2019-07-10 - Jogging Down Memory Lane...


Chance meeting - Avery, Kori & Rain: Friendships have starte with less! Who knew jogging could be so much fun?

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Jul 10 06:17:56 2019
Location: Central Park

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Fairly late at night, and it is a bit on the sticky side. The sky made mysterious by clouds as they obscure the moon in passing. Avery is out and about, running. Couldn't sleep, and having the next day off due to a flexible schedule at work, she's out trying to keep fit. Eyes bright, she is taking advantage of the late hour and thin crowds to fun full out. She's wearing red shorts, and a half-t of black with a glitter image of a unicorn of all things on it! Running, she sprints towards a wall, skipping off a bench, then bouncing off a light post, then slapping a palm on top of the wall to land on it. The moves flow with great facility, clearly the young lady has had some practice at such things.

Also late at night, Sarah is out running. It's something she does frequently, and because her schedule has become a bit more…irregular…she tends to run when she can. Or when she's just in the mood to blow off some steam, depending. She's not doing the parkour Avery is practicing of course, possibly because she's staying at a more steady pace to keep up with Kori.

Kori can run. And run. Does she get tired? For someone who flies, she has no problem running on her own two feet. Sports bra in red and tight-fitting black workout shorts, as per Sarah's recommendation. Her running shoes are impossibly white with cute teal accents, the sort of thing that are usually reserved for Instagram posts. She's not even sweating.

Glowing a little, yes. In the literal sense. But not sweating! Her pace is effortless as a gazelle's, with long legs flickering to pick up each stride as she paces Sarah's run.

The pair of Sarah and Koriandr are definitely eye-catching, the native-American (not like Avery can tell which tribe by looking!) and the Brobdingnagian orange-skinned womanthe GLOWING onerunning along with her are quite the exotic duo. Avery pauses a moment atop the wall she just scampered to the top of before running along it full speed, utterly unconcerned by the narrow width before she dives off to the side when a hillock joins the terrain, landing in a shoulder roll that bleeds off the impact but scarcely affects her speed. Definitely parkour, yup.

Eyes constantly scanning the environment, micro-turns of her head giving her a good scope of view, she rejoins the running path and slows to a more sedate pace, coincidentally ending up more or less near the other two runners as will happen from time to time. A smile. "Fair evening, ladies." She greets in a chipper chirp. She does have to stretch her legs a bit to keep pace with them, however due to the fact she's only about five foot five inches.

Sarah peers over at Kori as they walk, smiling faintly. "Do you actually get anything out of running like this? I mean, you don't seem to have to do much to maintain your figure." she says. Not enviously, but curiously. After all, she's still getting used to Kori's differences; despite looking like a gorgeous woman, she still has her alien side after all. Or Tamaranean side, at least. Technically she supposes she's the alien to Kori, really.

As Avery joins the trail and greats them she holds up a hand, waving as she slows a bit. "Hey, evening…"

Kori is, from a subjective perspective, almost nothing but legs. So that steady ground-eating pace comes with no effort at all as her legs churn along to keep pace with Sarah. "Not really," Kori admits to Sarah. "Humans are one of the rare races that loses muscles due to inactivity. My people retain our highest level of fitness virtually indefinitely," she explains. "I would need to run for many days at this pace to start to enjoy any benefits. But I welcome the company," she assures Sarah, and beams at the girl. "And I am glad that I can help you improve your cardio skills!"

She looks over as they slow. Avery hails them, and Kori ducks her head an inch in a polite nod of greeting. "It is evening," Kori agrees. "It becomes evening after five PM, according to the majroity opinion," she explains to Avery.

Settling into a companionable jog with the other two woman since they don't seem opposed to company, Avery smiles. "Indeed? I shall consider that carefully in future conversation, thank you, miss." This to Koriandr, and then her smile brightens, gold-flecked hazel eyes crinkling up a little and (much to her chagrin) dimples forming as she does so. "I greet you both in gladness, I am called Avery." She introduces herself. The voice is mezzo soprano, and the accent is…odd…close to, but not quite, British.

