2019-06-30 - Weirding Module


A meeting is interrupted by a Werewolf with a Voicebox.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Jun 30 05:38:04 2019
Location: Financial District

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It hadn't actually taken too long for Nick Gleason to call Pepper Potts and request a meeting. Clearly he'd figured out who Virginia Potts was and why that sounded so familiar to him. That, or he googled it. Either way it's not super likely that he got the woman herself but the message was passed on.

The part of town he asked to meet in is not especially great. It's not the worst, but Nick doesn't run in rarified circles and he'd said he wanted to speak to her about something involving a certain mechanic shop in the Bronx. She may have to walk the last little bit to get there as the parking isn't especially great and if she took public transportation, the nearest station is about a mile away.

It's getting dark and the streets are quiet. There's not a whole lot of foot traffic in this part of town at this hour and unbeknownst to Nick (but possibly known to his rather feline assistant) there have been WEIRD things going on here lately. Strange noises. Break ins. And enough odd happenings that they might attract the attention of someone or something… hungry.

Also unbeknownst to Pepper, she's being followed. She might have a feeling but there's been no visual confirmation. Still, the back of her head is probably throwing off 'being stalked' signals.

As the darkness deepens the entire area is filled with an almost palpable sense of dread. A quiet blankets the back streets and alleys, like a forest when something big and bad is about. It's not enough to really ping on most people's senses, but for the empathic or psychic, it's thick enough to cut with a knife and it has a DEFINTIE epicenter. One that leads, well, coincidentally in the way that Pepper is headed.

"Will we get dinner after this?" Isis is asking Nick as she stands by his side while they wait. They've already had dinner but she's asking anyway, the woman is always eating it seems.

Nick will notice the way her catseyes glance around. The ears on her head hooded forward as she listens. He'll also pick up on the slight unease that she's feeling.

"There are bad dreams in this area, Nick." She finally says. Bad dreams in concentration in an area, Nicks coming to realise, is generally a reflection that things are bad there.

Her ears twitch a little as Pepper draws near. "Something … feels off." is all that she says. She can feel something about the mind hunting Pepper.

Venom might qualify as a weird thing. He's been hunting in this area recently. He roams, never sticking to one territory for long to keep from attracting too much attention. Superhero types often become territorial, staking claims and the like. But that's…y'know, really boring. Plus, Venom's type of vigilantism tends to be a bit more vicious - and others tend not to like him lingering in their happy hunting grounds for long.

For the moment, though, instead of the monster, there's just Eddie Brock, sitting on the edge of a roof, sneakered feet dangled off, eating peaches with syrup straight out of the can, drinking them like an energy drink. There are three empty cans on one side of him. Six unopened ones on the other. He's in the middle of his lunch.

Jimmy, as it so happens, had been in the neighbourhood. A bad part of town like this can always use some helping hands, and so he'd been helping with some of the cleanup efforts, working with other volunteers to help shift some of the debris still left over from 2014's attack. Or at least, that was his goal at first. But then something whispers across his extra senses, something which makes him feel the shiver down everyone else's spine. It's like a reverse sunflower: he can feel the direction everyone feels so subtly inclined to turn /away/ from.

That itches in the back of his mind, until he decides to investigate. He finishes the last haul, then unrolls his sleeves, puts on his coat — it must be a spare, the sleeves don't have those bird-scratches — and heads slowly in that direction.

…here's hoping Pepper doesn't decide it must be /him/ stalking her…

"We can yes." Nick says for the fifth time. She's been talking about that for a little bit. He looks about and frowns. She's not wrong. Something here feels off and he doesn't like it one bit. In the distance a dog barks and something turns over a trash can, but that's got to be a mile away at least.

Eventually the big brown wolfman tugs Isis. "Come on. I don't like this." Pepper isn't late yet, but…

In fact Pepper is not far. Around the corner. Eddie can see the brown wolfman and the cat eared woman as they start to approach, coming down the street perpendicular to the one that Jimmy and Pepper are on. And then both he AND Jimmy see the enormous black wolfman emerge from the alley behind Pepper and start to stalk her.

