2019-06-27 - That Sinking Feeling


A heroic takedown gets a hot dose of Parker Luck, and a new adversary is revealed.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Jun 27 00:00:00 2019
Location: Brooklyn, Brighton Dockyards

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Brooklyn is still recovering, but new structures are being built. This means ships with supplies and resources moving through Brighton itself. The bad news is that, in tha massive influx of container ships, some enterprising souls are moving resources that are geared to carve up the reclaimed territory for themselves.

Spider-Man is here because he had gotten the lowdown on a shipment of MP7s, a low-profile assault rifle, as well as various explosives ranging from grenades to military-grade plastique. They are supposed to be coming in tonight.
He had called Thea to let her know about the shipment and if she wants to beg off, she is quite within her rights to WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU WANT TO COME WITH ME? She had been adamant, especially about Spidey picking her up and bringing her along.

Spider-Man landed on the warehouse roof, then undid the sling for Thea to detach from his back. "Okay. We have about ten minutes before the VIRADIAN docks with the arms shipment. The deal is supposed to go down in Warehouse 7, the one with the green roof." He points it out to Thea.

Explosions on Ollie's turf? He's been investigating the nearby explosion moreso then anything else. He moves quietly through the blown out rooms of the building, taking it all in curiously. He's dressed in his famous costume, from the green, sleeveless tunic to the leggings, to the domino mask and pointed cap. He brushes his fingers over his goatee and sighs softly to himself, taking a few photos of the wreckage before he moves to the blown-out windows and surveys the streets around.

…And this is when he spots Spider-Man one roof over. He blinks and cocks his head to the side before he pulls an arrow from his quiver and readies his blow. He fires a shot off, hitting one of the roofing areas not far from the web-slinger. It ends up creating a zipline, which he uses his bow with. He slides along and lands on the roof with a soft grunt, glancing over at the others.

"Huh. Something up?," he asks. He hasn't MET him before, but he's certainly seen the newspapers. Green Arrow is a well-known fixture of New York superheroing. Someone well-known for standing up for the underdog, though some of the less Liberal parts of society hate him for his VERY outspoken views.

Meanwhile 2000 feet up, Riri continued to circle the docks in her holding pattern, sensors scanning for the incoming ship. Which should be… There. A few eye flicks, and the ship itself is tagged and highlighted in red on her HUD. She was here because she was mostly bulletproof unless the smugglers had /really/ heavy ordnance, because Spidey mentioned it, and also because any excuse to fly was a good one. "Ironheart to Spidey, I have eyes on target vessel." She flicks to thermal, watching the crew on deck, before scanning the area again. "Heads up, someone on the rooftops coming to you."

Meanwhile, near the warehouse, is one of the city's storm drains, that empties out into the bay. Granted, it doesn't really do that as much anymore…too much damage to the storm sewer system in the area and not enough city money or workers to fix it for an area that's been partially abandoned (also, albino adolescent mutant crocodiles). The tunnel does, however, provide a nice underground area that's relatively dry and out of the elements. And more importantly, out of sunlight, which is the preferences of one of the people curled up inside, wearing a oversized black hoodie that's much too big for her and matching overized pajama pants in black that are a bit worse for wear. Also fuzzy slippers for shoes.

Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but some of the guards patrolling the perimeter have decided to liven up the patrol by rousting any homeless they come across…including those at the entrance of the grate.

Most see them coming and flee. A few get kicks or punches or shoves if they're a bit slow.

The woman in black, who has her hoodie hood pulled up over her head, lifts her head slightly, as if peering towards the oncoming thugs, dirty snow white hair spilling out from inside.

Thea has at least given in to some sort of costuming when out with Peter as Spidey. Her hair is honey blonde, in a braid, and there's a deep blue domino mask that matches the snug long shirt and leggings, with expensive running shoes.

The arrow striking had her reaching for Peter as if to pull him down to safety like she's forgotten he's got that sixth sense thing. Still, the young woman is on the balls of her feet, in a stance that's ready to move.

