2019-06-26 - Tiger and the Beast at School


Thinking about higher eduction, Tigra runs into Hank McCoy at NYU.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Jun 26 01:40:12 2019
Location: New York University

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Hank is seated at a bench on the quad of (one of) his Alma Mater(s), he is dressed in an egg shell white suit tailored to fit his massive and oddly proportioned frame nicely. His shirt is fine Egyptian cotton, pristine white in color. One leg is folded over the other as he reads, an /actual/ book propped on his knee and reading glasses perched atop his nose as he does so. The book? Something particularly obscure and incomprehensibly 'mathy'.

Dressed rather less fancily, but looking equally dramatic nonetheless, or perhaps becausetheless, one Greer Nelson, publicly known as Tigra, and in said form and appearance as Tigra, makes her way through the campus of NYU, and even though it's summer term, there's more than enough people coming and going that she gathers quite a few looks. If the attention bothers her, she sure doesn't show it, with her tail sweeping about cheerfully, hips swaying in sync. Upon spotting an enormous white suit, and a blue furred man within, she steers her barefoot steps in his direction.

Well, in his defense, Hank's rather nattily dressed because he was a guest speaker at a lecture, one must look one's best, after all! And yes, Greer is very difficult to miss between the fur, the savage bikini attire, and the lively bounce to her step. A ribbon is placed in the book to keep his place, and then Hank looks up over the rims of his reading glasses at the feline heroine's approach and quirks a brow as the book is folded shut, and held in place on his knee with a massive hand. A genial smile. "Good day." He greets, ever affable is Hank McCoy!

In the background, an admiring student smacks into a lightpole from watching Tigra instead of where they were watching. For her part, Tigra offers Hank a friendly smile in return. "Dr McCoy, I presume?" she asks, corners of the smile twitching and threatening to turn into a grin.

"In very deed, Miss." Hank nods, and then cants his head to the side as he continues. "Alas, you seem to have the advantage of me." He tries not to wince for the distracted lad bouncing off the light pole, but really, can't blame them. Tigra /is/ rather lovely, rather exotic, and clearly not ashamed of either fact. "Is there something I can help you with?" His voice is a rich, bass rumbling and his tone friendly. He seems quite at ease, very comfortable in his fur.

She at least pretended there was a possibility that he might be someone other than who he obviously is. After his identity is confirmed and she's addressed, she steps closer and offers her hand in greeting. "There might be," Tigra says by way of answer. "I'm not sure if I'm actually wanting the help that I might be looking for." She pauses a moment, tail flicking briefly. "Let me explain. My name's Tigra, and I'm one of the Avengers," she says, not having the ego to assume someone would know who she is. "Believe it or not, I'm also a physicist, or at least, I have the bachelor's degree for it. I've been thinking, now and again, about trying to get an advanced degree, you see."

The fact she went for polite was worth some points, honestly. Hank's smile broadens, and he nods. "I gathered you were, but didn't want to presume, Tigra." He attentively listens to her commentary, and nods understanding. "Firstly, I believe it, just because one is not a be-spectacled nerdy type doesn't mean they can't have a brain. I have an associates in Physics, but I have several doctorates on record." A grin. "Proving that sometimes the stereotypes /do/ apply." He looks Tigra in the eye then. "But I don't see the conundrum - education is vitally important, if you have any interest to pursue it further, you definitely should. What is giving you pause?"

She takes a moment to gather her thoughts. "For one thing, I would certainly be a…non-traditional student by any definition, and that's without getting into issues of whether I were to apply under my 'civilian' identity or not, and that discussion would keep us here for hours." She turns to pace a bit. It's not a restless or anxious pacing, just a slow striding back and forth, like a sports car revving up now and again to keep the engine warm. "I would be, frankly, shocked if I would be the only superhero who's also a student, but responsibilities of being an Avenger might be more cumbersome for pursuing a degree." She pivots lightly on the ball of one foot. "Also, let's be honest, there's…levels of science. I've no interest in being someone like Tony Stark, or yourself, regarding some of the…frankly amazing things that can be done, but with my 'day job,' I think it would be appropriate to at least be…exposed to something a bit more out of the mainstream than I'd likely find in a normal curriculum."

