2019-06-26 - It Sounds Like ...


Nick makes a resounding discovery when he goes to buy a new car.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Jun 26 03:31:12 2019
Location: Paragon Investigations

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Scrap yards really aren't any place that anyone really wants to be at unless you have business there. They are by definition dingy, dirty and full of unwanted and fairly heavy things. Nick, however, is the market for a new car and by new we mean very, very, very used. Salvage licenses are cheaper than buying new and if one is willing to put a bit of work into them - or is owed a favor from a mechanic as the case may be - then they're the way to go.

Isis is here for two reasons. Reason number one is because she'll be spending a fair amount of time riding in this car, so he wants to make sure she's comfortable with it. Reason number two is because he decided to do this near lunch time and Isis was demanding Five Guys.

She probably still has her burger.

Nick steps onto the scrap yard lot and glances around. Well. He'll just start looking through the junkers then, shall he?

Nick is clever when he buys lunch, he normally buys three times as much as Isis can eat. That what he's gets something. Five Guys is normally something she can eat a lot of and she definitely has at least one burger left. More if Nicks not finished his.

She's perched on the top of a pile of cars, blue/grey cats-eyes watching a Nick goes hunting and eats. She's being ultra helpful by pointing out cars. "I like the purple one. The colour is pretty."

"That's an Impala." Nick says, as though that will mean something to her. Clearly he doesn't want an Impala though. Also it's purple. Metal flake purple. Nick's never seen that much metal flake in one place.

He stops instead by a blue dodge charger and hrms, opening the door so he can look inside. "Well well…"

Does Isis like the color blue, he idly wonders.

"What about this one?"

"That's what Dean drives." Isis answers, happily chewing on that burger that she's got. "It wasn't that colour though. Find a black one." totally helping. Yes, yes she is. "That's a pretty colour though, the purple." Fixated.

Her nose wrinkles at the Charger, watching as Nick sticks his in the door. "What about it? It's not an Impala or purple." Is she trolling him? She might be.

"The Dodge Charger is a downright heroic car and fully the equal of anything on a two bit urban fantasy show." Nick snorts up in Isis direction. He leans in and opens the glove compartment. Something HEAVY drops onto the floor and..


Some kind of concussion wave - not an explosion - throws Nick clear of the car and breaks every unbroken window for a hundred feet in any direction. The brown werewolf tumbles and slides and then hits a Lancia Beta. A really rusted one.


"I don't know. I'd curl up on Dean or Sams bed any day." The feline-like mutant answers with a grin. "Has to be the car."

She moves to the edge of the stack, balancing easily as she watches Nick rummage around in the front. "What are you looking fo—-"


"Nick!!" The burger is dropped, she starts to leap after him and is caught by the concussion, tumbling through the air to land … on her feet, right by the werewolf.

Maybe it's true what they say about cats.

"What happenedAreyoualright?"

"Ow…" Nick says again as he picks himself up. "I'm okay. I'm okay…" He is too. Not much more than a couple of scratches and bruises. There's dust everywhere and bits of rust flake raining down from that blast.

"What the actual hell…" He takes Isis' arm and pulls himself to his feet. He can see from here that there's a bar of metal gleaming on the floor of the Charger. It looks like steel but… it isn't.

"That bar of metal fell out of the glove compartment and just… boom."

"Nick, Nick…" It's not often that Isis gets flustered but Nick or Piotr getting hurt seems to worry her. She helps him up, brushing the flakes and dust from him, checking the werewolf over to see if he's broken.

"That bar went … boom?" Her cats ears tilt forward on the top of her head. Nick can see her shake her head slightly, like somethings annoying her.

Clearly she's worried because she's not lamenting the loss of her burger, yet.

Nick might laugh as the woman starts to stalk towards the car. Just like a cat would when it stalks prey - slowly, slowly, one foot in front of the other.

"Can we touch it?" Her nose twitches as tries get the scents in the air.

He's not broken. Well, he's not any more broken than he usually is. He's a bit rattled but being tossed off your feet in such a forceful manner will do that.

"If it's not hot." Nick says peering over Isis' shoulder. It isn't hot. The metal smells weird though. It looks like a bar of steel stock but it isn't. It doesn't smell like any metal Isis has ever smelled.

