2019-07-12 - Only so much capacity


Whitestar tries to raid a Science demonstration

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Jul 12 01:07:15 2019
Location: Hall of Science

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The World's Fair remains a landmark for New York, especially with its iconic globe outside. As such, it also serves as a place where various tech concerns can use to give lectures and demonstrations of new and interesting technology that's moving out of the prototype stage to where it's nearly ready to be opened up for use by the public.

Granted, it's usually by other tech companies and engineering concerns, or the government, rather than the average citizen. But it's still neat to watch some of the displays, and companies often try to outdo each other in presentation to capture the public imagination (and that of potential stockholders).

Today, the AeroWebb Corporation is debuing a brand new supercapacitor, designed to absorb solar energy from collectors at a vastly increased rate…over 500 percent over previous designs. Granted, it's also quite expensive, go the rumors. But for those who can afford it, it has the potential to allow mass storage of solar energy, the sort that would make many large solar farms noticeable more efficient and capable of retaining power to be used even on cloud days or in the evenings.

The display is currently set up in one of the larger auditoriums, where the supercapacitor in question is hooked up to a display linked to a rooftop solar array, that demonstrates in pretty animated graphs just how much power its currently storing, while several engineers keep a close eye on it just in case they need to cut power if it looks like anything whatsoever might go wrong.

Because they care. (And don't want the liability of accidentally exploding a auditorium full of the public.)

Peter is a sucker for new tech. He always has an eye out for the progress being made in many areas, and he does have skin in the game on this one. A more efficient power source would be great for the suit, if it could be adapted for it.
So, to this end, he is swinging along, because he is running late and missed the subway. So, webslinging it is. He lands lightly on the top of the metal globe, grins, then stands up and looks out over the grounds of the World's Fair. *I made it, Ma! Top of the world!*
Having successfully channeled Jimmy Cagney, he fires a webline to swing over to the auditorium. One good thing about these powers, you ALWAYS get the best seats.

While Junko isn't an investment broker or even someone in charge of the investments for Saito Stationary LLC - in the end she's to them the latest person to fill a largely ceremonial position. But she's still interested in occasionally having people hod talks. Not because she'd use the stuff ever, but because it breaks the monotony of her days often filled with martial arts. Though she does carry a bag with a set of change for those with her.

Jemma Simmons has allowed herself a rare treat and is attending the debut of this new technology. She's been mingling and talking to some of her colleagues - many of whom have stared openly at her implants, but not many willing to ask the hard questions.


She's just about to take her seat, eager to see what the presentation brings.

The presentation is being led by a tall man with an olive skin tone and a toned down affro in a relaxed pair of khakis and button up shirt with a sports coat worn over it in a dark green. "Welcome to AeroWebb's presentation on our new Series 7 solar supercapacitor! I'm Dr. Jesus Stubbs, and I'll be walking you all through our demonstration today - showing you just a hint of the possibliities that the Series 7's vastly increased capacity has for not just solar energy collection, but for all manner of engineering projects dealing with high energy absorbtion and storage."

Dr. Stubbs has a portable mike he's wearing as he walks over to the display. "As you can see, we've been running the Series 7 for just under a day, from this morning. As you know, most solar energy collectors are capable of about 80 percent absorbtion of solar rays; sometimes higher, but only when using very rare components and materials which can be extremely hard to get a hold of."

He gestures. "Of that 80 percent, however, the Series 7 absorbs a staggering 98.3 percent of the energy passed to it from the solar energy transfer, and is capable of holding literally DAYS of solar energy collection…nearly 200 hours of charging. Several of these capacitors working together are theoretically capable of absorbing MONTHS of energy collection, allowing for a tremendous pool of electrical energy to draw on for emergencies."

This is awesome.
Spider-Man watches from the rafters, looking down at the display. "We should do something like that for the suit, don't you think, ALICE?" he whispered.
"The increase in power would be very advantageous, if the application could be managed. But it would have to be durable and flexible." The voice of the V.I. was introspective, but relating only facts instead of opinions.