Two wolfmen? That's… damn odd. The black one though, he's a beast of a beast. Ten to twelve feet tall, easily. And something gleams at his throat.

It's at that very second that Nick and Isis round the corner…

When she'd agreed to meet with Mr. Gleason here, she knew it was a part of the city she didn't normally frequent. But, she didn't think it would be THIS bad. She's positively unnerved.

Having left her car in the nearby garage, she walks briskly toward the address given to her by Nick. She can tell right away that she's about as sore thumb as a person can get here, so she walks that little bit faster. Her heels click along the sidewalk and she is resisting the urge to look over her shoulder. Regardless, she already has her phone in hand, ready to deploy the taser function that Tony built into it.

Next time, she WILL take advantage of having a SI company car drive her here and back.

"Good good. I'm hungry. I want a cheeseburger." Isis rabbits on. It's not like her to be so unsettled when they're on mission. She's too well trained. There has to be something that's making her edgy and with her empathy - that could be anything.

She doesn't complain when Nick grabs and sets off, her nose twitches a little as she scents the air. "Do you smell that Nick. Wet dog …" beat "There's Miss Potts…"

And two wolfmen. One of them huge. For a fraction of moment, Isis wonders what it would be like to perch on his head but she shakes herself. And growls a very feline growl.

Venom sees a lot of interesting people. Especially the wolf people. Wolf people are probably out to eat someone. They're probably resilient, vicious, terrifying creatures, capable of rending most normal humans limb from limb. They are predators.

They are not, however, apex predators. At least, not so long as Venom is around.

Eddie downs one last can of peaches quickly and just shoves off the building, dropping five stories towards the ground as the shadow of the symbiote wraps around him, landing on all fours just as it swallows his handsome face, transmogrifying into the gaping maw, sinister glare and flickering tongue of the lethal protector known as Venom.

"We're going to have some fun," they snarl to themselves.

Jimmy's eyes glaze slightly for a moment as he scans the area, focused on senses other than sight. His vision sharpens just as the big black wolf steps out from behind Pepper. Now on its own, being a wolf isn't a bad thing. But being a wolf and carrying that degree of Bad Vibes around with you? That spells trouble for Miss Potts. Jimmy, not even sure what the plan is, steps forwards, approaching the woman, and thus her stalker. "Excuse—"

That's as far as Jimmy gets before WHAM, Venom's there. That gives him a wide-eyed look and good reason to step back. Yes, Venom looks considerably better-suited to any such… encounter, if an encounter's needed.

Isis growls. Nick sees the werewolf and growls, but all Pepper will see is Nick growling at what seems to be her. Then Venom is dropping down and snarling.

And that makes the big black one turn in his direction and bark. Which would normally be laughable. A bark. What is a bark going to do to Venom? But something on his throat - strapped to his throat, it seems - glows and whines and the bark suddenly turns into a sonic shockwave capable of overturning a small car. And aimed right at Venom. It's a shockwave not unlike one both Jimmy and Pepper witnessed just a short while ago.

And then, whether that connects are not, the big guy pounces at Pepper. Right in front of Jimmy.

That's bad, right? That's got to be bad.

It's then that Isis goes silent. That's a bad thing if ever there is a thing. Her eyes glow a little as her feral nature rises, it's never far from the surface anyway.

She bounds onto a dumpster and skips lightly along it close to Pepper, before dropping down in a crouch between her and the wolf. Pepper will see the sharp claws that have extended from her nails. For a moment it looks like she might pounce.

Until the wolf barks … and Isis yowls, covering her ears in pain.

Pepper sees Nick and Isis ahead and can't help but be a little relieved … though that really uneasy feeling is still very much there. She keeps right on walking toward them until he growls, and that has her stumbling to a rather shocked stop. Of course, that's when someone starts to speak up, there's a HELL of a bark from behind her, and Isis is suddenly there in the path of someone pouncing at her.

