2019-07-15 - Asgardian Heritage


SHIELD arrive at the Asgardian Embassy with bad news

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Date: July 15, 2019
Location: Asgardian Embassy

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"Hello, can I help you?" The young receptionist at the Asgardian Embassy looks up as Jemma Simmons, accompanied by two others enters the lobbies. Jemma is sight, make no mistake, with her right arm and left eye replaced by cybernetics and the implant on the right side of her face.

"Oh yes. Agent Jemma Simmons, SHIELD." She'll let the other two introduce themselves. "We'd like to see Lady Sif, please. Could you tell we're here? It's a matter of some urgency and delicacy."

"Oh, yes. OK." the blonde answers, giving the group a once over. The message is sent to Sif and hopefully she'll soon arrive.

Koa and Sam know that not long ago, there was an attack on some of the embassy staff. A very precise attack and those that carried Asgardian blood were very, very ill. Even those with just a modicum of the gene, were affected.

Sam Guthrie follows along relatively quietly, knowing he's mostly here as back-up and not even close to lead agent. Heck, he's only recently back out in the field after his recent extradimensional excursion. He got cleared from quarantine last week so he's back in the pool and pulling jobs.

He's wearing relatively standard SHIELD outfit, with the plain suit and the black sunglasses, his hair shaved on the sides and a bit of gel in the blonde. Hey, he can dress up sometimes!

Having been up on the roof of the embassy building again trying to practice her skating, Sif receives the message that she has visitors quickly enough, and it takes her only a few minutes to shed the skates in favor of her more commonly worn boots. They'll just have to forgive her the exercise attire.

Sif arrives within five minutes, wearing fitted black leather trousers and a plain, sleeveless linen shirt belted at the waist. She looks at the guests, really only recognizing Agent Turner, and offers them a polite bow.

"Well met, Agents. How may I be of assitance?" She gestures for them to accompany her to a sitting room where they can speak a bit more comfortably.

Koa was clearly caught at a formal function because he's not in the usual collared shirt and slacks that he often does his business in. No he's in a the high collared WAND jumpsuit that's grey and blue and black with half-calf boots and an athame standard. One sleeve is rolled back to show the asp goddess' bracer and the other is bandaged and tied to his side. He looks like he could do with a good night's sleep.

"Lady Sif. Hello. This is Agent Guthrie." And she's met him. And Agent Simmons just introduced herself. So. There's that. He'll let Jemma say more.

"Is there somewhere we can talk?" Jemma asks the receptionist and is shown to a conference room just off the entrance.

"Lady Sif. Agent Jemma Simmons. I take it you know Agent Turner, then and as he said, this Agent Guthrie." The woman says as she holds out her cybernetic hand to shake Sifs. "Thank you for seeing us without an appointment. About three hours, there was an attack on a restaurant. An bioagent was released through the airconditioning systems and several of the diners were taken ill. An hour ago, I was able to confirm that all of those affected were Asgardian embassy staff, hence our being here unannounced and the need for our discretion."

Sam has the tablet with the names of the people and the initial report from the scene - ages, maritial status and the like. Koa has more information about the way SHIELD think the attack progressed.

It's curious, though, that out of a restaurant of people the only ones affected were embassy staff. That's what Jemma just said, right?

Sam Guthrie is mostly just following orders, sticking close and listening. This was his chance to gain field experience and, frankly, a lot of the stuff was outside of his expertise. He was good enough at science, for a layman, but Jemma was on a whole level far above anything he could imagine. Still, he's studied the case as much as he can and is ready to offer up the tablet or any support as needed.

Sif shakes Jemma's hand without hesitation, and is very careful to not squeeze too hard as she would be with any Midgardian. "Only Embassy staff were affected by the … sickness spell?" Clearly, the term bioagent did not translate entirely. "Are these individuals going to recover?" She's already mentally trying to figure out how to contact Asgard to ask for assistance.

"I take it the ones responsible have not been apprehended?"