That peaks Jemma's interest. very rare components and materials. Automatically she's scanning the room with her tech - the implant for her left eye comes in handy - infrared gives a good picture, as does the network connection to her neural implants.

What are they using, she wonders and where do they get it from?

More importantly - what sort of security measures have they taken here today. It sounds like the sort of thing some might try to crash.

Junko yawns a little as she settles in during the presentation, leaning back and listening for the moment. So much power storeable… well, not something that her great granduncle over a couple corners ouldfind too interesting. He was still leading his cmpany like a fortification, having fought against becoming part of a keiretsu network…

"As you can see from the prototype here, the capacitor itself isn't very large…perhaps thirty pounds, and that's mostly from the solid state components, but is built flat…" Dr. Stubbs notes, gesturing to the hexagonal capacitor, which looks vaguely like a target shield, perhaps two feet across and maybe six inches thick, built in a sort of tiered design, with a wider outer ring then a more rounded dome in the center. "The proposed design for its casings is to create tiered stacks of capacitors, each with a watercooling system designed to keep them operating at a reasonable temperature, to allow for efficient storage…perhaps ten at a time, or more, stacked on top of each other, and easy to unhook and change out as needed by simply sliding units in and out of the larger housing…"

There are some AeroWebb security types here, from the look of it - body armor and currently slung rifles, in a tasteful green and gold, with the A over W over power grid insignia the corporation uses as a symbol.

There's also a person here in a dark hoodie. Which is a bit odd. It's a little warm for a hoodie, really. Also it's black, so even worse for wearing outside on a sunny day. Also the hood is pulled up, though a few strands of silvery white hair are spilling out at the bottom. The sleeves are pulled forward over the hands, even, which aren't just tucked in the pockets in the front like a normal person at rest. Below that is a sort of tight, almost silken pair of pants that fit very snugly and seems as much a series of straps than solid fabric. Here and there, there appear to be cuts in the fabric that have been sealed over by what looks like..duct tape? Blue duct tape. There is actually a little cartoon duck on one of the pieces, in fact, that looks like the sticker that's supposed to be put over the end of the tap so you can find it easily on the roll.

To Jemma's eyepiece…she's glowing in infrared. Brighter than normal temperatures…but then again, she's super bundled up…and it's definitely a she, because those pants aren't hiding anything whatsoever in terms of curves.

It's a good thing Jemma can multiprocess as she listens to Stubb's presentation and processes the results of the scans. Interesting …

The glowing woman, and woman it is, is considered and assessed against Jemma's considerable knowledge of biochemistry. The temperature read is probably higher than expected but this is a town full of metahumans, so there's that. Still she bears watching.

It's her agent training, it really is, that makes her do this. Always alert for trouble - even if there is none.

Simply amazing. The tech might be a ways away to be viable for use in the suit, but, maybe some kind of portable charger…
"Spider-Man. We have an anomaly." ALICE highlighted the one in the hoodie. "The ambient temperature is 73 degrees inside the building. She is running about 4.2 degrees higher than normal."
Spidey pulled his eyes from the demo to the person in question. Female, definitely. Hiding hands and face. Suspicious. The white strands of hair, though. And…duct tape?
A thought comes to mind. "ALICE, dial the number of the phone we gave to Whitestar."
"Dialing now."

Junko just listens fro the moment… she doesn't have spidey senses or an AI or a deathlock eye… just an ordinary… well, metahuman lacking super senses regarding trouble and temperature.

As Dr. Stubbs continues to extol the virtues of the Series 7, the hoodied figure shifts, then stands and starts moving from where she's standing, starting to head down the aisle of the auditorium. Now that she's up, her height stands out too..well over six feet a lot of it leg. She's…wearing slipper. They are Wookie slippers, that manage to cover her feet but also leave her with big honking fluffy brown slippers with fake padded claws. There's a definite homeless vibe to her…which is why the security types swivel their heads towards her as she moves towards the stage, one stepping out carefully to block her route. "Miss, please have a seat, there will be a question period after the presentation." the female guard says steadily, keeping an eye on the woman, who lifts her head slightly, gleaming blue eyes falling on the woman. "I do not have questions to present."

