2019-07-11 - A Bonecrushing Defeat


The Reavers crash a charity thing. Hulk Smashes and Venom Venoms.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Jul 11 02:31:12 2019
Location: Mutant Town

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A steady summer storm has been keeping the streets of Mutant Town fairly quiet for the day. Most of citizens are indoors, and it is giving community outreach a chance to go through some donations. They are mainly items that would have gone through the Salvation Army or Goodwill. At a small store that has been set up to sell the thrift goods, a group of humans and mutants are working together on sorting out the items, and setting them out to sell or give away.

As people come in, they're offered a small meal of a sack lunch with a sandwich (ham or turkey), chips, and a juice box. Scott is currently working in that part, trying to do his part for community outreach, his ruby glasses perched on his nose and snuggly covering his eyes.

Not actually a mutant, but short enough on money he's willing to rent in Mutant Town, Bruce Banner wanders down the street. He wears an old, cheap suit. The sort of thing you can find for like ten bucks in a thrift shop. He stops outside the thrift shop, peering in through the window and watching them unpack things for a time. Apparently, he's not quite broke enough to actually go in. He absently rubs at his nose with one hand, eyes shifting between the various people. They settle only briefly on the red-visored man, a brow twitching slightly. It's a little weird, wearing those indoors. But this IS Mutant Town. Hardly the weirdest thing to be seen.

Some of the stuff getting to the outreach center wasn't even in a wearable condition when it arrived. At least not decently wearable. But among the people Scott had recruited for the outreach was a recent Xavier graduate, and she's good with cloth. A not small pile she gathers over the time so she fix them later while Scott was supervising foodstuffs. Just another short girl.

Isis has stopped by the setup to poke her head. She left the coffee shop where she'd been speaking to Jimmy not too long ago and she's carrying a box of muffins. One of which will surely make its way home to Nick, right? What becomes of the rest of the dozen or so she bought? She'll probably eat them.

"Scott?" she says when she sees the ruby visored mutant. "What's this?" There's a sense of disquiet that comes from her, she's been thinking about her missing friend, the morlock.

Which is when she accidently bumps into Banner. "Uh…." No. Isis doesn't say sorry.

Venom gets off of the city bus, stretching a bit as he disembarks. He'd fallen asleep on his way uptown, too much nocturnal activity of late. He's wearing a pair of ragged jeans, t-shirt stretched over a muscular frame, a pair of sunglasses. His t-shirt says MASTODON on it in large letters.

He considers getting in line for the free food but instead just goes to a hot dog cart, not far away, digging in his pocket and pulling out about twelve dollars, "Two footlongs with everything and as many sodas as I can get with the rest," he says, dumping it with some loose change tinkling.

When Bruce approaches, Scott glances between the bags. "Ham's on the left, turkey's on the right." he offers to the man. "If you need some clothes, Miss Kang will be happy to assist."

While he talking, a portal opens in the street. And this time, before they come through, a grenade comes rolling out first. It's explodes in the middle of the street, shattering windows, before the group of people roll in. Three of them are wearing helmets with tubes running into backpacks. There's one very pretty one that comes out, dresed to the nines like this is a night on the town as he strolls into the store. "If you are not a mutant, you can leave now, and me and my friends won't kill you!"

There's a feral grin. "If you are a mutant, you're about to have a very bad night."

This is New York. She didn't flip him off and tell him to watch where he's going, so she was relatively polite. Bruce staggers a little, then steadies himself. "Sorry about that." He brushes himself off, briefly giving her a ragged smile. He glances inside of the shop again.The offer from Scott makes the smile widen a little. "Thank you. But I don't really need-" Aaaand then a portal opens up. His first thought is that somebody is after him. It seems like there's always somebody after him. He sees the grenade and his eyes widen. He takes a split-second to look around at the gathered people, then dives for the device. Landing on top of it, he curls around it. There's an explosion, and he rises off the ground with a grunt of pain, collapsing afterwards with his chest and belly pretty much shredded. A pool of blood quickly beginning to spread around him. He seeems to stilll be alive though, his body twitching.

Chava Kang stops in her work at the detonation, ducking down behind her pile… but the shock moment is gone by the time Mr. Hatred starts to spew his verbal poison. She cracks her fingers as she throws a jacket that had been thrown over her aside. "You make my day, Purifier scum…" she scowls as she steps up to the front of the shop, her eyes narrowing in on the suit, her focus though is on something below his suit. No, he won't get away with a wedgie like punks… no… just a couple strings she needs… a couple strings from his underwear to tie really really tight around his privates and tie them off. "Want to repeat that, Purifier Ass?"

Isis is just steadying herself as the grenade rolls in and the group appears. She freezes, reading the emotions in the room without thinking. The box of muffins is dropped, spilling the delicious contents to the floors, claws extending from her fingernails as she lets out a feline growl.

And then it all goes wrong. Bruce launches himself and ends up looking like that. The emotions in the building peak with fear and anger. The small empath is caught off guard and the emotions are echoed back … Bruce Banner, along with others, are hit with a wave of anger and fear.

