2019-07-12 - Explorers...assemble or something


Junko, Eve and Scandal have a chatter at the Explorer's Club Bookstore about some recent events.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Jul 12 16:10:20 2019
Location: Explorers Club Bookstore

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As far as venues for a meet-up go, this might not be a conventional one - nor one in which a woman with stylishly ragged short-cropped hair bearing a bright blue streak might be considered to fit in, even if she weren't also black-clad and sporting a leather jacket. But Scandal is currently prowling slowly around the ground floor's eclectic displays, examining them with considerable interest.

An Old Goth in a bookstore. Will wonders ever cease.

Eve is here with Scandal, of course, or more accurately to meet Scandal. She's greeting her in the aisle, smiling tiredly and lifting a hand to her.

"Allo," she tells her.

Drawing her gaze away from a taxidermied bear, Scandal cracks a wry smile, then offers the elaborately-clad newcomer a floridly courtly bow. "My lady. An honour to make your acquaintance once again." Glancing around, she broadens her smile into a grin. "Though I think that the decor does rather suit, and I could imagine you spending time here anyway, to be honest."

After having been pulped by an alien some hours prior, it was kind of a miracle that Junko was already up and about… though not so much if one considered that she healed really fast, especially in high emotional areas like a hospital. So pretty much the next morning sun had brought her back to the streets, her feet guidong her to a bookstore. Not that she was looking for somethign specific, but she had the general feeling books wouldn't try to break her ribs today.

She sliped in in her normal casual clothes, looking around as she adjusted her eyes to the more dim room than outside, before starting to roam the shop…

"I mean, I've been here before but who needs an explorer's club when you've got wikipedia?" Eve's whisper is teasing to Scandal, of course, "but yeah, I've spent a bit of time here before." She traces a finger along the spine of an older book, as you do, when she turns and spots Junko. Because she knows Junko.'

Scandal chuckles softly, flashing another grin - before turning to follow Eve's gaze. After a moment, she nods fractionally, then shoots a questioning look to her companion. "You know her? We met once, shortly after I returned to New York. She has a rather interesting job."

Junko turns a little at the sound of talking, looking over to the two, a little smile creeping up her face. "Eve, have you taken up your training?" she asks as she closes in, then noticing Scandal "Oh, I remeber that face… hamburgers, wasn't it?"

"…yeah, we've met," says Eve to Scandal of Junko.

"…not as much as I think you'd like," she adds to the latter, lifting a hand in greetiung and then glancing between the two, "'Sup?" she queries to her thereafter.

"Hello again, Yojimbo," Scandal says warmly offering her a polite inclination of the head and a wry smile. "Burgers indeed. And a discussion of familial obligations." Then she looks to Eve, arching a brow. "Training, hmm?"

"Oh, not much, just recovering a little after some incident…" Junko gives back, chuckling at Scandal calling her by the name of the movie. And her job title. "As long as you don't call me ni-juro… I tried to teach her some basic self defense… some weeks ago."

"…incident?" asks Eve, curiously. "And I was dreadful at it," she adds to Scandal of her self-defense training. "I am so not a fighter." At least, not the kind of fighter that Junko deals in.

Scandal laughs softly. "Perhaps we could find a style that suited you. But combat is not for everyone, I know. And yes…." She shoots Junko a look of marked curiosity. "Incident? Something related to the corporation, or one of New York's assorted home-grown 'difficulties'?"

"No, I had a run in with some floaty woman called Whitestar. Utterly mad that person." Junko explains, shrugging a little. "I'm fine, just a little bruised… well, now. Didn't look so fine as she hurled me over the room. I guess it's one of New York's products…"

"…ah, well. That sounds like it was painful," says Eve, staring at Junko for a long moment. Checking her over for, well, injuries. She can't see anything obvious at this pooint, but she then turns back to Scandal, eyebrows arched.

