2019-06-21 - Formenting A Riot


Formenting A Riot

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Storyteller: None
Date: 21 June 2019
Location: Limbo

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Limbo: Year 1

Time is different in Limbo. How it flows and ebbs. There's no real day or night, no real way to mark the passage of time - at least not mentally. Physically, the changes are starting to show. Piotr has started to spend more time out of his armored form. He'll go for a long period and then shift back. When he's in his human form, there's odd designs on his arm and pec that weren't there before he came to Limbo and the entire arm was corrupted by the magicks.

They'd been sharing Illyana's old room. But Piotr does not share the bed. He tends to sleep on the resting couch in the room or on the floor - allowing Keiko the bed.

When Keiko awakes, Piotr is not in the room. He's left. And she will hear a loud racket in the courtyard, the banging of what sounds like metal on rock.

They'd finally convinced the demons to get 'human' food. Keiko couldn't go much longer without a good meal. What they'd got had been interesting and varied but there'd been icecream as well. Hey, when you're hungry, food is food.

The effects of Limbo on her have been interesting. Her tattoos have been slowly changing - to match the changes in the animals she summons. They're slowly becoming something more monstrous to look at, though their abilities don't seem to be changing.

At least not yet.

Illyana's room is the only place they find they have any privacy - they seem to avoid the scrutiny of the demons, at least. Still, she's careful how she speaks to Piotr and what she does. Showing weakness isn't something she does easily. She'd also argued about the bed - being smaller, the couch was better suited for her - but she lost.

Turning her legs to the edge of the bed, Keiko slides from it and dresses properly. It takes her a few moments to navigate the Citadel though in the time she's been here, she's learned if she focuses on her destination, she gets there faster.

It's weird.

She pauses in the shadow of the doorway that empties into the courtyard, eyes tracking to where the noise is. She's sure it's Piotr but not *absolutely certain* and caution is always called for.

A large stone slab was moved into the courtyard during the night. Or what passes as night. She will see see Piotr standing above it, with a hammer and chisel he's fashioned himself. He's at work, tapping and sometimes hitting the stone as he works. He's in his human form - but she can tell, he's not any shorter than when he's in the metal bonds.

The stone itself has started to take on a shape - a vaguely human looking one.

Piotr is not aware of his consort's presence in the courtyard. There is a breakfast that has been set up, as it were. Not that they have any idea what that means, so there are slabs of cooked ribs and what appears to be beer.

The food has to be consumed quickly, corruption sets in quickly if they don't. Nothing keeps.

Keiko moves out from the shadows when she sees Piotr, frowning slightly as she notes his height. Is he taller? It's hard to tell. When you're short, everything is tall.

Taking up a rib and can of beer, she stops where Piotr can see her. "Morning." She doesn't ask what he's doing, she can see. Just not what.

"Keiko." Piotr steps aside from his work. He's covered in the dust of stone. How long has he been at work on this? Hours, perhaps. Did he even come to bed the night before? It's hard to say as he approaches her.

Dusting off his hands, he takes up one of the ribs to eat and glances at the beer. "They bring us piss water. Again." he gives a grunt. "Illyana at least had vodka."

That's long gone. He can see the question in her eyes, though, and glances. "It has been.. a long time since I worked on my art." he admits, reaching up to rub at the stubble of his chin. Being out of his metal form, the hair has started to grow more. "I thought I would practice. And give them the child they want."

They tried the bone creature. Now he's trying stone. While he told her what they may have to do - he's not pushing her for it. Nor would he. There has to be another way.

"Piotr." How long has it been? Her hair is longer by a good deal but it's hardly a measure of time. "It is good. The beer." She's never really developed a taste for one drink or another. Truth be told she didn't drink much to start with. "Maybe you could threaten to tear the head off that Imp again if he doesn't bring you Vodka next time?"

She says it so calmly. So matter of factly. This is what Limbo does, it changes you.

"It's worth a try." She finishes the rib and wipes her hand on her clothes. There's nothing here as couth as napkins or hand towels. When she's sure it's clean, she runs the hand over the stone, feeling the contours. There's a slightly feral feel to her now, and it's getting worse.

"I've been watching the imps, the demons. They have factions, you know?"

"Yes. I am aware. Illyana has told me of them in the past." Piotr responds. She looks so much more feral at times. He's marked the changes on her, what Limbo is doing to her. What he's been helpless to stop.

But at the same time, she's been his only company for who knows how long. When she comes over to touch the stone, his hand touches her shoulder. "Back home, I was art teacher." he explains. "Paints. Sculpting. Sketching." he shrugs his shoulders. "Perhaps it is worth effort. Both for stone. And vodka."

He gives her a slight smile at that. His soulsword is not with him, settled on a stone nearby.

"We can use that. To escape." She answers. "I'm good with animals, in a way. I've been watching and I think the demon with the spotted ears is the head of the biggest one that wants to take K'nert down."

Piotr might wonder about Keiko. She's not complained once since they've been here. She's been hurt a couple of times in attempts to get out but she's borne it all stoically.