She really only has one way that she knows how to react. She triggers her phone's taser, and throws it at the pouncing wolf-thing.

She hasn't noticed Venom yet or he'd have the phone thrown at him.

The sonic blast hits Venom as they open their own mouth, preparing to pounce. Caught mid-tense, the blast of energy draws a horrifying yowl from the symbiote, blasts of it peeling in shredded ropes from the flesh of the man beneath, until he flies backwards, rolling in torment and pulling at their own head. Their features stretch, jaw seeming to almost dislodge as Venom hooks a claw in its lower mandible and just yanks, pulling it halfway down to his belly and letting out an ululating cry of pure rage and pain.

On the one hand, the attack was very effective. On the other hand…

"Now we're really PISSED off!"

The last time Jimmy saw a shockwave like that, it literally swept him off his feet — and that was a smaller-scale one, not powered up by a wolfman's bark. He winces with sympathy as it slams into Venom. Nope, can't just hang back and leave this to others, if he's here, he's here to help—

Especially with the wolf /pouncing/ before Venom finishes recovery. Jimmy doesn't have time to do much thinking, so he does what comes as natural instinct. He charges in, his shoulder driving against Pepper's side to knock her out of the way; at the same time, he brings up his arm. Out comes a shield made of solidified white light, and at the same time, his skin shines with new strength, the strength to hold that shield back against the wolf's maw. Sound, meet light.

Several things happen at once. Isis manages to get herself between Pepper and the black wolfman as Nick starts to run in. The wolfman leaps but is struck by the electrified phone and yelps as it's shocked, and then it's leap is aborted by a sudden shield made out of light. It falls off it awkwardly and scrabbles up, ready to try for Pepper again.

But then there's Venom. It turns and growls at Venom, down on all fours and starts headed HIS way instead. Challenge accepted, it seems. That does leave Pepper no longer targeted but… it's still got a bark just as bad as its bite.

Nick slides to a halt and stares, not at the black wolfman, but at the black symbiote.

"What the HELL is that?!" He should be attacking the thing that just tried to hit Pepper because hey, Venom is being helpful here! However he is possibly understandably having a difficult time figuring out who he should be rooting for in this dogfight.

Well. Venom is slightly horrific, after all.

Maybe the others won't be so shocked that they just stare and gape while the wolfman comes up from all fours and charges at the dual being with the huge maw.

Getting knocked to one side is certainly far less damaging than having that wolf get her, but it's still enough to make her lose her footing. She ends up on the sidewalk (again!) with the heels of her hands skinned. Thankfully she's wearing slacks today and not a pencil skirt. She looks up in time to see Jimmy manifesting a shield of some sort and she's still quick enough on the draw to pick up that he's protecting her. Thus, she doesn't try to get away from everyone. She does look around to try and locate her phone, though.

The sonic attack definitely took the initial wind out of Venom's sails but, since it was a burst rather than a constant attack, he's able to recover somewhat. The black swallows his head fully again and there's a clickety-snickety-snap as his needle-teeth jaws cinch back into place, the white eyes of the thing narrowing in rage and…delight?

"Wolves are frightening to humans, but we are not human. We are going to eat…your…guts," Venom shouts and then leaps to meet the thing.

Beast he may be, but Venom's not stupid, looping a hard shot of claw-tipped talons low and upward, a sharp uppercut to the throat intended to disable that sonic weapon, knowing that, once he takes that out, the advantage in the battle shifts significantly in their favor.

Oh hey. Jimmy jumped in front of the big black wolf, and he's /not/ dead. This is a pleasant surprise. He lets his glow dissipate, both shield and strength, as the wolf and Venom come to occupy each other. "I have no idea," he asides to Nick. "But I'm just glad neither's trying to eat /my/ guts." The enemy of my enemy is my friend, or at least a handy distraction. He reaches a hand down towards Pepper. "Are you alright, Ms…?" Last time, he'd run off too soon to go through proper introductions with her. And this time, he's past the point of plausible deniability.