"…I am so very jealous of you right now." Sarah admits with a sigh. "I bet you can totally eat double bacon cheeseburgers and just never gain a pound either." So unfair! Alien physiologies. Not that she's against other elements of it. "I'm Sarah, this is Kori." she says. "Nice to see you Avery, I haven't seen you jogging out here before…this your usual time of night for it?"

"It is because of the garfaxian gland, which—" Kori breaks off when Avery detours closer for more prolonged conversation, and beams a smile at the woman. "Greetings, Avery!" Kori cheers the girl. "I am pleased to make of the meeting of you. Are you running for recreation, or reasons of health? Or is someone chasing you?" she asks with a sweet (and entirely serious) voice.

"Oh…double bacon cheeseburgers sound lovely." Avery half-purrs. "Though I have discovered a wonderful thing called 'shawarma', it is most satisfying a viand, very tasty." Avery grins. "Kori, and Sarah, charmed." The slightly odd word choices of Koriandr go unmentioned, not like Avery's speech patterns are close to normal! "Recreation and health, certes an I were being pursued would there not be an opponent to face?" Mind — she doesn't seem to be at all adverse to this sort of thing. "Worry not, friend Kori, I am not at present in danger of anything more grave than the pangs of hunger thoughts of bacon double cheeseburgers, n'now shawarma have inspired."

Sarah, being from the Southwest, thinks everyone has a weird accent, so she doesn't comment. And spirits, she's met someone who apparently talks like Kori now too. "Ah…shwarma? Never had that, no." she admits, sounding curious. "What…is it, exactly?" She easily continues the jog as she keeps pace, though steady rather than leaping about like Avery, her own long legs still taking long strides all the same.

"I have never had of the shwarma, either," Kori explains. She doesn't even seem to be breathing hard, speaking fully conversationally despite her effortless jogging pace.

"It is not a language I am familiar with. But I am very fond of the bacon double cheeseburgers," Kori hastily adds. "With the vinegar and mustard, and some of the anchovies atop them? It is /most/ the delicious," she proclaims brightly.

"Shawarma? That is a meat cooked on a rotisserie, it comes in many types - it has been my pleasure to sample beef, and chicken shawarma, it was sliced and then served on a flat bread called 'laffa' with chopped tomatoes and onions, and slices of cucumber and pickles, along with a sauce called 'tahini'. Apparently it would be 'non-kosher' if served with any milk products such as cheese, or the sauce that comes on a similar food I also have fondness for called 'gyros', the sauce being 'tzatziki'." Avery thinks a bit, adding with a soft nod. "The server did not explain what it was to be non-kosher beyond no milk products with meat, I suspect there's more to it." Avery is just running right now, no hyperactive parkour antics at present.

"Vinager, mustard, and anchovies on a bacon double cheesburger I have not tried, I shall endeavor to do so at my next opportunity." Avery's breathing is far from labored, still, she's breathing harder than Kori is and definitely has been active enough in her efforts to be a bit on the sweaty side, it is plain however that she's quite used to exerting herself for extended periods. "Perhaps we might partake of some sustenance together? I find I very much enjoy making the acquaintance of persons new to me. Pray forgive if I am being overly bold, I do not seek to give offense by the offer."

"Okay, I can go along with all that except the pickles." the Apache teen says as she considers. "Mm, I wonder how it would go with green chile though.." "So it it Greek like gyros, or from somewhere else?" She glances at Kori. "…I can go along with all that except the anchovey. I draw the line at small fish on my burgers." She slows down a bit, noticing Avery panting a bit, a few beads of sweat running down her chest as she does. "Let's take a breather…easier to talk…"

"Agreed!" Kori tells Sarah.

A beat. "Where do we take it?"

She shakes it off— one of those questions people obviously prefer not to answer. Kori looks to Avery. "I do not know this word 'kosher', either. How exciting this city is!" she squeals, clapping her hands and bouncing on her toes. "I enjoy leaning of all these strange and peculiar customs!"