She's launching herself at the back on the nearest thing - they don't smell very good - claws trying to slice the thinnest of the tubes.

The erupting chaos draws Eddie's head to whip towards the Reavers, slopping a bit of chili cheese off one of his wieners as he sucks down to the ratting ice in his second POW soda. "Hold on to these for us, will you?" he says to the vendor, laying down the remainders.

"Hey, metalhead, we're not mutants but we always stand with the freaks. And if you think you scare us, well…"

Darkness spills from Eddie's pores, swallowing him in inky black, the sound of bones cracking as his form expands, arching his spine, arms quivering for a moment as the shadow forms points at hte tips of each fingers. Endless rows of sharklike needle-teeth, crooked and unnerving, erupt from his throat and rise to converge around his face, the monstrous maw clicking together as white slit-eyes blink and widen in its face and where the bedraggled young man had been standing, Venom now looms, shaking their head like a dog from the pool and throwing strings of slobber off that rapidly-slithering tongue.

"We'll see how those idiot thoughts taste when we crunch down on your cerebral cortex," Venom says with a laugh, voice weirdly chitinous and insectile.

When Bruce sacrifices himself, the pretty cyborg snorts. "One down.. several…" he then growls as he feels the anger and hate from Isis. "Kill em all!" he yells out towards his companions - it appears that Chava's attack has done nothing.

The reason for that is revealed a moment later as Scott whips off his glasses, eyes opening as a massive blast of optic beam is lanced out, slamming the man in the middle of the chest and knocking him back.

He slams into the far wall and crumples, before he starts to rise. "You ruined my suit! You know how much I paid for that?" he yells out in anger.

Underneath the shredded suit, Pretty Boy is /completely/ metal. It seems only his head is flesh and bone. The rest of him? Not so much.

Bonecrusher, the treaded one glances over as Venom is suddenly there. "Oh shit!" he yells, firing off a blast from his tank tread mounted machine gun at the symbiote. When Isis attacks, the man flails as he feels the lashing out at the tubes and he moves, trying to slam the cat down off of him as he struggles and twists about, trying to keep the mutant cat at bay.

Bruce Banner sits up. Hands planting on the pavement as he breathes heavily, his fingers digging into the pavement. It's kind of amazing he can still move. In fact, he's not looking all that hurt anymore… and his clothes are growing tighter. The fabrikinetic might be able to feel them straining as he looks up at the Reavers standing nearby. His eyes are noticeably green, a bright green. In fact… they seem to be glowing. "That hurt, you know. People like you… you make me very angry." The words are growled out, his voice deepening as he says it. His body explosively expands, his shirt and jacket tearing to shreds and his pants… somehow not, despite ending up kind of ragged around the legs. Moments later, a mountain of green skin and muscle raises up, and the Hulk lets out a roar directed at the Reavers. It's loud enough to by phsyically painful to anybody standing nearby, and then he's launching himself at Pretty Boy. Drawing back for a punch he launches with all the force he can muster at the gut of the cyborg. If it misses, it'll more than likely reduce that entire wall to rubble. If not the entire building.

"Cyborgs? DAMN…" Chava growls as she darts to the side, taking a moment to take cover behind a fallen over chair as she scans the area… the black monster? Totally felt nude to her. Pretty? Totally stripped bare to metal. The guys with helmets? Cyborgs, probably no sense in trying the same trick. Hulk? Magic pants, better not try something that expands like that… But the rubber wheels of the hotdog cart… she inched over a little to get them into reach, stretching out an arm as the black material, the very same material that was used in boots, liquified and creeped up to shape a couple one inch spheres.

Isis is human with distinct feline-like attributes. When Bonecrusher tries to slam her down, she's moving again. He hits her, sending her flying that ends up in a catlike roll. And she's launching herself again as the treaded Reaver, sharp claws trying to rend and tear what she can find.

None of this is aided by the utter rage she's feeling from The Hulk. For the next little while, that anger is echoed out over the area - some might find that hard to deal with.

Venom springs up in the air, high above the machine gun fire coming his way. Lucky for him, it also put him up and out of the way when the Hulk's arrival is presaged by that particularly terrifying roar. Well. Best to stay away from big, green and monstrous, even though Venom could hardly take his eyes off the great beast.

(Stop ogling and focus.)
<But, Eddie, it's huge. So much…meat. He must have an enormous…>
(That goes without saying. Murder cyborgs? Please?)
<Sigh. Fine. For you, Eddie. For you.>

Which brings the massive symbiote slamming feet first down onto the chest of Pretty Boy, clamping hands on the metal man's shoulders and leaning down into that fleshy face until he gets a warm, moist coating in the steam of Venom's breath, the monster opening its maw to let that tongue slide out and glaze those handsome features with goopy drool, "Hello there, handsssssssssssome."

Pretty Boy is just struggling to his feet as Venom launches his attack. He's slammed to the ground with a resounding thud, as his hands come up, clamping onto the symbioates shoulders, trying to dislodge the creature that finds him so appealing.