And on cue, there's a sudden ring tone from one of the pockets on the hoodie as Gnarls Barkley starts playing.

Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?


Whitestar reaches down automatically for the phone, blinking at is as she pulls it out of her pocket, before she stabs the pick up button. "…this is not a good time, Man of Spiders."

The security guard frowns, then steps forward, intending to gently start guiding Whitestar away from the stage, applying pressure to her shoulder.

Annnnd getting a slightly confused expression as the tall woman doesn't move in the slightest, but just looks at her, the gem on her forehead glowing in a soft, slow pulse.

Damn. She answered it. Crud. And Angel isn't here to moderate her mental state. This…could get bad.

"Whitestar…if you're planning to do something that is against the law, I'm going to try to stop you. If you just need help, I will try to help you. I just…want you to know my intentions." Because lying to her is a Big Honkin' Bad.
ALICE hears the concerned tone in his voice and responds with the message SUIT FULLY ONLINE on the HUD.

Oh. It's her. Jemma sighs and puts in a call to SHIELD.

Whitestar has been sighted. AeroWebb Presentation. Agent Simmons on site, back requested.

The biochem smiles faintly to the person next to her and excuses herself as she makes her way to the aisle. Her weapon? That's on her belt like it normally is, but it's probably no proof against Whitestar.

She won't approach just yet, but the blonde likely won't miss the Cyborg'd scientist as she steps into the aisle.

Junko blinks at the little commotion around the stage, reaching for her sports bag. Was this going go go badly?

There's a little growl from Whitestar at Spiderman's response, before the tall Tamaranean turns, reaching up to pull back her hood as a while spill of silvery white hair falls out, her orangish skin obvious now as her blue eyes sweep the auditorium. Her eyes stop on Jemma as she steps down the aisle, her eyes narrowing as they shimmer momentarily with white energy. "Don't!…Don't….." she growls. "Stand…in my way. It is necessary." She stabs the phone again to hang up, the phone going back into her pocket absently as the guard switches from "gentle persuasion" to "alright, chokehold time." This has about the same effect in that Whitestar doesn't noticeably move.

Instead she reaches out quickly, grabs the front of the unfortunate guardswoman's bodyarmor, then spins and hurls her bodily at Jemma, starting to float up off the ground as there's a few shouts and screams from the audience. The other guards nearby go for their rifles, of course.

Jemma will get an immediate response. Acknowledge. MSWAT has been notified. SWORD containment unit scrambling and enroute.

Spidey looks down and sees a LOT of innocent bystanders. He looks around him. Bare warehouse…no sprinkler system. He looks around until he spots the fire alarm switch on the wall. A thin webline hits it from 50 yards away, and he yanks.
The fire alarm suddenly goes off, and Spidey hopes years of behavioral training gets these people out of here.

*Dammit, Whitestar.*
He fires another webline and swings down to the stage, landing nect to the tech rig set up there.

Junko jumps up as the commotion turns itno a brawl, rushing to the toilets to try to get changed in time, to quickly throw the Gi and Hakama over and tape that red domino to her face while in the auditorium people are already doing their part… Too bad costumes don't come in the shape they do in Manga with some convenient magic space that fixes them…

Well that's awkward. Jemma sighs at Whitestar. "This is not how we do things here." She says to Whitestar "We offer you sanctuary and assistance. We still do." She says. "Come with me no—-" The security guard comes flying towards her. She tries to duck to the side, bumping into the chairs and the people sitting in them "My apologies…" she grunts. She falls back as the poor security guard collects her. "Uh excuse me. Agent Simmons, SHIELD.

She identifies herself as she struggles to her feet. How does one neutralise sunlight?

The fire alarm certainly gets people moving…and as Whitestar is now floating, the guards have a relatively clear line of fire on her. One yells. "Down on the ground or we will open fire!" Those rifles, now that they're brandished, look more like taser dart guns than normal firearms, at least! Makes sense for a corporation that works on storing energy and such.

