2019-07-03 - Father and Son Reunion


Ares and Phobos get together again after a long separation

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Jul 3 07:36:55 2019
Location: RP Room 2

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Dive bars are kind of Alexander's bread and butter these days. Yeah, that Computer Science degree is being put to excellent use. Go Violets. As is typical, he can be found at a pool table, where he's got some foolish mortal kid with too much money and not enough sense on the lead. The old trick of playing the first couple games badly, and then double or nothing on the next, winning it all back and then some. It pays the bills. "Many, you are wiping the floor with me here, Jimmy," Alex says to the brown-haired twenty-something in an American Eagle t-shirt and frosted tips. Yeah, frosted tips, like it's still 1997. "But you gotta give me a chance to win my money back. Double or nothing on the next game?" He lets out a bit of a fake sigh, and leans against the table as Jimmy makes his final shot, which of course he lands. "Yeah, sure kid. I don't mind taking another couple hundred offa you."

Well, he got it from his father.

There are loud steps approaching the pool table, and they are steps that Alexander Aaron may yet recognize. Ares was wearing his construction uniform. Apparently it was a late night. He wears jeans, brown boots, a black shirt, and he has some gloves sticking out of his pocket as he looks at the table. "If you can." John responds to 'Jimmy' as he pulls up a chair. "Mind another player?"

Yes, yes, even Ares is the kind of father to check in on his boy from time to time, even if he's not exactly known for being the most loving father in terms of how to raise a child.

Alexander knew who was coming. He's not sure how, but he -knew-. He looks up from the table to that familiar voice, and there he is. For probably the first time in forever, Alex finds himself at a bit of a loss for words. "Hey," he says curtly, and then eyes Jimmy. Is this something he wants a mortal to stand in the middle of? If he lets the guy off the hook, he'll be down a couple hundred bucks, and that's a whole night's work down the tubes. On the other hand.. well, a god of war and a god of fear might not make for the easiest company. "Yeah, grab a stick old man," Alex says after a moment, giving a nod toward the racked cues. Jimmy looks like he might object, but a raised eyebrow and a look from Alex makes him rethink that. "Stake is a hundred. Round robin, no colours, most in takes it."

John looks at Alexander and he gives a light nod, sitting in his chair as he looks at Jimmy. 'John' looks like he could tear Jimmy in half and proceed to drink his beer from Jimmy's windpipe. But, it looks like he'll be let in. "hundred bucks? Hm." He looks at his son for a moment before he looks at Jimmy in acknowledgement of the rules. "Simple. I'm in." he does wonder if Jimmy will raise the stakes higher in retaliation however, for John's apparent and sudden joining.

"What? No, new guy has to put in the full bet we're playing for. Two hundred from him, or I walk with what I've won already," Jimmy says, finding a pair of testicles in those designer jeans he's wearing. For his part, Alex just shrugs, "Fine by me," he says. He could have given Jimmy another look and had him just shot his stupid mouth. Probably should have, considering competitive games are just another battlefield.. Oh well. Alex racks up the table, and gives Jimmy the chance to break. Oh, and in the meantime, completely unfilters his ever-present 'fear aura' from the guy. Jimmy will now have to contend with the fact that he's in it for a few hundred bucks, but also that he just wants to GTFO of Alex's way. As such, his break is weak. Poor Jimmy.

Ares looks at Jimmy. "Fine by me, pal." Like father, like son. And certainly, many things are considered battlefields. Mental warfare is one of them. He can feel the mind games that Alex is playing with poor, poor Jimmy. and its a battle that Jimmy had lost. Though as he puts his break down, John puts down what he has, and its…actually a surprisingly good hand. Not bad for an old man. But now John looks at Alex, his large arms crossed, seeing what his boy would bring to the table. After all, there's still a good chance that Alex will still walk away with the money.

Alex lines up his shot, and sinks it without batting an eye. "What've you been up to lately?" He asks 'John' casually, but even without looking at him it's clear who he's talking to. His tone is flat; not outwardly hostile, but you couldn't describe it as friendly by any stretch. Jimmy almost wants to speak up, like to ask if they know each other, but thinks better of it. He knows he's utterly fucked in this game, and is probably just trying to think of a way to get out of dodge without losing too much face. "I mean it's been.. what, how many years?" Maybe it hasn't even been that long, but Alex will definitely play it up for his own benefit. Boo hoo my dad abandoned me. He takes his next shot, and sinks it.

John looks at Alex as he sinks it in. "Working." Well, that could mean a lot of things. That could mean 'well, son, I decided to start a war in the middle east and it was fuckin' awesome' or it could mean 'I'm making $44.00 an hour workin' in construction. Good living'. "You? Aside from playing games." apparently this was a game that Ares didn't necessarily like, but..for his boy, Ares would do just about anything. "Enough." Ares replies coldly to the question of how many years its been since last they met.

