2019-07-14 - Post-Fight Meet and Greet


After a fight with some thugs a bunch of costumed heroes try to talk small.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Jul 14 05:19:34 2019
Location: Hell's Kitchen

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There were more than a dozen thugs, goons, hooligans and punks when the fight began. And the heroes were outnumbered. Four against a dozen?

The thugs should have brought an army.

Now, perhaps ten minutes later — if that — the baddies are down. All of them. Some have fallen to swords of various types, others to punches and venom strikes, others to plants behaving in ways they did not expect. But they're down, and the police have been notified. And it's only ten thirty at night! A whole evening stretching out before the quartet.

Miles Morales has no idea who the women are that he's teamed up with to take down the gang, but he supposes there's no time like the present to meet them. One of them's got a Norse theme going on. Nifty. And the blue-haired goth is… well, that's an awesome look, in Miles' opinion. He feels obligated to break the post-battle silence.

"Uh, yeah," he says. "So, hi. I'm Sable Spider. Nice to meet all of you. Love the hair," he adds, directing this toward Eve.

Maya seems to be pointedly ignoring the group for a moment. She herself has retrieved one of the swords and seems to be content with keeping it. The slender Native girl is recognizable largely for her size, her wide brown eyes, and the fact she's seen fit to place a palm print in stylized red like blood across her face. It makes it awfully hard to focus on her actual features, if truth be told. She looks up and turns her gaze on the others at large as another weapon is examined, and collected.A brief stare follows before she finally takes a deep breath.

"…Sable Spider?" the girl asks, a brow arching as she studies all of those collected before her. "…Ronin," she suggests as she is tying a sword belt to her waist. "How many of you were actually tracking these idiots before this happened?" Those dark eyes dart to each person, trying to take them all in at once.

How Eve got involved in all this, well…

She /is/ a minor super hero, after all, and the kind of coinflict draws them like moths to flame, or in this case, like Goths to flame.

Eve has finished binding a couple more of them with viney ropes, informing them, "Hey, do you know what the soundtrack of this moment is?"

"What?" asks the beleagured ganger.

"This is vine-al tap," she says, solemnly.

"…oh fuck off," replies the ganger.

Eve beams with a smile and then turns back to face introduc tions to 'Sable Spider'.

"Yeah, hey," she says to Miles, "Thanks. I'm Morning Glory. Nice to meet you."

Brunnhilde, technically, was just passing by. A bit tipsy, perhaps, but it was passing quickly, thanks to her Asgardian physiology. She was drinking mostly to distract herself in the first place. And what is better as a distraction but a good satisfying fight, after all? She didn't even draw her sword for this…purely brawling in terms of a beatdown. Because of this she took a few injuries but she doesn't seem particularly bothered by the bullet wounds, currently absently poking at one that made a hole in the side of her shirt. "Sable Spider? So many spiders…" she mutters.

She listens to the others, then snorts a bit. "No nicknames. Brunnhilde am I, far from home and with a thirst for battle that this has, at least, quenched for the evening." She waves to Eve as she sees her!

"No kidding," Miles says to Brunnhilde. "It's like somebody decided spiders sell and started churning us out by the dozens. I'm, like, the new kid." Except he's actually older than most of the spider-types he's met — by about five years. And he's had his powers just as long. He just got into the hero game late.

He makes note of the names — and codenames — of those around him. Actual Valkyrie, Latina ninja, blue-haired goth plant controller. He feels almost mundane by comparison. "I wasn't tracking these guys 'til tonight. You see guys like this moving in herd formation, though, you learn to follow."

"I guess I should thank you all for helping me deal with them then," Maya continues then, watching all of those present for a long moment. She takes a deep breath and holds it for a couple of beats. I /was/ tracking them… Hardly seems necessary any longer, though. She adjusts the new swords she's acquired and then straightens slowly. "They've been causing a lot of trouble lately. So… Thanks." The young woman rolls her neck, but never once does she let her gaze drop from the others present.

"…it's New York, you can't go two feet without tripping over a superhero or a spider-person, I suppose," remarks Eve. "Honestly, I was just in the area and heard the commotion. A bit far a field of my usual stomping grounds, but hey, I got what plants crave," she adds, lamely. That joke, she makes it frequetnly and loves it.

She moves towards Brunnhilde and promptly bumps her with her slender hip before moving to tie up another one. "It's cool meeting you guys." Maya is eyed.

Brunnhilde hmmms, smiling at the bump as she folds her arms across her chest, tilting her head. "True enough. When this many thieves and thugs join up it's usually to gain the courage to commit a crime." she says, frowning thoughfully. She peers at Maya. "…you are welcome. It was a good fight! Enjoyable…" the tall, dusky woman notes cheerfully.

Miles pauses a moment, stares at Eve. To be fair, his blank white eyes make him look like he's staring blankly in general, but still, this stare is surprised and pleased. "Brawndo? The Thirst Mutilator?" he says, grinning behind his mask. To Maya, though, he notes, "You're welcome. Glad we could help."