She moves smoothly towards Avery, abruptly and entirely in her personal space with a solemn-eyed expression. "Oh, but I must ask for the clarification, if you are inviting us to partake of food as part of a courtship ritual," she asks in that dulcet voice. "I have been told I 'missed the mark' before," she says, fingers curling heavily in the air to supply quotes. "And it is a 'bad read' of 'flirting' of the 'food sort'," she adds. More finger quotes. "Friend Sarah is much the help, but I do not wish for her to feel I am relying too much up on her wisdom. She is /very/ wise," Kori tells Avery, and turns to beam a warmly affectionate smile at Sarah.

"The pickles added a very nice sour tang to the food, you might consider trying it, Sarah." Avery looks puzzled by the girl's desire to omit the anchovies, but doesn't say anything - people like what they like, and if she doesn't try it how will Avery know if she likes something or not? Clearly, it must be tried at some point, and THEN she'll decide whether to do it again. Avery smiles her thanks then as Sarah suggests a breather. "There is a drinking fountain only a few tens of yards further, just around the bend under that walkway, shall we stop there?" Either way, once the ladies stop, she does too, stretching to loosen up a bit.

"No day in which you learn something is ever wasted." Avery agrees with Kori's delight, grinning at the woman's extraordinary verve and expressiveness.

She blinks, briefly startled by the abrupt entry into her body bubble, but she doesn't seem overly bothered by the closeness once she realizes it is not an attack! "Courtship? Not as such, no. First I would seek to know you better, this is an offer of friendly companionship." A pause, her cheeks and bottoms of her ears faintly tinged with blush. "I confess that my own experiences with courting have been…" Non-existent. "…limited." She cants her head to one side. "Were -you- seeking a courting rite?"

"…spirits, there are two of them." Sarah mutters under her breath, them smiles back at Kori. "Uh, yeah, I think it's just a friendly thing, not a date Kori." She nods to Avery at the mention of the water fountain, the idea sounding pretty good to her at the moment. "I mean, you /can/ flirt with food, but usually you're showing interest in other ways too." She raises a brow at Avery, then glances back at Kori curiously.

"Oh! X'hal's breath, no," Kori assures Avery, relieved at the question. "I am from Malta, you see. We have different customs there," she clarifies. "I have been mistaken in the intent of others in the past and accidentally created of the confusion with someone who thought I was doing so. Friend Sarah has been most gracious and patient with me," she says, and turns to crash into Sarah with an enthusiastic hug. "And I am the grateful for her wisdom! For instance, I did not know one could flirt with food. I do not find food romantically interesting," She admits, "but I am not here to do the judging of the you."

Avery drinks from the fountain, hydration being a very good thing, and then nods along with Sarah's confirming Avery was not seeking a date. The muttering either not noticed at all, or courteously not inquired after. "I confess to flirtatious thoughts when first I sampled ice cream, specifically salted-caramel vanilla ice cream." Avery's near religious reverence as she names it, clearly the holy of holies, is quite amusing.

Kori's relief is mirrored after a moment by Avery, and her smile is sweet as she replies with a response she was advised to use by a co-worker when people mention their name. "I am from Remulac, it is in France." Yes, the co-worker was teasing her, or else just plain mean, either way…she took him at his word that this was a perfectly good response!

Sarah wuffs as she's pounces by Kori, flushing a bit at the enthusiasm, then giving her a firm squeeze back. "It's not the food that's romantic, it's…um, how you eat it, I guess? It's sort of a backdrop for what you're doing." the tall native girl notes, then raises a brow at Avery. "Huh, Malta and France…not…actually that far from each other." she says, frowning as she tries to bring up her European mental map. "I think."

Kori ignores the fountain. She's not breathing hard. Or even sweating. Just that same, ruddy health to her gold-orange flesh. In sunlight it just looks like an odd melanin issue.

