2019-07-10 - Every Party Needs a Pooper


Carin tries to get out of the mansion and head to a block party for some fun, and meet Eve..then they both meet some mutant haters.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Jul 10 06:16:38 2019
Location: Greenwich Village

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…a block party.

A spontaneously thrown one has overtaken a section of Greenwich.

Loud music is thumping, people are crowding in the middle of the night and they're dancing and laughing and drinking and did we mention dancing and cheering and there's lights and…

And then there's Eve. Eve is navigating this with a bag under one arm. A bag of groceries. Even with it obvious she was just running an errand, she fits right in with the party atmosphere.

See, she's in full goth attire.

Carin wasn't really intending to go out and party tonight.

But to be fair, she's been kinda…hiding. A bit. In the mansion. Just because of…reasons.

But she's realized she'd kinda hiding from the world, and she's really, really sick of that. So when she heard there was a party starting up, she figured what the hell. And so, a brief spring, and here she was.

Not that she really feels THAt into it thus far, so she's sort of haunting the outskirts. At least with the dark and lights and everything her inhumanly pale features look..normal? It's something. She sips from the red solo cup she snagged from somewhere…not really sure what's in it. Punch? Maybe?

…definitely not punch. Well, it's kind of punch. It's just punch with a lot of extra in it. Extra punch.

Eve is navigating the crowd and she's literally about to pass right by Carin.


And she's /almost/ unnaturally pale herself. It's not even make up, actually.

Up close, there is one thing that stands out, of course….the giant green lightning bolt that mostly covers the right side of her face. It's striking, to say the least. And it doesn't look painted on, either. Her eyes follow the other girl as she walks by, mostly focusing on her outfit. She's not really hiding it, those green eyes running over the outfit as she smiles a bit shyly at her.

Eve feels eyes on her, of course, and she glances in that direction. "Nice ink," she tellsk her, politely. She really does put work into her outfit. Goth takes work.

A warm smile. She's trying to be friendly in the face of shyness. She gets that.

"Huh? O-oh!" Carin says, reaching up to her lightning, ducking her head a bit. "Thanks." she says, smiling a bit more. "Nice outfit…it's really cool. You musta put a lotta time into it." she says, shifting from foot to foot.

Eve puffs up a little. The ruffles pop.

"Yeah, it takes a while, especially the corsetry. You going for the aesthetic?" She asks, noting the paleness. She beams at her. A FELLOW GOTH, PERHAPS.

Carin flushes. "Um, well….maybe?" she says after a moment. "I mean, I totally got the pale part down. I've never really tried out fancy clothes like that before though." She shrugs her shoulders. "I mean, mostly Goodwill stuff, y'know?" Which explains the pink t-shirt, very short cut off jean shorts, and the frilly and slightly reflective green miniskirt she's wearing over it.

"Believe it or not, a /lot/ of us get our stuff through thrift and good will, actually," says Eve. Her eyes go over /her/ outfit in turn, thoughtful. "I mean, it takes a while to assemble the right collection unless you're willing to spend the big bucks." Eve is clearly willing to spend the money, herself.

Carin sighs. "Yeah, big bucks. I totes don't got that. I mean, I got more than I use to, but…" She shakes her head. "So…you can find stuff like that secondhand?" she says, sounding a bit suprised. "I mean…I guess you found it a bit at a time, right?" She tilts her head curiously.

"Yeah! Of course you can," says Eve, "Ebay, thrift stores, online auctions, estate sales… really, old stuff is a great way to start. You know?" She beams a smile at Carin, offering a hand. "Eve," she says. They're so pale!

Carin bites her lower lip, then smiles, taking the hand, her slender fingers curling around Eve's hand as she shakes. "Um, Carin! Hey." she says. "So, uh, is this your scene normally?" she wonders, gesturing to the party.

"..oh gosh, no," says Eve, tucking her bag of groceries under her arm, "I was just on my way home and, well… this happened, actually." She smiles, letting the hand grasp last until Carin lets go of her.

Carin does let go, blinking as she looks down at the bags, then gets a bit of color to her cheeks. "Oh! Uh, yeah, should have seen that…I thought you were bringing stuff for the party or something." she admits.

Pulling out a cucumber, Eve looks at it and says, "I mean, if they /need/ cucumbers at the party…" She cracks a smile at her, though. "This doesn't really seemlike your scene, though," she offers.

"Well, I'm sure there's some sorta drink that uses 'em, though I don't think they got an open bar." Carin admits, then squirms. "…nah, not really. Just, was feelin' kinda hemmed in and wanted to get out and get some air and…do stuff, you know?" she says.

"Yeah, I'm familiar," says Eve.

"What /kind/ of stuff, though?" she asks, clearly having an inkling that there may be some uncertainty there.

"Uh…" Carin clasps her hands behind her back. "…I'm…not…sure? I mean, I've been kinda, uh." She bites her lower lip again. "Okay, so, like, I totally was kinda in a…a school thing, where I couldn't really leave the grounds and didn't really get along with anyone and…yeah." She huffs. "So I was trying to just, you know, hang out with people who are….uh…normal?"

"…let's dance," says Eve, spontaneously, to her.

It's the kindest thing she can think to do right now. She reaches out to take Carin by the hand again and draw her out into the crowd of dancing people.

She gets it.

She does.