Nick in the meantime has opened the back door and started looking in the seat pockets. He comes up with a file folder dated six months ago.

"Let's see. It's a corporate document of some kind. Hard to read. L… Lo… Lobo. The next word might be Techincal or Technologies or… not sure. It's smudged. This must be who turned the car in. Or at least, someone working there…"

It's times like this that Isis is so like a cat. When she nears the bar, the claws on her fingers extend and bat bat bats at the bar, once or twice.

And then does again, causing it to roll a little in her direction. And then again. Nick might want to grump at the feline-like mutant and tell her to stop playing. Cause that's what it looks like she's doing.

Eventually though the bar is dragged close for Isis to pick it up and turn it over. "It smells funny and can you hear it?" Her ears are twisting this way and that.

"What's that? Lobo what?"

Nick winces as he does indeed hear the bar of metal. It's ringing on a frequency well above human hearing but well within his own. His ears fold back. No, Nick does not like. Isis can hear him whine a bit.

"Lobo something. It looks like it's a company of some kind. See?" There's a logo and some smudged out contact numbers. "We can ask the salvage yard if it was a company car, or if it was turned in by a private individual. But this is some kind of purchase order and that…"

Nick eyes the bar of metal. "That is weird. Don't drop it. I'm willing to bet that it wasn't supposed to be in there. Seems rather dangerous."

It's a little bit of a mystery which is what Nick does. He's intrigued. Leaning back in he searches the other seats and comes up with what looks like… pictures.

"Uh oh…" He's looking at them. They're all relatively young people and they don't look related.

"Well, unless this car was driven by the world's most dedicated foster parent, this looks a bit sinister…"

The sound isn't doing much for Isis either but she still reaches out to pat Nicks arm. "I wish it would stop. I want to bite it." It's take so long to get her to be even relatively normal.

"The yard should have records on whose car this is." Isis nods holding onto the bar like there's no tomorrow. When the pictures come out, she growls a little "Those look like passport photo's. Or those photos that were use for registration." She freezes as she says that, screwing her face up only to glance at Nick rather guiltily. "Sorry…"

Nick's ears fold back at the mention of registration but Isis isn't wrong. They do sort of look like that. All of relatively young people. There are names and locations scribbled on the back of some of them but the handwriting is hard to make out.

"There's… twenty pictures here. I don't think this is anyone's photo album. This could be real trouble. We need to get this car to a forensics lab."

Which means they probably need to buy it. Nick wonders if it runs. Probably not, if it's here in the salvage yard.

The look of Nick has Isis patting him again. She … had been in the AIM lab at the time that all occurred. Not Nick though, he'd been caught up in it and he doesn't have fond memories of it. Rubbing her ears against his arm, as much in comfort for him and trying to alleviate the annoyance from the ringing, Isis thinks. "Get the car to the lab, sure. But those pictures, we could get someone to run them. See if they're missing or something, right?" She's learning.

"And uh … how are you going to get it to the lab?"

"Well we'll have to get it towed if it doesn't run. But first things first. We have to buy it."

On the upside this does mean that Nick is getting a blue Dodge Charger and not a Metal Flake Purple Chevy Imapla. He really doesn't like Impalas.

"I know a couple of people who can help us run the pictures but that means you'll probably have to do some sweet talking down at the precinct. Are you up for that?"

Isis is good at sweet talking. IF she isn't distracted by something shiny which happens by Nick's reckoning about fifty percent of the time.

That's ok. Nick can have his blue Dodge Charger. Isis will just pout and sulk for a few days till he feels guilty and buys her something shiny and purple to make up for it.

"The precinct?" That stops the feline-like mutant rubbing her ears against his arm for the moment. "With that Seargeant Hopper? The one that's always giving me donuts?" she likes this idea an awful lot. "I can do it."

Until she sees something shiny and is distracted.

"That's the one yes." Isis isn't the only one who can sweet talk and Nick is very amused by this. "Alright. Come one then. Let's head to the office and buy this hunk of scrap." He pauses to empty some of the messenger back he has and make room.

"Put that thing in here. I don't want anyone else seeing it. And I don't want to keep having to listen to it."

Because it's starting to hurt his ears.

"Shall we?"

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