2019-06-20 - A Very Sarah Supper


It's Taco Night at the Baxter Building, and the ladies of the Young Avengers congregate for some long-overdue simple socializing.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Jun 20 00:54:41 2019
Location: Baxter Building - YA Living Area

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It's been several weeks since Sarah went from on the run escapee/accused threat to everyone in her path to Young Avenger, and not too long since the group has moved over to the Baxter Building and gotten settled, mostly. Sarah's issue is that unlike several other members, she doesn't really have a day job of sorts. And she feels a bit like a slacker, which is not a good thing for someone who grew up working on a ranch.

Thus…she's cooking.

Scents are starting to waft out of the kitchen, a spicy, meaty scent mixed with peppers and the smell of oil, as well as flour and honey and a mix of other things. Currently there's a mixture of diced up peppers, onions, hamburger and green chili simmering on the stove, with a heavy bottomed frying pan warming next to it.

Sarah herself is currently working with a large mixing bowl, making balls of dough that she's setting to the side on a piece of waxed paper that's waiting for them…she's dressed in a t-shirt that reads "My Marxist Rhetoric Brings All the Boys to the Yard" and shows a 1920s suffragette with fist upheld over a Soviet style worker gathering doing the same back. That, and plain grey exercise shorts that cling to the rest of her, and barefoot beyond that.

Alison has a home again! Sort of. Though, technically, it's more of a workhouse since she's expected to be heroic for her bed and board. Her name is even on the door to her room! Albeit her codename of Dazzler since she is trying out different logos to see which one people like.

Alison is heading back from the gym where she had been practiciing routines when the smell of cooking draws her towards the kitchen. Cooking is something she is not used to - scrounging has been more her mode of operation recently. The woman dressed in leggings and a crop top as she bounces in. "That smells awesome, Sarah" she grins, happy to take in deep breaths of the aroma. "Let me know if you have any leftover." Her stomach growls in appreciation as she grabs a bottle of water from the fridge.

Riri's day had hit a bit of a dull spot. Design work was a constant, but parts could only be made so fast. And while the parts were being machined and assemmbled, she might as well test those new flight control algorithms… And flying was fun.

So, for entirely unselfish reasons, a grey armored figure arcs down out of the sky, carefully dropping to the landing pad a good away from what was apparently a winged horse. …Interesting. One elevator ride later, after uploading her security card to her armor so the elevator actually /worked/, and Ironheart steps into the Young Avengers… Whatever the name for the base was. Nobody'd actually told her. "Uh…. Hey everyone." Cue awkward wave.

Rose walks out in a half-shirt, and a pair of tight shorts. She, too, is barefoot. She is currently smoking a joint. She pauses after a few steps of closing the door to her room that has a warning label on it that reads: 'Enter At Your Own Risk'. Usually said signs are meant as a prank, or for teenagers rooms to jokingly warn their parents. In Rose's case - it might have more … practical applications.

She takes a toke off the joint, deeply, looks around again, muttering, "Good. I'm hungry."

She seems about to greet Alison, when Riri drops in - in her armor. She looks Ironheart down from head to toe, and back again. "We already have a robot," she says, matter of factly, pointing to H.E.R.B.I.E.

"Hey, Alison. Here." She offers the not-quite-popstar walking lightshow the joint, "Have fun."

Kori's door opens and the Tamaranean girl emerges from it, floating along six inches of the ground with her hair in that endless waterfall in her wake. It almost looks like one of those goofy Warner Brothers cartoons, Bugs Bunny following the heavenly scent of food to its source. Is she getting ready for work? She's all in lavender, with thigh-high boots and shoulder-length gloves worn over a purple-and-white leotard with a mandarin style collar. At least it coordinates well.

"Oh, this smells of the wonderful!" Kori proclaims, drifting past Riri's awkward spot in front of the elevator. "Hello, Ironheart! You are looking very metallic today," she advises the woman, cheerily. A… compliment? It seems that way.

She floats right into the kitchen and lands in Sarah's personal space, eyes gleaming with catlike curiousity as the food is prepared. "You are making of the dinners?" she deduces with a pleased gasp, and flings her arms around Sarah's shoulders. "Hooray! I love the dinners!" She makes grabbyhands for the food on the range, heedless of the sizzling temperature.