She disengages from Sarah after a beat, but stays close to the First Nations weather-caller. "I will attempt to eat food romantically next time we dine," Kori assures Sarah. "Please tell me if I am doing of it the correctly, or the not," she begs.

"And yes, France is geographically close to Malta! But it is much closer to Italy than France. You might be thinking of Monaco," Kori tells Sarah with a gently reassuring tone. "It is the all rightness. I still struggle to remember the disticntion between Iowa and Idaho. One of them grows corn, and the other grows… beets?" she hazards.

The pouncing hug is definitely a surprise. "Oh, are you and Sarah paramours then?" Avery asks of Koriandr, not judging -at all-, she honestly is just curious and seeking a frame to work with regarding their relationship or lack there of. Wouldn't want to offend, these seem like such nice and interesting people! Avery ponders a bit, trying to remember he own geography, and is relieved when the non-tired, sweaty, or thirsty Kori speaks of it being closer to Monaco. "I have not been to Malta, or Monaco." Avery supplies. Sadly, even she who needs repeated beatings with a Clue-by-Four knows that the place she was raised shouldn't be mentioned most of the time. "I have found New York to be a very stimulating place, however. There is always something to do, new people to meet, new cultures to experience and learn from. It is a very cosmopolitan metropolis, would you not agree?" This to both Kori and Sarah.

"That's the one with all the race cars, right, Monaco?" the native girl says uncertainly. "I thought Malta was in Spain or something?" Avery's question takes her a bit off guard from the way her gaze promptly flicks to the other girl as her cheeks color, just a bit. "Uhhhhh…." Sarah says, blinking at Avery a. "We're…um…" She pauses, looking at Kori as she thinks that one over. "Yyyyees?" she says after a moment. "I mean…uh…" Welp. Sarah's flustered now, and promptly fastens on the second question, almost eagerly. "Oh, yeah, it's…it's really cool. I've never been in a big city before I came here." she admits.

"Paramou— Oh! That is a French word," Kori tells Avery. She wags her chin at Sarah, translates the motion to Avery. "Yes, we are regularly engaging in conjugal activities of a romantic nature," the totally-not-an-alien woman explains to Avery. "It is most the satisfying, for Sarah is a dear friend," she adds, and hugs Sarah again a smile packed with seemingly limitless adoration.
"And yes, this is a very interesting metropolitan area. Though technically, New York City encompasses a wide number of boroughs that individual regions consider 'unique' but make up the gestalt that is considered 'New York'. For instance, I went to Queens, and said 'I am in New York', and then two men attempted to fight me because 'Queens is better than New York', so I find it 'the confusing' and try not to overcomplicate my explanations."

"And many Casinos, I think…or, no, that's Monte Carlo, isn't it?" Avery has so much learning to do! It vexes her, her reaction times are literally off the charts but she's not a speedster in other ways - SEE a bullet, watch it flying towards her? Sure! Read a set of encyclopedias in seconds? Nope. Even if she were to rifle the pages it takes effort and time to read and comprehend, and that sort of thing is just not in her wheelhouse. And then her question, asked in all innocence, makes Sarah uncomfortable. Avery looks down at that point, clearly feeling bad. "My most sincere apologies, Sarah, I did not mean to cause you any discomfort." She looks up when the other girl rallies about New York. "I have never been in a city like New York in my entire life prior." Avery answers with utter truthfulness!

"Is it? Oh, yes, of course it is. Being" She sighs, "I must confess, I am not actually from France. I am not sure how to explain whence I come, I hope that you can both forgive me this subterfuge. I assure you, no malice or vile intent." The frankness with which Kori speaks of sex catches Avery off guard, and no doubt Sarah ends up even redder! "It is good to care about those you have relationships with." Avery agrees as non-offensively as she can manage. A frown then as she mentions the psuedo-fight with the natives of Queens. "I shall remember that." She promises.

