teaches there." Interesting way of phrasing things.

"I'm … Keiko." The tattooed woman is really trying this 'human' thing. Trying to remember what it was like before Limbo. That's to both of the women with her.

"They don't get 'out' much and it's training for Mirlo, the bird." Mirlo, blackbird in Spanish. "Aranenet just needs to stretch her legs."


Dani nods slightly, "That's what I thought. Elena, right?" She smiles, "Cute kid, bit of a handful, but she really likes Brightwind, and the feeling is mutual there." She beams a bit, and offers a hand to Keiko, "Dani. Valkyrie, but currently off duty right now. Definitely understand the idea of training, though." She glances over at Avery and nods, "Yeah, kinda got lucky, but been doing it for the past five years."

"Well, it has been long and long since I have fought against an arachnid of her size, but an it be acceptable to you, Miss Keiko, I would be willing to train with your…friends?" Avery actually seems excited by the prospect, for goodness sakes. She's FOUGHT giant spiders in the Hidden World, but…training with them? Never an option even there, so who can blame her?

Since the other ladies have introduced themselves. "I am Avery Aaaronson." A florid bow. "At your service, ladies." She smiles a bit less formally to Dani. "I am gratified to hear you are not on duty, at present. I should not like to think any here were to be…chosen, mm?"

"Yes. Elena." Keiko's catslitted eyes slide to Dani. "You have met her?" Oh right. Shaking hands. That's a things. "I know so little of the people there. I'm told she will be safe, but …" Clearly she's not convinced.

Dani might understand why.

The small woman is wearing a crop top that shows a brand on her stomach - one that covers from under the band of her trousers to up under the top itself. There doesn't seem to be a part of her that isn't marked in some way.

"Avery and Dani." she says at the introduction, remembering their names. "Arananet doesn't fight. She is good for getting into places to look around."

The bird? She doesn't say but both women should notice that there are tattooes of the Raven and Spider on her arms - very realistic too - along with a wolf, a mythological black dog, a dragon and a bird with an eagles body and a womans head.

"Train with them? I … " the small woman blinks. That's an unusual thing even among her small circle of friends. "… don't know … why would you do that?"

Dani nods at Keiko, "Definitely understandable… but with everyone there, she's as safe there as she can be anywhere, never fear." She smiles cheerfully at Avery, "Well, duty can always call when you least expect it, but for right now, I'm just loitering… and taking a break from looking at universities."

"One must always protect those in need." Avery states with a very serious nod. "And children especially so." That's all she really deems needful to say at the moment, that's just good sense in her book.

"And Keiko, Mirlo and Arananet as well." Avery adds with a bright smile, her voice almost a chirp. Goodness she has a LOT of energy!

She can definitely draw parallels between blue-glowy beasts and tats, she's not sure what the common factor IS, but there is something to that.

A laugh. "Well, I shall endeavor to continue to stay off your duty roster for the nonce, shall I, Miss Dani?" The smile fades a smidge when school is mentioned. "Ah, yes. I should work on that, but…I work two jobs…time be a precious commodity, mm?"

And then she turns back to Keiko. "Why…?" A blink, and then a huge grin. "For the FUN of it! The challenge would be worthy I am certain, and these are people, are they not? Surely they are more than mere constructs if they can learn, ergo, training."

"So people tell me." Keiko answers Dani. She's having trouble with that but she'll get there. "University…." That gets a curious look. "I've never been to school." she finally admits. "Where are you looking at? There's one here, yes?"

Never been to school? Keiko looks at Brightwing and then at Dani. "Do you let people touch him? Until I got here, people never approached my spirits."

Which might give Avery some hint. "They are not people, Avery Aaronson. They are spirits of animals that I had to master and can call forth when they are needed." beat "Where did you fight beside giant spiders? I've had to fight demons, but rarely beside them. Normally they make fine leather for clothing."

She doesn't appear to be joking.