Isis literally curls in a ball, arms covering her ears, as the bark continues. "Stop stop stop. Isis will be good. Isis promise. No more please. Isis will behave." It's almost pitiful and not something that Nick has ever seen her do.

That alone would be problematic. The feline-like yodels are piercing. What's worse is the empathic projection of hurt and humilation that comes from her. Blanketing the area around them. Isis is a potent empath and she's not trying to control it.

Nick is about to rush in when Isis starts babbling, starts Keening and starts projecting the WORST possible thing emotionally. SO instead he rushes over to the feline woman and bends down over her. "Isis! Isis it's Nick! Come on, come back!"

She's lost right now. Lost in her own head and what was done to her and leaving the other three to deal with the wolfman.

Venom's strike does slice a furrow in the wolfman's chest before he snaps the voice amplifier clean off. It goes clattering onto the street. Advantage gained. The wolfman goes in with teeth and claws. Swiping for the legs. Snapping at the throat. Trying to bleed him as a beast would.

No words. Just snarls and claws. Pepper isn't safe until this thing is defeated or sent packing. Because of course… it'll just come back for her and the annoying man with the shield of light.

If it beats Venom, that is. Which is not certain.

Pepper accepts Jimmy's hand to help her to her feet, and she watches the pair still fighting with a clear look of worry. And in her mind Isis is far too close for how she's STILL on the sidewalk in obvious pain. Thus, despite feeling just all around crappy at this entire situation, she reaches to put a hand on the cat-like woman's arm.

Maybe she can reassure her? Whatever the case, she can't help but want to try.

But that snarling fight there is just escalating, and she is worse than a liability so close to it.

"Potts," she belatedly replies to Jimmy. "We should help the … um, toothy person."

Venom takes a few slashes, blood ribboning out of one of their thighs, another scraped along their belly. If there's pain, Venom doesn't seem to show it now, the sonics having hurt far more than any mere bloodletting. Before, Venom might have toyed with the animal, might have enjoyed the fight more, might have savored a bit of back and forth.

Then it hurt them, hurt them badly, and that made them angry, Eddie and symbiote alike. They are in agreement.

So while Venom could bat the thing around, could batter and wrestle with it, instead, now that it's gained an advantage, the gestalt monstrosity goes for the jugular in the very literal sense, dipping its head low and opening its maw wide, attempting to take a bite that would rip the wolf from Adam's apple to sternum and furrow deep into that muscled chest to rip and tear at the meat within.

Jimmy nods to Pepper as he helps her to her feet. "Potts." Name's memorised. At her suggestion, he looks towards the f—

Pain and humiliation, like being treated like a circus animal — whips, spotlights, jeering crowds and all. Right now, Isis is a storm cloud of emotion, bolts blasting in every direction. And Jimmy's a lightning rod. He's a potent empath too, but only inwards. What Isis dishes out, he takes, and he buckles, hugging himself tightly, as if to somehow shield himself from the degradation that doesn't come from anything physical.

Fortunately, it doesn't look much like Venom /needs/ the help.

Isis is sobbing, curled on the pavement, hands still covering her head. The mix of her emotions, combined with Venoms, wash over everyone. She's strong and that combination is a potent cocktail. It's likely to affect the black wolf as well.

"Isis will be good…" the feline-like mutant is mewling now, reduced to a very base state.

With Nick close, she curls around him, managing to get her head in Peppers lap. "Isis good girl. Isis try harder. Isis be best." she hiccups as the sobbing and babbling starts to fade.

Along with it, the empathic broadcast lessens as well. "Nick? Isis not bad."

"No…" Nick's voice is choked from the effort of keeping himself from buckling. He knows Pepper and Jimmy in particular have to be hit hard. Venom? He's not sure whatever that thing is feels such emotion. It's hard work though, not going under himself and just curling up.

