2019-07-06 - Prolonging Life


Thea discusses helping someone for Riri

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Jul 6 02:01:39 2019
Location: Central Park

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Thea would recieve a message, with the sending ID as IRONHEART. «You're Spidey's biokinetic friend, right? I've got a few questions…»

There would be a moment of pause, before there is a trace of a smile. « You can call me River. Questions? Did your burn not heal clean? » It's not believable to Thea, but things happen to people. « You want to meet up to ask in person? I can be in the park in no time. »

The reply is pretty quick. Teenagers and their texting skills, right? «Nah, the burn's fine, but it is about some kind of secret stuff. Park sounds good. Bench near that one really good pretzel cart by the pond.»
When Thea arrives, the biosignature of the girl who was wearing the armor that night would be obvious. On the other hand, Riri clearly has no clue who she's looking for. The teen occasionally glances up from her phone, before returning to whatever it is she's working on.

Even if Riri had seen her that night, in the dark, Thea's look is always…evolving. Her hair right now is temporarily bright red, and there's a glint of gold in the side of her nose. She's in a gray tank top and some black capri pants, with running shoes. She will run past the bench once, and then circle around and back, before she drops down on the bench, phone in her hands.

"Hello." She won't use the girls codename, not yet. "So, shoot."

Riri jumps a little when Thea sits down, so clearly the disguise was working. "Uh… Hi. You can call me Riri. This is really secret stuff though, so…" Shoving her phone back into her pocket, she looks up at the older woman. "Promise not to tell anyone about what we talk about?"

Thea will smirk at the jump, she may enjoy surprising people. "River. Pleasure. You're much more attractive without the metal." She will toss that out casually, as she tucks her phone away. Riri will then get a look of disdain. "I'm not a talker. You can't be, in my line of work." Or her former line of work. What should be former, at least.

The compliment pretty much goes over Riri's head, at least visibly. There's a major difference between her and Tony. "Okay. So. Arc Reactors have a palladium core, and over time, it decays into silver and rhodium. Which can kind of cause issues in your body when they start to oxidize or combine with other things, so you don't want to have that happen. Would you be able to, in theory… filter those toxic compounds out of someone's body?" She looks up at 'River', biting her lip. Clearly, this is serious business.

Thea will casually cross one leg over the other, ankle resting atop her knee. "So we're talking metal poisoning. I've worked with a lot of toxins and poisons before. It would need to be more than a one time deal, if it was ongoing, but I could filter stuff out, yes. It's not you, though, so this person must be important to you." There's a casual glance aside of eyes made green with contacts.

"Definitely not me. I'm not the one walking around with an arc reactor in my chest, mine stays safely in the suit." Riri nods along as Thea talks, looking up to meet the biokinetic's gaze for a moment. "And yeah, more than one time. We're working on finding a new element to use as the core that doesn't have the toxicity issues, but there's some fairly particular isotope requirements and stuff. I'm pretty sure you don't want to know the technical details."

"I know it's not you. It's what I see, remember?" There's a warmth to her smile. "So it's someone that has a suit like yours, but with the arc in their chest." Her eyebrow arches, as she looks over the young girl. "A new element. Those don't come along every day." She laughs. "I'm used to hearing more technical details than I ever thought possible when I talk to Spidey."

"…Pretty much. I'm not sure how much I /can/ say anyway, I signed a bunch of NDAs about it and I'm pretty sure this technically qualifies as intellectual property or something." Riri cracks a smile, starting to look a little more hopeful about the situation. "Soooo… Do you have a burner cell phone or something that I could give the number of to the hypothetical person who might be having this issue?" See, she can do secret stuff!

"You've said enough. I don't need details. The phone you have is encrypted, to be honest. I have need for that." She smiles. "If it would make you and …whomever, for me to go buy a burner phone for all of this, I can go do that. Either way is fine by me."

"Well, it was more that I texted you from my armor. But if you're fine with your phone, I'm sure it'll be okay with the hypothetical person." Riri's smile is definitely genuine now. "…Thanks. For the hand, and for offering to help with this. More time is always useful."

"The hand is what I do. So is what you're asking me. You're clearly an ally of Spidey's, so I do what I can. They're not hypothetical, not if you're asking for my help. Just nameless." Thea will say lightly, even teasing just a bit.

"…Legally hypothetical?" …Okay, she's kinda grasping at straws here. "But yes, very nameless until when/if you get a call from them." Riri rises to her feet, stretching a bit. "…Okay. That's the business dealt with. …Do you think there are still any ice cream stands open?"

There's a laugh, as redheaded Thea rises. "It's New York City. There's always somewhere to get ice cream." She will point that out, as if it is obvious. "Well, tell nameless the sooner the better. Because metal poisoning can do permanent damage even I might have trouble reversing."

"I'll try to talk to him ASAP. …He'll probably make room on his schedule for this." After a bit of phone research, Riri heads off in the direction of said deliciousness. This is a cause for celebration after all, right?

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