2019-07-03 - @Bary Jane Wimm?


Ben slides into MJ's DMs

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Jul 3 22:42:49 2019
Location: Cyberspace

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Twitter wasn't the most trendy or influential social media platform, not anymore, though it was the one that Ben thought to try out. One egg account created, then deleted. Then another. Then back to the first handle, then the second. Then, briefly, to a third. The indecision was on display, if only privately.

Finally, it was settled. @GrimmThing was created. The egg was replaced with a a picture of Ben and his three besties, all in matching uniforms (less the shirt and boots, in Ben's case), at a photo op. He clearly didn't understand the point of the profile pic, or perhaps he didn't want to be the focus, even there.

Regardless, not understanding the syntax of twitter, his first tweet goes awry. Intending to make a post to the world at large, instead, he puts her handle first, and so slides into her DMs.

It pops up on her feed, in amongst hundreds or thousands of other messages. One without dedication to the social media presence might well miss it - a solitary message from an unverified account with no followers. Still, it's a picture that she didn't release. One of her smiling, photogenic face resting atop his rocky mug. The message?

@RedJaneWatz and me after a "run-in" on the town. Lucky me to meet my favorite actress!

The day was hard. Even though Mary Jane was scheduled to start school next year spring; she was still obligated to show up to Julliard. She walked. She trounced. She pounced. She sang her heart out. She danced, her body moved and bent in ways that made her feel like she was 80 years old. Then it was off to home; shower, change, quick makeup and a curl of her hair. Out onto the streets again, not bothering to call the bodyguard due to her heading right to an audition. This was the third one from the same movie; if they kept calling her back to screen test against the stars that meant that she was -IT-! So more talking, more trouncing, more strutting and changes. Wiping off make-up, putting it back on, more talking, more posturing herself..

And then out to home again, another shower and a change of clothes. This time to lounge around the shared penthouse with a menu in her lap. God, she was starving. She wanted something greasy and savory. No, maybe not greasy but definitely savory. She just wanted -something!-

Picking up her phone, she immediately taps the Doordash app, but.. she gets a notification.


It was twitter! It.. was Ben? Holy cow, he messed up! She nearly cracked up laughing!

@GrimmThing? Ben? Are you trying to join the wonderful word of tweety tweet tweets?!

The reply was near-instant. Ben blinked, sitting some way across town, connected to immediate banter by the marvel of technology. Well, wide-spread technology. It was hard to be impressed with such common wonders when sharing a roof with Reed Richards. He grinned and leaned back in his specially-fortified chair. His heavy orange feet clomped up on a desk and he tweeted her back. It made for an inelegant first public tweet. He has no idea what he's doing.

I am, @RedJaneWatz! It's a brave new world for me.

Well, @GrimmThing, I don't see any followers or any other tweets. So I suppose you mistakenly private messaged me? Cute pic!

MJ had to laugh at that, putting her phone down for the brief moment to mess around the house. Messing around includes, looking in the fridge. Looking in the cupboards. Looking for something, anything to sate her appetite… OH!

Peanut butter Jelly!

MJ dances at finding this, and begins to make her sandwich, bopping and singing some random ass song.

The followers were already coming, and not only in the form of Russian bots. Messaging with Mary Jane Watson had that effect. Curious traffic clicked on Ben's profile and decided to add him. Just in case it was the real deal.

He takes a moment to puzzle out what she meant. He moves from one message to the next, then googles how to actually use twitter. There is a delay of a couple of minutes while he figures this out.

MJ gets a notification of another private tweet as she dances. A facepalm emoji. A second public tweet follows. This one is better than his first, at least: .@RedJaneWatz I find it racist that there are no orange people in the emojis. @realdonaldtrump, you with me?

Then a second private DM to MJ: @RedJaneKatz I need lessons in all this stuff!

MJ wasn't a slow person, as soon as she had gotten the message she followed Grimm; but now was the time for her to make her sandwich. Her phone was a-buzz with messages..

@WatzGang DID YOU SEE WHAT @GrimmThing just said!11!11!1101011!! OMG

Mary Jane dances back to her phone, then picks it up and begins to read all the tweets. It was coming in fast.

RedJaneWatz OMG I gotta tag someone famous @BarackNoBama you see this @BarackObama

OMG Who tagged @RedJaneWatz with @BarackNoBama and @BarackObama?!

MJ laughs, and dnaces back towards the counter top, then begins to slice her bread as she speaks out..

"At-Grimm-Thing You are going to get arrested messing with that chump, exclamation mark!"

Ben blinks as the tweets mention him start flowing into his feed. He pulls his feet off his desk and is left shaking his head with a chuckle. After a few minutes, MJ's DM for him comes in. Here, insulated by the distance and anonymity of the Internet, he is emboldened somewhat. The fact that he is now up to 22 followers (so many!) also emboldens him. There is a playfulness to his message that wouldn't likely find expression in person, as he plays with the freedom of exploring an online persona.

@RedJaneWatz There ain't a pair of cuffs or a jail cell that can hold me babe! Gonna speak truth to power! *sunglasses emoji*

@GrimmThing You know they don't care about that! But I bet with that comment you're going to get more followers! LOL! (heartemoji)

Phone was in her hand by now, the other focused on holding the sandwich upright. The ratio to peanut butter and Jelly were totally off.

@RedJaneWatz @GrimmThing Are you two dating?!

Mary Jane doesn't answer, actresses always leave stuff up to speculation.

@BluezJazzGal @GrimmThing What do you think?! -She replies.

Back upon the couch again, MJ begins to search for the remote, digging her hand in the couch after resting her phone upon the top of her leg. "Gosh.. stupid.. cou.. aha!" Remote pulled out, and now she was fishing channels.

@GrimmThing Wanna go save the world one day? I mean, what else are we doing but lounging?!

Ben sees the tweets flooding his stream. Oh crumbs, what did he get himself into? He is left staring at the question from @BluezJazzGal and then the coy reply from MJ. He takes a couple of minutes to consider the implications. He read MJ's tone as flirtatious but… maybe it wasn't. Maybe that was just him. And, after all, he was different here behind the screen, so she was too, probably. Right?

His thumbs hover over the touchscreen for a moment. Indecision again. Finally, he taps a reply in. Then a hasty second before he shuts off the screen. This was getting to be too much, it just got too real. This way he wouldn't have to wait for the reply and could pretend one wouldn't come.

MJ and MJ alone gets his sign off tweets for the night: @RedJaneWatz Can take you for a ridealong in the flying car sometime? Can make it dinner and a patrol if you're game.

@RedJaneWatz gotta run, something's burning. Damn Johnny!

Holy crap! The notifications were flooding in. Many speculations, many congratulations, many welcoming Ben Grimm friend of MJ Watson! Some attempting to ask MJ when she's going to feature him on her Gram show, some asking when they're going to be out and about again for pictures.

It was just another day in the life of MJ!

"New episode coming tonight friends! ##Livingourbestlives! ##BenGrimmFOREVER - She posts..

Then after a moment, the DM comes in.

@GrimmThing Deal! But you gotta let me buy!

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