"No, you're not bad. Come on back…"

It's a good thing that Venom has things well in hand. There's a crunch and a yelp as the Symboiote empowered man finds his opening and… gets the jugular.

Moments later the black wolfman is still, laying in a rapidly glowing puddle of dark blood, the odd voice-box collar laying several feet away from him with the band that kept it secured severed.

That's one threat removed anyway. Nick looks up in Venom's direction and looks… tense. Was that thing helping? Or just moving in to secure it's prey? They'll all know in a minute.

Holy cats this girl is upset. With Isis ending up partly in her lap, Pepper is at ground zero of the unhappy train, and even with the two behemoths battling so close by all she can do is curl over the younger woman and starting petting her hair. She can't even really SAY anything to try and help until things start to ease up a bit. Then she's able to glance over at Jimmy and reach to rest a hand on his arm while keeps on petting Isis.

Maybe it's for the best that she didn't just see exactly how Venom dealt with the feral wolfman. He's down, and Pepper herself is pretty much a sitting duck at the feet of the toothy symbiote.

Venom tilts its head back and swallows, a few meaty chomps causing excess flesh to squirt from the sides of its mammoth jaw. The swallow is visible, throat bulging for a moment as a particular chunk of wolfman sticks momentarily in their craw before Venom's strength forces it down into the gut of the thing. Those white teeth are stained crimson for a moment, before the serpentine tongue flicks over them, gathering the excess juices like the puddle left behind by a rare steak.

And then they regard those who remain.

"We wonder why you were hunted by such things. Curious are parts of us, curious little investigator, yesssssssssss," Venom rasps. The battering empathy coming off of Isis might've been worse, were it not so close to what Venom feels most of the time. Eddie, after all, is insane, much as he might pass on the surface, and the symbiote wasn't so far away from it.

"The cat is mewling," Venom says with a bit of disgust. "Hush it."

Jimmy starts to recover as Nick pulls Isis out of her funk, taking a few deep breaths as he clears his head. He needs to work on those shields, doesn't he? He gives Pepper an awkward smile as she gives him that pat on the arm. "Fine now." But Nick has the right of it. He looks up towards Venom, cautious and tense, as the murderous pair come up and… ask questions. Questions which are honestly quite pertinent. He looks between Nick and Pepper. "What /were/ you guys doing here, to begin with?"

As much as it looks like Isis could use a bit more attention, he figures that works much better coming from Nick and Pepper than from himself. He's just the weirdo they bumped into at that diner. But something else does catch his eye, and he looks towards the discarded collar. He heads over and picks it up, holding it for the others to see. And this time, he doesn't stomp it flat.

The sobbing finally abates except for the small sniffles that usually follow a sobbing bout. "Sssorry…" Her ears twitch as Pepper pets them and there's Nick, speaking with her. "Sssorry."

Sitting up, the feline-like doesn't look nineteen for a moment, the fragility of a young child showing on her face. She clings to Nick, not willing to let go … he can still move. "I … remembered … " her eyes widen as Venom speaks and she hides her face in Nicks chest.

So unlike the Isis he knows.

"Miss Potts are are you ok?" Comes the muffled voice. "Mister Jimmy too…"

"I'm trying. You are?" Nick's still tense but this thing, whatever it is, has helped save Pepper and hasn't attacked them yet so he's willing to give it the benefit of a doubt.

But it's kind of horrific. He doesn't say that out loud though. It's rude.

"I asked to meet Miss Potts. I'm working on a… case…" Nick finishes that rather lamely. But it's the best word he can think of so it's the word that gets used. "I think someone didn't want the meeting to happen." His eyes cut over to that voice box, in Jimmy's hand. That… could be important.

"What were you doing here? And you…" He looks at Jimmy.

"I remember you from the cafe. Funny seeing you here. That box. It was designed to amplify sound. I'll bet my last dollar there's a strip of weird metal in its cuts somewhere."