Hulks attack hits Bonecrusher fair in the gut, sending the wheeled Reaver rocketing back. Whatever Chava is doing, if she acts now will be able to make a difference. Not so Isis, who's thrown back when this all goes down. She tumbles and launches herself into the fray again with an angered yowl.

After the blow to Bonecrusher, Hulk turns his attention to the third cyborg. He lunges for him, looking to grab him off the ground and lift him into the air. Then he'll grasp the pack on his back, and rip it off with a surge of huge green muscles, tossing it aside. "Hulk rip you apart, puny robot people!" It seems like at least this time, his intelligence is dropping some as his strength growing. He hauls back with the cyborg he's holding, then throws him into a wall with metal-crumpling force before turning his attention back ot the other two, a glare on his features.

Chava kept her head mostly covered, but had to wait a little till she had pulled together enough rubber for what she wanted. A small set of spheres starting to float up, one of them darting to Pretty. She was trying to get it to his mouth and throat… To melt the rubber down into his larynx. "You goddamned ass…"

Venom backflips off of Pretty Boy as Chava's spheres start to smother the handsome cyborg, "Ooooooooooooo, nasty, nasty, breathless. Do you breathe, metal man?" Venom snickers.

The monstrous creature lands among the remaining cyborgs, tendrils of darkness lashing out to grab at others, flicking and snapping, crackling what he can and starting to tear amongst the Reavers as they themselves have reaved among others. Frankly, it's a little Biblical.

The Reavers are slowly being thinned. Chava's rubber closes up Pretty Boys throat. It seems to slow him. Even as augmented as he is, he still needs to breath. That doesn't stop his arms stretching out while he can, extending to try and grab Chava.

Bonecrusher finds himself pulverised and slashed. Isis in her fury has managed to rend most of his hoses and connections and Hulk … has totally hulked him.

As Hulk starts in on the group and grabs one, he finds himself targetted by the others. It's a pile-on. Well, it would be - except Venom starts that thinning that crowd and bits of reavers go flying everywhere.

Honestly. What the Reavers thought would be a romp in the park, is ending up as some form apocolaypse.

As the Reavers land on him, Hulk roars again, starting to grab them one at a time and ripping at whatever robotic parts he can find, tearing them from the cyborgs to disable them. If they don't manage to stop him, there's not going to be many of them capable of moving by the time he's done. If it gets to the point where they try to run or escape through the portal, he'll follow after them. And he can move a lot faster than somebody his size should be capable of.

Chava Kang shrieks up as Pretty grabs for her, getting an arm, but she doesn't stop to add more rubber… To coat the full lungs while she fights off the arm. A minute, maybe three… All she has to do is fight him off a short time right? Well, hopefully…

Venom isn't exactly working with Hulk as they are using Hulk almost like a weapon in and of itself. The vicious anti-hero grasps ahold of various cyborgs in turn. Some he tears apart himself, ripping out implants, snapping his jaws through the soft human underbellies, lashing razor-tipped tentacles of itself through their throats and their eyes and the fragile little plates of bone just behind their ears.

And some of them he throws at the Hulk, like wheat into a thresher, giggling a bit as they're shattered on those massive fists, as the great raging creature demolishes all in its path.

"It's so pretty," Venom whispers to itself.

It's carnage, not Carnage, but it works. As Chava watches a portal opens just behind Pretty Boy and he's dragged through, along with the remants of Bonecrusher. The portal closes quickly enough - none of the other Reavers are making an attempt for it.

Hulk and Venom find themselves 'knee deep' in spare parts, blood, gore and hyrdaulic fluid … while Isis leaps from the Reaver she was trying to shred to land on Venoms shoulder and yowling in anger.

Now the fightings done, her empathic broadcast seems to be dying off … not that it helps the feral state she's in.

From behind a counter, one of the manager puts their head up "Is is is everyone alright?" Did anyone get hurt in all of this?

Once the remaining Reavers are all disabled, Hulk looks around the area and huffs loudly. He crouches down, then leaps into the air, arching through the sky to land somewhere well out of sight. There's a faint thumping sound in the distance, then another that's even harder to make out, then nothing. Apparently he doesn't want to stay and socialize any further.

Chava grunts as she kicks one of the remaining metalic heads rolling on the floor, eying it dart after the departing Hulk. "I'm ok, will survive… hopefully Pretty boy won't…"

Venom squats amidst what remains, lazily tossing an arm over its shoulder. Nevermind the gristle in Venom's teeth. Nobody really wants to know.

"We think we might need to get a few extra sodas," they chuckle.

With the Hulk gone, the pressure on Isis' mind starts to abait, letting the feline-like mutant drop from Venoms shoulder and prowl around to look at her lost muffins mournfully. Nick will never believe she dropped them. She's not really up to talking to anyone at the moment.

"Alright then …" the man says. Scotts around here somewhere he'll help with the clean up and the ongoing investigation. "Here's some sodas …" he puts them carefully on the edge of the counter.

And no, he's not looking at Venoms teeth. Ick.

It's time for cleanup to begin.

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