2019-06-21 - Progress Report


Carol Danvers drops by the Stark Tower to check how Riri's settling into her new job

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Jun 21 00:41:40 2019
Location: Stark Industries - Williams' Laboratory

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Carol, despite her propensity for exploding things with photon blasts, is actually pretty tech-savvy. She's no Tony Stark, but she does have some game. And besides, she was there when Riri made her debut!

So, it's a Thursday afternoon, and Carol's wandering around the Stark labs, wearing civilian clothes (NIN T-shirt, blue jeans) as well as her security badge. Eventually, she walks into Riri's lab, whistling a bit as she takes in the view of everything.

Oh, and she has donuts! Which is always important!

A buzzer sounds as Carol scans her badge, and a soft thunk indicates the door unlocking. The current state inside is, well… organized chaos. At least half of the machines are in operation, Rock music is playing to somewhat drown out the noise of metal being shaped that escapes the rather well soundproofed cabinets, and Riri herself is bicep deep in what looks to be a new torso section, rather boxier than the original.
A tube leads from a headset into the access panel, and at least one other cable follows, presumably part of the source of the tang of solder in the air. The lab's owner lets out a satisfied hum and begins extricating herself, only to stop abruptly and almost lose her balance upon realizing she's not alone. "Oh! Uh… Ms. Danvers. …Colonel Danvers? Captain? …Hi." She blushes almost imperceptibly, gently removing the boroscope the rest of the way and setting it on the bench. "Can I help you?"

Carol grins, "Nah, not really, figured I'd see how you were settling in." She offers the box of donuts, "Wasn't sure if you liked donuts or not, but nine of ten brilliant engineers I know like them, so it seemed like a safe bet. Oh, and you can call me Carol. If you're smart enough to reverse engineer Tony's stuff, you've earned it." A wry grin, as she lets Riri take the donuts if she wants them. Though, well, there might be a suspicously bear claw-shaped hole in the box if they are opened.

"Donuts are good. Carol. Okay." Riri accepts the box and goes straight for the chocolate glazed, not really caring if her hands are totally clean at the moment. Having people bring you food was /awsome/. "I'm doing pretty good. Working on some upgrades. …Kind of got my butt kicked a few times." She takes a moment to chew and swallow, making a good quarter of the donut disappear before continuing. "There was this Crossbones guy, and this weird guy made of metal that apparently can have lower strength repulsor bolts /bounce off/ of him… When they usually melt straight through metal. So I'm trying to get creative. And I still need to pick Mr. Stark's brain on a few things, just so I don't have to completely start from scratch on my end."

Carol nods, "Yeah, Crossbones is a sneaky little jerk, that's for sure. He tends to avoid me whenever possible, which is fine by me. Not too familiar with that guy made of metal… huh." She shakes her head, "Sounds interesting, though. Made of metal and not like, a robot? We've had a lot of those going crazy through the years."

"Nope. This girl in an eyepatch, who's apparently a Young Avenger, stabbed him with some kind of super knife and he didn't start leaking anything. And I wasn't picking up really weird energy signatures." The first donut disappears into Riri's mouth, and she starts on a second. "Also learned that I kind of suck at things up close. So I'm working on putting actual weapons systems in besides the repulsors that double as my flight system. …How are you?"

Carol hmms, "Pretty good, really. Haven't had to deal with anyone threatening to blow up the planet in at least a week, so that's nice to have a break." She grins, probably kidding. Hopefully kidding. "So, yeah, the older armors aren't exactly that good up close. Thinking about slimming it down so it has better mobility?"

"Well… Eventually. …Should also probably learn how to fight somewhere. I do have plans, but it'd take a total chassis rebuild, and what I'm doing now reuses most of the actual frame of the Prototype. …hang on, easier to explain if I show you." Shoving the rest of the donut into her mouth, Riri snags a bulky looking pair of goggles, retrieving a second from a drawer. "Augmented Reality. Apparently I don't rank a holotable yet." She hands the second pair to Carol, strapping on the first ones and touching a few places on the edge.
When the goggles activate, Everything looks normal, except for three shimmering life size wireframes hanging in the middle of the room. The first one's clearly Riri's current armor. The second looks similar, but with a boxier torso. The third, however… is entirely different. As opposed to the bulky, almost gundam aesthetic of the Prototype and Mark I, it looks a lot closer in form factor to one of Tony's current works, albeit with a few differences. In general, it's slimmer with smooth curves to the plates, a hexagonal unibeam in the center of the chest, and a more angular helmet. Obviously, a much better fit to Riri.