"Two of them are very, very ill. And we think all of them may have a common… we think they're all Asgardian or related to Asgardians. Possibly all related to a SINGLE Asgardian." Koa shakes his head. He's vaguely aware of this and his presence here is largely in a support capacity, which is fine because his plate is more than a little full.

"Agent Guthrie here has been tasked with forming a field team to investigate the causes and deal with the ones responsible along with Agent Simmons."

That is probably news to Sam. Normally he'd have had a thorough brief on this but there wasn't time. They had to get to the Asgardians before the Asgardians started taking matters into their own hands. As to why put a rookie in charge of this? Well, SHIELD wants to see what he can do. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, as it were.

"Sorry Sam." Koa mutters. "There wasn't time to prep you."

He's got the data on his tablet though. Five people ill, two not expected to pull through. No leads beyond the fact that it might be connected to a bioweapon case that Jemma is working.

Good luck, Rookie. Yes, Koa put him on the spot a bit in front of Sif. Yes, he does feel a bit abad about that.

When Sif shakes Jemma's hand, the biochems grip is very firm. So firm it might *almost* be painful. She's still getting use to the fact that she has that arm.

"Sorry Sam…" Jemma murmurs. She's been a bit preoccupied and she's doing most of this on the run. She hadn't expected the deployment of the agent to be *in* New York and she hadn't expected field tests so quickly.

"I should clarify that there were *other* Embassy employees there, but they didn't take ill. I had to wait for the results of the labs before we knew what we were dealing with."

"Agent Guthrie is going to run the field work on this while I do the lab work. He'll be looking into these employees and seeing if they've got more in common than just their blood. We need to be certain of what we're dealing with. Which is why we've come here today. SHIELD has you listed as liaison and we will need the Embassy's cooperation."

Which be tricky.

"And no, we've nothing on who did this. Again, that's something Agent Guthrie is going to have to do. Get the security tapes from the restaurant and see if they shed any light on the matter."

Sam Guthrie stares for a moment but puts his game face on quickly, "Yes, I'm sorry to be a bit 'late to the party', as it were, but I just completed a rather complex mission and this is something I'm jumping into rather fresh. Rest assured, we'll be putting our best effort in," he says, trying to be as reassuring as he can.

"I'd ask for a list of enemies but, frankly, that seems redundant, given the long history of Asgardian peoples," he says. "But if there is a common factor in their heritage, that could really help narrow things down a lot>"

"Points of commonality do seem the most relevant," Sif allows to the agents. "Perhaps I can assist with that?" She looks at Sam, likening him to a young warrior going on his first actual hunting trip without elder warriors there to mind and protect him. "And I will do everything I can to secure the cooperation of everyone in the Embassy for you. This is truly a serious matter."

Her first thought is, of course, nefarious magics which then makes her think of Loki, but she quickly quashes that thought. She has no reason to think the younger prince had done this for a number of reasons, not the least of which is WHY. So, without any immediate suggestions, she leans a bit to see what's displayed on the tablet in Sam's hands.

Hopefully there are pictures.

There are indeed pictures. Several of them and they all share a resemblance to be sure. Perhaps a familiar one. That one with the sort of goatee and the laughing look behind his eyes looks… I mean, it's kind of striking. If he were holding a rapier…

It helps perhaps that the names are in both English and Asgardian.

"We can tell you that the weapon used in this attack has been developed by a very dangerous group of people. One we believe intended to either sell it, or sell their services, to those with an interest in… sending messages. Trouble is we don't know who or what the message is."

"Does anyone at the embassy have a large number of family working here? And is there anyone who has gotten embroiled in something that might make them targets via their family?" Koa's trying to be helpful to both Jemma and Sam here. Koa glances up at one of the pictures on the wall. It's actually a painting with four people in it, one of whom seems to be Sif. He glances down at the pictures. Then up at the wall. Then down at the tablet Sam's got again. Then he nudges the younger agent and points. Does one of those people in that painting look like one of the guys on the tablet he's got? Or is it just Koa?