Ares takes his next shot and nails it.

Sounds about right. Somewhere in there Jimmy takes a shot, but his hands are shaking and he completely scratches the ball. "You know what James," Alex says after a moment. "Give me back what you 'won' from me," complete with the air quotes, "And get the fuck out of here. Learn to tell when you're being sharked, it'll go a long way in life." Jimmy hesitates for a moment, and Alex is fully prepared to make it worse, but he fishes the two hundred out of his wallet and leaves it on the side of the table. A look toward Ares, and then at Alex again, and then he throws the cue down and walks away. Probably the smart move. Alex lets out a bit of a sigh, and turns back to Ares when the mortal has left the vicinity. "Working." Which in Alex's case might mean freelance coding, sharking hapless mortals at the pool table, or vigilantism, depending on the evening in question. "Granddad kick you out again? Or is this little visit on you this time? Gonna hang around a few days until something else distracts you?"

John looks at Alex, then to Jimmy, as Alex makes his play. Way to get the memo, kid. He watches Jimmy get terrified, return the money, and get the hell out of dodge. Now it was just Ares and Phobos. Father and Son. Still seated as he looks at Phobos, apparently looking rather non-plussed about the situation, he scoffs lightly. "Your grandfather has always been a piece of shit kid. I walked myself out a long time ago. In fact.." now he rises. "Came to see how you were doing, Boy. Or are you still sharpening your tongue on greedy mortals and your blade on petty thieves?"

A bit of a jab at Alex's vigilante lifestyle and his, perhaps poor, gambling habits.

"That's about the size of it," Alex says, resting the cue against the table and moving toward Ares as the larger man stands. "But I'm doing just fine, dad." He scowls a bit. He's not doing 'just fine', and Ares would have no trouble telling the lie from the truth. "I have a nice apartment," Lie. "New friends," Not exactly a lie, but it's a bit soon to call them 'friends'. "And I haven't seen a Kami in ages." That last part is true, at least. They seem to have been laying low, at least for the time being. "You looking to help out or something? Or did you just want to come by and confirm that I was still a disappointment? Or just make sure SHIELD hadn't scooped me up again?"

Ares looks at Alex as he says he's doing just fine. But Ares was no one that Alex could just lie too. But he waits for him to finish his spiel before he speaks. "Boy, you know better than to lie to me." He'll give Alex the second chance to kinda retry that. "I came to make sure you were still competent, and not wasting your life away. So far, I am satisfied." Thats…the closest Phobos is probably ever going to get to a 'good job kid, you didn't fuck it up'. "I imagine you're smart enough to not let SHIELD keep you under their thumb. They cannot be trusted."

Alex blinks. Was totally expecting the whole 'disappointed in you' speech. "Fine. Things have been better. Girlfriend left me. Real work has been slow and.. well, boring. Kicking the shit out of mortal criminals has been.. well, unsatisfying. And my apartment's a shithole. Happy?" He grumps a bit. Didn't he have a beer around here somewhere? "SHIELD can't be trusted? I had no idea. The shady government agency who employed an eleven year old to interrogate terrorists by pulling their fears out of their head and using it against them CAN'T BE TRUSTED?!" He feigns shock, and doesn't bother keeping his voice down. What are these people going to do, really? "No, it'll be a cold day in hell before I let myself get back into Fury's grip," he says firmly. "You planning on sticking around at all, then? Or is this just a day trip between sowing conflict and dissent in some far off land?"

Ares crosses his arms over his chest as he looks at Alex. "Ecstatic." he replies to Alex sarcastically asking him if he was happy at the truth. Though when he goes on a SHIELD tangent, Ares's face looks perpetually….unimpressed until he starts actually stating confidently that he'll never let Fury get ahold of him again. "Good."

But then the big questions are starting to be asked: Would daddy dearest stay? or would he go off to start some more wars.

"Hnnh. Currently, I intend to stay. See if you make something out of yourslef." Ares has that stern look in his eye. He was being serious. But…it also makes the pressure on Alex a bit harder…that is, until Ares speaks next. "But I can see that you are trying." he allows him that, and is that…a look of pride in his eye? However brief, its gone as quickly as it came.

Ironically, that makes Alex feel a bit better. No matter what has happened between them, Ares is still his father, and Alex still wants his approval. Even if, in the meantime, there's still animosity between them. "Huh," is all he says at first, taking Ares' words in. "Alright." There's some obvious skepticism there, but that's to be expected, given Ares' track record. It's not that Alex doesn't believe his intentions, but he has a tough time believing they'll stick. "Guess we'll see."

Despite Alex apparently looking skeptical that Ares actually plans to stay, Ares still appears to be quite serious about it. "Guess we will. Until then.." he gestures to the pool game. "Why don't you show me how you - really - play." Because he has a feeling that Phobos was holding back on the mortal…either that, or Alex is just…skeptically okay at pool.

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