Kate Bishop was in munchie mode currently crunching away on a bag of veggie straw chips. Which was way better than it sounded, plus it's healthy, plus oh god whatever was cooking smelled good. She emerges from her own room wearing a pair of black yoga pants and a purple tanktop with the back straps criss-crossed between her shoudlerblades in that fashionable sort of way that still left a good amount of movement. Crinkly bag in hand she moves along to join the others in the communal area.

A chip is crunched as she takes in the others with a bemused grin. "Rose, where did you even *get* that? … You know, nevermind. I probably don't want to know." The thought is shaken off as she moves further into the room to find a place to just… drop into a seat. "Sorry I've not been around a lot. Had some god-issues to deal with. I'm Kate," she offers for those she hasn't met yet. "Hawkeye."

Riri rolls her eyes inside her helmet at Rose's comment, before disembarking. The armor clamshells open from the back and the much shorter teen exits, clad herself in shorts and a Captain Marvel tank top. "Uh… Hey Starfire. Sarah." And then Kate arrives. …This is a /lot/ of people. "…Oh. We're doing real names. Riri. Or Ironheart, when I'm…" She nods back towards the armor, which seems to have closed again and entered some kind of standby mode.

The tall Apache glances over at Allison, looking amused. "What, you think all of this is for me? I don't think my stomach is quie big enough. I was making this for all of you." she clarifes. "If you'll give me a moment, in fact, the fry bread just needs to be…well, fried."

%TShe hold up a hand in greeting to Riri as she arrives and motions the others to the opposite counter where some plates have been pulled out. "Have a seat, it'll be ready in a few minutes. There's shredded lettuce and some decent pico in the fridge too, and sour cream and salsa. I can't believe you guys didn't have any salsa." she says, shaking her head, then oofs as Kori pounces and hugs her, laughing, and smacking her hand lightly as she reaches for the stove.

"No, no, not yet! It has to be put together first. Watch." She snags a container of oil that's already been opened, then carefully pours some into the heating pan, before she snags the dough balls she's been making and pats them flat, dropping them one at a time into the oiled pan with a sizzle.

"Hell, Sarah. That's what Grubhub and Doordash are for," Rose relates to Sarah, matter-of-factly. Because no one will ever, ever, ever, catch Rose cooking in the kitchen. Still, she's not complaining, admitting, "Looks good."

Rose lifts her chin, "Nice of you to join us, Kate. Missed the concert. Tell you about it later. Turned into a huge shitshow. Armor-Girl here," she thumbs a thumb at Riri, "Showed up and helped some asshats from killing a bunch of folks along with us. So apparently she's part of the team now, or something. Alison's pretty cool. I've hung out with her before. She shoots lasers from her fingertips. Pewpew. I guess she's joining us too." Rose shrugs, indifferently.

Alison hasn't had food cooked for her in a while so it is a pleasantly surprised smile that goes with Sarah's words. "Serious? Awesome. Looks scrumptious." A wave for Ironheart. "Hey. Welcome to wherever you are." A joint! In these hallowed halls of heroic humanity? Yes, please. Alison takes if from Rose with a wink before enjoying a puff…or two. She's a pop star, it's part of the job.

Alison waves to Kate, though she is curious when the young woman proclaims she is Hawkeye. She doesn't look anything like Hawkeye. "God issues? I have those sometimes. Get these evangelists deriding me for wearing fishnets because, you know, that's what keeps God awake at nights. Nice to meet you and, yeah, I think I'm in the band. You'll burn your fingers, Kori" she points out as food is grabbed for. "Actually, you probably won't." Another puff on the joint before she offers it around.

Kori yelps in protest as she's slapped, and scowls at Sarah. "I was just the hungry!" she complains. But the point is well taken, and she seems to realize she's doing things wrong. The purple-clad girl floats back to the proper side of the kitchen counter and settles into a stool, putting her head on a little more level with everyone else's.

Kori gives the blunt a curious look, but shakes her head when it's offered to her. "No, thank you. Cannabis does not effect me," she explains. "Some girls at school asked me to try it and I 'failed to pass' properly. I do not think it is for me."

She crosses her legs, because someone once told her that's how ladies sit, and she beams a smile at the others as they walk up. "I mentioned to friend Scandal that I wanted to bring friends to the nightclub," she informs them. "I was hoping you would wish to come and watch my performance! I am graduated from the tables to the main stage," she says, proudly. "You do not need to pay the cover charge, for /I/ have procured *guest tickets*," she proclaims. "And you do not need to tip me! I would welcome your companionship and your feedback. Priscilla says I am getting 'very good' and I should share my art with my friends."