Despite this, Whitestar floats up over to the capacitor as a gobsmacked Dr. Stubbs stammers. "Hey, chill, don't mess with that!!" Regardless, she reaches out, then yanks several cables out of its side as the charging display freezes, then just snaps off another cable right behind the plug, a fat spark jumping from the broken connection as she flexes, the display cracking as she pulls the whole assembly free of the front.

Then Spiderman arrives.

Whitestar tilts her head, tucking the supercapacitor under her left arm, her head titching slightly as the gem on her forehead hums glows a little brighter, as she turns to face him. "You are a warrior to oppose me. But I will go through you." she promises, then glances to Jemma. "I need only one thing. And you will not give her to me. So I will take what is required." Her voice takes on a slightly manic tone. "I will NOT go with you! I will not be a prisoner again!"

There's now a slightly panicked crowd of people making for the double doors at the back of the auditorium as quickly as they can! The guard bounces off a chair and spins to the ground, groaning as her rifle goes clattering into the seats! Wind knocked out of her at least, if nothing else.

Spider-Man squares off, looking at her sternly. "I can't let you take it, Whitestar."
He takes a calculated risk. She can't hold it too tightly, or she'll crush it. But he has to take her by surprise…

Oh, GOODY, SHIELD is here. However, her look to Jemma provides the opening he needs. Two weblines shoot out, spreading into webs at the end to spread over the surface of the capacitor, and then he YANKS it to pull it from under her arm, with the intent to catch it if he pulls it free.

She can't fly, she can't make weapons appear from nowhere, but Junko is quite flexible as she darts out of the restroom, wearing what one might more expect on the court of a kendo tournament, the red hair waving behind her.. wait, were those animal ears perking out from the hair? And a brushy fox tail balancing out her slide around the corner of the open door? Indeed, the girl had foxed out, so to say.

"Learn some manners!" the Firefox proclaims from the doorway, snapping her left hand to create a ball of red glowing fire, letting it hover above it for the moment. "They asked you nicely to stand down, now you hirt them… is that the fine manners you have?" She's not sure that tossing fire at the woman while she holds a charged capacitor is good or bad… that's why she holds back… "But if you insist on huring people, I gladly offer the return favor."

"We wouldn't have kept you prisoner but now you leave me no choice." Jemma shakes her head and pulls her ICER pistol, taking aim as she steadies her feet. At least she doesn't crush it in her cybernetic hand! "You will surrender to SHIELDs jurisdiction."

The ICER is non lethal - it's charges contain dendrotoxin, a neural agent that disables most beings that come to the planet. The gun though? It looks just like a regular one and it sounds like it, when Jemma squeezes the trigger. Once, Twice, Three times.

Three darts with the dendrotoxin fly towards to Whitestar. Jemma's not a bad shot and they should hit.

All she needs to do is delay long enough for SWORD to get here.

Several things happen in quick succession.

Whitestar isn't expecting a fox. She blinks at the kitsune as she appears, her eyes narrowing slightly at the flame. "She will live, and I -"

She really isn't expecting the webbing to snag the capacitor…she's not seen a lot of Spidey in action yet, she was busy sinking a ship last time there was a fight he was involved in. So there's a startled "X'hal!" as the device is yanked out from under her arm and goes sailing towards Spiderman.

Followed by the guards, seeing the capacitor flying free, open fire on the Tamaranean warrior, the *snaphiss* of the taser discharges audible, as Jemma fires her pistol.

She was, however, apparently expecting she was about to get shot by the guards, even if Jemma's weapon is a suprise, as Whitestar throws out her hands, a shimmering opalescent shield appearing midair around her in a sphere, the darts from the security rifles bouncing off it, along with the first rounds fired at her from Jemma. Light weapons, apparently ineffective at the moment!

"Give. That. BACK!" she snarls at Spiderman, lowering her hands as she hovers towards him, maintaining the forcefield as she approaches.

