2019-06-27 - College? Really?


Kori and Sarah try to figure out the ins and outs of applying to colleges when they are missing important details asked for, while Rose and Dani give their opinions of college.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Jun 27 04:34:36 2019
Location: Baxter Building - YA Living Area

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Kori and Sarah Rainmaker are sitting at the large common table, heads bent over a messy pile of paperwork. Even in the digital era, there's still just a lot of physical paperwork to go over.

Kori turns the papers around over and over, a perplexed expression on her face. "I don't … I am still confused by this FAFSA paperwork," she complains finally. She shifts in place on the chair. "It is asking for my parental income brackets. But my parents are dead. And have no income. And we never had brackets," she says. "And there is not room on this paperwork for me to add this information."

She's in a high-waisted bellskirt in robin's egg blue and a black off-the-shoulder tee with a matching black fedora. It all looks relatively clean, so it's hard to tell if it's a throwback photoshoot outfit or if she's been shopping the sales at Salvation Army.

Sarah is dressed down, wearing a pair of black and grey workout shorts that cut off at her lower thigh, and a purple tank top over a black sports bra, her hair pulled back in a messy ponytail as she frowns. "Well…uh…there's got to be something her for a ward or orphan thing.." she says, scratching her head as she pulls up Google. "Not that they make it easy to figure that out….I guess maybe we could write cover letters…?"
The Apache girl looks similarly exasperated. "I mean, once we figure it out we can probably do the same thing for all of the applications, they're not majorly different…"

Walking out of her room, barefoot, a black half-shirt and a pair of light blue pair of panties Rose makes her way towards the kitchen. She grabs not one, but two beers, and wanders over to the couch, flops on it, and turns on the television set, scrolling quickly through a few channels until it lands on 'American Ninja Warrior'. "Oh, good, didn't miss it." She glances over to Kori, "Best comedy on TV, right here."
She pauses, popping open one of the beers, her mouth making an unpleasent sort of movement. "The hell are you doing? Paperwork?"

Dani walks in, wearing a Within Temptation - RESIST tour T-shirt and denim shorts. "Hey, what's up?" She says that without much preamble, looking between Sarah and Kori. She glances between the two, grinning cheerfully at the pair, then she looks over at Rose, "Hey."

"Yes, we are doing the paperwork required for college funding," Kori tells Rose with a solemn nod. "It is very much the difficult, though. The Federal Application for Student Aid is a very complicated loan process and complicated by the fact that several of us do not have parents, social security numbers, or legal citizen status. I have been told that we can /use/ this program to register with the school, but the paperwork is… daunting."

Admittedly, Kori's reading comprehension skills are not very good, which is probably not doing much to help the process.

Kori looks over at Dani and smiles warmly at the blonde. "Hello, friend Dani! Come and join us. We are preparing for joining of the college cohorts," she explains. "I have been told 'college is the gateway to success', but given the difficulty of applying for college, I wish I had some explosive breaching charges," Kori says, a little wryly. "I do not think I will find much success in this country solely attempting to market my physical appearance."

Sarah snorts. "Well, at least I don't /think/ they're trying to keep anyone from applying, anyway." she grouses a bit, rubbing her face. "But I think we'll get it. But yeah…" she says, waving to Dani as she walks in. "We're going to school, somewhere around here. Provided they accept a GED." she says with a frown. "Which I also have to study for and finish before I can actually send any of mine, but I figured helping Kori would be a good way to get mine straightened out too."

Rose breaks up laughing as the first contestant on the 'reality sports show' falls off the series of jumps, hitting their face on the pylon and bouncing off, falling into the water below. She snickers a little more, then looks over to Sarah and Kori. "Why the hell you wanna go to college? If you want money, we can just go find some villians, kick their asses, and send them to the cops. We can claim their loot, and repurpose it, or invest it into living here, and upgrading what we need."

In Rose's world, it's pretty simple. She makes a gesture over towards the computer. "Besides, anything you want to learn, you can get off that."