Sarah gives Kori a little swat on the rear as she moves away, then quickly flips over the frybread, letting the other side turn a bubly golden brown before she expertly flips one onto each of the plates, then moves to the other skilled to set it to simmer before spooning the meat mixture on top. Then off to the fridge briefly to snag shredded cheese, followed by lettuce on top, before she brings the four plates over to set in front of everyone, then goes back to get the pico and salsa and sour cream, adding a spoon to the last two containers. "There…add what you want, I'll have another four ready in a moment. Careful, it's a little hot." she cautious. The scent of Navajo tacos is filling the kitchen at the moment, and fresh frybread.

She pauses a bit, looking at Kori. "…Priscilla? Um, really nice woman, light brown skin, long black hair? Has a slightly southern accent?" she asks after a moment. "Um…wait, what club is this?"

Riri wrinkles her nose a little, waving off Alison's offer. "Shouldn't fly under the influence. Thanks, though. And I… don't know if I'm joining? I mean, I haven't really done the team thing, and I haven't really been doing the superhero thing that long, and…" She trails off as Kori starts talking about clubs, eyes widening a little. Oooh, Tacos. She takes advantage of the distraction provided by the story to snag one herself, hopping up onto a stool and digging in. "Mmmmmf." That is /probably/ a sound of approval.

"You've been learning how to dance from Pris?" Rose looks over to Kori, and she grins, some, widely. "I used to dance with her a bit, when I briefly hung up my mercenary boots. She's pretty interesting. Didn't talk a whole lot, but, out of everyone there, she definitely was the most interesting. I've run into her a couple times recently. Once at the club, twice at the road. Girl's impressive." A pause. "Hell yeah I'll come see you dance, Kori. When?"

She chuckles more at Sarah's reaction. "Looks like you know her, too." She just chuckles a bit more, before wandering up and helping herself to a rather large platefull of food.

There's a glance to Riri, a shrug, "Yeah. I could tell. You'll either get the hang of it, or you'll die." She shrugs. "If Kori gave you the keys here, then there's an invitation. If you don't want to take it, that's all you. You do you."

Which is about the time that Dani comes in, the Cheyenne woman still wearing her Asgardian armor, as befitting a Valkyrie. She looks pretty exhausted, with a few dings and scratches on her armor, as she stretches and takes off her helm, "Hey gang, sorry I've been gone, it's been a crazy twenty four hours…" She pauses, and looks around at all the people, then grins, "Wow. Um, we had a recruitment drive or something? Not complaining though." She shakes her head a little, then waves as she lets her helm thunk on a nearby table.

"I've been doing the superhero thing for, gosh, at least a fortnight" Alison grins to Riri. "Not sure why I'm here either but glad to be so. Better than living on the streets. Except when the boys leave the toilet seat up." If no one wants the joint, she'll keep it. It helps to understand Koriandr. "This is your exotic dancing? Awesome. I'll definitely be there to support you." Alison nabs one of those taco plates and starts ladelling on the sour cream. "You'll need more sour cream" she warns Sarah.

"Kori's been learning to dance with me too" Alison smiles to Rose. "Up on stage with me at the concert, remember. But she is definitely an awesome dancer. Certainly has the height for it. I've watched Priss dance. Very nice." Her mind seems to drift for a moment. "Yes, when do you want us there, Kori?" The arrival of Dani gets a smile and wave. "Love the outfit. I'm Alison."

Kate Bishop shakes her bag of chips in Kori's direction in silent offering while the cooking finishes. She props her chin on her hand, and flashes Rose a small smile. "Sorry. I had to go to this formal shindig to keep up some of my socialite connections. I haven't really paid them any attention since my debut and that was almost a year ago." As for Alison she grins and shakes her head. "Nah, these god issues were more involving valkyries, trickster gods and their brothers, and a cult of doomsday weirdos. On the plus side I've got a way to get *ahold* of the dumbass who always needs my help now."

"Friend Dani!" Kori waves the Valkyire over, beaming an enthusastic smile. "Come join us! We have new friends, /and/ tacos!" It doesn't get much better than that for Kori, it seems. Introductions are made, particularly for Alison and Riri. "Alison and Riri are strongly considering joining us," she explains. "I hope they do. Alison is very kind and Riri is very brave!" These are apparently qualities that Kori holds in high esteem.