Scandal also eyes Junko with evident concern. "Your technique for break-falls must be rather impressive. I am glad to hear that you are well enough. But I'm afraid that I am woefully ill-informed when it comes to the assorted 'villains' of New York. I wish that I could offer some advice regarding 'Whitestar', but can bring nothing to mind at present."

"WEll… SHIELD was after her, so I take she's a known one to them at least." Junko notes, shrugging a little. "It was rather painful, but you see, I live…"


That's what Eve says. Which is to say she says nothing at all except to stare at the both of them for a long moment. Then her hand is lifted and she pinches the bridge of her nose, as if she's developing quite the headche from this for the moment.

Scanal lifts her own brows, nodding slightly at mention of SHIELD. They certainly out-class the Thunderbolts in terms of support. And a number of other things, to be honest. "I hope that the Agents were helpful, or at least checked that you were all right," she directs to Junko… before offering Eve a look of some concern. "Should I take you somewhere to sit down? Find a cup of tea, perhaps?", she asks quietly.

Junko Saito says, "Well, they made sure I was cared for when I passed out but… well, that agent and e couldn't apprehend her. There was though one of the spiders… I mean, there are like… 4, 5 of them in town? It was a male though…" Junko explains, once more shugging. "It was more like me and that woman were trying to keep her occupied till the cavalry arrived and drove her away. But I am fine.""

"Oh, yeah. I thought the Daily Bugle was unreadable when there was just /one/ of those spider-people," mumbles Eve after the two of them bring that up.

A startled little burst of laughter escapes Scandal, and she shoots Eve a swift grin. "It does seem to be rather an obsession for the Editor-in-Chief, doesn't it? But I admit that I'm more than a little hazy on how they might all be conected. I'm not even sure if they're all connected, let alone *how* they might be, but…." She looks back to Junko, cocking her head. "You were *knocked out* in the fight? That's definitely not good. Have you been checked out for concussion and so on?"

Junko chuckles as she shakes the head a little. "Oh, it's allright. I mean, I have been in the hospital for the night, but there's nothing broken…" …anymore. "They did release me from it." She smiles as she raises her shoulders, looking at Eve. "Well, it was a red one…"

"…that so doesn't help," mumbles Eve to Junko. "I'm glad you're okay. How are we gonna fail at sparring agian if you're all beat up? Seriously, though, if I can help…" She offers

"I'm rather more likely to be help with sparring than recovery," ventures Scandal, "but I can certainly offer my assistance as well. Including in a future confrontation, if one arises. And I can get there in time. I'm… meant to try to help with such things, when possible." She sounds embarrassedly awkward about that, rather than boastful.

Junko nods with a chuckle. "Well, sparring could be interesting. I mean, it wasn't like life ending…" (just threatening) She searches her phone in her pocket, chuckling a little "Well, networking might be a good idea."

"…Whitestar, huh?" says Eve after a moment. " Just another name to keep an eye out for, I guess." She rubs her eye and then turns to shrug at Scandal with a tired smile. "Sooo. What were you wanting to do here, anyway? You're welcome to hang wiht us, Junko," she adds, in case it wasn't clear.

Scandal delves into an inner pocket of her biker jacket, coming up with her own sleek mobile telephony device. "I confess that I was mostly just wanting to explore," she says a little sheepishly. "It can be hard to tell whether I am going to be outraged, patronisingly amused, or fascinated - or some mix of those! - but I thought that the Explorers Club sounded like somewhere very much worth investigating. And… I thought that you might be someone who would appreciate an hour or two nosing around strange old curios and seeing what might be found here."

A few taps of her thumbs bring up her chosen set of contact information, which she then turns to show to Junko - who receives a nod of affirmation. "And yes. If you would care to explore a collection of the strange and unusual, you would be welcome to join us."

"Well, I was looking for books. nothing in particular…" Junko notes before giving Scandal her number to type in after putting scandal into her own smartphone. "Oh, well, exploring the collection always is nice, isn't it?"

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