2019-06-21 - By The Grace Of The King


Alone in the Citadel, Keiko muses to herself and is approached by a demon

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Storyteller: {$storyteller}
Date: June 21, 2019
Location: Limbo

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Limbo: Year One

Standing on the ramparts of the highest part of the Citadel, Keiko looks down on the courtyard and out over the walls. Piotr is about somewhere, the small Peruvian can't see him down there but he's never far, really.

Down in the courtyard demons linger. Some in the shadows, some on the walls, some even sniff around the two thrones that are there. There's always demons around the Citadel, they've taken great interest in Piotr and her. Her, because she is weak, only safe because the Rasputin acknowledged her as Consort.

Keiko has no doubt as to her value here but it's not a fate she's quite willing to accept. Yet. Stubborn and frustrating, that's what Koa and Illyana had called her before all this happened and they were right. Growing up in the Nightfall, she'd had to be. That training, that life, is how she would survive this.

How long had been here? Weeks certainly, months probably. Long enough for them to be learning the factions, to start fomenting unrest - see if they can convince at least one of them to return them to Earth.

In her heart, Keiko knows that won't happen. Piotrs too damn loyal to Illyana to let Limbo languish without her and Keiko won't leave him to do that alone. It's not affection that drives that, it's the fact that Illyana and Koa had treated her as more than just… a thing. And Piotr had as well in their short interactions.

Stubborn and Frustrating with a twisted moral code.

Was it only yesterday that Piotr had set his plan in action? To convince Uz'gaun that K'nert was wrong? When he had called her useless in front of those same demons below? It had stung her, more than it should. It had put her danger. With others thinking their King had no need for her, Keiko had become more of a target.

Beside her, the spirit of Bella sits - a silent sentinel and witness, though creature seems to sense her mistresses inner turmoil. The huge shaggy head is pressed against Keiko's palm, the Peruvians fingers curling in spirit for in response.

The only comfort the woman will allow herself. It wasn't permitted to show affection to the Spirits she'd bound.

The scraping of claws on stone gets her attention, not that she turns to acknowledge it.

//Useless Consort. Can't make an heir. When King is done with you… //

Bella lunges without indication, powerful jaws snapping at the small demon that squats not far from where Keiko stands. "Bella back." her voice is implacable, quiet and strong. The Wolf responds, returning to her side but growling.

"He will give me your hide, G'rfn." Keiko completes that thought.

She meets the creatures eyes as she moves past him, Bella following and still growling, sending an unspoken message.

She's not afraid. She's not strong enough yet to challenge them directly but she will be.

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