2019-07-08 - Boar is better than Grilled Cheese


Catseye and Dani conduct a late night raid of the X-Kitchen

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Jul 8 00:58:56 2019
Location: Institute - Cafeteria

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Catseye is in smoothskin form, a rarity on the weekends around the school, but human form does have the advantage of hands! And hands can open refrigerators! Currently piled on the counter is smoked salmon, some soft cheese and some bread. Catseye is rummaging through the fridge, looking for anything else that it tasty. She is wearing a blue sundress that appears hastily tugged on, given that she has a few twigs and leaves in her lavender hair. Her tail is up behind her head, the tip of it curled in a relaxed an happy manner.

Dani wanders in, sipping a bottle of iced tea as she waves to Catseye, "Hey, I think there's some argula in the crisper." She grins, recognizing Catseye even if she's not all fuzzy… probably because she has the empathy thing working, even if Catseye isn't exactly a cat right now. "And that does actually sound pretty good, now that I think about it."

Catseye ahs, "Not fan of greenstuff. But veggies supposed to be important." She sighs. And really, how many lavender haired (or furred) people with a cat tail are their around the mansion? She gets out a frying pan, adds butter, then assembles a grilled cheese sandwich with smoked salmon and one SMALL leaf of arugula in it. It counts! "Catseye not cook lots. Eggs, bacon, grilled cheese. Pasta with things. Should learn more. Danifriend want grilled cheese?"

Dani smiles, "Sure. I'll definitely take one. How are you doing?" She takes a seat at the counter, tilting her head at Catseye, "Everything going okay here? I know it can be a little weird sometimes."

Catseye makes a see-saw gesture with her hand. "Is good mostly. Weird not bother, Catseye is weird, yes?" Her expression lights up, "Catseye passed drivers test! Have license now. Just have to remember not to go fast except on private roads." She gives Dani an impish grin. "No speed limit on private roads and driveways, yes? BlueHank a little green after Catseye's first driving lesson."

Dani laughs, "Well, you're one up on me… but then, with Brightwind I don't really worry about driving too much." A flying horse does tend to make things a lot easier. Dani then grins, "But seriously, congrats, and doubly so for making Doctor McCoy flinch. Did you have a car yet, or just going to borrow one from here?"

Catseye says, "Just borrow for now. Could ask MotherMotherFrost for one, but… not feel right. Everything Catseye has, is because of MotherMotherFrost. Not feel right to ask for more." She grins impishly, tail twitching with mischief. "Is fun teasing BlueHank. Acts very serious sometimes yes? But is big silly."

Dani grins, "Yeah, when he gave me the science tutoring for my GED we had some fun with each other." She chuckles, "One time I decided to answer one of his essay questions in Asgardian Runic script. Then he made me translate it."

Catseye giggles, "Sounds like BlueHank, yes. Is nice, accepts Catseye as is, not like teachers at otherplace." Her expression flickers at the thought of the Hellfire Academy, her feelings on her old school being conflicted to say the least. "Catseye will never be normal. Not want be normal even if could." She slides a grilled cheese onto a plate, and starts a second.

Dani nods, "Normal is pretty damn boring, honestly. I mean, considering everything I've done? I'm definitely better off being a mutant Valkyrie with all the teams, yaknow?"

Catseye nods, "Catseye grew up cat, not human. Is hard… not have 'frame of reference' for many things, yes? Catseye read lot of books now, catch up, can talk about those but… Music? Movies, tv, elementary school, clothes, is all… foreign. Alien." She slides the second grilled cheese onto a plate, and passes it to Dani. "Far as Catseye concerned, cats normal. Rest of you are weird!" Yeah, the way her tail is twitching, she is definitely teasing a little.

Dani grins, "Having talked to a lot of cats? I can't exactly argue with that. Freyja loves cats, so there's a lot of them running around where the Valkyries are quartered." She mmms and takes a bite of the offered grilled cheese, "And thanks, this is perfect."

Catseye grins, "Freya obviously very smart, love cats." She nibbles happily on her grilled cheese with salmon. And thick yeasty bread…. She's actually purring a bit as she eats. "Catseye glad to cook. Is smoothskin thing, but feed friends is fur form thing. Makes Catseye happy to do both." She tilts her head, "Danifriend happy being Valkyrie? Catseye read books after mentioned, but not sure how true is. Sounds…" Her tail lashes a bit as she searches for the right words. "Big… scary yes? But important."

Dani nods, "I'm pretty happy doing it, yes. It's long work, hard work, and a lot of times they forget that I'm not an immortal Asgardian like they are. But, all that said? I love it, and I wouldn't give it up for anything." She grins, "It's pretty scary sometimes, and there's a lot of danger to it, but it's a lot of fun too."

Catseye smiles, "Glad Danifriend found something she loves. Catseye is… still looking. Love history, yes? And Writing. And maths. Learning programming… but…" Her tail droops a little, "Catseye not … talk right. Is different here…" She taps the side of her head, "Can fix on page when writing paper. Second, third draft move words around. But to do talking takes too long for conversation. Don't know if could ever work in normal job, go to normal college."

Dani nods, "It takes a lot of getting used to, I'm sure. And well, writing is a great way to express yourself." She grins, "You definitely seem to have the soul of a poet."

Catseye tilts her head, "Have to think more on words, so choose more carefully. Also… cat-nature is eternal now. Not that there is no memory! But is not dwelling on memory. Past is just a layer when in furform, like scent. Influencing but rarely overwhelming. Smooth-skin, past can seem almost as real as now. Is -weird-. And Catseye remembers… everything."

Dani mmms, "I never thought about it like that, but yeah, that's definitely something that can be unsettling." She looks over at Catseye, "Have you talked to anyone about that, just to help sort things out?"

Catseye nods, "Worked with MotherMotherFrost when first gave Catseye Language, taught how to be smoothskin. But not recently." She hesitates, "MotherMotherFrost has own problems right now, Catseye not add to them. Catseye works sometimes putting words on memories from before language. Is hard, but also seems to… give a little distance when in smoothskin form. Words about the memory are NOT the memory. Can be easier to think of words about things than the things themselves. If gets too much, just shift furform and memory pushes back, now steps forward."

Dani nods, "Yeah, I'm not really a telepath.. I mean, I can use it when you're in cat form, but I couldn't link with you right now, either." She hrms, "Though I wonder if that could be helpful for you to maybe bridge the difference…"

Catseye ponders, "And can Danifriend link when in Catseye in half form? Maybe test sometime. Catseye like halfform better than smoothskin, but is not human enough for public. And too furry for cooking. Butter in fur is -awful-." She starts cleaning up the mess from cooking. "Maybe Danifriend and Catseye practice sometime?"

Dani smiles, "I'd love to do the practice, sure. We can work together on that and maybe see how it all goes." She nods and finishes the sandwich, then grins, "And I'll make sure to make something foodwise, too."

Catseye ponders, "Does Danifriend hunt? Wild boar always in season. And Catseye would like to learn to cook barbecue."

Dani grins, "Wild boar, around here? Well, I've hunted it in Asgard, for sure, but never here in Midg… er, New York. I'll have to see what I can manage now." She looks intrigued by the idea of that.

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