2019-06-29 - Hack The World? Maybe not


Eve and Quinn meet up at Central Park and take some kind of liking to each other.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Jun 29 05:06:11 2019
Location: Central Park

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Quinn Quire says, """"

You know, Eve is frequently in Central Park. It's just a nice place for someone like her to be.

Of course, that's mostly because of the plant life. When you're surrounded by all /kinds/ of life, it gets kind of unpleasent and, well, central park is always pretty crowded at the morning hours. People walking their dogs, doing their morning jogs and so on and so forth. Sitting beneath one tree is a /very/ gothy-goth, her tablet in one hand.

She is playing a game on it, see, and casually enjoying the morning air.

And people watching a bit.

Her stare may be a bit creepy when it happens.

Who in the hell can sleep at the school with all of those little bastards running around? Quinn can't. The only solace she's had lately were the med-labs, where no one dares go unless they've skinned a knee or broken a bone. But out early in the park is where Quinn roams; weed cigarette tucked in between her lips, head down. Tinkering on a cell phone that she recently got that she doesn't know how to use. It'll come to her shortly as most things does, but now she's enjoying the fact finding. The tinkering. The learning. It wasn't until she stops at the nearest bench behind a gothy goth girl that she bumps her hips against it hard. "Yo." She says to Eve. "What the fuck and where the fuck do I find a hotspot?"

"…good luck. The park hotspots are lousy as hell," replies Eve. The nearby bench is interestingly unoccupied at this hour, but then, there's a not entirely uncreepy Goth hanging out /right there/. Which is probably enough for most people.

A look up from her tablet. "Oooh. I love your hair," she tells Quinn immediately.


"Eech." Quinn mutters, "Still doesn't answer my question. Whatever." Quinn lost the care of knowing what a hotspot was. But the hotspot was practically here; a place to sit and chill out while she figures out this thing. Looking down and walking was no bueno, especially as she constantly had to keep her TK active to knock people out of her way. What is the quickest way to start a fight?

Still, working with the phone; she hops up with a press of her hand against the back of the bench and a swing of her legs, flopping down upon her bottom with a smooth land, without invitation to sit. Her hair was loved. That was complete invitation, one that she wouldn't bother giving thanks to. "Yeah, hair. Cool. Check it. So I got all the basic apps, how do I get -RID- of this and get the -good- shit." She pauses. "You know, I should have kept the damn manual, then I wouldn't be talking to strangers and shit like some reject little red riding hood." She looks at Eve now, then frowns. "Ain't you hot?"

As she is joined so summarily, Eve's face briefly screws up. It's brief, but there.

"…I suppose," she begins after a pause, "that depends on what you qualify as 'good shit' in this case. I'm a bit out of touch on whatver that is at the moment. Whatsapp? Tiktok? I'm told people love Tiktok these days." She pauses, then looks down at her rather elaborately gothic dress. "Is it hot already?" she asks. The question is sincere, apparently. Sometimes, she loses track of tempeature feels, what, with her body not really caring much about it in the first place.

"It doesn't /feel/ hot," she adds. Up. She looks up.

"I don't feel like figuring out what the hell half of this stuff is anymore." It seems like with that comment, she'd either break the phone or toss it into the grass, but she still tries. She presses a series of surfaces on the screen, then shuts it off and puts it into her pocket. She needs a mental break.

From it being hot, Quinn too looks up at the sky, one arm lingering on the back slat of the bench, a leg kicked up to cross upon the other, her foot jerking as a form of comfort. "A bit." With a sidelong glance towards Eve, her brows lower, as if she were studying her. But she doesn't inquire more. Not yet anyways.

"I suppose generating energy by walking makes a person hot verses sitting on a bench being a color block." She shrugs her shoulders. "Weird ass rule of science I 'spose." She pauses again, figuring to be polite. "I'm Quinn."

"… I mean, there /are/ advantages to all black if you don't have terrible dandruff," remarks Eve with a thought. "Too many people, too much black, too much bad scalp care." There is a sigh there, of course, and then she leans back on the bench.

"So, what kind of cool shit are you looking for on your phone?" She side-eyes Quinn, now, and then finally adds.

"Eve." Of course. Her name is Eve. makes total sense.

"I pay for it." Quinn puffs up her curly hair a bit, even though some parts of it were straight. She sort of liked it that way. "Argan oil is supposed to be the trick, but like I said, pay for it. You got the time to sit around and bitch? Then you got time for self hair care. Always a rule of thumb." At least what her mom used to say, when she did talk, or.. when that was her mom. Confusing.

"You know, that Watch Dog type hacker stuff. I'd say that's beyond me but.." She shrugs. "..honestly it's just something to do. Trying to catch up with the times and all of that. I'll try out that Tick-tock to see what's got everybody jizzing, though." In fact, her pushing those random spots on the surface was her downloading and probably paying for the full app.

Eve. Go figure. Especially with her choice of outfit. "Little on the nose there, aincha."

