2019-06-23 - Getting Creative


Even at a young age, Elena, exhibits some interesting talent. And Piotr gets creative with punishments.

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Storyteller: None
Date: June 23, 2019
Location: Limbo

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Limbo: Year 4

Elena, or more correctly Elena Kurita Piotrevna Rasputina, is growing. It's really hard to tell whether her development is advanced or behind - there's no real way to mark the passage of the time.

The string of baby babble that most babies is there, but like her mother, Elena tends to the quiet. That could be a side effect of the fact her parents are well aware of the dangers of Limbo. She's also not quite walking - though that 'pull myself along the shelves' thing is starting to happen.

Keiko is working out in the Courtyard, Bella and Mirlo are currently active and the small tattoed woman is using her demonic captives as target practice. Limbo has taken it's toll on some part of her at least.

Elena has been left with her father so that Keiko can work, but it's possibly time they appear. As much as both Piotr and Keiko try to limit the childs exposure to the demons - the demons need to see her.

Bella is herding the Hy'lop trying to keep the mischievous imp from Ji'quix. Ji'quix is cowering with his arms over his head - the reason becomes clear when Mirlo, Keiko's raven, comes diving out of the sky at him.

Piotr spent most of his morning with the child, speaking to her babble in the odd combonation of Peruvian Spanish and Russian that he and Keiko are comfortable talking in when they wanted to speak privately. Arriving in the courtyard with Elena in the crook of his arm, there's a pause as he sees the goings-on.

"Solnyshko." Piotr greets his wi— consort, a smile touching his lips as he watches the woman work with her animals. "You have made sure that they are rewarded if they do a good job, da?" he asks. He means the creatures, not the demons.

Elena makes with the grabby hands at Piotr's beard, but upon getting closer to the spirit creatures, she pauses, her attention turning to them, and she goes quiet and still.

Keikos animals have changed in her time here. Bella still looks Wolf like but her fur is more like shaggy scales, the claws on her feet like demon talons. Mirlo had once been a raven but now looks more like a zombie bird.

The raven dives with her talons extended, trying to scratch Ji'quix eyes from their sockets. She leaves bloody furrows from forehead to cheekbone, snagging one eyeball as she lifts away.

"You're supposed to fight…" Keiko sighs at the bloodied demon. Just as Bella pounces and puts Hy'lop on his back, massive Jaws tearing at his throat. That draws another sigh as the tattooed woman calls her pets off. "Get out of my sight" she tells the two demons.

Mirlo circles and comes to land on Keiko's shoulder, rubbing her zombie head against the woman's cheek. Bella chuffs as she pads nearer, pushing her head into Keiko's hand.

"I have, yes… They get pats and extra food." She turns, the faintest smile on her lips. "Mi pequena have you been keeping papa company?" They can't afford to show her affection here.

Had Piotr just arrived in Limbo, and had his soul intact, he would be horrified by what has happened to his consort. But his time with her - their time together, and his time without his soul has caused the large Russian to become callous to the changes - they are part of her. And she is part of him. "She was rather talkative earlier." he says with a slight smile in return to Keiko before he bounces the child lightly in his arms.

"They know not to threaten their Queen." he points out to her. "Even without me, they know that you will not hold back on them should they try to cause harm."

Unlike her summons, the demons do /not/ need to be befriended or treated better - they are traitors, would-be usurpers that would have gnawed on Keiko's bones if given a chance. They deserve no sympathy. And they are granted to quarter.

"It is good she is not out here." Keiko might have worried that Elena's silence was related to her but she doesn't. It doesn't even occur to her - it's natural to be quiet in this place.

"Those two know not to threaten me." Keikos voice hardens not watching as the two hapless demons drag themselves away. "I suppose I should be grateful that the ambushes in the Citadel have got less." They haven't stopped though and Keiko always has her wits about her.

"What were you two doing whilst I trained?"

Elena looks intently at Mirlo as she sits on Keiko's shoulder, the bird returning her regard. With a hop hop step, the zombie word skips over to Piotr, to run her head against Elenas cheek.

"I realize this, Keiko. And it is a good reminder to keep them that way." He's come to understand that fear controls Limbo - and his strength has to guide that fear. "There are those that will still threaten our rule, even with our child." Piotr grunts at that, giving a side-eye towards those ever-watching demons that are always around except when the two are in chambers.

Then she asks what they've been up to. That brings a coy little smile to Piotr's face. "Practicing." he says to Keiko, letting Mirlo rub on Elena for a moment before he moves to lift the child. He kneels down before Keiko and holds a hand up to her. "Like we practiced." Not that Elena knows what her father is saying fully. But she wobbles on her feet as Piotr stands her up. He holds her there for a moment, before releasing the child from his grasp.

Elena wobbles, and then lifting her hands towards Keiko, takes a wobbly step. And then another.

Up above a demon snorts. "We can walk when made. Weak." he rumbles of the heir.

"She's never done that" Keiko inclines her to Mirlo. Her spirits barely acknowledge Piotr and now the Zombie Raven is doing this.

Interesting. Not that Piotr gives her much chance to consider "Practicing." Not a question and the look she gives Piotr is flat. It is totally a question and he knows it.