It's the moment the capacitor goes flying towards the Spiderman, that Junko lets her fireball go towards Whitestar, hurling it like almost a physical projectile, some arches of electricity reaching out of the fist sized orb as the bullets come close enough. It's electric fire after all.

"Who told you you could have it?" the Kitsune taunts, flicking up another two balls of fire to toss at Whitestar in quick succession. They might lack mass to have a breaking impact, but they burn hot and electric, enough to char flesh to level three burns if kept up.

Spider-Man jumps back. He's getting pretty good at hearing when people make it all one word. No one respects the hyphen.

"Not yours to take, Whitestar," he says, taking another 20-foot jump back. Because moving this way causes her to move towards him and away from the civilians who could get caught in the crossfire. "What do you need it for, anyway? I hear B & H sells a LOT of good tech, and their prices are pretty decent…"
Keep her moving, keep her off-balance. Above all, keep her from killing anyone. Spidey most of all.

Light based defenses. Jemma files that away for later. They need weapons that can modulate to pass through that. "Go. Spider-Man. Get that device safe. SWORD will be here momentarily."

She fires again and again, trying to keep the Tamaraneans attention on her, or at least divide it.

Slowly the Cyborg'd scientist moves forward. She's still squishie - her implants don't add durability, not really. But if she can get close enough to grab hold of the crazed woman … maybe there's something she can do.

The flames from Junko spatter over the forcefield surrounding the floating woman in flashes of flame as she shifts back momentarily, then shoots upwards to avoid the next batch, more shots from Jemma pattering against it, the drugged capsules shattering against it as she growls, her eyes flaring with white energy. "I /NEED/ IT! To stop it…it'll keep happening…" she rambles, shaking her head, then raises a fist, energy crackling around it, before she throws herself towards the Friendly Neighborhood Webslinger, her forcefield popping like a soap bubble as it vanishes and she brings down the fist into the floor near Spider-man. At which point there's a detonation of white energy and the floor very noticeably craters, stone shattering and a few chairs going flying, the security guards pulling back as they dodge the projectiles. Two grab a flustered Dr. Stubbs who's cowering on stage, then start rapidly hustling him out of the air, while the other grabs the engineers and gets them moving towards the back door as well. They don't get paid NEARLY enough to fight that!

Spider-Man has seen it. She loses control and then she just goes…nova. And when she does…
God, guys who rob bodegas are easy. They just want money. This woman got her whole life torqued up and-


The Spider-Sense is a siren in his mind. The Spider-Sense is weird. He can see nodal points of probability, and the colors denote levels of danger. He can see them all around him. It's how he can websling and make it look easy.
Right now, there is one nodal point around the descending fist and it is blood red.
He dodges away, but the concussive force swats him to the side, and he slides along the floor, dimly aware that he has one sprung rib, torn muscle tissue in his chest, in his left arm, in his legs.
Getting up is agony, but he gets to his feet, his eyes focused on Whitestar. He tries to reach out to her. "Look…Whitestar…I know people. A lot of smart people…okay, one schmuck in particular, but he'd do anything to help you…" God, everything seemed to hurt. The only thing bigger than the pain was that there were less people in the area every second.

And there's Jemma's opportunity. She'll leave the security guards to clear the room - some back in SHIELD might have something to say about her staying.

Setting her feet, she aims and pulls the trigger again as the SHIELD pops and the nova goes off. Timing … is going to be everything. All she needs is for ONE dart to get through.

As Whitestar goes into Brawl and the Shield agent close in, so does Firefox, sending a couple of her fireballs at the alien as she passes chairs and jumps over a couple to get past the last yards.

"You're not fighting the spider, you're facing me!" she claims as she comes down to try to get a good hit against the alien in, her hand enfulfed in a fireball she hasn't yet released.