Spidey doesn't react to the arrow. No imminent threat. Green Arrow is something of a surprise. He'd read accounts of his derring-do when he was a non-spider-hybrid. Uncle Ben had thought of him as a modern-day Errol Flynn.
He catches the transmission from Riri/Ironheart (not a bad choice for a name, actually). "Green Arrow, Ironheart. Better come in low from the west, the buildings and traffic will obsure your progress. Stay on alert, though. If things get rowdy…"
And as soon as he says that, people suddenly go to ready status, picking up radios and hefting shotguns, rifles, and pistols. Well, well, well, the Parker Luck forgot to mention IT was showing up.
"Ironheart, we got a donnybrook on the north end of their perimeter, and everyone's riled up. Want to try and draw fire while I head north?" He is speaking out loud, so Thea and Oliver can hear him clearly.

Green Arrow makes his way over to Thea and Spider-Man, giving a nod to each. "Uh…what's a donnybrook?," he asks curiously. He hefts his bow and makes his way over to the edge of the roof, peering downwards into the site to try and take it all in. "Huh. You have quite the team here, huh?"

"Copy, Spidey-" Riri cuts herself off just as Spidey spots it as well, the heat signatures of the guards starting to converge. "Showing eight on deck, ten on the pier, probably a few more below. Patrollers are heading for the dock as well. Going shock and awe." Her HUD shifts into the full deep red of combat mode, the teen dropping into a dive. Lessee. AC/DC would be too Tony. Better just go no music.
The first warning the thugs would have would be the whoosh of repulsors firing again as Riri flips to fall feet first, striking the concrete with a clang in the classic three point landing. Rising to her feet, she charges her repulsors with a whine and slowly looks between the various groups. "Starting the party without me?" The first person to shoot at her's getting a repulsor blast to the gut.

Thea will move to crouch at the edge of the roof to look down at the people milling about. "Shall I start putting people to sleep, Spidey? Or at least dull some senses, make them slow to react? I can do more of the latter, less of the former."

"Get up, ya smelly hobo…" one of the thugs grunts at the woman in the black hoodie, then aims a vicious kick at her that lands, the woman grunting slightly as she's hit…though the thug hops back, letting out a faint yelp as he hops on his toe. Harder than he was expecting. The other couple of guards blinks a bit, snickering at the third as before he snaps at them to shut up.

In that time, the woman has gotten to her feet…towering over two of the men, in fact, which has them a bit suprised. "Fuck you're a tall drink of water, honey…tell you what, want some food? You treat us nice, we'll give ya some hot pockets or somethin'…" one says, the others snickering.

The woman raises her head slightly, light glinting off the gem on her forehead as it pulses, glowing softly. "I do not wish your food for favors. Go away, or I will hurt you."

The man blinks, then gets an angry look. "Oh, an uppity one, huh? How bout we show you a good time anyway then give ya a good beatin' to send you on your way, hmm?"

That's when the distant gunshots distract them as they whirl around. Behind them, the woman steps up behind the largest, then picks him up by the back of his jacket as the man squawks in suprise, flailing. "H-hey!"

Whitestar murmurs. "No."

A moment later the man goes flying out of the storm sewer and actually skips along the water for a moment before splashing down and flailing a bit, drawing some attention from the crew on the ship as they move to the railing to figure out what's going on. Especially after more gunfire rings out from inside the storm sewer.

Spidey nods to Thea. "Slow them down if you can, Angel." He fires a webline. "If you see anyone with heavy ordinance, try to knock them out. I don't know how bulletproof Ironheart is, but they have explosives down there."
And with that, he jumps from the roof and heads south.
Spidey sees the tossed gunman soar out of the storm sewer aperture, bounce once on the water, the plow into it and come to a stop. Spidey shoots some expansion webbing to act as a life raft for the guy before he sank under the weight of his gear.
"I'd give you a 9.5, but you didn't keep your legs together," he calls to the stunned gunman as he swings past. He can see flashes of muzzles from inside, hoping to Hell whoever's in there either is under cover, or isn't suffering. He lands on the wall over the opening, looking down at three men who had just arrived. "Jeez, you Animal Control guys are INTENSE."