Bella doesn't move as Elena starts wobbling, Keiko manages to keep her face straight, though she reaches her hands down to catch the little ones. "Pequena" her endearment for the child. "Dada!" Elena burbles, because of course she does.

As the demon rumbles Bella growls and puts herself between Elena and the creature that spoke.

It's a good thing that Bella is there - because as Elena is wobbling between the pair, the demon sweeps down, intent on grabbing the toddler and yanking it off and away from the pair. Bella's sudden approach makes it change course, and before it back get back up, it finds itself in the metallic grip of a massive Russian hand.

"Nyet." he snarls, and then twists, whipping the demon around to slam it into the ground hard enough to crack the ground beneath it.

Snarling, the King steps forward, grabbing the demon, and before anyone can react, he /rips/ the demon into two pieces, throwing it aside.

An example must be set.

As the demon moves, Mirlo takes to the air without needing any direction from Keiko. She dives at the creatures face with a screech. Bella snarls and lunges, powerful jaws snapping.

Not that they need to do anything, because Piotr is there.

Keiko doesn't pull Elena into her arms and cradle her protectively. The urge is there but it's well buried by now. "Come pequena." she says lowly, holding the childs hands for a moment, then scooping her up. "Let us see how to deal with traitors."

She's so hard now.

Piotr has plans for this one. Stepping forth, the large Russian remains in his metallic form, as he picks up both halves of the demon. The creature is crying it's displeasure and apologies as he walks down the path, to one end of the courtyard. He hangs the lower half of the creature there.

And then he puts the upper half of the creature /below/ it, where it's literally beneath its own backside. And he plans to leave the demon just like that. No reforming, no rebonding. No coming back. Close enough to reform, but unable to do so.

And there is a look around as if to see if there is any other challengers to the family.

Then back to Keiko, and it's over. "Did you see? She will be a dancer yet, da?"

Being a demon can really suck sometimes. Death doesn't happen and when your ruler is … creative … Like Piotr. The soul of an Artist, really.

"Very decorative, my King." Keiko murmurs, Elena held on her hip. She's not being protective, Elena is only carried because she can't walk, right? That's all it is. "You see, pequena, this is how we deal with those who challenge us."

Elena's dark cat slitted eyes take in the scene and she bats a small fist in Mirlo's direction. The bird takes wing again, swooping at the lower half of the demon to remove an eye - then back to Piotr where she drops the gristly offering.

"Dada…" the child burbles. A gift for her father, perhaps?

If they ever get out of here, that child is gonna be a bit messed up.

"I did see, yes. A dancer perhaps. If not a fearsome fighter like her father."

Catching the eye in his hand, Piotr looks down at it, and then back to his daughter. There's a smile to her as he considers the gift presented.

The offering, really.

And he pops it into his mouth to chew it and swallow it.

"Now. If you are done, we can return to our chambers." Looking over the pair, as he passes by Keiko, a hand brushing over her side. Apparently he's in a mood. "She is fearsome. And wily, like her mother."

Keiko doesn't say anything as the animals respond to their daughter. Not here in the Courtyard at least. She turns as Piotr touches her side and heads back to their chamber.

At least they can talk there, more openly.

With a murmur Mirlo disappears back into her tattooes but Bella trots along with the family. Their ever present guardian.

Once in their chambers, Keiko lets out a breath and draws Elena closer to her in a hug. "You did well, my daughter. You are strong as you must be." It's a shame her experience of child rearing comes from the Nightfall. Elena will have a staff in her hands by the time she is five.

When Piotr closes the door, Keiko sits on the bed not letting Elena go for the moment. Elena though, reaches for Piotr when she sees him. "Dada…"

"She speaks to them, doesn't she?" Keiko asks Piotr. It's hard to tell if that's pride or worry that colours her voice.

Reaching to take Elena, Piotr lifts the small child and meets her eyes. "She does, solnyshko." he agrees with Keiko as he brings the child down to his level so that he can hold her. "She seems to have taken a liken to yours." he points out with a little smile of thought.

But is it the animal empathy she is able to communicate with—- or the demonic empathy that has corrupted all of them in some way.

"I am a mutant. You are mage touched, and we are in a land of magic. We should have expected." And yes, he will support Keiko training their child. She will need to be ready.

Someday, she will be the Queen of Limbo, after all.

Bella prowls their chamber, checking the corners and shadows before jumping on the bed and resting her head on Keiko's shoulder. The small woman ruffles the demon-wolfs ears "You did well, Bella. Go and rest now."

A few words and the wolf is nothing more but smoke.

Elena whinges in her fathers arms when her playmate is gone.

Piotr might support Keiko in training their daughter, but he will be needed to show the compassion and softer side that comes with being a family. That love that he feels for his sister, the pure spirit that he had, it hasn't completely gone. Not yet.

"They have been her constant companions from the day I bore her. I'm not surprised that is the case."

Keiko pats the bed beside her, inviting Piotr to sit. Though he might need to tend to Elena in a moment.

Will Elena be Queen of Limbo? If she is, that means they've never got out of there.

"Before." Piotr corrects gently. Since she was conceived. It was Keiko's gossamer infused blood that made their child.

He lets out his breath, brushing his fingers through Elena's dark locks.

They can't be here forever. Elena can't be queen.

They have to find a way out.

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