Whitestar kicks off as Spider-man goes flying, shooting back up into the air and leveling out to try and dart at him. "You are trying to deceive me!" she starts, then whirls around as Firefox comes flying at her, jerking as the fireballs smack into her, setting her hoodie ablaze as she lets out a snarl of pain, ripping at the fabric as it shreds and falls to the ground, leaving her in….well, it's mostly a lot of straps wound around her body. Really, looks like a cross between that and a high tech straitjacket, with the tech parts on the sleeves and her chest broken and damaged, the long sleeves trailing behind her as she spins. "You will…"


One of the darts lands solidly, hitting one of the alien bandages on her side and sticking in it as she jerks, then snatches it free, her hand crushing it as she shoots backwards so she can keep all three heroes visible. "GIVE ME the capacitor! Or it will be on YOUR head when it happens again!"

Is she moving a bit more slowly? It's hard to tell! She does summon up another force shield in an arc in front of her to block both fireballs and darts for the moment as she regroups!

Spider-Man looks to her. "I may not be doing…what you want me to do, but I have *NEVER* lied to you…" he says sharply. "I've seen what you can do. There are people who can HELP you! If it happens again, I'll do what it takes to keep you from hurting anyone, but I am NOT giving up on you!"
His chest burns, but he tries not to listen to it. Just keep talking. Watch for the energy build up.

Junko makes a quick gesture towards the SHIELD agent, trying to convey that she was going for a surround before she dashes to try to do so, tossing a couple of those blazing, bristling balls of fire at the alien. "Here I am, Witch!" she taunts. Shall Jenna's darts send her sleeping… but she can't have her focuss on the agent!

"Get her to deplete that SHIELD again." Jemma calls to Peter. It's just a matter of time and it will go, she's sure. The timing gives her the opportunity to change her magazine for a full one. She's got another batch of Dendrotoxin ready to go.

She's sweating a bit. The heat the woman is putting off is a lot. And she aches. That guard had landed on her heavily.

"STAND DOWN! Whitestar!" How long before SWORD are here? The Quinnjets don't take that long to get here. She's expecting them in Three, Two, One …

At the continued attacks and the orders Whitestar lets out a frustrated, angry scream , then darts to the side, lunging behind the display on stage and under cover.

Which only really matters for a moment as the display suddenly groans, supports snapping as the Tamaraenan woman flexes her arms, metal giving with sharp squeals and snaps before she kicks it hard, the display starting to lean as it begins to overbalance towards Jemma. It's easily tall enough to fall into the aisle and wide enough to hit the chairs on either side, sparks coming from cables as they break free as it falls.

"NO! I will NOT be BOUND AGAIN!" And this time, when FireFox comes leaping into her, her shield drops suddenly as she lunges TOWARDS The woman, her left hand swinging in a backhand as she tries to knock her away, shooting up, then darting back towards Spider-man, trying to get close enough to make a grab for the capacitor. "Then give that to me!!" she snarls at the hero. "You have to GIVE ME THAT!" There's a slightly desperate tone in her voice now.

OK then … Jemma's eyes widen as Whitestar darts away. The ICER fires three times as the shield drops and Jemma moves forward. The ICER drops to the ground as her cybernetic right arm reaches out, trying to catch that display case and stop it hitting the ground.

She's not done this before … can she do it?

Behind Whitestar, a window just collapses in a deafening shattering as a Quinnjet appears and armoured SHIELD and SWORD agents repel into the building. "Agent Brevin, SWORD. Stand down, Whitestar."

The shield drops, and then she is going after him.
He wants to help her. He really does. But right now she is having some sort of episode and he needs to slow her down.
"Lead-infused webbing loaded." Polite and effective, that's ALICE.
Spider-Man sprays Whitestar with webbing. She absorbs light, and after some point she goes critical. He tries to cover as much of her body as possible—this variant is not as strong as the normal stuff, but the better it can cut off her light intake, the better…

The Firefox doesn't dodge. Instead, she seems to actively take the hit, trying to get a hold of the arm that has hit her, even though the impact surely has broken bones and causes her to flinch hard… trying to place a couple jabs against the neck. "Don't… count… on… that…" she comments each strike. Not that she is in a position to do similar damage as a dribble of blood seeps from the corner of her mouth. But she can still cost that alien time and attention while the cavalry arrives…

FireFox actually steps into the hit, which takes Whitestar off guard when she grabs hold of her arm, before she twists, grabbing Junko's arm. "As you wish…" she growls, then twists suddenly, putting the fox woman between her and those incoming darts from Jemma, even as the display topples with a groan onto Jemma's raised hand, keeping it from crashing down completely!
And then the reinforcements arrive as SWORD operatives slide into the room from the floating Quinjet.