Carin looks suprised, her eyes widening a bit as she's suddenly being tugged out onto the dance floor. "Uh, o-okay?" she says, setting down her drink on a random planter as she follows Eve, her shoulders hunching up as she tries not to bump into people as she follows the other woman.

For her part, Eve navigates the crowd flawlessly, like she knows where everyone is at any given time.

Because, of course, she does.

Then she whirls around in a whiff of petticoats and starts to dance! She's a bit awkward about the whole thing… it's not something she does a lot of after all, but she has a certain grace to her movements that increases as she goes along.

(She is also shamelessly cheating by making herself better at it.)

Carin pauses, then looks around a bit, before starting to dance herself, more grooving to the rhythm at first of the current dance beat, before she starts to tentatively do more. "It's been like, forever since I got to dance!" she says, raising her voice to be heard over the music!

So, Evc dances. She's decent at it. And she dances /with/ Carin, favoring her with the attention! She beams at her with a smile, just clearly trying to make her feel like she's part of the crowd, like anyoen else.

She gets what it is to feel apart.

The thing about parties like this…lots of people get invited. And there's lots of booze. Some people know their limits. Some people don't, and get more than a little buzzed. And then stupid things happen as their filters shut off.

For example, the jock looking guys in the group not far off the dance floor from where the pair are dancing. They've been there a bit, and there are quite a few empty bottles by them.

They also were here when they lights were brought up for a bit…and got a good look at the pale white girl with the lightning bolt. It wasn't for long…but it was enought hey got a good enough look to realize there was something off about her.

"Fuckin' mutie…" one mutters, eyeing the pair. "Probably got some weird disease or something…they live in the sewers an' stuff, right?" His friend snorts. "Dunno, they should stay in Mutanttown where they belong though…" The third member of the trio is…much farther along on the drunk scale. "Hey, watch this…" he says, hefting is half full can, then pitches it at Carin overhand, a spray of cheap beer spinning out of it as it circles through the air towards the unsuspecting girl.

Eve too had figured out that there was something 'off', but she was surely not expecting a full can to be chucked at Carin. Still, she has…superb reaction speed right now.

When she catches the flick of light off the spraying can, she reacts instaneouwsly, a hand stretching out to catch it. Those reflexes?

Also not normal. At least, one could assume so, if one were expecting mutants.

"…ah, crap," she says after a moment, holding it as it runs down her shirt.

When you lunge for it, you lunge towards Carin to grab it, of course. Her eyes get big and….there's a rush of air. And suddenly she's not there anymore. She's standing behind you. "W-what…?!?" And not a drop on her, of course.

She tracks the path of the can back to the three sniggering guys and glares at them. "Oh, realy mature. Assholes!" she calls over, her fingers curling into fists.

The drunk guy draws himself up, then starts sauntering over, his two friends following. "What was that, you pale little freak? Why don't you and your vampy girlfriend go find a nice sewer party somewhere…"

"Hey, look. There's no reason we need to make this a bad thing. Everyone's just having a good time. Back off, get back to dancing. I'll get you some beers, all right? But," she continues, "if you take another step towards me, I will be forced to put you on your back and then that'll get immortalized on youtube forever: Frat boy gets ass handed to him by goth chick, lol lol lol," she pronounces the lols out loud.

For the lolz, of course.

The other dancers have pulled apart a bit as they become aware of the situation. One of the girl's nearby, a darker skinned Hispanic girl, says. "Fuck man, she's right, just chill. Go soak your head or something and leave 'em alone, they're not doin' nothing." The lead drunk snorts, opening up a new can as he slits his eyes. "Oh, that so? Gonna try and get all squeally on me or something, princess?" He draws back his hand, then tries to bring the can forward to splash more beer on Eve.

And abruptly, you're about three feet back as Carin grabs you and thigns blur for a moment, the beer splashing harmlessly against the dance floor as the drunk blinks confusedly.

"…awk," says Eve.

She waws really about to put that guy on the ground, too, but then she's… moving and she's completely caught off guard and confused by it.


She's gonna be dizzy when she's set down.

It's like you never left your feet! Mostly because there's no super strength involved and Carin's a little thing, so it was more a controlled quick drag than a pick up and move! The trio of guys look a bit confused still. "Hey, you're using your freaky powers on us!!" one of his friends blusters after a moment.

Carin takes her hands off your waist where she apparently just pulled you out of the way. "I did not! I didn't lay a hand on you!"

"I'm just…fast is all," says Eve, a little briefly disoriented. She takes credit. "Now! Guys. If you don't mind, /fuck off already/? You're all super, duper drunk assholes and I'd really hate to have to drop you and the party'd get all ruined and shit." She reaches back to snatch Carin's hand. She's feeling awkward about this.

The lead drunk looks like he's about ready to step forward…annnnd that's when the bouncers arrive. "HEY! Whatta ya meatheads doin'!" booms a tall and very muscular guy with dark skin, and tribal tattoos. Looks Samoan. He biiiiig. Enough that when the three round on him they're at least a little intimidated and distracted.

There's a few general yells and comments to get them off the floor and out of the party from some of the other dancers, as Carin grabs Eve''s hand. "We should…we should go wash that out of your dress?"

"Yeah, let's do that," says Eve.

And with that, she's going to let Carin lead her way. She dropped her groceries, of course, but hey… those are irrelevant. She doesn't even need to eat. She's going to get lead away and find a place to get this out of her dress.

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