Okay, well…Sarah gets a nice deep blush as Kori just forthrightly lays it out there, then blinks at Avery as she apologizes. "N-no! I don't feel bad about it at all!" Sarah protests. A bit unsure of herself and she knows she's blushing which is just flustering her more really, but still! "I'm…just…trying not to, um…categorize it, I guess." she says sheepishly, rubbing her cheeks for a moment. "What Kori said though…" And she just leans back against Kori, more unconsciously than anything else. "Um, well, some people pick fights over stupid things…and it's nothing, dont' worry." she reassures Avery. "We all have things we don't necessarily want to talk about I'm sure."

Kori wags her chin along with Sarah. The darkhaired girl gets a curious sidelong look for a second, but then Kori resumes her affirmative motion. "I apologize for the confusion," Kori tells Avery. "It is the fault of the me, not friend Sarah— my pe— home has unique customs and they do not mesh well with descriptions of h— New York relationships. But I do care very much about Sarah," she says, nodding at the girl reassuringly. "And that seems to simplify things."

She looks back at Avery. "Because I am from Europe, you see. And I understand that you, being not from Europe, might not know these things. If you had said nothing, though, I would have never disbelieved you! You sound very European," she says reassuringly.

Avery has to admit that Koriandr's blunt-trauma honesty is actually quite novel and refreshing, even if it is somewhat traumatic for those around her. It is an interesting blend, but it works for the orange-hued amazon. "Oh, do not worry, Sarah, my own experiences in such things are very limited, in fact I have never truly had any lasting relationship that was not entirely platonic." She doesn't seem too bothered about that either. "It is, what it is, and if it is -working- for you, then it needs must be, by very definition, right and true." And she says that with a broad and sincere smile. At the mention of the stupid things people fight over, she nods. "In sooth it seems sometimes people are bound and determined to cause others trouble, seeking strife for the sake of the act itself."

Oblivious to the redirects in Kori's explanations of her people and her alien nature, Avery just smiles broadly. "I think that we all agree that the caring part is what is best and true, is it not? All else will follow after." She inclines her head to the gracious acceptance of her 'reveal' that she's not actually French. "You are most kind, Koriandr, I am grateful for the understanding."

How exactly did tthey get on the topic of relationships, again? Sarah's a bit unsure, but, she just…nods to Avery at that. "Ah…thanks? We're still feeling it out a bit." she says after a moment. "I'm sort of suprised that you've never dated or anything before, then? Not even a prom dance or something?"

Though Sarah can relate, but she likes to assume not everyone had to hide out in the desert from the feds like her growing up.

"And yes, people have odd priorities when it comes to pride sometimes. You'll see people get in fistfights over who likes which team sometimes. It's a tribal thing."

"I am most pleased I was able to be helpful!" Kori declares, with a beaming smile. "It is quite rare of an occurance for me. Often I am hearing people say 'Kori, do not say that'. 'Kori you are not making of the sense'. 'Kori, stop eating, that food is gross'. To be helpful is a welcome relief!" She hugs herself and pirouettes on her left foot with an unearthly grace.

"If you are not from the France, from where do you come?" she inquires of Avery. "Oh wait, you said 'Remulac', that must be from where you hail," the Tamranean says a beat later. Because, well duh, why would Avery lie /twice/ in a row?

Avery is not always the most adept reader of social queues, shocking revealation, but even she can see that Sarah's not really comfy on the relationship topic. Sadly, her ignorance can't help but shine through when Avery asks. "A Prom dance?" Nope, the look in her eyes is absolutely not feigned, she hasn't a clue.

Clearly older than high school age, probably old enough for college — and doesn't even know what a Prom dance is.

"People are treasures, but sometimes one has more patina to excise than in others to get to the worthy part." Avery says with a grin.

She definitely enjoys Kori's energy, she's even more energetic than herself! Which is a rarity for the girl. "Bah. People should not judge! You are who you are. If you do no harm, why give you difficulty for that?" The mention of Remulac,causes her to shake her head. "No, that is not it either, one of my co-workers said it was a good place, in France, to cite as my orign place, as nobody here would likely know of it." A deep breath. "I am from another world, a Hidden World, deep within. I do not truly know where it is relative to here, nor how to return."

