2019-07-15 - Welcome Back to Earth


Ares and Carol reunite. Ares flirts, while Carol has her own problems.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Jul 15 03:04:12 2019
Location: Avengers Mansion - Foyer

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The thing that people don't get about space? It's big. Like, really big. So when there's an alert about a possible Badoon incursion ship lurking around the Moon? Well, obviously Carol is going to go check it out. But that's a long time in space, so now Carol is back after being gone for a few days.

Oh, and the Badoon? Totally not there, or else they hightailed it once they realized they tripped a satellite array. Either way, it's been a week since she was back on terra firma, and she says, "Jarvis, I'll love you forever if you can have some coffee ready by the time I get to the kitchen."

Well, John Aaron, or as he's known among the Avengers and the entirety of Greek Mythology, Ares, was already brewing up some coffee, so when Carol finally enters the kitchen, he already has two cups of filled coffee, and Ares gives a grin at Captain Marvel. "I guess you love me forever." he winks, likely mildly flirtatiously, but he offers her the cup. "Here. How was the trip?"

This is probably one of the only times that Ares isn't in his battle armor or doesn't have a wea-…aw hell, anything in Ares's hands is a lethal weapon.

Carol snorts a bit, "And here I thought you liked the love goddess types, Ares." She takes the coffee gratefully, and sighs, "Dead end, either it was a false signal or, more likely, the Badoon realized what they did and fled out of system." Her lips quirk a bit wryly, "Not that I mind the time in space, but yeah, it's the space equivalent of driving through Iowa. Not really that interesting." With that, she takes a long sip of the coffee, "Everything okay down here?"

"Are you suggesting your not a love goddess? I'm usually right about these things." But, Ares sips his drink, listening attentively. "Well, usually when they see you coming for them, they tend to run away. Or risk the rest of us joining you in the fight. Me, in particular." he loves a good fight as per his domain. He does laugh at her Iowa comment though. "Everythings been fine. There was an incident about some Egyptian Gods, but thankfully I didn't need to get involved." he smirks. "When did you get back? just now?"

Carol snickers, "Let's see… goddess of higher, further, faster, fighter planes, and sparkles." She leans on the kitchen counter, nodding a bit, "Yeah, just got back. And besides, love goddesses don't have the horrible track record I seem to in that regard." Her eyes roll a little, "I think your sister has the right idea sometimes, I swear."

Ares would normally be angrier than hell if someone said his sister had the right idea, but its Carol, and she's a friend…and he doesn't want to kill Carol. "Well, you admit that your a goddess. Well…maybe that could change?" he seems to smile flirtatiously at Carol. "and in what way does my sister have the right idea?" he sips his coffee.

Carol grins, "The whole 'no fooling around' thing, though that sounds awfully boring." She gives Ares a wry expression, "And nah, I'm no goddess, despite my powers I like to keep my feet on the ground. Metaphorically, anyway. Though, it seems like for eschewing that stuff she's still pretty darn vain, at least in the myths. Not exactly the wisest attitude, but I'm just a mortal. Albeit a sparkly one." A few motes drift off her hair, as if to prove her point as she takes another drink of coffee.

Ares looks at Carol for a little bit. "No fooling around? Well, that is pretty boring. But, I learned my lesson after Aphrodite. If I'm fooling around with anyone, I'm going to make sure its genuine." besides, Ares has a son he needs to set an example for. Single dad life. "Hmm…so what I'm hearing is, you're free to ask out to dinner?" Ares smirks lightly. "But its good to be centered on where you are and what you want to be." he says in a more serious tone.

Carol laughs at that, "Probably not the best timing on that, Ares, though I'm flattered." She grins at Ares wryly, "And yeah, I'm sorting out a few things in my head, but it seemed to all go sideways so I'm not exactly sure what's going on there. Hoping to figure it out since, well, they're special." She pauses, then sighs a little, "Very special." With that, she finishes that cup of coffee, a rueful look on her face.

Ares chuckles just a little bit. "I'm horrible with my timing. Just ask…well, everyone in my family." the family that treats him like a dog, like a sword only to be used and praised when the enemy is at the door (which is almost never). "But, with whoever it is, they must be pretty special. I'm here if you want to talk about it." He says with a kind smile for her. "But, I don't know what you want to talk to me about. I'm probably the worst authority on romance just about ever."

Carol grins, "Well, um, it's someone I met a while ago… we hit it off, but she's got…" She pauses, then hrms, "Issues. I recognize the signs, since I had them too, but yeah, I tried to confront her about them, and she blew me off hard. And I'm… not exactly sure where we stand now." She's trying to put a brave face on it, but there's a genuine hurt in her voice that she manages to hide pretty well. Though a god with several millennia of experience might see through that easy enough.

Ares sees through that pretty easily indeed. "You realize I've been alive for thousands of years, and have seen it all, right? You don't have to pretend to be tough around me." he looks her in the eyes then. "Let me guess…I want to say someone who emphasizes a flaw that you have, and don't want her to have. God, I'm really not the person to read people like a book on romance. But listen..don't compromise your convictions for a pretty face."

Carol sighs, "Not emphasizes, so much as I see what she's going through, and I know where that road leads, you know?" She nods, "And no, not planning on compromising those convictions, don't worry." She smiles, "But thanks for the pep talk, Ares, I appreciate it. Though you know what I'm going to appreciate even more? A long shower in the residential wing, because even with Kree nanotech I've been wearing this suit for the past week." She snickers and straightens up, "Thanks for the coffee, and the talk, I really do appreciate it."

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