Dani makes a bit of a face at Rose, then nods at Sarah, "Well, I'm still working on where to go, now that I have my GED, so…" She shrugs a little, "Want to go someplace that has pre-vet available, since that seems to be my strength." With that, she wanders over to sit next to Sarah, "What about you?"

"That's what /I/ said!" Kori agrees with Rose, voice rising in protest. "There is nothing dishonorable about the spoils of war obtained after honorable combat! But everyone insists I should go to school and gain furthur education," she says. "The question of money does not seem to be a driving issue. I do not understand your education system. It's free up until a point, and then it costs tens of thousands of dollars a year, and it's necessary but useless, and…" She flings her pencil upwards in frustration, leteting it clatter on the tabletop.

"And Sarah is very smart but they are saying she must PROVE she's smart enough to go to college, before she can even start college? This entire enterprise seems designed to prevent people from going to school unless they're already wealthy and educated enough to render such an education redundant!"

"Your planet is… the dumb!" she splutters, and floats towards the kitchen in a manner wholly reminiscent of someone stomping her feet. How she does that while flying is anyone's guess, but she DEFINITELY would be stomping her feet. The door's opened aggressively as she dares without rattling the contents and she rummages around in it for something to drink.

"Oh!" She pops up and smiles at Dani. "Friend Peter is going to Empire State. I intend to apply there as well. There is not major for exotic dancing, however. I do not know what I should study yet."

"Weelll…" Sarah says, shifting. "I considered that Rose. But it's nice to have a fallback skill. It's like with sports players…they're great until they get injured. I'm guessing being a superhero is a lot like that. And I don't have anything special about me that keeps me from being permanently benched from an injury. Soooo….seems like a plan." She hesistates, peering over at Dani, then adds "Well…and I'm managing Alison now so I need to learn how."

Her lips twitch as Kori's show of temper. "…really, it's mostly the United States. Lots of other countries pay for schooling. Just not this one." She rests a hand on her hip, eyeing the Tamaranean girl. "You know, you could just try for dancing. The basics are covered but there are lots of other types of dancing besides just exotic dancing." she points out wryly.

Dani perks up at the mention of Alison, "Oh really? Don't business managers typically work as lawyers or something?" She makes a face, "Makes me glad with tuition costs that I have a Valkyrie's salary. I might be able to actually afford it then." Valhalla bless the conversion rate between gold coins and US dollars, at least.

"Fallback Skill: Fly to areas where there's droughts and collect a reasonable sum from farmers to make it rain. Jeeze." Rose rolls her singular eye, looks at Sarah, "Pretty obvious." She shrugs, "But if you'd rather waste a shitload of time dealing with a broken education system that's based purely off of profit rather than results, you have fun with that."

She takes another swig of her beer, looks back at the screen, "Me? Never set foot in a school. Private education until I was thirteen. Learned all I needed to there, and from my father afterwards." She shrugs, once. "It's a waste of time."

"Oh, I am very educated," Kori assures the others. She finds some unsweeteened tea in a pitcher and settles it on the counter to prepare herself a drink. "It is mostly education that is not applicable to Earth, of course. Astrogation and stellar cartography, etiquette and customs of the dominant cultures of the Vega system." She starts putting cayenne pepper into her iced tea. Big tablespoon of it.

"Military history, intergalactic trade economics, ecology of Tamaran, things of that nature."

The native girl wrinkles her nose at Rose. "I'm not saying you're wrong, but I do want to go and actually get /an/ education. I /didn't/ get private education." She frowns slightly. "I got home schooling from my mom when she could, which was hit or miss, and most of what I know I've taught myself. I have lots of holes in what other people know that I don't. College is the easiest way to take on that at my level. I don't need to be taught like a high schooler, I need to be able to ask questions and have things that are at least at my level." she points out. "And sure, I can do that, if I was lazy and wanted to sit in a lawn chair all day." she notes. "But I don't."