She pivots on her chair to look at Rose and Sarah, nodding them both. "Yes, Priscilla Kitaen. She is from N'awleans," she says, pronocuning it as Pris does. "She is a very good dancer! She got me my job at the Obsidian Palace. I do not like dancing the tables, but the main stage is very nice. She does dance as /art/. I hope I am as good as she is someday."

"But friend Alison has been helping me by letting me be her dancer of backing up," she explains. "So I hope all my friends will come to the show on Thursday night," she offers to the room. "Pris and Michelle still have the Friday night stage. It is the most lucrative time to dance. But if I do well and bring in customers, I will start dancing during the best times!"

She plunges her hand into Kate's offered snacks and lifts a fistful of chips to her mouth, snarfing them down messily. Snarf narf arf.

…Honestly, That's probably about as good as Riri's going to get from Rose. So she accepts it with a nod. Dani definitely gets a double take and a bit of a wave. She's just socially aware enough to realize that asking if she could get some of the armor under a gamma spectrometer to see exactly what it's made of would be a bad idea, so again, remains discrete with food instead. "I'm glad you got out of the concert though, Daz-… Uh, Alison. " She coughs at the reveal of exactly what kind of dancing it is, eyes watering a little due to a bit of food momentarily getting caught. Thankfully, any blush is almost totally imperceptible. "Uh… I'll p-pass, thanks. Don't really do well with crowds. Is there soda here?"

Sarah blinks slightly, her cheeks darkening just a bit. "O-oh. That club. Yes she's really good." she says, trying to play it cool as she starting frying up the next batch of bread. "if we all known her, should invite her over sometime? She said she didn't really have any friends to hang out with here since she moves around a lot." How Sarah happens to know that 1) that's what the Obsidian Club is and 2) that Pris is a really good dancer she's juuuuuust gonna skip over and hope no one asks.

"Sure, I'd love to see you dance Kori." she adds, glancing over her shoulder curiously. "I didn't know you were learning that type, I thought you meant backup dancing at first." She waves to Dani as the tired looking girl totters in,t hen motions for her to take a seat. "You look like you need a hot meal and a drink." Apparently she's playing chef tonight as she flips the fry break over, then says. "In fact, who needs what for drinks, since I"m up?"

Rose doesn't ask for the joint back from Alison. Instead, she grabs a beer out of the fridge, committing to Kori, "I'll be there, Kori. Should be fun," and there's a grin on her lips as she says this. She leaves the area for Sarah to grab drinks since Sarah is far nicer than she is and she only grabbed one for herself.

Flopping into a seat, Rose uncaps the beer, takes a swig, and then takes a healthy bite of the food. She looks to Kate, "Sounds like a headache I don't want." A half-snort.

"Anyways. I got a few inquiries in with the computer for it to dig up some information on what was stolen. Then e can figure out what the asshats are doing. Maybe." Another shrug. "Good times."

"Oh, I'm in if you want me" Alison says about Young Avengers membership. "I mean, if you can deal with all the attention I'll get when I'm famous and beloved by millions." A bite of her taco before she continues. "It will be a while before you have to deal with that. Mmm…gosh these tacos are good." The joint is on the table for now while she eats. "Priss is the dancer with the big bazongas and a shake that can knock down a building" she helpfully informs the uninitiated. "Strip clubs stay open real late. Good places to crash. Can I get a Coke Zero?"

"You can call me Alison or Dazzler, I don't mind" Alison smiles to Riri. "Do you always want to be called Ironheart? Hey, you could be 'I Heart' for short and do all kinds of things with your merchandise. 'I Heart N.Y.' and a pic of you as the Statue of Liberty. I want ten percent." A sage nod for Kate and her God-bothering. "Sounds like it was exciting at least. I know some Norweigan death metal bands that would make musicals out of it if you want me to get you in touch with them. And they'd definitely put you on the cover."

Dani grins at Kori, "Coolness. But yeah, I just spent the last twenty four hours fighting frost giants in Jotunheim, so I am beat." She flops onto the nearest couch, which probably puts her right next to somebody as she's tired enough to not really pay much attention. "Riri, awesome name, love it. Alison, cool to meetcha. Danielle, but everyone calls me Dani. Or Mirage. Resident valkyrie, the horse is on the roof grazing at the moment." She pauses, then hmmms, "Tacos sound awesome. I like tacos. Also could use some beer." A wry grin, "Asgard has different legal limits."