The reaction to Ironheart is, in many ways, predictable. They aim their guns and start firing, and Riri can listen to bullets flatten against her armor like metal rain. The first shooter gets knocked back into an open hatch and tumbles down the stairs. PHYSICS, man!

Riri's honestly fine with them shooting at her. They wont' get through with small arms, and they might end up hitting themselves with ricochets. "Seriously? Do you guys only have /one/ reaction to someone showing up?" The teen grins inside her helmet, crushing guns and generally delivering a beatdown to the dockside thugs, occasionally sending a repulsor bolt at the group on the ship. She may, in fact, hit one thug with another thug. …There are probably a few cracked bones at least, though. "Step right up, get your ass kicked, for a limited time only!"

There's a flash of white from the storm sewer as the remaining two gunman are shoved right out of it by a glowing field of white, set in front of Whitestar like a snowplow as she flies out herself, joining their friend with a doubled *splash* and a lot of cursing! She hovers in the air for a moment, wincing as she shields her eyes from the sun, letting the field drop.

Unfortunately, a floating, flying girl definitely says "metahuman" to the men on the ship, and they have an answer for that.

An RPG that goes sailing through the air towards Whitestar then explodes as it hits her, sending her spinning end over end until she splashes into the water as well, disappearing from view.

A moment later water spouts upwards as she flies up, the remnants of the scorched, tattered hoody pretty much falling off her, revealing the odd garb she wears underneath, an outfit made from a series of overlapping straps combined with a straight jacket with the locks and bindings broken, and a fairly abundant amount of golden skin on display, her soaked white hair whipping behind her as she narrows her eyes, now glowing white.

Spidey winces as the two blow out of the sewer, webbing them as well with the life-raft setting, Then the Spider-Sense redlines as he sees the RPG-7 projectile flying towards the sewer and the hovering woman in front of it.
*What the…?*
He jumps out of the way, landing on the side of the ship to get some distance. He gets to cover just as the loud CRUMP sound signals the RPG was still under warranty.
Then the girl flies out, and he gets a good look at her.
She looks…familiar. Who did she remind him of…?Then he saw the RPG guy re-loading. "Ironheart! RPG, tower section, on the roof!"
He also notices that the other people are moving, but they seem slower. Even the RPG launcher seems to be taking his time…

Riri only /just/ misses the force field appearance due to the fact that she's busy stuffing the next-to-last dock mook into a trash can. …Flying girl's noticable, though. As is the sudden smoke trail and explosion from the RPG. Riri dives to one side with a blast from her repulsors. "Get me a target lock on whoever fired that!" Spidey's callout confirms the red blinking box on her HUD, and the tower is the recipient of two full power repulsor beams to what look to be some load-bearing members. "Thanks, Spidey! Moving up to the ship! A pistol round ricochets off the back of her helmet. Sighing, The armored teen backhands the gunman into the water and boosts herself up onto the deck of the ship. "Last chance to surrender, and RPG guy cost you a lot of my tolerance for idiots. Hey, Glowing person! Mind trapping these guys with your fields so they can't escape?"

"I shall /ensure/ they shall not escape." Whitestar bites out, before letting out a battle cry and shooting forward, swinging a fist.
At the ship.

Which rings like a bell as the side dents in as there's a blast of white energy , then again as she smashes into it a second time, the hull cracking along the side as she goes full on berserker on it, just smashing into the metal with flashes of blazing energy each time she drives a fist home.

The ship is being pushed by the impacts straight towards the dock as it slams into it, the wood groaning as the whole structure shifts, the sound of cracking supports audible.

Something maaaay tell you that she is not necessarily going to be stopping people from escaping, so much as ripping their ship apart.

Thea doesn't make any sounds, and she's just crouched down still, barely visible over the edge of the rooftop. She's putting those on the ground and dock to sleep, but those on the ship…well, they may need to jump and swim here in a hot moment, so she will just pulse their blood away from their hands so they can't function to fire guns so well.