Ah, well probably prying a bit anyway, Sarah figures. "Ah, well, there's always someone who wants to be annoyed by something they shouldn't be. Usually because they're already frustrated by something." the Apache woman says, folding her arms. "….so, you're not From France, you're from…what, the Hollow Earth? Like the old H.G. Wells books or something?" she says curiously.

Kori's eyes widen slightly. "Oh! That is quite the understandable," she assures Avery with an effusive burst of sympathy. "It is most wise to conceal that sort of information. Hu— Peop— er… /we humans/ can be very judgemental and sometimes the meanness about such silly things."

She glances at Sarah when Rainmaker asks about Avery's origins. Kori then looks down at her feet, leaning back and forth as if trying to look past them, then gives the ground a subtle 'thump' with her heel. Checking for hollow spots, of course.

"Ah! I did read some of his work, a colleague at UPS provided me a tome about it, Journey to the Center of the Earth, is this what you speak of? Intersting, and there were similarities, but no, it was clearly fiction." Avery says with a genuine smile, RELIEVED she can speak freely and neither Kori nor Sarah seems inclined to judge.

"It was called the Hidden World, there were many lands, many peoples and adventure lurked 'round every bend." She chews her lower lip. "Though…the people were much simpler folk than here, things were very different."

Sarah sees what Kori is doing, then agrees. "Yes, it's a fun story…it's just a story Kori. A fantasical one about the center of the EArth being hollow and all sorts of strange and wonderous creatures there, including dinosaurs and similar ideas. Things that had passed away on the surface." She nods to Avery, furrowing her brow. "…so…ah…you…just ended up here from there, then?"

Kori 'ohs' softly at Sarah and wags her chin at the woman, nodding comprehension and thanks all at once. Her weight settles down again and long fingers interlace in front of her thighs, a picture of careful and polite attention for Avery's story.

"It sounds like it must be a grand and interesting place to live!" Kori tells the woman. "I am quite the sorry you cannot return there again. You must be quite 'the sad'. Perhaps someone experienced in interdimensional translocution could be of help?" she theorizes.

Kori leaaaans towards Sarah and holds a hand near her mouth, offering a sotto voce whisper right out of TV-land. "<Perhaps Friend Dr. Richards could help?>" she inquires, in the Apache language.

"Sometimes it makes me wonder, when I compare there, to here, whether the Hidden World were but a tale, a dream in the mind's eye of some God." Avery shakes her head then, and smiles. "Forgive me my flights of fancy, I assure you that I be not a madwoman." Honesty compels her to add. "Though…I suppose were I so, I might not know." She smiles again. "And yes, there were dinosaurs." She adds. No, not helping.

Avery can't help but grin in response to Koriandr. "On the whole it was! My father would visit when time permitted, and I had many fine tutors in the arts martial. It truly was a land where one could quest for evil and expect a chance to vanquish it." The (not so) whispery stage whisper is noticed, but she does not comment, after all, the words were in another language! Clearly not meant for her, kind of Kori to be so obvious!

Sarah looks uncertainly at Kori. <I have no idea. I suppose we could ask. Though it's possible she is imagining it too, just so you know. Given the people we work with, I'm assuming it might be true for the moment.> she replies in the same language, then looks back to Avery. "Your father? So he was not from this land?" she says curiously. "Or your family? Was it just you?"

Kori nods at Sarah's words. Whatever the woman said, Kori seems to accept Sarah's wisdom on the topic, and doesn't pursue it any furthur. She pivots her focus back to Avery and her head tilts minutely at the question. For all her boisterous enthusiasm, she seems quite interested to hear more of Avery's story. Her expression and body language remains pleasantly open and interested in the dialogue. It's an almost puppyish sort of zen— seemingly as long as she's in Sarah's company and under the warmth of the sun overhead, she's perfectly content with her life at the moment.