"We don't call them stripclubs," Kori informs Alison, primly. "We do not strip. It's /burlesque/," she says. "Or exotic dancing. Where we remove our clothing during the set. But the point of it is the dancing, not the nakedness."

Bless that girl, at least her heart's in the right place.

"But yes, we have Coke products," she says, with the recitation of someone asked that at least ten times an hour on shift.

She looks from Kate to Dani, brow furrowing. "Why did you not ask for help?" she inquires, her tone shifting to something a little more formal. "This is the purpose of the team." She gestures around at the little gathering of women. "We must help each other and strive to support our individual endeavours. No one should ever fight alone. I do not know how to fight Frost Giants or trickster gods, but I would happily come along for the support of a moral type!" she proclaims.

"We are stronger, together," she reminds the group, and flashes a beaming smile at them. Kori's enthusiasm is pretty irrepressible. She'd probably mount a charge against the tides themselves if a friend needed her to do so.

"Orange soda, please. And they're /very/ good tacos." Cue another coughing fit by Riri as Alison is… extremely blunt. "I'm… sticking with Ironheart. I'm still not exactly sure what Mr. Stark has planned and things, He just kind of intercepted me on my first flight and hired me? Sarah was there." She nods towards the cook, fiddling awkwardly with the taco in her hands.
"Armor's still evolving, and I'm actually working on some pretty significant upgrades right now. Parts are machining. I kind of got punched through a truck and used as a flail once because a guy somehow had repulsor beams bounce off him, so I'm working on other weapon systems. And I've got this design for micro-missiles that would have been really useful at dealing with those rocks…" Riri gestures with half a taco, taking another bite and talking with her mouth half full. "And that's not even mentioning the headache that's writing an intelligence to help run the thing, I still have to pick Stark's brain on how he did it…" …Huh. Kori is /really/ good at inspirational speeches.

Sarah lets out a little laugh, watching Kori with a smile as she gives her speech, then says. "Well, she has a point…" she says, transfering the next batch of frybread to plates, then pilling meat, cheese and lettuce on them before bringing them over to set in front of everyone. Apparently she's figuring people will grab whichever one she wants, and there's enough for everyone.

She turns and saunters over to the fridge, bending over to rummage a bit, before she tugs out what's left of a six pack of Fanta and another of Coke and a nearly full one of Diet Pepsi that she sets on the table as well, before snagging one of the Pepsis and popping it open. "Sounds complex.

Dani grins tiredly at Kori, "Oh, I wouldn't have minded, but this was a pretty short notice thing. Mist pinged me last night about the situation so I had to rush over there. Didn't have time to call anyone." She shrugs, "Believe me, if it was anything really scary I'd have passed a note to 'yana and made sure she portaled you all in to join the fun." She leans down and unbuckles the greaves armoring her legs, sighing in relief as the armor is finally off there. "I might end up sleeping for a few days though. Freakin' frost giants."

Kori reaches back for a taco and piles it onto the plate. Eight months of life on Earth and she still doesn't quite have these mastered. She tries to eat them like everyone else, tilting her head awkwardly this way and that to keep them from spilling. It ends up being a mess and she dutifully picks the toppings back up to put them on the taco shell.

She growls at the taco, then opens her mouth like a yawning cat as she unhinges her jaw and shoves it into her mouth with one bite. Nomf.

"No. You got used as a flail because you got in my way, you're inexperienced, and you were relying on your energy weapons to work on a guy who was literally made entirely of metal."

There's a pause, as she looks at Danielle who sits down next to her, commenting, "Like. Literally. I tore out a chunk of his thigh. All the way through. Just. Metal. No organs. No wires, like a cyborg. Just. Freaking. Metal. Crazy shit."

She holds up the taco and makes as if to take a huge chunk out of it, then notes to Dani, "No shit. I'd love to take on some Frost Giants. That sounds fun. Why the hell you'd leave us out?" Chomp.

Kate Bishop waits until the more… ferocious eaters have their share. She was not getting her hands in the way of stuff Kori was eating, no way, no how. She needed her hands for important things. She slips a flatbread toward herself and loads it up taking care to make sure there was even amounts of everything. "Jotunheim? I think Loki made us think we were there when we were fighting that cult. Looked way too cold for me."