She turns her attention back to Dani. "…really? I thought they hired lawyers." she says, looking slightly dismayed. "I mean, I can probably learn basic legal stuff, but I don't know much about that otherwise." She huffs a bit, grumbling, then walks over to the fridge to open it up and get out a diet soda, which she pops and takes a drink from. "Anyway. Kori wants to go, so this is getting things ready for Kori."

Dani shrugs, "Well, I don't know for sure… though, well, I haven't really seen Alison around that much. But you being her manager? That's super cool, though." She grins a bit, looking thoughtful about something, though she doesn't exactly elaborate.

Sarah tilts her head, peering at Dani. "…what?" she says, curious now at Dani's expression. And she's been in and out, she already had some gigs booked on her own. She's got an agent, who finds her stuff, I'm more the person who makes sure things run smoothly for her than anything else."

Dani ahs, "Well, no, it's just that I only saw her the one time." She hmms, "So was she… planning on joining the team? With everything else going on, I haven't had a chance to really track who's coming and who's going, honestly." She shrugs, looking a bit too nonchalant.

"She is definitely joining, yes. I even suggested she could work a superheroine persona into her act maybe. Like a mask, but makeup instead of the actual thing. Showy outfit, that sort of thing?" she says thoughfully. "Something sparkly, considering her power. Lasers are pretty versatile, when you can play with light like that."

Dani nods, "Well, depending on the look she was going for, maybe something like David Bowie?" She grins, "Would definitely be different, that's for sure. And she really does have the flair."

"Yeah, something glam like that would be awesome. I was thinking blue and white for her first stage outfit…maybe with a blue mask over her eyes? It would look great with her blonde hair, I think." Sarah says, looking thoughtful. "I mean, she's gorgeous even without makeup, don't you think?"

Dani grins, "Oh, you aren't going to get any argument from me on that. Think she could work a Valkyrie with a winged horse into her act?" She winks at Sarah, then chuckles, "But that would definitely be a great look for her."

The other native girl perks. "Oooh. Would you like that? That'd be hella cool, if you flew down with her on the horse with you and dropped her off on stage sometime. It'd go with the whole fantastical look thing." she says thoughfully. "I mean…" She looks Dani over thoughfully. "She'd have to be the princess and you'd have to be the valkyrie knight."

Dani mmms, "Well, that's something I'd definitely like to do with her, even if it wasn't for a performance." She chuckles dryly, "You might say she made quite the impression when I met her, yeah."

Sarah leans back on the table behind her a bit, resting on her hands as she raises a brow, her lips quirking. "Going to ask her out?" she says casually, watching Dani more closely now. A definite teasing light in her eyes. "I may have to dock you your indigenous card, if you hook up with a skinny white blonde girl."

Dani chuckles, "Honey, I lived in Asgard for the past five years. Where do you think I acquired that taste?" She laughs, "Though she definitely seemed to like the look of me in my Valkyrie gear when she saw me, so she seemed interested. Haven't had a chance to follow through, though."

Sarah makes a show of pondering. "Mmmmmmmm, Asgardians are totally an exception to the rules though, since they're goddesses and gods." she says, her lips curving up a bit more. "I'm suprised you haven't got an Asgardian girlfriend though, in that case. There's a bunch wandering around in New York with the embassy."

Dani mmms, "It's a little hard to have a long term relationship with someone that's a few thousand years older than you are, though you can learn quite a bit." She grins wryly at that, giving Sarah a look, "Besides, I tend to be a bit busy between the X-Men, this team, and being a Valkyrie… not sure I'd have time to give someone the attention they really do deserve."

Sarah turns more serious at that, frowning. "Mmm, yeah. That'd be a challenge. I mean, if she's going to be here as part of the team, you'll be seeing her more. But yeah. Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate."

Dani chuckles, "Well, if she's on the team, that's one less thing to worry about I guess. Anyway, say hi to her for me, please?" She grins and stands up, then waves, "I should get some sleep while I can… the other valkyries aren't quite aware that I'm only human sometimes." Her lips quirk at that, as she heads towards her room in the HQ.

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