When addressed once more, Avery answers. "It did not occur to me to question, Sarah Rainmaker. My father was…my father. He was a great sage, a master of the arts of healing, and philosophy. He was oft away with his work, and his researches, there were many demands on his time." Her smile is fond with rememberance. "My mother died when I was scarce more than six years of age, I cannot remember her well, save for a warmth to her, I remember her love more than anything else."

"In any case there came a time whence I woke in a strange place, and there be my father, but older than I remembered, and weary an frightened by men in dark suits. There was a fight, and I recall…pain, and light, and then there was darkness. When I woke, I was abed, in a strange place. In time I recovered, it is a long tale…I would not wish to bore you."

"You can call me Sarah, it's fine." the Amerindian girl notes, tilting her head as considers. "A sage, hmm?So he was collecting information and knowledge…and last you saw him he was older and…frightened by men in dark suits?" She frowns thoughtfully. "Did you see these dark-suited men? Or did he tell you more about why he was afraid of them?"

Kori places her fingertips over her mouth, eyes wide with amazement at the details of Avery's early life. "A story of the epicness!" Kori declares with a gasp of amazement. "I am most the sorry to hear that your mother has passed." She bows from the waist, causing a rippling of motion through her fire-red hair. "I wish to extend my sympathies."

"Very well, Sarah, many thanks. I do not recall the details, but I am told they were 'hatchetmen', sent to collect on a debt my father owed. I cannot say what more, they were destroyed in the explosiono, e'en as my father was." Nope, not a happy tale that! "I learned later that, as you had surmised he was not native to ehe Hidden World, and thus, nor was I, truly."

"Aye, I miss her here…" Avery taps over her heart. "…depite not truly remembering her here." She shifts the same hand to tap her brow when Kori offers her Condolences. "Forgive me if I wax maudlin, tis not a glad tale!" She looks to the two ladies then. "So…shall we eat, as we had discussed earlier?" Avery can ALWAYS eat!

Sarah holds up a hand. "Wait wait, back up. What explosion?" she says, her brows furrowing. "And you just…woke up somewhere without remembering how you got there? Your father didn't leave you a note or letter or anything and wasn't around?" She's a bit more sensitive to the idea of people being chased by shadowy quasi-goverment figures than most.

The gestures are lost on Kori, who watches Avery's hand move with confusion plain on her face. The sentiment is clearly evident though; she acknowledges Avery's childhood pain with a sympathetic nod.

"Ooh, lun—" She almost gets it out but she's cut off by Sarah's sudden imperative uplift. It's a good question, and perhaps somewhat more urgent than getting a bite to eat!

"Oh, did I not mention the bright light? Twere in fact an explosion, it did consume the basement for some tens of yards." Avery looks chagrined. "I woke…and I imagined that I were two people at the same time." She says, looking dubious about it herself. "Must have been a fancy of the mind, a…hallucination, yes, that be the word. One of me was hale, the other sickly and wan…" She is concentrating hard, trying to remember, and it is obviously difficult for her. "…bands of mystical metal did join us, but then the men in black, one broke the connection between some of the bands and a large relic that did gleam and flash…and there came a mighty explosion, and I saw whiteness, and light, and pain, and then no more."

Avery shrugs again. "I woke in the hospital, and no, there were nothing from my father save some small inheritance. I was very ill, however, months recovering. And so I came to be independant, and needs must work to support myself. If he left me any word, no doubt it were consumed by the blast." She shakes her head then. And what could possibly be more important than food?!

That sounds….ominous. Sarah frowns thoughfully. "…who took you there, then? To the hospital?' she frowns, looking around. "Look, since we're chatting and all…there's an all night coffee place a few blocks away, wanna just go there and sit down to talk? Better than standing out in the middle of Central Park." she says ruefully.

"Aye, that would be well, methinks. Let us sit and drink and converse." Avery smiles, dimples in each cheek, and eyes scrunching as she does. "Pray lead the way, friends Sarah amd Koriandr from Europe, I would very much enjoy the boon companionship."

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