2019-06-24 - Human Resources


Agent Todd brings the head of WAND Koa Turner's latest report

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Storyteller: koa-turner
Date: 2019-06-24
Location: WAND

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Senior Agent Pandora Peters is not a tall woman so there is some innate satisfaction in having an office that overlooks the main work area of WAND. It's circular because why wouldn't it be, and filled with screens, workstations and monitors - some technological and some arcane - that span multiple levels. The marble floor bears WAND's seal. And is, of course, heavily warded.

The dark skinned, tattooed woman shuffles a few papers on her desk and turns in her chair to admire the view again. No matter the hour it never fails to impress her. WAND is often stretched then, but the sheer dedication to their mission of defending Earth from Magical threats never fails to inspire.

A soft knock at her open door distracts her from these pleasant thoughts, however.

"Agent Todd." She says, spotting the older, balding man. He's been her right hand for a number of years now and he has what looks like a file folder in his hand.

"Senior Agent Peters." Todd says stepping forward. "I have our report and final disposition on what we have named the 'Limbo-Liveworld' incident. Illyana Rasputina and Agent Sam Guthrie will require medical attention and some follow up for possible PTSD if they're willing to take it. Keiko Kurita and Piotr Rasputin will very likely require rather more help. We're recommending, oh let's see…"

The dusky skinned man flips over a couple of papers in the file until he finds the list he's looking for.

"Medical checkup and long term followup for the effects of malnutrition and multiple possible untreated physical traumas, psychological services for PTSD and 'realignment' with the rules of our reality and society, a child psychologist versed in demonic behavior patterns for their child as well as an arcano-pediatrician and…" One more page. "Marriage counseling per Agent Turner's specific recommendation."

Pandora snorts in amusement and scoots her chair back over to the dark oak desk that dominates the back quarter of her office. She holds her hand out for the file, the wrist of her uniform sliding slightly up to reveal one of her many, many tattoos. Todd hands the folder over and begins leafing through it.

"What is the present status of the victims?" She says, going through the summary on the action report. One of the nice things about both Todd and Turner is that they get their paperwork through. It's late sometimes but she can count on knowing exactly what the hell they did… eventually.

"Two pocket dimensions." She sighs. "That's bad luck worthy of a gypsy curse."

"Quite." Todd agrees. "We've already delivered a standard survivor package to the residence of Illyana Rasputina and Sam Guthrie. The usual things. Clothes, food. We've arranged for some cleaning services for the next couple of weeks. It's one of our properties and one of the victims had been engaged to provide maintenance services, so that should give them all a little space to reacclimate to being on Earth and not in some form of private hell."

The veteran WAND agent clasps his hands behind his back as he thinks.

"Agent Turner has recommended that we remand the being identifying herself as 'Dreamqueen' to the victims for whatever punishment they have in mind and as at least one of them likely has the arcane power to enforce her dictates, I am inclined to agree. It's one fewer being we have to house, and one fewer entanglement we have to risk."

Agent Peters leaves through some of the supporting documentation in the file. The police report on the Bowery riot. The subsequent fight in the Disaster Zone against the dream-shaper. Finally she closes the file and looks up, giving Agent Todd her full attention.

"Do it, then. Agent Turner can break the news to Dreamqueen's victims. I'm sure they'll relish the chance to get some closure on the matter." WAND does not exactly operate by standard laws involving prisoners. Where magic is concerned there really aren't any.

"Now." Pandora steeples her fingers and lays them down on her desk. "How is Agent Turner?"

Todd seems to consider the wording of his answer for a moment.

"He's a wreck, Pandora. His entire right arm is one enormous second-to-third degree burn and he's ingested enough magic of a fairly awful sort to power our all our wards for the next couple of moons. The doctors don't think he'll lose the arm, but it's going to be useless for a while. On top of that the magic he took in is going to keep burning at him for the next few days while he metabolizes it. And that's not even counting what else it might do to him."

Todd takes a few steps forward, coming off to the side of Pandora's desk and looking out over the WAND offices. By chance, Koa Turner can be seen - arm wrapped in an enchanted bandage and held tightly to his side in a sling - making his way up the stairs that lead toward his own office deeper into the complex.

"You're aware that he's had control issues and that his use of magic was warping his aura and nature. This will accelerate those changes. And then there's the psychological and spiritual aspects. The rush of that power will be nearly unprecedented and there's a part of him that will want it again. On top of that, he's absorbed large amounts of magic from Limbo and from a dream related Power. You know the list of Powers. None of them are people that you'd want to mainline magic from, but that's exactly what he did. Bless him, he brought everyone home, but there's a price to be paid for that, and you know it."

Pandora nods and her mouth sets in a hard, grim line. This is the part of this job she hates most. WAND is perpetually short of good people. Those gifted with magical power don't often do well with organization on this level and even the ones who might are often not inclined to 'sign on'. So on the one hand, her job is to take care of those people. They're a precious resource.

And on the other, it's to make sure those resources are properly used and that WAND is able to carry out its mission.

"Is he still… functional?"

Todd doesn't hesitate. "I believe so. He's physically impaired, but his levels of mental and spiritual damage have not yet reached… unusable levels."

Todd knows this game. And he is utterly committed to two things: Pandora Peters, and WAND's mission. Sometimes that means that you have to act like a general, spending lives to get the job done. He knows Pandora hates it, but he's supported her for all this time because at the end of the day she's very, very good at it.

Peters picks the folder up off her desk and hesitates for a moment before handing it back to Todd. "Keep an eye on him and keep me updated. Otherwise, let him work his caseload. What's he on now?"

"Follow up from the Nightfall incident." Todd says. "Thirteen missing mutants. Shouldn't be as bad as what he just did."

The WAND second accepts the folder back. He knows where it goes and Pandora Peters is a busy woman after all.

"Small mercies then. Alright Agent Todd. That will be all."

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