Okay…this is officially overkill. After the first impact, he had to jump from the side of the ship before the harmonics of the impact shook him like a rag doll. He fired another webline and swung around, looking at what Whitestar was doing to the ship. It was…epic, in the wrong way.
A text suddenly appears on Thea's phone.
"See if you can calm the golden girl down. - ALICE."

Spidey took position on the crane about 40 feet away from Whitestar, getting a look at everything. The people on the dock that were still on the feet were using them to get the heck out of Brighton. The people on the ship were getting shaken around like dice.
He had to stop her. There was a lot of other cargo there, stuff the city DID need, and she was going to send it to the bottom of the harbor.
"Whoever you are, STOP! Don't sink the ship!"

The first hit was good. The second hit… not so much. …Really not so much. Riri grimaces. "Go to full internal life support, check seals." When those report back green, she turns comms back on. "Spidey! I'm going in, going to try to make sure the compartment bulkheads are sealed! Buy us some time maybe! You get her to stop making the damage worse, maybe see if you can web the breach shut!" She rapidly disappears below decks, barging her way down the narrow corridors and hurrying anyone she sees back out, relieving them of guns on the way.

Over the tearing and creaking of metal, it's unclear if Whitestar can hear the yells to stop before she sinks it. She's already done a good job at breaking open the hull, though luckily it's mostly above the waterline so far. Some of the cracks, however, extend down to where some water is starting to flow inside.

What does stop her, however, is the sun. That glorious sun. She's already absorbed so much before she found shelter. It's why she was hiding, trying to force down the energies within her and keep them calm.

But now she's not calm, and her control is slipping.

The gem on her forehead starts to glow brightly then begins to pulse, as the Tamaranean lets out a gasp, then grabs her head. "Nnnrgh…not…now…." she groans out, curling up as she floats in the air, a hum starting to build around her rapidly as it throbs in the air, getting louder and louder as shimmering energy starts to play over her skin, like sparks crackling along it and occasionally shooting out from her body.

Thea will turn a look onto Peter, though he likely can't see her. He wants her to tranquilize the alien? Is he crazy? This is no average joe, not even an average mutant or meta! But Thea is, if nothing else, game to try. She will try to tug gently on the girl's systems, to find a way to make her relax and get a more tranquil state of mind. She knows that this female is someone she's supposed to report to the 'new' bosses, but she has yet to fall into lockstep.

Spider-Man looks at the glowing woman, his eyes going wide. "ALICE…" he says out loud.
"Yes, Spider-Man. She is destabilizing."
He could try…no. Ironheart was in the ship.
One other thought occurred to him.
He shot up to the top of the crane, bore down hard, then fired twin weblines to strike the body of the girl. He then heaved as heard as he could, and Whitestar suddenly was swung around, then down, and then flung straight up as hard as Spider-Man could push himself. He felt something let go in his right arm from the strain, but Whitestar found herself heading straight up at roughly 80-90 MPH.

Inside, Riri manages to make it to the lowest breached compartment, and makes sure both the watertight hatches are totally sealed. However, that doesn't solve the problem of the room filling with water. "Spidey? I'm gonna try something, but you might need to give me a ride home after this. Not sure." Wincing, Riri accesses the manual debug interface for her left hand repulsor, and proceeds to distort the carefully calculated power modulation curves into something /incredibly/ wasteful. And hopefully, hot enough to work. She cranks the power, ignoring the angry throbbing hum coming from her gauntlet, doing her best to hammer the bent metal closer together with her right hand, applying the jury rigged torch with her left. "C'mon, hold together…"

The metal does soften and turn red under Riri's beam…it's slow going, but the water starts to lessen as the crack is crudely welded back together. Luckily she's strong enough to bend it back in place as needed.

Outside, Thea's focus has an immediate effect, as Whitestar's eyes widen as her hands drop from her head, hugging herself instead. It's not entirely effective immediately…Tamaranean biology being different from what Thea might expect, perhaps (who needs nine stomachs?!?), but it seems to at least give a few extra moments where the woman is trying to fight down what's happening to her.