The pictures, thankfully, are those of their id's and not what the victims currently look like. More importantly, the text has been translated into Asgardian. The names given are: Susanna Phillips - 28, Bill Jacobs - 56, Eric Vasquez - 35, Marion Breen - 48, Ken Lomas - 40. All are quite ill with Marion and Bill currently looking like they won't make it.

"If we could get their medical files that the embassy kept and details on their on their next of kin, we can visit them." Jemma looks to Sam, feeling so very bad for dumping him in this but needs must.

"The Agents have the right questions, Lady Sif. I'll take the information we collect and try to come up with cure, while they find out who did this."

She wonders, vaguely, if Asgard has scientists. They seem like such a warrior race.

Sam Guthrie smiles to Sif, "I would appreciate the help. I don't know how closely you guys track genealogy - very important in some cultures, like my own Kentucky roots, but other folk don't pay it much mind. We obviously gotta assume them bein' of Asgardian heritage is significant. It ain't exactly common as green eyes, is it?"

"I do wanna emphasize you're in good hands with Agent Simmons. Ain't nobody better when it comes to the science stuff. If anyone can find a way to help, she can."

Sif studies the images of the people on the tablet and her brow furrows. She looks a little more intently, then just as Koa did, she looks up at the painting on the wall. "I have a suspicion, but I cannot confirm at this time. I will, however, be sure to ask."

At the question of genealogy, Sif sits back and seems to have to think about it for a good few moments. "You mean ones blood relations, even if they are vastly removed. Some do and some don't, much as you have said. But I will try to consult with a healer to see how we can assist with that direction of inquiry."

"Then perhaps you two should…" Koa gestures to Sam and Sif meaningfully.

Talk! He means talk! Geeze. Mind. Gutter. Out.

The WAND agent takes a step back. He was mostly here to provide arcane expertise if needed but it seems like it may not be needed.

"Anything else, Doc?"

Sam's right. They are in pretty good hands.

The look Jemma gives Sam is incredibly grateful. Sometimes forget that there's a person behind the scientist but lately, both he and Koa have reminded she's more. Kelly and Roy as well - but in a way they're different.

"That would be appreciated, Lady Sif. I'll leave you and Agent Guthrie to work out the details then." She pauses, noticing the looks to the portraits on the wall. "If it helps and you would like to just confirm if they have common ancestor, I can use skin or hair samples to test with and have the results still be anonymous." She might get why some people are cautious about broadcasting that information.

Handing a card over to the Asgardian woman, the biochem manages to smile. "Thank you for your time, Lady Sif. My number is on there and you can contact Agent Guthrie or myself with any questions."

"I think we're done here for the moment, Agent Turner." Never Koa in the field. "Agent Guthrie, will you be staying?"

Either way, she needs to get back to the med bay and see if she can stabilise those affected by the weapon.

Sam Guthrie nods, "I'll stick around for a bit, take a look around, see if we can put some of these pieces together, if the Lady doesn't mind," he says, nodding to Sif. "I'll keep you updated."

Sif nods to Sam. "Of course, Agent Guthrie. That would be acceptable, and—" Her voice trails off as she thinks of something, her eyes flick between the three SHIELD Midgardians. "I have just thought of something. Please wait here for a moment." She's up and gone out the door in a flash, and returns in just a couple of minutes carrying a drawstring sack.

"These are healing stones. They are not given out lightly, but I think in this case it may be warranted. There is one for each person struck down; place the stone on their chest. I cannot promise it will eradicate the illness, but it may heal their bodies of the damage inflicted."

She hopes so, at least. This is entirely new territory for her. She'd much rather face off against a bilgesnipe.

"Very good Agent Guthrie. Call when you need a lift."

Jemma turns to follow Koa out as Sif heads off and returns quickly. "I'll try them. Hopefully they'll do some good." The biochem is very interested to see if she can work out how they work. Or you know, the WAND agent she's with might be interested at the least.

"We'll keep you informed." And with that, she and Koa head out.

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