2019-07-04 - Sparring Session


Riri gets some hand-to-hand training with Captain Marvel.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Jul 4 02:53:49 2019
Location: Avengers Mansion - Rear Grounds

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This was it. Riri's life had changed in quite a few hard to believe ways lately. She built her own armor, got a job at Stark Industries, Met a bunch of heroes, got invited to /train/ with said heroes… And she's been flying a holding pattern a few thousand feet up and about a mile out from Avengers HQ for the past five minutes. "C'mon, Riri. She wouldn't have asked you to train and given you the clearance codes if she didn't actually want to do it. So just go down there, and act casual. …But not too casual. This is serious business. Argh!"
Despite the fact that she wouldn't feel it through the armor, Riri would really like to bury her face in her hands right now. But she needs those for flying. …Well, The only thing worse than possibly disappointing an Avenger is being /late/ to disappointing an Avenger. A few HUD commands, and the comms are online. "Ironheart to Avengers HQ, requesting landing clearance. Transmitting authorization codes now."

Carol's voice echoes over the comm, "Hey Ironheart, nice call sign. Come on down in the back area." By the pool, Captain Marvel stands in her costume, waving up towards the armored figure. "Wasn't sure what you wanted to try as far as training goes, but we got some good facilities here."

Somewhat heartened by what sounds like a pretty warm welcome, Riri dives to lose some altitude and take one final loop around the mansion, before coming in for a pretty smooth landing on the concrete. "Good to see you, Captain." …Is she supposed to salute, or…" Somehow, the body language of an awkward teen manages to carry through bulky power armor. "Uh… Mr. Stark did say that I should learn hand to hand stuff. Both in and out of armor. Currently, I've mostly just been winging it. You're the expert, here."

Carol grins, "Well, first off, you can call me Carol. Second, well, hand to hand… we should probably start with armor on, just because that's more than likely what you're going to have to deal with." She looks at Riri, then hmms, "Go ahead and throw a punch at me. Don't hold back." Mainly because she wants to get an idea of what she's dealing with, force-wise.

"…Okay. But if I call you Carol, you call me Riri. Because otherwise that's just awkward." The teen grins inside her helmet, HUD shifting to the red tones of 'Combat Mode'. She shifts into something reminiscent of a boxer's stance, before lashing out with a right jab. It's probably pretty telegraphed.

Carol ducks back quickly from the jab, but still moves at normal speed. "Okay, Riri, first you'll want to make sure you keep balanced. Because you have way more mass than you might be used to, and a clever opponent can use that against you." She grins, gesturing for Riri to come at her again.

"Yeah, I learned that when I started moving around… Had to adjust the programming. This thing's better balanced than I am normally." Riri grins inside her helmet, lunging forward into a right-left-right combo. …Totally not trying to copy movies. "And once I've got the Mark 1 working… I'll have even more tricks!"

Carol grins, "It's not all about the machine, Riri." She lets Riri overextend, and then fires a quick jab right at Riri's chest. "Remember your balance!" The hit isn't full strength, but it's definitely enough to knock the armor for a bit of a loop. Though if Riri remembered what Carol said about balance…

Riri tries to shift a bit to one side, twisting her torso to deflect the blow off one of the heavier plates that make up the front of the suit. Moving with the rotation, she moves in for a right hook. "..Well, it is a lot about the suit."

Carol does see the hook coming in, but lets it connect, rolling with the punch as she grins, "It is, but it isn't everything." She shifts, then suddenly goes for the classic Cobra Kai move. SWEEP THE LEG! Normally, this wouldn't work on Riri… but Carol is strong enough to pull it off.

Fortunately, Riri has seen Karate kid. Double fortunately… She's got jumps. The armored teen boosts into the air with a brief burst from her foot repulsors, clearing the (For now) grounded Carol, before rotating in mid-air and coming back down with a rather more substantial thud than when she originally landed. "Uh… Are you sure we're not going to trash the grounds or something?"

Carol grins, "You haven't seen Thor's parties out here by the pool yet. There's a reason Damage Control has a platinum contract with the Avengers." She chuckles, and spins quickly to her feet, staying on the ground as she adds, "Then again, you might be a bit young for those." Because, well, Asgardians.

"I don't really do well at parties. …Too many people. Kind of feel safer in the armor." Riri raises her hands again, settling into a ready stance. She'll let Carol come for her this time… "I kind of thought this would be a bit more training style and less jumping right into it."

Carol hmms, "Well, Kree training styles tend to throw you right into it and see what happens." She grins and feints a bit with the right, then comes hard with her left hand instead. It's not enough force to really damage the armor, but it definitely is noticeable if it connects.

"Aren't they… Kind of horrible?" Riri shifts, managing to block this time, although ti does push her a step back. "And are we just keeping it hand to hand, or… Other things too?" Fortunately for the landscaping, this is still the Prototype. So Riri's more… interesting weaponry is not installed.

Carol chuckles, "Yeah, they are pretty horrible. Think Roman Empire at its heyday. Still, compared to other space empires, they aren't too bad." She shrugs a bit, "And hey, it's up to you. Though going for ranged combat is a bit more my specialty, really."

Riri winces. "I'm pretty decent at ranged. Just wanted to know if I could get away with mixing…" There's the telltale whine of charging repulsors, and she aims a palm strike at Carol's shoulder, firing the repulsor just before impact

Carol nods and actually… rocks back a little bit from that low power blast, "Okay, well, in that case…" She grins and suddenly she flies up in the air, which is when she fires a pair of low power photon blasts at Riri, "Catch!"

"Ohgodthiswasamistake" Riri's threat indicator screams in her ear and she launches herself sideways in an attempt to dodge, but the second one slams into her thigh. "You're just going to dodge everything up there. You flip Physics the bird."

Carol grins, "Yeah, well, so does Moonstone and a lot of other people you might be fighting, Riri!" She soars lazily around in a downward arc, "Keep in mind I still obey basic laws of physics!" She keeps sniping photon bolts at Riri, letting the girl get a first-hand experience of being under fire… without too much of the risk at least.

"And that's why I'm working on the micro missiles!" After making sure that nothing's likely to get hit by her misses Riri returns fire, bracketing Carol with repulsor breams before launching herself up in an attempted tackle.

Carol is playing like Karla might, in that she'd be too arrogant with the ranged attacks, so doesn't react in time to the flying tackle as she's too busy dodging the repulsor blasts. Taking the hit, she crashes back down to Earth, though she uses her flight powers to cushion the impact.

No need to cause too much of a demand for Damage Control, after all.

It's a good thing that Carol cushioned the landing, since Riri still technically needs her hands for stable flight. "…I'm not sure who won this one, but given you can canopen me with a thought, I'll call it a draw?" She releases the Avenger, climbing somewhat awkwardly to her feet.

Carol grins, "Works for me. You got some good moves there Riri." She hops up to her feet, and claps Riri on the shoulder, "So, want a tour of the mansion? Since you're here anyway?"

"Thanks, Carol. And I totally do!" Riri does her best to repeat the gesture, before following the blonde towards the building. "There's somewhere inside I can park this, right?"

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