Pepper nods to Jimmy as he responds, then sniffles a bit herself and swipes a hand quickly under her eyes as Isis sits up. She moves to stand and then Venom is RIGHT THERE and asking questions. It's like staring at a xenomorph from one of the early Aliens movies, but one that tried to make itself seem more human. It's … really unnerving. But no one could ever accuse Pepper of not having a backbone.

Climbing perhaps a little unsteadily to her feet but staying close to Nick and Isis, she dusts her hands off. "Thank you for helping us," she tells Venom simply and honestly. "I was here to speak with Nick, as he says."

She looks over to see what Jimmy has picked up, her eyes refusing to land on what's left of the feral wolfman. "What is that? Is it some kind of … collar?"

She can't help it. The reference pops into her brain and she blurts it out before she can stop herself. "It was wearing a weirding module?"

Venom sees Jimmy lift up the collar and slowly cocks its head at him. The smile that spreads over its face is too wide, the corners of the mouth reaching up to where its ears should be, the teeth within jagged and a bit uneven.

"We can play more if you want, but we mean no harm. And it didn't help him much," Venom hisses at Jimmy. Then they turn their attention back to the others, "We were hunting. Scum, freaks, killers - disposable prey. The kind that won't be missed. Like these," Venom says, kicking the corpse of the wolfman at his feet.

"We don't know who you are. We don't care about your business. We just wanted to eat. We are Venom," the monster says, punctuating the last with a bit of a laugh.

Jimmy winces at hearing Isis' muffled voice. There goes his real name, and after he's already gone and glowed all over the place. No way would Pepper forget that detail. Ah well.

He flinches back from Venom's grin. Like Venom itself, it is pretty horrific. He grimaces at the suggestion, shaking his head. "No thanks, I'm good without playing. Just thought I saw this on the big guy's neck before." He glances towards the current state of the 'big guy's' neck and— ugh. Shouldn't have done that.

He shakes it off and returns to the group, holding the voicebox out to Pepper and Nick, whoever wants to take it. "A… weirding module? What?" Apparently he's not familiar with Dune. He gives Isis an attempted-encouraging smile. "I'm fine. Just… wasn't expecting it."

Isis manages to unbury herself from Nick, still sheltering under his arm like a beaten kitten. "Collar. Yes. Hurt and it is weird." No, Isis didn't get the reference either. She's sort of lived under a rock for most of her life.

Her nose twitches in Venom direction "Nick says you shouldn't hunt on the street. That it's better to buy food from the shops." She offers. "You look strange." Because of course, Isis doesn't.

Disposable prey sounds a bit horrific. It really doesn't do anything to get the image of that long tongue slurping blood out of Nick's head. Still he rises from his couch both hands up to show that he isn't interested in a fight.

"Have you found other things like this?" He pauses. "If I told you where to find us, would you tell me if you do find any more… prey like this?" Because a wolfman he could roll with. That'd be a mutant of some kind. But the collar? Someone GAVE it to that mutant. And where there is one there can surely be more.

And Nick would like to know if there is indeed more.

"I think maybe he needs the hunt in ways that we don't, Isis…" Nick says quietly of Venom. "A weirding… Dune. Yes, Miss Potts. It looks like it was something like that."

A glance is given to Jimmy again. Nick gives the man a smile when he encourages Isis. That's appreciated.

"Do any of you want to take the damn thing? It's not like I'm going to be able to take it apart and see what makes it tick."

Beat. "Uh, are you going to… eat that, Venom?" The remains of the wolfman, he means.

Because otherwise there's gonna be a corpse on the street that the cops find eventually.

Venom reaches down and hooks a claw into the gaping chest of the fallen wolfman, "We can clean up after ourselves," they say with a smile.

"We could tell you if you see more. If we know where to find you. Do you want us to know where to find you? We understand if you don't."