Making her an excellent target for Spiderman, as the webs connect, then spin her around and heave her flying upwards, which dooooes distract her just a bit.

And about fifty meters up above the ship, she explodes in a flare of white energy, the shock wave sending a concussive wash of force over the area below. But far enough away that it's greatly lessened, and the actual energy front is spent. Does melt some of the antenna on the ship though and certainly shatters the glass for the bridge, as well as shorting out a lot of the helm controls. Welp. That ship definitely isn't going anywhere, at least.

Whitestar floats in the air far ahead…Thea can feel the stress that was built up in her body has disappeared, though there's the aftereffects of that strain still lingering as she breathes in deeply, a sense of weakness flowing over her.

Thea will feel the stress explode outward, and then that weakness. "Spidey! Get ready to play catch!" She's worried the weakness may worsen, and she really, really doesn't want to see the alien female go splat please and thank you.

Spider-Man winces as night becomes day for a large part of Brooklyn, but then it ebbs away and he looks up at the floating woman. "ALICE, Assessment. Match her with Kori. Based on the relevant data and observations, what are the odds she is Tamaranean?"
"Considering variations in activity and the probability of the other races of the galaxy, many still unknown…I would say the odds are better than average. It might be prudent to utilize the lead-infused webbing to cover her body to limit UV exposure."
"Best to wait till she drops." He does take the effort to spin a web net under her, between the ship and the crane. "Ironheart, Angel, status. How are you two doing?"

Riri cuts power as soon as the weld is done enough that water stops leaking, and shoves her left hand down into the foot or so of seawater filling the compartment. She relaxes a little at the hissing and bubbling as the waste heat radiates out, flexing her fingers a bit inside the armored gauntlet. Ow. Might need some aloe after this…
"Ironheart to Spidey, I think I mostly stopped the water coming in down here. Not sure… exactly how much I damaged the repulsor doing it, though. Going to let it cool in the water a bit more before I come up. Think I burned my hand a bit." Three minutes or so later, Ironheart emerges on deck, giving the other heroes a wave.

Whitestar wobbles in the air, dropping about ten meters before she catches herself, then fitfully starting to descend in little drops. The net comes in handy as she lets herself just drop into it, bouncing slightly as she lands, then sitting up, breathing in and out a little raggedly still as she pants out.

Blue eyes follow Spiderman, then glance over to the armored figure emerging. She can't see Thea, and she's not sure exactly what was happening to her. It felt…calming. And her surge of temper over being attacked seems to have departed at the moment, as she floats up off the net, hovering. "…you have my gratitude." she says, a little stiffly.

Thea sighs in relief as the net catches the alien female, sitting back on her butt on the rooftop. She's fine, Spidey, she's a big girl. She swallows hard, before she'll rise to her feet. "Fine, Spidey. Never have to worry about me." At least, never yet!

Spider-Man nods at Ironheart's assessment, smiling a little at Angel's confidence. "Take what time you need, Ironheart. Worse comes to worst, I'll take you home."
He's going to have to baby the right arm for the night, though.
"ALICE, call the Port Authority and tell them what we've got, please."
"Duly noted," ALICE responds.
He looks back to Whitestar, then says, "You are welcome. I go by the title Spider-Man. The armored individual there is Ironheart. And who might you be, miss?"

Riri waves a bit before hopping down back onto the dock, doing her best to stabilize herself on the way down. She makes it, albeit with some wobble. "Glad to hear you're thankful. Just… Please don't smash the ship any more? Most of the things on it aren't owned by scumbags." She reflexively rubs at the left hand as her palm twinges, grey paint flaking off to reveal the bare metal underneath. "…Huh. Guess the anti-ice coating isn't /that/ heat-rated…"

The Tamaranean woman hesistates, reaching up to capture stray strands of her long white hair and push it out of the way over her shoulder. "I am…" she starts to say, then pauses. She's unsure if these are more of the ones who tried to make her accept refreshments of immigration and iced her when she declined. Or at least, that's the way she remembers it. And giving out her name is…probably not a problem, but then again…she's not inclined to take the chance quite yet.