"Frost giants? Wow. That's a long time to fight, take a load off" Alison smiles to the Valkyrie. "There is grass on the roof? Where are the solar panels? This is an environmentally run building that is carbon neutral, right? Nice to meet you too, Dani. A Valkyrie. Gosh, you girls are so sexy." A sigh as she turns her attention back to Riri. "You made that armor yourself? Wow, you go girl. I'm impressed." Alison is pretty sure that the 'I Heart' fashion line would be a winner but it's Riri's trademark. "All I've had to deal with were clowns and concrete blocks. I'm feeling quite the novice here" she giggles.

Alison's hands raise briefly in surrender to Kori. "Sorry, burlesque show. You should do theme nights like 'The Empire Strips Back'." Though Dani's jaw trick has Alison staring and distracted. "Great party trick" she mumbles.

Sarah just…blinks at Kori. "…ah…want…another Kori?" she ventures after a moment, walking back into the kitchen to fry up another round of frybread. "I do like burlesque better, but usually they don't directly tip you for burlesque." she says thoughfully. "I mean, you get a salary…" She peers at Kate curiously over her shoulder as the sizzle of oil and the scent of frying bread fills the air again. "You've met Loki?"

Alison gets a wicked grin at that, "Darlin', you don't know the half of it." Dani gives Alison a saucy wink, then looks over at Rose, "You too? Geez, next time I'll make sure to yank you along on my horse." She gives Rose a playful swat, and looks over at Sarah as she mentions Loki, "Loki? Oh, he's a bit miffed at me… I might have compared him to Coyote. Unfavorably. Though I didn't realize he was right there at the time." She pauses, and adds, "Oh, tacos?"

Riri takes a moment to goggle at Kori apparently ebing able to eat an entire taco in one bite. That is… impressive. And then Rose makes an accusation. "Hey, these things work /great/ on metal normally. They'll go through the front of a tank on maximum power, but I didn't want to risk turning it up higher afte rthe first one bounced somehow when it should have blown a chunk out of his knee. …Part of why I'm working on the missiles for next time." Oh hey, Dani's Asgardian apparently. Question time. "Do you know what was up with that lightshow a couple weeks ago? I saved this guy from a sniper, and a guy in green grabbed him and they disappeared in a rainbow." …And compliments. …Maybe slightly overwhelmed now. "Uh… yeah. Built it in my dorm room. Well, made the parts in the robotics lab when nobody was looking, assembled it in my dorm room." *Do not laugh at the joke, do not laugh at the joke… Even if Star Wars is cool. Okay, getting more confused now

Kate Bishop holds up a hand to tick off some fingers. "Loki, Baldur, Hodr, Sif… Then a handful of the Egyptian dieties… And that Japanese sun goddess whose name I can't remember right now. I told you, 'god issues.'. Reeeally wasn't kidding. It's a long story, really, but…" She glances over at Alison only to flash her a grin. "That sounds about right what I know of them. Loki was at the new ambassador's showing, too." She finishes off with a look at Kori, then her own taco. "Girl. … Damn, we got to get you in some eating competitions."

"Yes please!" Kori beams at Sarah and holds her plate out towards the woman as she's offered more food. "I /will/ learn how to eat these someday," she vows. Mostly to herself.

She turns to face outwards on her stool, sitting with her knees together and plate balanced on them. "Who is Loki?" she asks, unfamiliar with Norse mythology. "I sense he is not a friendd of yours, Dani?" Kori lifts the taco and starts trying to eat it properly again, and gets a half a bite of toppings in before the rest fall out the back of the clamshell.

Sarah takes pity on Kori, grinning. "You don't need to keep it all in one piece, Kori. It's a bit messy by its nature." she assures her. "Just take whatever bites you want and don't worry about what falls on the plate." She flips over the frybread, then slides the next four onto plates…she's got a little production line almost at this point as she makes up four more, taking Kori's plate to refill it. "Technically you can eat frybread by itself…well, preferably with some honey, but we didn't seem to have any."

She nods to Kate as she explains. "Ameteratsu, I think? Goddess of the sun?" She frowns. "…okay, I didn't expect mythology to be having throw downs in the middle of the city."

This time, she snags a taco for herself and carefully munches at it, after turning down the burners. "So things are going okay for you with Stark, Riri? All the trouble from the school smoothed out?" She pauses. "Oh, anyone want some ice?"

Riri gives Sarah a greatful nod. "Yeah, everything's cool. I've got my own lab and a job, I've got an apartment. I think there was some kind of donation to ESU involved, but they decided they had bigger issues. …Can I have another?" Her plate's empty now.