Carol slips on the goggles, then nods, "Very nice. Like that third one. Definitely seems to suit you better." She hmms, "I should have stolen some Kree tech when I was hanging out there, but I wouldn't want to make Tony jealous." She grins cheerfully, "So you're hanging out with the Young Avengers then?"

"Yeah. It'll take a lot of work, though. I mean, I have to fit all of /this/," Riri gives the Mark 1 wireframe a poke, setting it rotating gently. "Into /this/." The Mark 2 gets a similar poke. "And I'm still working on all the stuff in the Mark 1 in the first place…" Nope. Totally not slightly drooling at the idea of Kree Tech. "…Kinda hanging out? I was watching a concert they were at, and these weird guys with sonic grenades attacked it. I think they had a geokinetic too. …Part of why I need the micromissiles. Easier to take out giant flying rocks. Kind of nervous about the team thing, though. I don't really…" She waves her hand vaguely. "People. Tech is easier. Even AI tech, and I'm still working on getting something better than what's in a smartphone these days."

Carol hmms, "Well, yeah, but you know? Being part of a team is pretty good, because then you have people that got your back. Trust me, founding Avenger and all that." She grins, "Even dealing with Tony constantly was worth it, though don't tell him I said so." With that, Riri gets a friendly wink.

Riri can't help but grin a bit at that. "You bribed me with donuts. …But yeah. There's just a lot of them, and they all know eachother already, and are comfortable… I don't know if I'll fit." She slips her hand into one of the gauntlets of the Mark 2 diagram, and it shifts to fit around her. "I don't want to be the weak link."

Carol grins, "Maybe I should send Clint over here to talk with you about that. It's not all about the flashy powers, Riri." She smiles and tilts her head, "Besides, sounds like they could definitely use a super-genius on the team."

"Well, eyepatch girl won't stop calling me Armor-Girl. The rest of them were pretty ncie though…." Riri shrugs, lifting the goggles up off her face again. "…Also I don't want to be as much of a pain in the ass to them as Tony is to you." Okay yeah, the grin's back.

Carol chuckles, "Riri, you'll never have to worry about that happening, trust me." She grins cheerfully at Riri, "He's not been peak Tony to you, has he?" She tilts her head, mostly kidding, but she does sound a little concerned.

"Erm… He's been pretty busy lately, so I've only really seen him a couple timems… Define Peak Tony?" Riri gives Carol a curious look, moving over to the stand holding her armor. "Do you think you could like… coach me and stuff as well? So I can deal with hand to hand stuff better."

Carol grins, "Sure, I can give you a few tips. I'm no Captain America, but I can hold my own without much of a problem." She hmms, "Peak Tony is… well, hard to describe, but you'd know it when you see it. But you definitely piqued his interest in a good way, so you might not see it. Also, you should really hang out with those other kids, even if you don't feel like you fit in that well. You can probably pick up things from them too."

"…I guess. I was kind of hoping to learn wearing the armor, since it changes how I move. I could see if they'd be comfortable with it…" Riri wanders back over to the Prototype, idly running her fingertips along a forearm. "Oh, I bet you'd like this. I"m going to make the forearms on the Mark 1 detatchable, and give them flight thrusters. So I can rocket punch people."

Carol chuckles, "That, is awesome. Love it." She grins at Riri, "But yeah, if you want to put the armor through its paces, I'll be more than happy to help out with that."

"Great!" Riri grins back, tossing the AR goggles back onto a workbench. "…Although we should probably like… pick a day or something and find some place to do it where we won't be breaking things by accident. I'm pretty sure power armor isn't allowed in the employee gym."

Carol laughs, "Well, here you never know, but probably a safe bet. You can come by Avengers Mansion if you want, we do have more space there. Pretty sure Tony has you cleared already, but if not, I can get that set up for you." She grins and sets the goggles off her head, setting them gingerly down on the workbench.

"I can?" Riri's eyes widen. "Uh… Holy shit. Things just keep getting better. Uh… I should probably get an ID or whatever ahead of time so I can register it in my armor, though. Turns out, not having pockets is a bit of a problem sometimes. …Seriously, thanks. For everything."

Carol grins, "Sure. I mean, you can come by to practice. I'm sure we can get you some tips." She nods a bit, "And hey, you've earned it. Don't ever worry about that." She smiles, "But, I should probably get going, I've got monitor duty tonight, so."

"Y-yeah. Thanks for stopping by." Riri's grin somehow manages to get wider. "Good luck- Oh, hang on." She snags a sharpie and an empty mylar bag that probably used to contain some kind of electronics, and scribbles a number on it. "Here. This goes to my armor's comm system. You can call me if you need to."

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