What did the one female call her?

"…I am Whitestar." she says as she recalls, folding her arms across her chest.

Thea sighs, just watching over from the rooftop. "I need to work on your arm. You're not going to argue with me about it, are you?" She will say softly with that slightly sisterly exasperation for Spidey. And then She will move on to working on Ironheart's hand.

Spidey nods, but subvocalizes to Thea, "Thanks. Be careful."
He looks back to Whitestar. "Okay. Whitestar. Pleased to meet you. I'd say 'Welcome to Earth,' but I get the feeling you already got a greeting that wasn't very welcome." The clothing gives it away. "I'd like to set some ground rules. If I ask you a question, I'll expect an answer. If you have a question, then I'm required to answer it. If you don't know the answer, say you don't know. If you don't want to answer, tell me that, too. If you CAN'T answer, tell me that, too. But if you lie, then I'm going to not feel any need to help you. You can hold me to the same standard. Does that sound fair?"

"Nice to meet you." Riri gives another wave before going back to looking at her hand, killing the external speakers. "Okay, reset the modulation to its original settings, and give me a full diagnostic." The suit's control system ponders that for a moment, before scrolling the report across her HUD. <Moderate damage. Estimated loss of repulsor output in combat mode: Fifty two percent. Estimated loss of repulsor output in flight mode: Forty nine percent.> "…Well, could be worse. Guess I'll just have to keep it slow-" She cuts off abruptly when the tingling sensation in her left hand stops. Another check for thermal signatures, and she inclines her head in Thea's direction. Riri doesn't want to give the biokinetic away, but… Presumably it's her. She's the only non unconscious heat signature around.

Whitestar furrows her brow at that, the gem on her forehead shifting with it slightly. "I did not ask for the offering of assistance, but an equal exchange is…acceptable. I will say if I do not wish to answer." she confirms, a little warily. "Those I met when I fell to this world were too intent on…confining me." Granted, it was in an immigration center where they planned to make her fill out a lot of forms, but no one said she was thinking entirely clearly at the time. Or now. But she is a bit more calm thanks to Thea.

Thea will let a snort escape her that Peter can hear. He will feel a tingling in his arm, and he may feel things sliding back into place where they should be. "And you thought you didn't need me." She sasses the Spider, just a bit.

Riri will feel a different sort of tingle, almost like her hand is asleep, but the pain and heat of the burn will lessen swiftly. Her hand will still be a little tender, but by tomorrow it will be as good as brand new. She isn't currently trying to affect Whitestar, just keeping an eye on her stress levels.

Thea gets another text, courtesy of ALICE. "Making a note to add you to the Spider-Comm system, with camm rig for you. And thank you for helping with Whitestar. She seems…fragile."
An interesting word for a V.I.

Spider-Man nodded. "All right, Whitestar. I have a question. Were you living in that area that those gunmen found you in?"

Riri gives one last nod to roof lady, before looking back to Spidey and Whitestar. "Okay, it's been fun and all, but I actually have work in the morning, and I still need to repair this-" She flexes the scorched hand. "And I'm going to have to keep it to like… one quarter speed. So… You keep doing the negotiation thing, and thank your friend for her help. Whitestar… Stay safe." Riri takes a few steps back to get clear, before lifting off and heading off towards Stark tower- Albeit staying much more upright than her usual near horizontal flight.

"No. I was using it as temporary shelter." Whitestar answers. "It was out of sight and protected, and there were others there who did not object to my presence." Her eyes sharpen as she immediately says. "Where is the traitor Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran?" And oh, there's more than a little growl in her voice as that name leaves her lips, a flash to her eyes.

Thea Will watch Ironheart take off, even as she smiles. There's a text back "It's my job to keep people from wanting to hurt you, remember?" It's not really her job, but she gets to tease him, since she feels like she's practically adopted him. She will stay quiet though, just watching and trying to carefully lean on Whitestar's bodily chemicals to relax her away from being angry.