"You made that in your dorm room?" Alison is seriously impressed with Riri about now. "That is fuckin' incredible. Do you know Hank McCoy? Realy smart guy making me a sound system. Oh, he's also blue and furry. Maybe he can help you out if Stark is off with a supermodel?" She doesn't seem to mind how much mess she makes eating the taco, she'll pick up after herself. "All those gods are in New York?" A shake of Alison's head in the direction of Kate. "I guess it's a popular destination with everyone." Alison perks up at a question about a lightshow but it wasn't her. A mouthful of drink to down the last of her first taco as she eagerly awaits the next one. "I take it that frost giants are not chill."

Dani gives Kori a grin, "Loki is one of the royals of Asgard, pretty high up there." She gives Alison a grin, "Wait, you know Doc McCoy? Not sure how he could do power armor, but I think if you're building the thing in your dorm room, you're doing alright so far." That gets Riri an impressed look from the valkyrie, "Seriously, that's really cool. But yeah, frost giants have zero chill." Her lips quirk at Alison, as she stretches out a bit in the available space.

"Don't think I've heard of him… Probably also shouldn't be giving out Stark secrets. Like arc reactors and stuff." Oooh, More food. Riri snags another taco. "Well… I built the first one in my dorm room? I've got a lab, now. I'm working on upgrading it, and I've got big plans for the next version. …That's a while away, though." She gazes over at the silent armor, a slight smile on her face.

Kate Bishop nods a bit at all the chatter. She was taking some in, not all of it since technology wasn't really her gig, but it was nice to be around everyone relaxing. "Yeah, he offered to date me to tick off my dad, but I'm already seeing Nate anyway." Shrugging she takes another bite of her taco with a murmur of enjoyment. "Man, I'm getting spoiled lately. Pho yesterday and now this. I'm going to get fat."

"Well, I can either stock some healthy food…and this is better than takeout, believe me…or I can set up an exercise regime for you, if you'd rather. I need a spotter and spar buddy, as it is." Sarah points out, pausing to take another bite of her taco and chewing it down as she perches on the back of the couch behind Kori. "I don't mind cooking in general, it's not like I've got a day job to help out with stuff here. I might as well do something useful." she admits. "Though I hope you all like Southwestern cuisine, because it's most of what I know how to make. And Mexican, and I can grill a good steak or burger."

"…Sparring. I should… probably do that." Riri pulls out her phone, making a few notes. "…Would have to do it in the armor though, I move differently. Different weight distribution… Not sure things would carry over. Burgers are good." typetypetypetype. "Kate, just do what I do. forget to eat half the time."

Kori turns and smiles over her shoulder as Sarah sits behind her, and reaches back to give the girl's knee a gentle caress. Her hair's then pulled out of the way so Sarah's not standing on it or keeping it away from her food, the red locks ever flowing and moving even while she's sitting still. "We all contribute as best we can," Kori reassures Sarah. "Perhaps someday, our lives will be nothing but heroic endeavours, like the Avengers," she reminds them. "But for now we all find ways to help each other. I do not mind the working and you can stay here and cook," she assures Sarah. "And to make it of the fair, I will buy ingredients for more of your tasty meals."

She shifts on the sofa, curling her purple boots closer to her hip and resting a shoulder against Sarah so she can face the rest of the room. "Date both of them, Kate," Kori suggests, sounding a little puzzled. "I do not understand why you would wish to anger your father, but you make it sound as a positive."

"Yeah, I've met Hank a couple of times now. He even bought me some t-shirts at the market" Alison nods to Dani. "Nice guy. Totally brainy but, yeah, if there's copyright issues and stuff like that, probably shouldn't ask him, Riri. Like Dani says, you've been doing pretty good by yourself so far." A horrified look sent Kate's way. "Tony Stark wanted to take you out? He's probably older than your pops. Oooh…who's Nate? Spill."

"I do plenty of exercise already" Alison giggles to Sarah's 'threats'. "You just keep cooking up this awesome food and all will be good. If you want a job…can you dance? Play an instrument? Manage a singer? And I should probably learn to fight better and not be just a lightshow. And, since I probably smell from my dance practice, I should hit the shower. Nice to meet everyone and I'll just take a couple…" She picks up two tacos…three…to take with her. "Love you all" she winks before heading off, stopping to whisper something to Dani on the way.

