2019-07-13 - Cheese Goes Well with Reverbium Musings


Steve updates Bucky on the status of the Reverbium material over grilled cheese sandwiches. A visit to Jemma Simmons is also in order!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Jul 13 04:36:28 2019
Location: 58 Water Street - Apt 602

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The nine locks (yes, nine, blame a certain brunet living within the apartment) open at the front door of number 602 in the old brownstone at 58 Water Street. Stepping in, Steve toes off his shoes with a blown sigh audible even in the living room.

"'m home, Buck," he calls out, more as propriety than necessary warning. Rarely, the announcement is needed. Shrugging out of his light jacket, the Captain sets his lunchbox (lies, it's a cooler, he needs an enormous amount of calories) on the island counter in the kitchen and immediately delves into the fridge.

He's in a t-shirt that must have been abused through a workout or maybe training the new agents and a pair of sweatpants, his feet in gold-toe socks. "…thought we had a block of sharp cheddar somewhere in here," he mutters to himself as he digs towards the back of the shelvings.

"It's in there," comes the voice from the bedroom. Buck comes ambling out in jogging pants and t-shirt. "You hungry? I can make us grilled cheese, real quick." The cooler….well, it's one of those great big old black lunchboxes. Buck has one himself, like the kind you see that belonged to construction workers back in the day. "How was your share of work, sweetheart?"

"Yep, found it." Steve emerges from the chilly interior of the fridge with the 'missing' block of cheddar to glance over at his husband. "Sounds like a great plan. Two for each of us should do it, I think. I'll get to cutting slices."

He finds the cutlery block and the appropriate knife along with the cutting board. Bucky gets a small smile. "My share of work was blissfully normal." There's the tiniest edge of frustration there, in the unfailing predictability of wanting something as simple as bank robbery to foil. "Guess the most exciting thing was running the new agents. Most of 'em kept their feet through the obstacle course, so I have hope for 'em." He grins and gets to cutting thin slices of cheese. "I remember Lehigh. These kids have surpassed it."

Buck nods, starts cutting bread, in turn. Then going for the butter to brush over it. "Boring, huh?" he says, as he chews on the heel of the loaf, unashamedly. "Yeah. It's not like it was, with a bunch of draftees. Kids're volunteers, these days. And all pleased as punch to be working with you."

Steve nods, placing another slice atop the pile he has growing on the cutting board. "They're made of stern stuff regardless. Nobody gets past the basic training without a spine of steel. You know SHIELD's fussy about who they bring on-board. We don't deal with anything quatifiably normal." He shrugs as he continues. "They're thrilled to see me, sure, and it's useful to have me working with them. If you can't be a crack-shot with me standing nearby, how're you supposed to hold your own in a live firefight?" It's one of those rhetorical questions.

"Oh, meant to ask. Did the dossier about the Reverbium reach your desk?" The Captain glances over at the brunet.

"No," says Bucky, looking up from his plate of bread, which he's buttering with care. "They thinking of bringing me in on it? They usually *hate* putting us together. As if I didn't survive nearly a whole war running after you anyhow…"

"You nag like my saint-blessed mother did, Barnes," the blond fires back with a shake of his head and a laugh nonetheless. "'sides, it isn't that they want you in. I want your thoughts on things. Sounds like you've heard cooler talk about it nonetheless if you know what I'm referencing."

Sliding the cutting board and pile of cheese towards Bucky, he then departs to rumage for the cast iron skillet. "So, Reverbium's a real thing. It acts a lot like vibranium, but not exactly like it. It's unstable sometimes, so people playing with it makes it dangerous." That's an obvious enough conclusion.

"Problem is, someone's manufacturing it and selling it on the black market. It's been tested twice in sonic weapons around the City. Stark's looking into it too, given one of his people ended up with a sample as a joke." He sets the cast iron skillet on the stove and turns it on.

"Yeah, heard a little scuttlebutt about it," he says, quietly. "And yeah, I do nag. YOu need it, and no one else left to do it." He frowns, as he drops butter into the skillet. "Where's it coming from? Do we know?"

"Haven't been able to pin down the manufacturer yet. I figure Stark's algorithms might come up with something soon enough. It's even been woven into fabric. I went with Agent Turner to speak with one Mari McCabe — the fashionista. You might've saw the report about the thieves attempting to steal from her while flying a helicopter."

Steve takes up a lean beside the stove, his arms crossed, and he wears an equally concerned frown. "We got a fabric sample down with Dr. Simmons in R&D if you feel like seeing what's been done. Somehow it got woven into the fabric. This stuff can't be allowed unrestricted on the street. People'll get dumb about it."

"Yeah," Buck says, as he sets the sandwiches in, focussed down on the cooking. "People always get dumb, if given the opportunity," he sighs. "They got you lookin' into it?"

"Yeah. Figure my familiarity with the vibranium shield gives me an edge in seeing if a material's got the Reverbium involved without a test. The fabric was…that was different. I mean, 'm no fashionista, but I could tell something was off about it."

Steve shifts in his lean, crossing his ankles to the opposite direction now. "Got any thoughts on it?"

"…..where's it comin' from, where's it goin'? Follow the money, isn't that what they always say?" he wonders, glancing over his shoulder. "And….well, considering what i'm half made out of, I'd like to see it, too."

"Stark's probably hunting through off-shore accounts as we speak." Steve nods almost to himself. "'nd yes, it'd be good if you took a look at it. Be good to have you recognize it out in the field if you come across it. Next time you're on-campus, wander downstairs 'nd talk to Doctor Simmons. Jemma," he explains.

"Oh, 'nd did that two-headed cat show up again…?" The Captain's very not amused with its teleportation ability as is.

Bucky's lips pinch, at that. "Not recently. Thank God. Damn thing gave me a start….and I will go by and look. Gotta ask her about making a cover for the arm, actually. It'd be nice to look like a real boy."

"If you see that cat again, let me know. I don't want it getting near to FUBAR and SNAFU. They might be goldfish, but they're charming little punks." The fish bobbling around in the well-kept tank are given a fond little smile. "Doctor Simmons would definitely be the one to ask about a sleeve. I think she'd be able to do it too. Ask her about her holographic display when you're down there though. It's…about the most amazing thing I've ever seen."

He sniffs to scent the cooking sandwiches and his stomach grumbles enough to make him laugh. "Didn't think I was this hungry."

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