2019-07-10 - Cookoff on the Roof


Impromptu grillin' on the roof of the Baxter Building

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Jul 10 00:53:17 2019
Location: Rooftop, Baxter Building

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The metal door leading out onto the roof of the Baxter Building is pushed open. Turning slightly and ducking to slip through the door, Ben emerges on the windy rooftop, complete with Helipad and FantastiCar parking garage. He's wearing his typical blue pants and no shirt, although he does have a custom-made apron on, with a printed lipstick mark on it and kitchy lettering reading KISS THE COOK. He carries a couple of platters worth of food, balanced between his fingers, and a full size grill that he handles like a portable version, holding it up with one hand as he strides out into the wind on the roof of the skyscraper.

The smell of charcoal smoke was already evident as someone was already up here. Kate stands in front of the grill squinting at it with a long stemmed lighter in hand as she tries to tell if the heat was good enough at this point or not. Her own selection of things to grill apparently included some corn on the cob which was on a plate nearby, and a few small strip steaks. Nothing quite as grill-master level as what Ben had.

Hearing the door open she glances over her shoulder toward him only to give a little laugh. "Great minds think alike?"

Kate Bishop dropped Bow.

Ben stops a few feet from the door and blinks as he spies Kate. His stiff lips draw back in his features' approximation of a grin and he walks forward to set his grill down near to hers. "Guess so!" he answers, making a show of sticking his chin out to peer down his nose at what she's cooking. "Ahhh, good choices. Classics," he says, only then setting his grill down on the helipad.

Kate Bishop nods in approval at his own haul of goodies. "It seemed like a good idea up here. No risk of catching the building on fire… I hope. Plus it'd blow the smoke away," she adds with a gesture at the wind up here. "Just makes it a bit harder to get the damn thing lit." Lightly clucking her tongue she glances at Ben. "You guys ever use the Torch to start grills?"

Ben Grimm uncovers his delicacies - Maui ribs, marinated peppers and zucchini, and baseball steaks. He lowers to a knee so that he can fish under the grill to activate the propane tank. "You're not wrong," he answers. "Plus… view's pretty good from up here." He rises then and clicks the starter on his grill. POOF. Someone has supercharged the lighter and gas flow for the rooftop. It's a roaring flame he gets to adjust. He smirks and nods at the quesion. "If he has a chance to show how awesome he is, he takes it," comes the grousing reply, though there is a note of affection for his teammate despite the air of grumpiness.

Kate Bishop nods in solemn agreement to the way he describes Johnny even if she hadn't met him herself yet. Relaly, other than the initial meet and greet, she'd barely seen the Richards' at all. "Ah, cheater," she adds at the propane teasingly. "I guess I do that myself sometimes, but my ability isn't as flashy as the others. I feel like I've got to keep up now and then. Then I just remember I'm already pretty awesome." Plucking up some tongs she loads up her little grill and shuts the lid to let it get properly heated.

Ben adjusts the flame on his and he closes the lid as well, waiting for the heat to build before he loads the grill. He folds his arms across his chest then and looks down at Kate, quirking a wry grin. He doesn't answer the cheater comment. Instead he furrows his brow slightly and asks, "You're the archer, right? What else you got for powers, beyond self-confidence?"

"Yep I'm the archer," Kate agrees with a look back to her grill as she grins in amusement. There's no immediate response to the question though. Instead she flips the tongs around in her hand a few times, juggling it one handed, before giving a final click and setting them through the handle of the lid. "Nothing. I'm a regular old human. I'm just really good at what I do."

"Hey, don't sell the super-confidence short. That's like 90% of what Johnny's got," Ben answers with a grin, having watched the display of dexterity and coordination with a steady, appreciative eye. He glances down toward his grill and, seeing the temperature at a good level, he opens it up and begins loading it up.

Kate Bishop finger-guns toward Ben at that with a grin. "I'm confident in what I do. And it's great doing it. Who wouldn't want to be a superhero? It's the best thing ever! I just have to remember that I squish a bit more than most of my teammates."

Ben glances over for the finger-guns and lifts his own to shoot back at her. It is a howitzer to her six-shooters. "Hey, I got a lot of respect for the ones like you," he tells her. "I mean, it's easy to go out and do it when you don't gotta worry about bullets or fires or… well, much hurtin' you. You got *real* bravery, kid."

Kate Bishop grins back over toward him only to shake her head. "I don't feel brave when I do it. I feel like I'm trying to stay alive. But… It's nice being able to fight. Not just wait around and see what happens. I think that's probably the mosti mportant part." She pauses and sniffs at the air only to whirl around back toward her grill. "Shoot! Too hot! Too hot!" She fumbles it open, and smoke pours out causing her to cough. "Ugh maybe I should just do pizza tonight. I hope your grilling goes better, Ben."

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