2019-06-22 - Making A Statement


Getting ready for a hunt, Keiko uses the opportunity to send a message to G'rfn.

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Date: June 22, 2019
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Limbo: Year 2

Keiko sits on the throne that was made for her, in the courtyard of the Citadel in Limbo. In her hand is a length of bone and in the other, a knife. She's been shaping the bone into a bow for awhile now, it's nearly done.

At her feet, a huge glowing wolf sits as sentinel. Bella, that's what Keiko had called her when she bound the wolf. The pelt, which had once just looked shaggy hangs from the wolf in a mass of glowing leather. The claws on the wolfs feet are more like talons and overall Bella looks rather horrifying. Most of that had been a result of being used as a conduit however, the continued to exposure to Limbo was slowly taking its effects.

Hanging over the arm of throne is demon-gut string. That's taken her … months she supposes, to dry and prepare. That though is ready, it just needs the bow and the arrows shes' been shaping for while as well. Keiko doesn't think on where she got the materials from - the demons who donated them would regrow the bits they'd lost.

That's the price Ji'quix, Hy'lop paid for challenging her and losing. Piotr had given the two small demons to her to do with as she pleases. Which is exactly what they're doing just in front her. Skinning each other so she can make more clothing for her, Piotr and their little one she's now carrying.

Putting the bow aside for the moment, the spirit callers dark slitted eyes note which demons are watching and how they are grouped. She knows the two that attacked her didn't do it unprovoked, so does Piotr but until that one makes an overt move there's little to be done.

Except make an example of those that challenge them.

It doesn't take long for Keiko to find G'rfn skulking in the shadows with his 'retinue'. G'rfn isn't much bigger than the two Keiko has, the demons he's drawn to him are much, much bigger. That's a concern for Keiko. Her power here only comes because Piotr has raised her to Consort. Still, she watches.

"Ji'quix…" Her low voice carries across the courtyard as she toys with the knife she'd been using to shape the bow. "Come here." The demon looks up, skin hanging off his arm and skitters over to her, carefully avoiding the vigilant Bella at her feet.

"Tell me again, loudly, why you're doing this." It's cruel smile that Keiko offers. "And come closer." The spotted eared demon steps forward, skirting Bella even more carefully - close enough for Keiko to take his arm and look at the flesh laid bare. "You've missed some."

That's the only warning the demon gets as her slices into him, stripping the line of flesh that he's missed from his arm. She's not quick, she draws it out. "I can't hear you…"

Ji'quix grunts at the pain, sweat oozing from his forehead. "I challenged the Consort and I lost."

"Louder" another slice.

"I challenged the Consort and I lost."


"The King has decreed that I am yours forever."

"And?" another slice. This time from his shoulder.

"That any other traitors will be given to you."

"Very good."

Her eyes rise again to where G'rfn was. He's not there. He scuttled off during that. She gives a small feral smile and hands the strips of skin to the demon she'd just been working "See to these. I want swaddling for the Heir when its here."

Rising from the throne, the spirit caller stretches. She's just far enough along for there to be a gentle curve to her stomach. Evidence that she is carrying the heir.

With a final look around the courtyard, she gathers the bow, knife and string and clicks her fingers at Bella before turning on heel and striding towards their chambers. Does she feel bad about what she's doing? Why would she? She's protecting Piotr and their baby.

There's the ever so faintest touch of yellow to her eyes, just a flicker and then it's gone.

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