Dani smiles, "He's not a spirit, he's a horse. And the Prof has joked about using rides on Brightwind as a recruitment tool. A lot of the students love riding him, with supervision typically, though some of the older kids are fine without."

She then hmms at the question of schooling, "Well, I have some friends at the schools locally here, but I was looking for something with a strong pre-vet program. A bit tricky to find in the city."

Avery has been to school! Well, most of a year of kindergarten - not that she remembers, does that count? "I have not attended a local school as of yet either." Avery states. "Though I am working on my Gee Ee Dee." She's careful to pronounce it very properly! Her accent is odd…sort of British, kind of of, a little off though. She is definitely interested in getting to know Brightwind, though. A flying horse? How cool is that!

Again she looks a little puzzled at Keiko, and then grins. "I have never fought -beside- giant spiders, I have fought -against- them." She corrects. "That is part of the appeal to so doing now, training such as this would be quite unique, would it not?" She does frown faintly about the spirits thing. "But they are self-aware, lest I am mistaken. If self-aware that makes them people, perhaps not flesh and blood, but I have always believed it is the soul that matters, not the form." A smile. "And I do not even know if mentioning where I came from matters - I cannot get back, but it was a Hidden World, deep inside the Earth."

"Then I can pat him?" That's Keiko's way of asking permission. Asking without asking. She holds her hand out to the horse, seeing what he does. "It is not something that we were allowed to do, where I grew up." She admits.

"I don't know much about studies or where you would go for those. Mine were always practical and mostly physical." She nods as Avery corrects her though. "Ah. Well Aranenet doesn't really fight, she'd run and hide first or I'd recall her. For fighting I have Bella, Cullen, Onyxia and Glydril."

Mirlo circles and comes to light on Dani's shoulder. The glowing creature is definitely more zombie than bird now. Arananet shambles over and starts to walk around Avery, checking her out. Keiko rolls her eyes "You're both traitors."

"Another dimension? If you wanted to get back, there are sorcerors who send you."

Dani smiles at Mirlo, "Well, hello there." She does try to use her animal empathy with the bird-spirit, mostly out of curiosity, "Eh, they're just trying to win us over on your behalf." She winks at Keiko with that.

Brightwind, for his part, perks up at the offered pets from Keiko, and nudges her hand with his nose, encouraging more pets. Speaking of traitors…

Ooh, petting the horse is an option?! Okay, wait, spider spirit checking her out…Avery gets down on Arananet's level, letting the creature examine her as she deems fit. No biting, however! Avery has a no giant spider bites allowed policy that is very strict.

She grins at the traitors comment. "Surely curiosity be not betrayal." She teases lightly.

"I am certain, Miss Dani, that a Chooser of the Slain would be far more valuable a friend than a porter at UPS." Avery states with a grin. "Still and all…I am willing to be won over, methinks. They are rather cute in a risen spirits sort of way."

To Keiko she adds. "So many combat spirits, you must be a formidable shamanic warrior to bind so many!" And then she mentions sorcery and transit home. "Alas, I know no such persons, Keiko."

The horse butting her hand sort of surprises Keiko and it takes a moment for her to pet Brightwing properly. "We were not permitted to show weakness and pet our bound creatures." It's different petting a live flesh and blood creature to hers though.

Arananet doesn't bite, just moves curiously around Avery. "Not so close, Arananet and Mirlo, I'm having trouble focussing with the two of you." Avery's comment gets a look from her though "We all have roles to play and none is more important than the other. Do not undersell yourself."

"I am not a shaman but I was started young. I bound Arananet when I was not yet eight. Some just call me frustratingly stubborn but that is why they chose me."

Mirlo, unfortunately, doesn't respond to Dani's empathy - at least not in the way she might think. It's more from Keiko that feeling comes - there's an edge of wildness to it - all the spirits she holds seem to combine. There's also a hint of something dark to it all.

