2019-07-05 - Fresh Meat


In which Sif, Nori, and Sol walk into a roller rink and Darcy schools them all OR New York City needs a superpowered roller derby league the way one needs an umberella in a rainstorm.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Jul 5 01:01:21 2019
Location: RP Room 2

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The flyer said Fresh Meat. It offered new skaters a chance to learn to skate and see about joining a local roller derby team. The issue? New York City has plenty of teams. All of them are representing tonight, working together to rent out a large skating rink once a week so host a training night just for new skaters. Each team's rep is in uniform.

The Liberty Belles from Staten Island are in bright blue cigarette girl dresses with red and white piping. Their main trainer is Miss Indie Pendance. The Harlem Honeys are in rich orange and khaki. Their captain is H. Pots. The Bees from Queens in their black and yellow are opposite the Gridiron Gals from Midtown who are rocking the area's signature taxi cab's yellow and checkboard. Royal Payne is leading the Bees, while Tits McGee is helping Nacho Ride from Midtown. Lively music fills the air, loud enough to keep things from being dull, low enough for instructions to be heard.

As New Girl Night kicks off, girls with skates are asked to gear up while girls needing to borrow skates are directed to the skate counter. Darcy… I mean, Tits McGee is watching the new girls as she rolls about her team's station warming up and stretching. Her hair's up in a french braid down her back. Her eyes are bright pink and not hidden by glasses, and her lips are screaming yellow. Because… it matches the uniform.

Being a speedster was awesome, when public transport was slow. There wasn't much to do near Xavier's, but when the city was only minutes away it wasn't hard to find /something/ to do. Nori skids to a stop in an alley a few blocks from the venue in an actinic blue flash, before walking the rest of the way the old fashioned way. Plus, it'd give a bit of time for the ozone smell to dissipate…
Arriving at the arena itself the blue-haired teen makes her way in, her punk aesthetic suddenly blending in better. Folding her arms across her chest with a metallic clank, she ponders which team looks like they're recruiting… Although she might be a bit ahead of herself. Probably a good idea to gear up first. Nori wanders over to the counter, leaning on it with one arm. "Heya. what do you guys have in a seven?"

The young Midgardian woman who had recently become part of the Embassy staff had all but ordered Sif to meet her here. She insisted upon attire suitable for physical training and hair properly restrained. Only truly knowing Aesir standards for such things, she had been planning to consult Ms. Lewis on the preferred items and accoutrement, but the young woman had departed far earlier than expected. Thus, she'd been left to guess and prepare on her own.

She arrives possibly a bit late — try hailing a taxi and requesting a destination when unable to read any Midgardian language — and can only hope that her preparations were appropriate. She is wearing the fitted leather pants and sleeveless linen tunic that is her usual sparring attire of choice, and her hair has been pulled up into a high ponytail and tied in place with a strip of leather. Her arms from wrist to elbow are encased in hardened red leather with her metal vambraces on top, and her legs from the knees down are in her armored greaves over black leather boots. She's carrying her buckler and sword as usual.

Entering the boisterously noisy building, she looks around oddly colorful assemblage of Midgardian women and honestly can't spot Darcy amongst them.

Well, Sunny probably looks the type for Rollar Derby if nothing else, but in her long-lived life? She'd never tried it before. Hell, rollar skates were even older than -she- was but they'd only ever been tried by the tall blonde in fun rather than any sporting capacity. The 'Goddess?' She'd simply walked here. Wrapped in a pair of jeans and an obnoxiously deep orange strapped top, the woman had made her way over towards the counter as directed and then made to rent some skates for herself. Already for the blonde bombshell this all looked like plenty of fun…

She'd just have to watch her strength as she gave it a try or someone might get a little hurt.

"We got regular skates and speed skates. Which do you want?" the attendant says to Noriko, before moving off to get her which ever kind she wants. By the door, Sif gets more than a few looks before Darcy's voice rings out over the din.

"HOLY FUCK BALLS!!! SIF?! YOU'RE HERE?! WHY ARE YOU HERE!?" The voice heralds Darcy skating at the low wall that seperates the rink from the main floor. She stops herself on it, then swings a leg up and over and is on the other side, landing on her wheels smoothly and more surely than she normally is on even sensible shoes. She rolls right up the the armored woman to give her a hug.

"Fuck dude! You look awesome. But why'd you bring the pokey pokey stabby shit?" Darcy asks, pink eyes bright.

The girl behind the counter, looking like she's seen all of this before and just wants to get back to her netflix movie, attends to Sunny boredly, getting her her skates without much in the way of customer service.

Well, given Nori's adrenaline junkie tendencies, there's only really one answer for that. "Speed, please." She accepts her gear and pays the rental fee, skipping over to wherever she can take a seat and strap everything on. Sif definitely draws an eye since… whoah. Impressive outfit, /and/ a sword. Also, obviously strong as hell. Darcy's fangirling is also worth a giggle and a grin before it's back to somewhat awkwardly tying laces with gauntlets….