"You've got what plants crave," Maya repeats in a deadpan. She mouths the words first before repeating them, as if she might be trying to figure out what is being said. Then Miles speaks up and he earnes a couple quick nods. "Oh! …Idiocracy. Right?" She takes a deep breath then, twisting slightly so she can look over everyone who is present. Slowly. "It's nice to clean some of this up. Drug running is so 20th century. So…" With her new weapons (and some wallets the thugs couldn't protect, if one is watching closely) in hand It seems that Maya is edging toward making an exit. While still watching everything. "Good to meet everyone. And… Yes. They committed a /lot/ of crimes."

"You got it," Miles tells Maya, and then pauses a moment, brow furrowing — for all that it's tough to see under his mask. "Yeah, good to meet all of you. I gotta run. Or jump, anyway. Sorry. Hope to see you all soon!" He leaps from where he stands, the jump cresting over a seven story building nearby, and heading to the east.

"Electrolytes," says Eve to Miles, with a solemn nod, before he departs. Then he turns back to face Maya, blinking at her. "Yeah, uh. Nice to meet you. Those were some impressive moves back there. At least, I think they were impressive judging by the results," she adds. Namely, the bruises on a lot of those guys and how quickly they were dispatched by someone who wasn't a Spider Person. She turns to Brunnhilde again, "'Sup?" she asks her.

Hilde shrugs her shoudlers. "Eh." she says. "It is." Yes, she's still…dealing with things. She studies Maya thoughfully. "You are very skilled…much more than I would expect for someone of your age. It's rare to see…"

"I'm the best," Maya replies without a hint of irony or modesty. "Picked up a few new tricks from you guys," She adds slowly. "You were great. Obviously. We should do this again sometime." Having looted the bad guys Ronin is now in the process of exiting stage left- even if she is walking half backward os she can cotninue to study the others as she departs. Slowly.

"…I can't fight so I have no idea what you could have picked up from me. I just get punched a lot," adds Eve.

She then turns back towards Maya with a smile. "Hey, props from her are pretty big time, I think," she gestures at Brunnhilde.

Hilde raises a brow at the mention of learning from her, a hint of curiosity entering her eyes. "…perhaps we shall see more of each other then. And I'll teach you some other moves…." she murmurs lazily, clasping her hands behind her back absently as Maya exits, stage left.

"Oh, I was including you to be polite," Maya informs Eve as she departs. "But you're good at taking a punch." With that she turns on a heel and no amount of talking will get her to turn back.

"Is she leaving with with a bunch of weapons?" asks Eve curiously of Brunnhilde as Maya departs. "Ah well. I hope she's not actally a bad guy." She then turns back to Brunnhilde again. "I /do/ take punches pretty well," she mutters, annoyed about that. Of course, it still hurts.

Maya is totally decked out like she walked out of a Rambo-esque Samurai movie, yes.

"Spoils of battle." Hilde says, not seeming that bothered by it, then pats Eve on her head. "You take punches very well." she assures her. "I am sure many have tried to punch you and failed to knock you out." Though she does watch Maya until she's out of sight. Just in case!

Maya does, in fact, walk awayw ithout any trouble… Until she jumps up, grabs onto a fire escape, hauls herself up and heads for the roof tops. Typical vigilante stuff, at least around these parts.

Eve /glares/ at Brunnhilde at that and promptly goes to punch her in the side. It's playful, but she does put some force to it.

There's barely a grunt from Hilde at the punch…it's sort of like punching a tree, really. "Are you wanting to practice your punches now?" the amazonian woman asks, peering down at Eve with a little smirk.

"I know I can't hurt you or even come close to hitting you so I'm just gonna say 'no', and move on," replies Eve, dryly, "but anyway, you can't make plants grow, so there."

Hilde shrugs. "I have never been a farmer." she says simply. "I don't have the talent for it. That is why I was a valkyrie, not a farmer." She grins a bit. "

"I'm /not/ a farmer, though sometimes I do feel like I should be out there, resolving famine or something. Then I realize how terrible an idea me doing that would be and that this is a way better one." Eve does not elaborate on why it's a terrible idea.

Hilde hmms. "So a green thumb but no desire to use it?" she says thoughtfully. "Yet you use it for fighting villains."

"Yeah, well, there are limits and then there are limits, aren't there?" Eve arches a blue eyebrow at Hilde. Then elbows her again.

Hilde mmphs. "Only limits we put in front of us." she says with a yawn. "Are you going to get proper armor if you're going to continue to be fighting criminals?"

"…oh. Right. Armor. Maybe, I guess," says Eve. "I do get hurt sometimes." She snorts. Then she eyes Hilde a moment thoughtfully. "I guess I should do something about that."

Hilde says dryly. "It does help for not losing important organs or limbs to have it, from time to time." She tilts her head. "Perhaps you can spend some of all that money you have on kevlar or something similar?"

Eve isn't quite sure how to tell Brunnhilde she doesn't really need it. She snorts, adding, "Yeah. Kevlar goth costume." She then proceeds ot add, I"m gonna go get a drink. You coming?" She definitely needs one.

Hilde hmms, then grins. "Of course! WE celebrate our victory, hmm!" She slaps Eve (carefully) on the back, before starting to head pub-wards. "I know a good place not far from here…."

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