Her hand follows the contours of the stone, gently and lightly, as she explores it, trying to make out how he's going to shape it. When his hand touches her shoulder she looks down at it, following the arm up to meet his eyes. Her pupils are full on slitted now, nothing normal about them which just adds to the wildness of her nature. She doesn't shrug it off or move - which is something.

"Were you a good teacher? I think you might have been." Art for her was a luxury she couldn't afford. "Do you want to get out of here? It's worth the effort."

"I'd like to think I was." Piotr responds, but he's chewing over the information that was provided by Keiko as he turns his attention towards where the demons are. He has noticed that demon sits opposite of K'nert and is about when K'nert is not around usually. He feels the warmth of her skin under his hand, and he withdraws it as he moves to collect the soulsteel sword.

"Uz'gaun. That is the name, I believe." It's not like Piotr has tried to learn their names. He's just picked up bits and pieces of information here and there. He puts the sword back in place as he looks to Keiko. "Do you want to talk to him now, or would you rather..?"

He offers the chisel and hammer to her.

"I've not seen your art, but I think Illyana is proud of it." It was impression that Keiko had from the blondes interaction with Piotr. "You will get back there, Piotr. I promise."

The small peruvian hasn't really been open to the whole 'heir' thing but she's proved fiercely loyal anyway and driven.

"Not yet. We watch. We bribe as we can. Demons are different but they still have their … triggers. Uz'gaun." she says the name, committing it to memory. "Tell me how you would upset the power balance here. If the demons fight amongst themselves, they won't be watching us so closely and some might just want to be rid of us."

Her skin is warm under his hand, he can feel her wiry build. She's not that let slip during their time here either. Exercising to keep herself in shape. Just not the shape she needs to be to satisfy the demons.

She takes the chisel and hammer and looks at the rock. She doesn't ask for help, just waits for him to guide her hands.

"We need to convince him that K'nert's plan is folly." comes Piotr's response. He feels Kieko beneath him, and he feels the small warmth from her frame. Closing his eyes for a moment, he tries not to let that distract him from the plan he has going. "K'nert is like child at birthday. Waiting to open present. Waiting to preen. Say he is right."

His hands take Keiko's and guide them. They make the first couple of strikes together. They're working on the general shape of the form, not the finer details. But as he leads her hands, he finds a spot for her to chisel next. And this time when she strikes - the stone crumbles and breaks, collapsing part of the statue that was forming. There's an audible murmur from the demons.

Piotr releases Keiko's hands and steps back. Anger bubbles and fumes. "You ruined it!" he accuses her. "You have sabotaged it again!" His hands ball into angry fists of rage as he raises his hand to Keiko and points. "You are /not fit/ to make the heir of Rasputin! You are unable to create a heir! You are useless! I cannot create a heir for Limbo with you!" he roars angrilly at her, his full seven foot height over her, towering, before he turns to storm off from the woman.

His glance momentarily turns towards Uz'gaun to catch sight of a reaction, but he's selling the anger hard as he tromps away.

As Piotr stands behind her, Keiko's breath catches for just a moment. "We need to convince him too, that he can rule in K'nerts place…" the peruvian adds.

Piotr is amazingly gentle with his guidance. He clearly has a gift for this. She doesn't smile as the first couple of strikes hit, but there's a sense of satisfaction that rolls from her.

When the statue crumbles and breaks her eyes widen and she tenses. Then Piotrs again is rolling over her. She's stock still as she collects herself remember, barely, where there are. As he accuses of doing this again her temper snaps and the brand on her torso flares.

All that lovely anger for the brand to direct.

"Again? At least I am trying. You just want to act like an animal." she storms. Funnily enough, acting like an animal is exactly what they need to do to achieve this. But she hasn't accepted that, has she. "I'm not useless, you are."

Uz'gaun certainly turns his attention to the Royal pair, his spotted ears moving forward in interest. He skitters forward, trying to intercept Piotr. "Hey boss boss. You want I find you a new Queen? That one there, make good eating."

"You are /not/ eating her." Piotr growls, a glare towards the demon. "K'nert is an idiot. He gave no choice in this. He assumed." He hears his consort's words, and he shoots a glare at her, before returning to look at Uz'gaun. "He made the wrong choice." that's said flatly to the demon as he continues to walk off. "Tell the Queen I will be in /my/ chambers."

The die is cast. The first seeds planted.

Maybe they can do better at enticing a civil war better than they can making a heir?

Piotr might be putting his temper on, but Keiko is not. And this is dangerous. The brand has the marks of Elder Gods about it and it drives her anger into a white hot rage.

She doesn't hear what Piotr has to say as she stomps her way up the ramp on the side to the ramparts at the top of the castle. She wants to hurt something really badly.

Uz'gaun sits back on his haunches, looking like a cross between a jackal and a frog, and watches them go. When he's sure they're both gone, he skitters away to a small group of demons gathered by the wall.

Maybe they will be. But will it matter? Or will Limbo take its toll anyway?

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