The lead webbing doesn't help either as it splatters over her as she gets an arm up to protect her face as it sprays over the bare skin that is shown between the strips of her outfit, more of her golden skin covered in the greyish mess. It probably would be appreciated under other circumstances.

Right now, however, Whitestar is FURIOUS.

"Get…OFF!" she snarls, then spins rapidly to try and throw Junko away from her before shooting up, her path a bit shakey for a moment before she inhales and summons another spherical force field. "…if I can't get it here, I'll get it somewhere else…" she snaps at Spider-man. "You could have /given/ it to me! You could have /helped/ me!" And in her mind, unbalanced as it is, other help isn't being registered…she'd fixated.

But she doesn't attack Spider-man.

Instead, she accelerates rapidly THROUGH the roof, bursting out, then lunging at the orbiting Quinjet to swing two fists overhand, the force field popping againas she attempts to simply smash one of its wings clean off. Because she can't exactly escape with a supersonic jet standing by.

Junko takes the bulets and starts to go limp, dropping, getting flung into the chairs, creating a huge mess of piled up seating furniture, bent legs for said and inbetween, her own, unconscious body.

"She's on the move." the SWORD agent radios, allowing the Quinnjet to just *barely* avoid the collision. It's not going to be able to follow her. The other SHIELD agents though, empty their own ICERs in her direction. Maybe some will get her and they'll be able to track her - later.

Jemma grunts as the case is caught and she manages to lower it more gracefully. She's hurt though. That arm wasn't really designed to 'catch' things. Still. There doesn't seem to be anyone really hurt and Whitestar didn't get that capacitor, did she?

Spider-Man watches her go. He is filled with impotent frustration.
Something is…HORRIBLY wrong with her. And she's as willing to seek help as much as any psychotic off their meds.
It is then that he decides he needs to add xenobiology to his program, even if it is…off the program.

Spider-Man looks around, swallowing to remove the taste of blood in his mouth. "Sound off!" he calls out. "Anyone seriously hurt?" *…besides me?* he thinks but doesn't say. He looks around, then sees the spontaneous couch fort and makes his way towards it. As he does, he walks past the stage and places the capacitor on the stage floor with an audible "thump."

There's a last flash of white energy blazing through Whitestar's eyes as she glares back down, then a flash as she shoots off rapidly to the west, a white contrail spiralling behind her as she blazes out of sight, putting her power into her speed as she tries to avoid the SWORD counterfire. She can feel the drugs working on her. She has to…she has to find some place dark. Someplace away from the sun. She'll be safe.

She'll be safe there.

Junko is hurt, so much is esy to spot. broken ribs and nasty bruises from getting slammed wit a fist and then used to bowl chairs… but nothing immediately life threatening…

"It doesn't appear so, Spider-Man." That's Brevin, directing his squad to fan out and start securing the area. He's going to look for the Head of Security and coordinate with them. "Agent Simmons, you did well to call it in."

Jemma nods "I'm not hurt. Not really." She *might* be. "You did well, Spider-Man, in recovering the unit." There's knocked out Firefox that she goes to check next. "I need a med team and an ambulance. I suspect this one won't want to be taken back to SHIELD."

Jemma's clearly used to working with meta's and super heroes.

"And then I need a good cup of tea and lie down myself."

Spider-Man nods. "Okay…going to head out."
He takes one final glance up before firing a webline and making his way to the roof. He was going to be better in the morning. But the morning was a ways away. Oh, well. If heroing was easy, anyone could do it.

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