2019-06-23 - Fun Dip


A bunch of people gather in the foyer of the school and gab about stuff and then it ends really suddenly and they can't gab no mo'.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Jun 23 00:00:00 2019
Location: Xavier's School Foyer

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It's a rare thing for a SHIELD SUV to visit the Institute. Pulling out in front of the school after getting clearance for a dropoff, the door opens, and out steps the large figure of Piotr Rasputin. Just two days ago, he was a twenty-three year old mutant from Russia. Instead of clean cut, the man that steps out at his full seven and a half feet is bearded, though he has taken the time to trim and clean up. He's dressed in some SHIELD sweats, and as he turns to the car, he reaches in.

When he comes out, he sets a small girl on the ground, no more than six years old, who reaches up to immediately take his hands. There's a few words exchanged before the large man leads her inside the Institute itself. "You wil stay with me here tonight while Illyana prepares a safe place." he explains to the girl. "In the meantime, I want you to meet my friends that I used to tell you stories of. And to find something to eat."

Speaking of something to eat, Dani Moonstar, resident Valkyrie, is currently wandering through the foyer with an apple in her hand, munching on it as she is looking down at her cellphone. Not exactly having a conversation so much as trying to figure out the cryptic messages that it's giving her when she's trying to install this latest app. Muttering in Norse under her breath, she pauses in the foyer, not quite noticing Piotr or his charge just yet…

Entering the foyer is a visibly shaken Hank McCoy, he too looks a bit older, though not /years/ older. He pauses just after entering the foyer, a dinner plate spanning hand rests a moment on the railing to the stairs heading up, and he looks behind him towards the lavender lioness — who might be looking a tad smug. "Well, you…will likely pass your formal exam, Catseye. Of course I might suggest less — aggressive — driving, the instructors at the DMV are less…durable than I am."

Blue eyes shift to note the arrive of the S.H.I.E.L.D. vans — and the heavily changed, and BEARDED, man of Rus and…child. Straightening, Hank's focus shifts. "Is that…Piort?" He's half asking, half scenting the air, and mostly bewildered at the huge changes.

Catseye does indeed look smug, and is currently in her feline form, padding along beside Hank. "Instructors smooth skins, will go easy on them." She bumps against Hank's side, "FurryHank tough. Can take it." Her head lifts at the mention of Piotr, her mouth opening and scenting the air. Piotr is less interesting to her than the small person with him. She looks at the little girl, and Catseye very carefully lays down off to the side against the wall, and tucks her tail forward and around. Very much a resting pose, one that makes her look smaller, as much as a large lavender lion with a curly mane can look smaller. "Catseye says hihi," she says, addressing the child.

There's mild bickering coming from the way to the cafeteria, in a pair of voices with differing takes on southern accents. "There is no way I am making gumbo tonight, so just figure out what we've got around we can make happen for decent eating, or I'll just make us mac and cheese and you can suffer." Rogue is stating to Remy, teasing making the tone of her voice light. Her hair is loose in waves over a green t-shirt paired with some beat up jeans, and sandals. She will playfully elbow the Cajun as they are almost into the foyer, green eyes bright in her face.

Remy dons a dark violet v-neck teeshirt, some dark blue jeans and a pair of steel toed leather boots, his hands are at his sides and he's look over at Rogue as they walk together. "So its decided then." He replies back to her about the Gumbo. "We get back on my bike an' we go back t'the store n'get that four foot tall chocolate bunny rabbit that they were sellin' by the registers." One of his hands goes up to his flat stomach and presses there against his teeshirt. "I got myself a pow

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