Dani arches a brow at the strange feelings from Mirlo, but shrugs and doesn't seem to mind it too much, since well… they aren't genuine animals, or even people changing into animals like Sharon or Rahne. She smiles over at Keiko, "Yeah, sounds pretty strict… must be a bit weird to be out in a world like this one, instead." She hmms, "I'm still getting used to having social media again, I've been living in Asgard for the past five years."

She then flashes a grin at Avery, "If you want any tips for the GED, let me know, I just took the blasted thing myself. I actually grew up near Boulder, Colorado, but five years ago I stumbled into Asgard. Long story." She mmms, as Brightwind guides Keiko into proper petting, turning his head just so to make it easier for Keiko to figure out the best way to pet the horse.

Eyes of gold-flecked hazel watch Keiko's reaction to the attention seeking horse, okay, good to know - he's an attention monger! She has -candy-, she can probably bribe the hell out of him!

"Oh, there be no doubt, Keiko, but relative merits seem fairly clear. If one could befriend a Chooser and were in battle that Chooser might well make all the difference, literally, between life or death."

Fortuantely Avery hasn't a lick of magic, so she doesn't get the darkling vibe, though—-zombie shuffling, that's somewhat off putting. At least they don't STINK like the undead do!

"So…a binder of spirits, a Valkyrior, and a teleporter walk into a bar…it be almost a joke." She grins at the offer from Dani. "Actually…I would greatly appreciate assistance, my knowledge of this world be limited, and many of the questions in my study manual were…confusing."

"Spirit caller, technically. The binding was done by others." Keiko turns to Brightwing as he demands more attention. There's no smiles from the small woman, she's always so serious. They can see her back though and the silvery lined tattoo of demon on it.

Not one part of her seems unmarked.

"The chooser may need items carried though and if she were distracted …" the peruvian murmurs, inclining her head to acknowledge Avery's point. "My point being that it is the sum of the group that makes the difference. One without the other might not work."

As they're talking the two spirits start to evaporate to smoke, a smoke that wends its way through the air to land on those tattooes on her arms.

"I guess that is my indication that I should be on my way. Piotr will be home with Elena and I want to see her." Poor Piotr. She wants to see him as well, but it never occurs to her to say.

Pausing for a moment, she takes two cards from her pocket and hands them over. "If you ever need anything. You can call me."

She's a … handyman.

Dani smiles over at Avery, "You bet! I actually spend a lot of time here in the city, you can just call or text me and I'll reply. Sometimes I get a little busy, but…" She hands a business card, of all things, over to Avery, then offers one to Keiko, exchanging cards with the latter, "Sounds good. Say hi to Petey and Elena for me, and if you ever need anything, just let me know." She gives Keiko a warm smile and a nod.

"Caller." Avery allows the correction with a nod of apology attached. The smoke and it fusing with the tattoos…ooh, that's very interesting. Avery can't help it, she ports to stand beside Keiko - there's no bamf, no sense of displaced air, just…movement, in fact for a fraction of an instant the girl seems to be in two places at once. "Twas a great pleasure to meet you, Keiko and Dani, my regards to your families." She is surprised to have TWO new business cards from different sources. "I have no calling cards to offer, but I do have a cellular mobile! Might I share my digits with you both?" If they accept she'll give her phone number to both ladies. And yes, she was just showing off a smidge with the teleporting. She's young yet!

Porting next to Keiko like that is … dangerous. The woman is instantly on edge when Avery does, it's clear. Taking a deep breath and letting it out again, it takes a moment for the peruvian to relax. "Neat trick." she manages.

It's not Avery's fault that Keiko wants to kill just everything.

"I'll uh… Put them in phone?" She hands the device over. "Piotr and the others still do that for me." Technology, man. It's a thing.

Petey? No, she's not calling Piotr that.

When Avery's done, the peruvian nods solemnly and makes her way to the bike that's chained nearby. She's going home to see her daughter. And … Piotr.

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