Kate Bishop glances at Riri's advice only to slowly shake her head. "I do that on occasion and usually when I'm running around. It does not do a body good," she points out with a little laugh. Kori's remark though earns a small frown and her attention shifts down to her taco in hand a moment. "I guess I should explain" she begins only to glance up again when Alison pipes up. "Huh? Oh no not Tony Stark, ew. No I meant Loki. Which is also ew, he's old as dirt." A deep breath is taken and she waves toward Alison when she starts to head out.

"I play cello but that's not quite your style I think. Good meeting you." Now that leaves her with explanations.

"My father is… Okay. When I was younger, I wanted to follow in his footsteps and learn the family business, but he never would let me help. I got upset so I followed him one day. And I found out what I thought was the family business… wasn't." The taco is picked at.

"My father is a criminal. A very wealthy one, but a criminal. He doesn't really approve of what I do right now, but that's why I got into it. To do the right thing."

Riri finishes her second taco, leaning back in her seat and listening to Kate's story. The frantic activity of earlier has died down some, and… This is nice, actually. Just… feeling like she's part of something. "Ouch. …I can give you my number, if you ever need any help with guys with guns?"

"You can call on all of us if you need help with guys with guns." Sarah clarifies, shifting as Kori moves her hair…not that she sat on it, she's got the same long hair problem and she wouldnt' inflict it on others! Her hair is loose today, a long raven waterfall down her back as she munches, then studies Alison thoughfully. "…manager?" she says after a moment, thinking about it…then Alison has to step out for a gig. She promptly claims her spot next to Kori on the couch as she listens to Kate. "He knows?" she says softly. "Ah…I'm sure that's a strain, yeah." She pauses, then rummages in a pocket and underhands Riri a earbud. "By the way, here. You can probably just built that into your suit, right? I can get another one from storage."

Kate Bishop smiles faintly at the question. "Yeah, he knows. We're kind of in a Mexican standoff with each other. I'm his daughter so he won't stop me, and he's my father so I won't stop him…. But he tries to control me by controling the money. If I do something he likes? I get more. If I do something he doesn't? I'm cut off. Until I'm 21 at least. Or get a job, I guess," she reasons with a shrug. "He doesn't want me to do what he does, but he does want me to 'settle down' and just let him do whatever. I can't do that."

Kori nods sympathetically at Kate as she explains things. "Ah, I understand. He is dishonorable, and you wish to defy the image he projects as your father. I understand this!" she says, brightening. "If there is anything we can do to help you with your honor, I pledge mine," Kori says, immediately. "Honor is a very important thing! It must be defended at all costs."

She reaches over Sarah and offers Kate a handsqueeze. "Do not concern yourself with the money, friend Kate," she tells the archeress. "You have a home here and food, and that and good friends is all we need!"

"And tacos!"

Riri actually manages to catch the earbud. "I just need to upload the encryption and frequency data into my armor's comm suite. I can get it back to you by tomorrow?" Kori's utter cheerfulness gets a grin. She's not sure that'll ever get old. "Well, Impressing an Avenger might get you more funding. …Worked for me."

Sarah sits crosslegged, leaning back so Kori can reach past her, then smiles. "Yeah, we got your back. And you've always got food and a roof over your head here." She nods to Riri, munching from her taco as she rapidly finishes it off, then licks off her finger a bit. "Mm, that's fine, I can get a spare if I need it in the meantime…."

Kate Bishop squeezes Kori's hand in return and smiles toward the others with a solemn nod. "Thank you guys, seriously. This place has been a great step so far." Chuckling she rises to her feet and stretches. "For now… I've got a full belly and bed sounds amazing. Good night!"

Dani grins a little at Alison's whisper, then yawns and konks out, falling asleep right on the couch. At least she doesn't snore too loudly, as she just looks tired. Apparently the other valkyries sometimes forget that she's only human, at the end of it all.

Riri looks back and forth as Kate heads off to bed, and Dani passes out. "Uh…. I should probably go then. Thanks again for the food, Sarah. …Drop by the lab sometime. I'll try to get you visitor clearance." She nods, tucking the earbud into her pocket along with her phone, before climbing back into the armor. Sarah and Kori, by virtue of being the onely ones left present and awake, are treated to the sign of a suit of power armor attempting to tiptoe and walk quietly. …It is moderately successful, and Ironheart leaves view as the elevator doors close.

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