Now Sif looks and sounds confused as she somewhat half-heartedly returns the hug. "You demanded that I be here, Ms. Lewis. You said to be prepared for training." Her eyes flick across the room full of brightly dressed women, and not a blade in sight. "This is not combat practice?"

Her eyes pause on the young woman who has just rented a pair of skates (Noriko) and noticing the truly incomprehensible footwear, looks down at Darcy's feet. "What manner of boots are those? They seem lethal enough, but highly ungainly."

Sif's apprearance? Well, it's familier enough for Sunny to pause. She'd seen the woman before, but in the circumstances? She hadn't really been introduced to the Asgardian woman. A blink comes at the excited exchange between Darcy and the slightly baffled Sif, but Sunny just chuckles to herself. It had taken her a long time to get used to the idea of not taking a weapon with her everywhere too after all…she might have left them stashed hidden in her coat at the change room too if she was honest.

Her turn for skates? She's quick enough to follow Noriko's lead for the fancier and faster option. That was half the fun, right?

There are, oddly enough, lil's at New Girl Night. Preteen girls in shirts that match the teams, rolling around like little rink rats, helping out. One in blue to match Nori's hair, rolls over and skids to her knee pads.

"Hi! Can I help you tie them?" she offers brightly, politely, helpfully. It's a mini derby girl… with a girl scout attitude… A derby girl scout.
Darcy laughs at Sif. "Dude! I meant workout gear. Spandex pants, sports bra, that sorta.. you know what? It's fine. It's fine. You can put your stabbies with my crap, and they are skates, Siffy-pie. Do you have knee pads. You're ..maybe wil want them? The metal's gonna jack the rink floor so you're gonna hafta lose 'em," she rambles, taking Sif the long way around to get skates.

"Have yo uskated before? If not, I'm gonna recommend the regular rink skates, but I'll check em to make sure they're not fucked for you," she's saying, giving Sunny and Noriko both warm smiles.

"Hey you two! Thanks for coming out. Tonight's gonna be awesome," she rambles, flipping backwards to roll herself a bit before stopping by the skate rental counter with Sif and holding out her arms for Sif's things.

"Oh, and Sif. If you get to the point where you're learning to check people, you gonna be gentle about it. In fact… we might hafta talk about a whole new weight class for you.. maybe we'll get an Asgardian league going! Sheild Maidens. Nooo… Valkyrie! I've got your theme song already in my head. Is gonna be badass!!"

Nori would ordinarily stick with her fiercely indipendent streak, but… Hey, it's a kid, she's adorable, and She's honestly still hoping that the Mark II gauntlets are better. "Thanks! Bit harder to get a grip on these ones than on my sneakers." She snaps a finger with a metallic clink, before looking up to Darcy. "Hey yourself. Hoping to learn a lot tonight."

Now at a loss as to what manner of training she has walked into, Sif follows Darcy's lead and relinquishes her sword, buckler, vambraces — just the metal parts — and greaves at the rental counter. She keeps the leather arm guards she'd had on beneath the metal.

"But I am not a Valkyrie, Miss Darcy. For that, you should speak with Brunnhilde or Astryd." Wait, did she just say there are actual Valkyries in New York? And then identify them by name? "And I will be mindful of my strength." It's only the same warning she's given just about on a daily basis. She's not about to forget.

Oh neat, those were names that she knew. Sunny's head whips around from the pre-teen 'helpers' who had approached them to look over at the warrior woman again. Valkyries huh? She'll have to see if she can get close enough to quiz Sif a little later. For now however? She's just as interested in the game for the time being.

Sitting her butt down, she beings in the process of removing her boots and putting on the skates, now turning her gaze towards Noriko. "So…new to this too huh?" she offers in casual conversation.

"It's Tits. My skater name. In uniform.. Not Darcy. Tits. Or McGee.. but not Darcy. Way too mundane," Darcy states, putting Sif's things down and turning to display the name on the back of her jersey. 'Tits McGee 44HH' is stitched prouldy in black. It matches the 44 in black marker on her upper arms. She gives Noriko a thumbs up.

"I'm sure you will," says the mini dergy girl, getting Nori set up before rising smoothly and rolling away.

"Now, kick off your boots, and.. put these on," Darcy says to sif, handing over skates she thinks will fit. "And if they're the wrong size, tell Jen behind the counter. She'll hook you up." She turns to yell at her captain that she'll take these three newbs and roll 'em around, hands pointing at Sif and Noriko and Sunny. Gratz! Ya'll three are the Newbs, Newb1, Newb2, and Thing3. Reasons.

