2019-07-14 - Never Meet Your Heroes


After a meeting with Masque, Betty tries to warn the Dark Knight of things to come.

Log Info:

Storyteller: N/A (Original scene ran by Batman)
Date: July 14th, 2019
Location: Hell's Kitchen, atop a building.

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The message was out. Coded, simple, a note really about some odd, off-handed recipe for a pasta dish. It was more than that, however, not giving any locations. Batman knew how to find her, he always seems to, anyway. By connections or just good graces, Betty stands atop one of the police precinct buildings outside of Staten Island. It was closer to home for her, in Hell's Kitchen.

The night was hot and muggy, and without a care in the world, she waits, sitting on the roof's edge, dressed in shorts, pumps, and a flowing, free blouse.

"If you are planning to jump, you at least look nice for it." comes the response from the shadows. How long has Batman been there observing and watching? Who knows for sure. He steps out of the shadows, the greys and blacks of his uniform not showing any signs of discomfort, even in the oppressive heat. "I am not sure that they would have appreciated your recipe for 'Pigs in a Blanket, serves 121.'"

But at least it seems he got the message, as he folds his arms loosely across his chest. "I am not one to be summoned at someone's whims, Miss Brant."

"Mmm, might have jumped some time ago. Not anymore, though." Reaching up, she brushes her fingers across the scar left behind by Zsasz. "Came close enough a couple of times." Pressing up, she moves closer and pauses before entering the Dark Knight's bubble. "I never got to thank you or yours for helping me. I, well, I know I did in the papers, but that's not very personal. So, thank you."

Nodding, she lowers her head. "I know. If I had an easier way of contacting you, I would. A number? Maybe some big light in the sky or some special red phone or something?" She muses sweetly.

"I do not need thanks." Batman responds. He doesn't give a reason for why he /doesn't/ need thanks, but he comments. "You were in danger - and being used as leverage. I took that leverage away." Then she's more into his personal space. From here, she can see the line of his jaw more clearly, even muted by the cowl he wears. His teeth are white, straight.

His eyes move to the scar that was left behind. "I was not in time to prevent that from happening. But it is not noticable." he offers to the woman as she mentions contacting him, and he shakes his head. "I am where I am needed, Miss Brant."

"Hey, if it was my time, it was my time. Shit happens, Knight, I'm getting use to that fact by now." Smiling, gently, she shrugs her exposed shoulders and looks out across the city. The air kicks up at this height, causing her hair to dance about until she reaches up and brushes it back as best she can. "I'm thanking you anyway. Everyone should. There's a lack of love for people like you in this city. Hopefully, I can change that at some point."

Thinning her lips, she swallows and allows her mouth to fill back out naturally. "I wanted to ask you about something, too. You and Catwoman - you're a couple?"

"While shit may happen, it is my place to make sure someone else is not hastening a life well-lived." Batman responds. When she plays with her hair, he can smell the scent of it, and there's a frown. For one that's been in so many situations - he realizes when someone's flirting with him. Even casually. "We al do what we must."

Then she brings up what seems to be the question of the week. He frowns. "We had .. a liaison. Over a decade ago." comes the response. "Though it was more for her to keep me off balance and unable to capture her." It worked. Grandly.

Until it got complicated. But noone knows that part.

"So even The Batman is ruled by the power of boners." She smirks and nods her head, saying the comment all in good fun. "You know, in this age, regardless of how old our mistakes are, people dig them up and use them against us, don't you?" Her arms rest down now, casually cupping her hips as she shifts her stance for comfort. "Anyone can dig these days, too. You warned me about Zsasz and Clayface, so, I want to offer a name to you. Masque. Pretty thing, cold, too. She's got your number and I don't care for that much."

"You're not the most popular hero, Batman. Even if you're something amazing, people still realize you're just a man. She has dirt and she'll use it." Swallowing, she continues, "She wants you and your lady-friend dead."

"I'm aware." of course he is. Why wouldn't he be? "Catwoman is already aware and working on how to address it. It is more of a threat to her than me." Even if it would destroy years of trust that Batman has built up. "You can contact her. But I would suggest using an advertisement for a cat." he says dryly, "As I said, it has been years since that, and things have changed."

It's a half-truth, but it is a truth. "It will be dealt with, in time. But I appreciate the information." It means that Masque is trying to get it out, and puts them on a timeline.

"Sure. I can do that." Eyes on him, not daring to turn way given the last time she did that, the man simply disappeared into the night. "Figures you'd know, I mean, nothing gets passed you, does it?" Another brush back, steps back and out of his bubble all the more, she takes a breath and swallows. "Batman, I wanted you to know that you're free to love who you want. She is, too. If that's you and her, well, embrace it. The trust might break a bit, but if I can help you both in anyway, I will."

"It is personal. And not something I wish to pry into. It was used as a weapon. And it appears that it will be again." It will be dealt with. Batman frowns slightly, as the woman steps back again, then he steps into her space. Getting closer to her, his lens' flare and then narrow.

"Unless you are seeking permission for something." comes the gruff response. She's a reporter. She may be looking for his permission. Official or otherwise.

"Let it lie."

"You're…shit at accepting help." She realizes. Her brow quirking up, before her gaze glares. "Guess I'll work with your girl if she needs it. Big if. I just came here to thank you and offer my help. I, well, I don't need your permission for anything. Especially not to do my job." Shaking her head, she sighs. "Anyway, if you know all about it, you're good then. I'll talk with Catwoman. Cat offer - I'll use it. You're free to ghost or whatever it is you do. Vanish? I, well, I won't come calling. You know where to find me."

There's a little snort from the Bat, and he turns from Betty. Stepping back from her, he takes out his grapple gun. If she was expecting a change of heart, or understanding? It's not coming. If he decides that he needs her. He'll find her.

Otherwise? There's the hiss of a line being fired from a grapple gun, and he's yanked back into the night, leaving the woman alone again to her thoughts.

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