Spider-Man tenses, just a little. Ohhhh, we hit a nerve there. Someone did. Probably him. It's usually his fault.
"I know of her, Whitestar, but I don't know you or your circumstances. But I would like to know more. I want to hear your side of it." He takes a step forward. "I'm a pretty good listener."

Whitestar's eyes flash as she points at Spider-man. "You are not offering an answering of the question! If you know, then you must tell me, these are the rules you put forth! Where /is/ she??" Okay, little bit…emotional about this sort of question, apparently. Her eyes narrow a bit. "…or are you claiming you do not know her location, only her existence?"

Thea feels a stir of alarm, and will start tugging harder on Whitestar's energies to try and mellow her out like a big ol' hit of the good green. "Be careful, she's very emotional about Kori."

Spider-Man pauses for a moment. "I only have a general idea of where she is, Whitestar. I have spoken to her on more than one occasion." He pauses. "That is all I can truthfully tell you. But in response, I have a question. Why do you call her a traitor?"

The tall Tamaranean gets a frustrated look at the answer, her fingers balling up into fists for a moment as there's a surge of powerful emotion for a moment across her face. Then Thea pushes….and her brow smooths a bit as she feels…unexpectedly calm, despite her memories reminding her of exactly why she's come to this distant world, what drives her here…

"…she is a traitor. She betrayed Tamaran to the Kree, the royal family…her family…to the Kree. It is by her betrayal that they learned the secrets of our defenses. By her that our king and queen were killed, and our people enslaved. By her hand that I was…" Her throat works, hot emotions struggling with Thea's attempt to keep her calm.

As soon as Peter's arm is up to snuff, Thea suddenly leaves off to focus solely on Whitestar and trying to calm her and keep her from battle readiness. She worries about Peter, obviously, so she's letting herself be consumed by this.

Spider-Man frowned. "That…is a serious accusation, Whitestar. And I have to say truthfully, in my own interactions with her, I haven't seen any sign of the person you are describing. But I, like anyone, can be mistaken. But I am going to find out for sure." He looks around. "The Port Authority will be here soon to take these crooks into custody. But I want to get to the bottom of this, Whitestar, for your sake. But if what you say is true…we'll do what needs to be done." He reaches into his backpack and puls out a cheap prepaid phone. "This is a cellular phone. It has a pre-stored number in it." He shows her how to dial the number on the phone. "I'm going to give this to you. I want you to call me if you feel the need to talk. About anything."

The slightly wild-looking Tamaranean cocks her head, for a moment resembling a predatory cat caught by suprise, before she reaches out and takes the offered phone, then tucks it into her cleavage. (because they don't put pockets on alien straitjackets for some reason) "She hides her crimes." she says, more sharply, that growl back. Another push against Thea's attempts to calm her. That is DEFINITELY a button, and a big fat red one to boot. "I will keep this phone." she confirms after a moment, floating up a little higher. "I will not remain where those who seek to stand in my way return to force me back to this…immigration office." She has every reason to be wary of being locked up anywhere at the moment, after all. Thea can see the hidden injuries in her form…very precise, very deep. Almost machinelike in their precision and placement.
"I will go now." she says suddenly, feeling a sense of confusion at the conflicting calmness and passion warring in her. "I will leave you in pieces."

With that, she flies upwards, then darts back towards the Disaster Zone, accelerating as a lambent corona trails after her, much like Starfire's, save a pure white instead of green. And then she's gone, disappearing among the wrecked building in the distance.

Thea will sit suddenly, a huff of a sigh. She will lean back on her hands and look skyward, to strain to see any stars. She'll shoot down a text. "I Think I'll go home now. You okay to give me a lift most of the way?"

Spider-Man exhales. "I've already been in pieces, Whitestar." He looks up to Thea. "I'd best get you home. I'll try to keep the Olympic stuff to a minimum." He shoots a webline to get back up to the warehouse roof, unfolding the harness. "…Thanks. You were a great help, in everything."

"She's emotionally unstable. Might want a tranq gun loaded for bear next time." Thea will tell him as she helps Peter get her in the harness thing he uses for her.

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