Nori's not trying to listen in, but she can't quite help but hear talk of valkyries. Her eyes widen a little, hair shifting a bit with a faint prickle of static. "Yeah. Not a lot going on near my campus, so I came into the city to see what was going on, and I found here." She rises to her feet, shifting her weight a bit to stay balanced over the wheels. "What, I don't get to pick a cool name?" Darcy gets a bit of a smirk, the blue-haired teen folding her arms again.

Tits? There is no way Sif is calling Darcy that. She's not entirely sure she understands why the different name during combat practice, but then this IS Midgard. She has to expect differences. Pulling off her boots is the matter of only a few moments, and then she's accepting the skates from Darcy.

At least her woolen socks look well made.

She is honestly confused by all of the lacing on the skates, and looks around a bit then watches Sunny wrangle her own skates, even if they are different in appearance. She moves to find a place to sit and then proceeds to struggle her way into the skates.

How is she supposed to tell if they fit properly or not? Shoes on Asgard are usually custom made for the wearer.

"Thing 3?" A shrug, she'd been called worst. Even so, 'Tits Mcgee' was a new one and then some. Eventually, Sunny would wrangle her skates on and tip herself onto her feet. Oh hey, this wasn't so bad! "I got this," she actually voices…immediately before nearly stumbling and tipping herself face first, saved only by a swift catch against the wall.

A clearing of her throat and an adjustment of her hair, the blonde bombshell gives a little laugh. "See?"

"Not till you're onna team, Thing1," Darcy quips at Noriko, grinning broadly and not really helping Sif because she's not aware that Asgard has custom made SHOES? Who even DOES that anymore. She rolls about the three she's adopted, watching them. She's quick to side roll to try to help Sunny but she cataches herself on the wall so Darcy relaxes.

"Perfect. You'll want to keep a gentle bend in your knees, and your chest stacked over them. Don't push your hips too far back just yet. When ya'll're ready we'll roll it to the rink and just roll along the wall," she says to her ducklings.

Noriko winces. "I'd rather be Newb. Not really into depersonalization." Sticking her tongue out at Darcy, she shifts her weight a bit, wobbling as she tries to roll while keeping her center of mass in the right place. "Whoah. This is… A LOT different than gymnastics or martial arts…"

Getting the skates on was enough of an ordeal, but then the laces… Sif is rescued by one of the mini derby girls, who quickly and in a manner that honestly baffles the warrior has the laces snugly and securely tied.

Then Darcy says it's time to head to the rink. She promptly moves to stand and flops back onto her chosen bench as the skates just go right out from under her. Frowning, she stands more cautiously. "By the Nines!" she mutters in mild frustration. Why is it so difficult to just STAND?

But finally, stand she does. Though she either didn't hear the instruction about keeping her knees bent or promptly forgot, as she's standing as straight as ever and about to just start walking forward.

Alright. Forward we go… Sunny very carefully makes her way down to the rink. Getting going wasn't going to be too much of a problem, it was that 'stopping' thing Sunny had to be careful about. Otherwise she's about to be a big, blonde wrecking ball. Busting through the side of the rink wouldn't be the best of first impressions…or would it?

Darcy giggles, rolling betwen the three as they get going. She was nearing Sunny, to offer suggestions to stop when…

"NO! Sif! Bend! Bend the knees!" She calls out, NOT skating toward the Asgardian. Nope. If falls on Darcy, things will break. Things like Darcy. Darcy does not like to be broken so not going near Sif.

"Oh, so SHE gets a regular name!" Nori sticks her tongue otu again, before wobbling again, dropping to one knee as her right foot loses balance with a loud clack of gauntlets against floor. "I'm okay!" Back up to her feet and she's moving again, tongue poking out of the corner of her mouth as she concentrates

Darcy's sudden shout makes Sif startle and react almost reflexively, which means crouching slightly into a battle-ready stance and … having her skates roll right out from under her. And all but completely face-planting on the floor. Luckily for both Sif and the floor, that was not nearly as severe a tumble as it could have been and the Aesir warrior is already trying to regain her feet. "By the Norns, how deep was someone into their mead to think of putting WHEELS on their boots?"

Some more struggling and another spill later — and yes, she's remembering to keep her knees bent now — Sif finally gets to the edge of the rink itself and is gripping the railing there with nearly enough force to leave marks in it.

"She's kind of my boss," Darcy notes at Noriko, watching Sif flounder. It's amusing to do so. This big bad Asgardian warrior goddess…. flailing about. Darcy and the other derby girls are very kind in helping hte new girls learn to skate, talking them through proper balancing, and pushing with their feet, and stopping gently. Then, when the new girls needs a break, the veteran girls display various derby moves while one of hte others talks about what it's going to take to make a team. That it's completely okay that they couldn't all do this right now. It's okay if they can't manage it next week. But if they keep at it, then they will. And the whole team will have cheers and hugs ready for them when they do.

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