No, Pepper won't forget Jimmy's name. But it's likely not solely because he was glowing everywhere. She's just really good about remembering people's names. As well as not misusing their names once she knows them.

"I can take that, I know someone who can properly disassemble it and see how it works. Maybe even recognize the style of the electronics used." Because from what she's seen, Tony CAN do that. Like jewelers or hackers have signature traits to their skills, so to inventors and engineers. Apparently.

Then Venom mentions cleaning up after himself and … oh. Oh my. She turns away from the corpse and closes her eyes, but it's too late. She already normally light complexion goes green-tinged ghostly white. Not good.

Nick might kill Isis for what she does next. Frightened kitten that she is. "Still shouldn't hunt on the streets but if you're going to eat that, you need to cook it. Never know what parasites it's carrying." She hands out a card to the gestalt beast. "Paragon Investigations. He's Nick, I'm Isis." Then she's back under Nicks arm quick as anything.

Venom will be ok, won't he?

"Nicks going to buy me cheeseburgers." She says to the other two. If they don't take the collar, she knows Nick will. "Want to join us? I'm starving." Does she remember the mewling mess she was just a moment ago?

Jimmy can't completely contain his grimace when Venom hints at 'cleaning up', let alone how Nick suggests he do so. But hey, it's not like Venom's going to care about people grimacing, right?

He focuses on other details, like Pepper volunteering. He gives her the collar. "Perfect. Sounds right up their alley." He tilts his head, looking at Nick. "You mentioned a case. Just following up from the diner and the birds, or has something like this happened before?"

He gives Isis an odd look. No, not because she's moved on from her massive upset, but because— "You're still hungry?" Jimmy doesn't think he's going to eat for a week after all the… VENOMING of tonight.

Nick siiiiiiighs. Of course Isis is still hungry. She is Isis. Nothing shall deter her appetite.

"Uh, that's decent of you. Thanks, Venom." It's a bit nonplussed but how often has he heard that?

"You still want…" He sighs again. "Anyway yes. Paragon Investigations. We're not too far from here. You can google it. Um… if you can google. If not I'll give you directions." If those mean anything to him. Which they might not.

"Yeah, I'm gonna buy her cheeseburgers. Because if I don't…" He'll have no peace until she eats. "I'll show you what I wanted to show you… a bit later. In the daylight, if you like Miss Potts. I'm less sure this area is safe right now and I don't want to press our luck."

Because they have been DAMN lucky just now.

"There's been a few things." He says to Jimmy. "But they all seem to revolve around a certain weird metal…" And it's getting worse. And more dangerous. And more sinister.

Venom takes the card and simply absorbs it into its palm, swallowing it up into the inky shell that seems to make up its 'skin'.

"We will remember," they say. "And we will be careful. We know all too well the dangers of parasites," Venom laughs. And then it leaps up in the air, hauling the body of the wolfman with one hand, clambering up the side of the building and plunging up over the top in a matter of a few bounds.

A few tentacles do come back and snatch up the remaining cans of peaches as well. Nothing wrong with a balanced diet.

Pepper accepts the weirding module from Jimmy then nods very slightly to Nick. "Maybe for the best." Besides, she thinks it's about time they have a chat with Tony as well.

And, she really needs some fresh air or she's going to be sick.

Waving weakly to the trio, she starts back the direction she came from, her free hand over her mouth.

Her phone is still on the sidewalk where it fell.

Jimmy's eyebrows lift as he looks at Nick. Not only is Isis still hungry, but it doesn't surprise Nick in the least. He nods to Nick. Better to split up after a fight like that. And people are leaving: Venom's tentacling his way up a wall, and Pepper's hurrying off. And she's left something behind. Jimmy scoots it up and walks in the same direction, though he doesn't rush up to catch up with her.

Because, I mean… big strange guy, shadowy environment, hurrying up to a woman who's already been part of one fight? If she had her taser on her, he'd probably get tased. And any onlooker would probably mace him.

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