2019-07-02 - In The Gym... Again


More training for Jemma. This time with a Ninja.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Jul 2 02:29:46 2019
Location: Triskelion

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Jemma's return to work is predicated on getting in regular training to help her learn the limits of her … situation. Which is why the biochem is in the gym at lunch time and not in her laboratory squinting at tests.

"ooof." Agent Matthews ends up flat on his back again. "Agent Simmons … Jemma, we're going to have to get Bucky or Cap in to train with you." It's good natured but he's wincing as he stands.

"Not needed." Says a voice that seems to come out from the shadows. It is the voice of Agent Storm Shadow. He wears a white shirt with black sweatpants wit hthe 'SHIELD' logo on the right side. He seems to analyze Jemma as he steps up. "I will be sufficient for a training partner. Take a rest, Matthews." the ninja gives a nod to the agent who is hopefully leaving the ring as he looks at Jemma.

"…I see you are acclimating nicely to your new capabilities." he takes note.

"I'm sorry, David…" Jemma offers a slight smile. "… I just can't seem to get the hang …" She stops as Storm Shadow appears and looks to Matthews, nodding. "Probably not a bad idea? Let me buy tea, later to make up for it?"

"Sure thing, Jemma. Shadow." Matthews grabs a towel, moving to the edge of the gym to watch.

"You could say that, Storm Shadow, but not really. I'm a million dollar woman who crushes mugs. But … I'm here and I'm alive, so that's something?"

She squares as she waits for the Agent to … begin his … lesson.

How much does Shadow know of what happened?

How much does he need to know? But, as Jemma seems to accept Storm Shadow's challenge, Storm Shadow gives Jemma a soft nod as she speaks. "What doesn't kill you…" only makes you stronger. He was happy that she was alive.

But he seems to stand a distance away from her as he enters a fighting stance. He's used to fighting people MUCH more than he is, and Jemma? Well, his advantage is perhaps that she's still getting used to it.

Nevertheless, after a moment of minor analyzing of Jemma's stance, he asks. "While we begin, why don't you tell me what happened?" Storm Shadow then lunges forward, and he was -FAST-, attempting to aim a sharp kick to Jemma's gut. "The truth." because there's only so much you can read in a file…where much is probably redacted.

It's the sign of most good SHIELD agents. They *want* to know the details but they also realise they *only* need to know what they need to. Still, the curiousity is encouraged.

Shadows other advantage in this match up, is that Jemma was a mediocre hand to hand fighter at best.

She nods at the question. "We went in to shut down an AIM facility that was developing a bioweapon. Things went pear shaped and … " the biochem skitters backwards, tripping over her feet as the ninja comes at her. "… I got trapped in the containment room. The weapon went off."

Storm Shadow wasn't going to come at Jemma with all that he has. It wouldn't QUITE be fair to her. So as his kick makes her slide backwards, he continues approaching her, swinging a right hand towards her chest and another coming for her side. Liver shot attempt!

"So, you managed to survive a point blank detonation of a weapon? Interesting. Guess you're toughter than you look. Not many others would've even had a small chance of survival."

Jemma recovers a little and manages to deflect the hand to the chest with her left hand, twisting her body to try and avoid the one coming for her side. She's deliberately not using her right hand - the cybernetic one. He'll hit her and it's likely to hurt.

"Not really…" she answers the assumption. "The point blank detonation was the release of a bio-toxin. I was supposed to disable it … instead I took the full attack. They got me out, but I was infected and cellular necrosis set in nearly immediately. They gave me twenty four hours to live."

Storm Shadow watches as his strike lands and…well, he's used to punching hard things, so if the strike hurt his hand, he doesn't let it show. But as she explains, he waits for her to fight back. "And so who decided to give you your enhancements?" likely it was Fury's call. Or Agent May or Coulson. After all, Jemma served a long time with SHIELD. be a damn shame to lose someone with her intelligence and skillset.

He notices she's not using her hand, apparently not expecting her to either.

She's always been too nice. But he doesn't attack for now.

The strike hurts Jemma. The cybernetic implants are just that, she's still got a mostly human body. She winces as she sets herself again.

"The Director, on the recommendation of Doctor Nicholls. They adjusted the Death Lok protocols to cater the fact that I hadn't … you know … died."

Death Lok protocols. The practice of bringing dead agents back. It's not used all that often.

"We can keep going…" the biochem offers. Knowing that people are making allowances. She hadn't used her arm, she didn't want to hurt anyone. "The weapon…" she continues "… was a prototype for a DNA Keyed version they're creating. We didn't stop it, just delayed. I'm going after it."

Death Lok.

Unnatural. Experimental. Seriously unsafe.

But it managed to buy Jemma the time she needed. "If you are certain." Storm Shadow proceeds to put his speed to the test, moving with speed to try and knock Jemma to the ground with a leg sweep. But regardless of if it is successful or not, he speaks. "Well, if you want the help, I'm available, Simmons. If anything, to make sure it doesn't happen a second time."

"I'll only get used to my new capabilities with practice." Jemma's determination is well known. When the sweep comes, she avoids it - barely. Spinning to put herself inside Storm Shadows reach, trying to follow through with hit from her left arm.

"I'll need a team for this. We're going to have to track it. The weapon has mutagenic properties we believe, it can be keyed to specific DNA or biological traits."

Which is really, quite horrifying, if people think on it.

"Agent Simmons." That's Matthews coming back to the floor. "Don't wear yourself out. You might have implants, but much of your body is still human."

Storm Shadow is a master of flowing with the blows. For a brief moment, it appears that her strike hits…only to feel it slide off of his form as if she hit something with slick skin. Nay, it was just the ninja using momentum and physics against the scientist. A well-trained maneuver.

But, he lets her jab pass him, and he gets his distance again.

"Best to have a team that you can trust. This is a weapon that must be destroyed." When Matthews arrives though, Storm Shadow looks at him, then back to Jemma.

"Seems that is your warning to not push yourself."

The sliding glance of her blow has Jemma slightly off balance and she stumbles into Matthews as the man joins them.

"Ooof." The agent grunts but manages to stabilise the hapless biochem. "She's been going for a couple of hours. Best to let her body rest and recover." Because no one knows the side effects of what was done to her.

"And the research for it, as well." Jemma agrees as she turns to look at Storm Shadow "Exactly. And if you're volunteering, I'll take you up on that."

Holding her right hand out, the biochem offers a small smile. "Thank you for helping with my work out."


He didn't mean to let Jemma stumble onto poor Matthews, but Storm Shadow then approaches, and gives a light bow at the waist, letting Jemma and Matthews recover. "Then I accept your acceptance." he winks lightly, and he nods. "Anytime. If you want to workout again, I am always available for a spar."

Though Shadow is much more of a serious fighting kind of person, he does seem to be willing to tone down his exercises for Jemma.

"Now go and get some rest. I'd hate for Matthews to wait until you drop in a more literal sense to get you to do so."

"I shall do that. Thank you again, Storm Shadow." Jemma knows that the Ninja had limited himself for her. "My lab doors almost always open." she adds by way of invitation. "If its not, knock. I'm probably conducting an experiment."

Taking up a towel, Jemma mops her face, collects her gear and heads for the showers.

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