"I mean, isn't that half the fun?" says Eve, laying a finger to the tip of her own nose at that. She smooths the ruffles of her skirt and then clears her throat.

"Let me understand this: You want me, a random person, to show you how to get cool hacker shit on your phone that will let you learn everything about anyone on the internet?" She's got her eyes back on Quinn, now, studying her.

"… I mean, I like to think I'm /okay/ with computers, but… Okay." She squints down at the phone that Quinn is holding. "This isn't 'Hackers', you know," she adds. "Oh god. You probably have never even seen that movie. Or maybe even heard of it." She pinches the bridg3e of her nose.

"Being on the nose? Nope." Quinn was kidding, at least her tone said that she was. But she looks down at her own rugged outfit, and wonders if she was -that- hot too. Torn jeans, boots, random ass rock band shirt, black jacket which was a bit thick. Why wasn't she hot either? Eh!

"In retrospect, that's a bad idea. Considering you could be some sort of law enforcement or like some goody two shoes hero group that I'd probably have to obliterate and won't feel bad about.." Kidding! "I'll ask my guy. Big, blue, fuzzy. Totally smart and goddamned gullible if you give him the right stuff. Speaking of, I -should- probably start foraging for a deal here pretty soon." Her hand runs through her hair, idly scratching her scalp.

"Hackers? That shit 90's movies? Hack the world crap? Yeah, saw it. Fell asleep through the middle. -BUT- there are people out there.." In the school.. "..who can make Hackers look like a Christmas Special.." So true.. so, so very true. She does snort, laugh.. snort laugh. "God you look like someones mom right now."

"…I mean," says Eve, "I could also be a elite hacker but one of those things is totally more likely than the other. I'll leave you to ponder which it is, assuming I am also not totally a random normal person who is not at all hot." She nods solemnly towards Quinn.

"I mean, hey, if you're a lady who likes Goth /and/ you're named Eve, you might as well go for it, right?" She flashes a smile. "It's nice to meet you, Quinn, and I do love the pink and yes Hackers is utterly /devestatingly/ bad and 90s." Of course, she does not look old enough to've been old enough to really appreciate it except as a child, perhaps, herself.

"Big… blue?" She asks aftre a moment, "and I am totally not a mom."

That puts Quinn back a little, her eyes to the sky, pondering which is what and who is which, and she cracks up into a full laugh. Her hand smacks her leg twice, her head bobbing. "Alright, you're fucking funny. I like that." Yup. Sold.

"But yeah, you went for it, and you got the fuckin trophy. So why not. Live it up I say.." Quinn gestures with both hands, at least towards the park. It was slowly starting to fill, which was a good thing. To some. "Yeah. Big and Blue. He's got like, fifteen thousand PHD's and a total sweetie. I -could- drag him out one day to floss him around town, but.." She gestures at her face. "Hairy all over, would go well with most of the locals but the few?" She shakes her head. "Would have to literally do damage control and I seriously don't have time for all of that." But, once again, Beast could probably make something to shield himself from the world..

"With your snark and this way that way talk, he'd get a fuckin' kick out of you."

"Yay! I get a tropgy! As a proper xennial, I am supposed to always get one of those," enthuses Eve, waving her fingers in the air on either side of her head. She stares at her for a long moment and then says, "Ah… right. Well. Okay. He sounds positively brilliant. I mean, I'm positively delighted you think I'd get along with someone with a ton of PH.Ds and what not." She drops back onto the bench, one arm draped over the back of it as she turns to face Quinn.

"Also, sold. But that's msotly because of your hair," she adds.

Yup. This chick is one of Quinn's kind. All the while Eve was posturing, Quinn was snickering quietly, shoulders bouncing quickly to go along with her little chuckle, head shaking in mock disbelief. She hated trophies.

"Alright then." Quinn states, smacking both hands against her thighs. "You're sold, I'm sold, we're all going to hang out." She rises from the bench, sure of that particular thing. So sure, that she forgets to ask for a number.

"Let me rangle that blue fuck and we go destroy some stuff." Food. Namely. Or whatever happens to happen in New York, since it can't really ever catch a break from villainy. "Catch you later, yeah?"

"I mean, do you expect to find me sitting in the park again or something?" asks Eve.

She did notice that the girl had not asked for her number. "Or did you just yoink it out of my phone with your super elite hacker skills?" she tugs on one of the bunches atop her head, taking a moment to actually undo her longer than appears hair and then redo it into a single tail, like you sometimes do.

"Well, it's nice meeting you, Quinn." She gets to her feet. "I geuss it's time for me to get going before the park gets to full of people and their dogs and what not."

"Maybe? But in this weird, fucked up world, people manage to get found even though they really don't wanna.." So true in this game of life! "And nah. Being a hacker takes effort. Trust me, I'll find you!" And with that, she chucks off a two finger wave and meanders on, because random joggers and selfie dog-takers totally suck ass. "Dog walkers are dicks!" Quinn hollars out, daring for someone to tell her that's totally a lie!

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