"It can definitely be challenging to balance crime fighting, non-super identities, and real life with an education but I will never be convinced that should marginalize or side-line said education. Self-improvement is important, and we're more than muscle and theatrics. You clearly have had, in the past at the very least, and obviously still have an interest in hard science. One need not be a Reed Richards or a Tony Stark to be a scientist." His smile broadens. "And who knows, a little more knowledge might at some point or other be the very thing that one day saves the world. I would posit that in our line of work, our 'day job' as you put it, more knowledge no matter the source or how mainstream or esoteric is a good thing to have." Yes, Hank is rather fond of education! Subtle, yes, but true all the same.

"'Ignornance is bliss' not withstanding," Tigra begins, "I've never thought that it was possible to have too much knowledge. And yes, I once planned on being a physicist myself, even had plans for grad school, but, well, life got in the way." It's said wryly and wistfully. There's emotional investment there. "But that's then, this is now, and for the here and now, and why I was glad to spot you, I was hoping I might could get your help with…all of this," she says, gesturing vaguely to include the school. "I'm not sure that trying to get anothe rdegree is the right thing or not, but if I did, having an advisor of sorts, like yourself, would be a huge help."

"Ignorance is ignorance." Hank counters with a wry twist of his blue lips that leaves one of his fangs visible, the others hidden. It is rather…cute, though he seems blithely unaware. "No, it is not possible to know too much. Well, unless you're speaking of something akin to Elder Gods, and the like, then I would have to reassess that stance. In MOST circumstances more knowledge is better." He laughs softly about life getting in the way. "Oh yes, I was not always furry, and it came at the height of the Registration folly." A shrug. "But…it is what it is, I am a mutant, and I am proud of that fact. My gifts make me better able to serve my fellow peoples, man and mutant alike, far better than I would be able to without them. As to being an academic advisor…I'd be honored to assist, Tigra. In truth though I'm even accredited as an educator, I teach at the Xavier Institute."

Tigra's tail gives another little flick as she resists the urge to get into a debate about whether or not it is possible to know too much. 'Most' certainly covers the corner cases well enough. "I'm not a mutant, myself, but origin aside, I certainly try to use my gifts to help people." She tilts her head a bit, lifting an eyebrow slightly. "Is that an offer to teach?" she asks.

"It can be, are you asking for my assistance? As I am a licensed instructor, we can arrange schedules and tests and so on, genuine college credits you can apply towards getting your Masters or even a Doctorate should you wish to." Hank smiles. "Unfortunately we could not meet at the Institute, we'd have to work elsewhere." Hank shrugs, and looks around with a grin. "OBVIOUSLY I am not pinned to the school, however." A grin. "So…need some help with your continuing education, then?"

A small smile, with hints of a grin and even a smirk in its ancestry, from her now. "I may just take you up on that," Tigra says. "Let me think about it, so I can be objective and realistic about where things are in my life. I'm definitely leaning towards yes, but want to be sure. What's the best way to contact you? And thank you," she says with a fuller smile.

With a magician's flourish Hank produces a business card. "My calling card, Miss Tigra." On it can be seen his name, number, email and a listing of his SIX doctorates. The guy is not even twenty-five yet! "The number is good at any time, and I am somewhat obsessive about emails, if you'd be kind enough to let me know yours I'll add you to my filters to be sure you come through." Hank smiles warmly, but he's a pretty friendly guy in general.

Tigra looks over the card, making sure everything is clear on it. Six doctorates? Dang! She tucks it away and then tells him her Avengers email address. "Don't blame you for strong filters, not these days." A quick glance around the quad before looking back to him. "I'll be in touch soon, and thank you again," she beams, before turning to depart.

Six, definitely the man has some spicy brains! iZombies would LOVE 'em! "Strong filters are necessary. I get a lot of spam, being a very high profile, very outspoken mutant who lobbied for years against the registration act." He rises and offers Tigra a gallant half bow, hand to chest. "I look forward to further discourse, Miss Tigra." He watches as she departs, and then settles back to his reading, it is a lovely day after all!

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