2019-06-19 - Don't Know You're Own Strength


An Archer and Super Soldier walk into the Med Bay. No, this is no joke.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Jun 19 07:43:09 2019
Location: The Triskelian: Med Bay

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Jemma's in med-bay, sitting up in bed. The sheet covering the lower part of her body. She's supposed to be on bedrest but no one believed that would stick for a moment, so she's got her tablet and is frowning at it.

She looks different though. Her left eye has been replaced with an occular cybernetic implant. On the right hand side of her face near her ear is another implant.

Her right arm too is now cybernetic prosthetic. Which might explain why she's using her tablet with her left hand.

Roy was here once before already, so he already knows what to expect when he comes down to visit Jemma. Knocking on the side of the door with his own cybernetic right arm, he gives a grin. "Hey Jemmabean." he offers to her.

In his left hand, he carries a small box. "Brought you a gift. I know they don't give you anything but jello around here, but…"

Coming into the room, he looks around as if he's got some big secret. And then he shows her the box. It's a box of 'Star Crunch' by Little Debbie.

It was a nod to that memory of hers that he ended up in with Kelly. Of course, he's not even sure if she needs to eat anymore. But he didn't consider that.

"I bet you're very tired of jello."

This is Steve in the entrance of the room, pausing with a small smile on his face. He's SHIELD-incognito at this point, in a button-down in white beneath his leather motorcycle jacket and a pair of charcoal-black slacks. Are those…loafers? Not combat boots? Shocking!

In his hand, he's got a small book with a bow on top of it — a tiny metallic confection in lime-green — and a chocolate bar, Hershey's, all-American. He eyes Roy with a moment to consider if he knows the agent or not. Memory jogs: right, Agent Harper, he's flipped through the man's file given his status as senior agent. Still, it's only proper to introduce himself.

"Agent Rogers," he says as he enters the room, offering Roy a firm and polite handshake. "I thought I'd say hi to Doctor Simmons and empathize in the inability to stay out of trouble." It's friendly tease, of course.

Jemma looks up as Roy knocks on the frame, there's a moment of reserve as he speaks. "Roy." There's a degree of embarrassment in the tone that she uses. Because of what happened or simply because of how she looks?

Then Steves there and she leaves her tablet on her lap, she raises her meat hand and tries to cover her eye, disguising the gesture by brushing her hair back.

It doesn't last long as she takes the box from Roy and smiles at it. A little sadly but it's a good sad. "I could do something other than jello." She can still eat it seems.

Roy will experience all this. T momentary hesistation, the embarrassment that Jemma experiences when they enter. It might confuse him as to where it comes from.

"Hello Steve. You know how it goes." Interestingly she hasn't moved her right hand. Everything is done with her left. Why becomes obvious in the next few moments when she tries to open the box of cookies by holding it in her right hand.

She crushes it.

When Steve arrives, Roy's eyes widen for a moment. Who doesn't know Agent Rogers? Keep your cool, Roy. There's a reach up to sorta.. no, don't salute. You're not in the army. Then he realizes he's wearing his hat. Shit. Take it off! Show some respect! The hat comes off, and his pale cheeks color. "Right, Captain Rogers, I'm Roy.. I mean Consultant Harper.. uh Arsenal…" he starts to say more, but thankfully Jemma saves him the diarreha of the mouth when she crushes her cookies.

"…careful. I did that at least three times. And uh, broke someone's hand before Kelly got my hand adjusted right." he admits with some chagrin. Don't concentrate on that. Change the subject, change it.

"So hey, if those Thunderbolt pills are being augmented with magic, maybe that's why the death rate isn't so high with it. I mean, maybe we should go public that just one dose of these pills can kill you. To you know. Keep people from taking it." Though that doesn't sound like any idea he really has.

Because the former addicgt part of him would only want to have him try it more if the government was so against it.

"I do know how it goes." For all that Jemma appears to be uncertain of his arrival, Steve attempts to remain simply present and inobtrusive. He lingers at the far end of the bed and doesn't react to any of her fumblings in her new limb. The Captain doesn't even flinch at the sight of the new additions to her face, in the eye and ear-piece.

"It's not a half-baked idea, Consultant Harper," replies Steve to Roy in particular. "Makes the chance of taking the pills just risky enough to hav people thinking twice. Could make up a mortality statistic as well. Numbers can sway people faster than a lot of things."

"I'm sure they're opening a book on my next run in." Jemma answers Steve, looking soulfully at the crushed box of cookies in her hand. An orderly appears with a bowl and gently disengages her hand, emptying the fragments and crumbs into it.

"Uh, do you want some?" Jemma gestures for Steve to join them, moving her legs so they can perch on the bed if they want. She's still self conscious but she's trying to deal with it. "They say it will take time to get used to my new strength."

Steve will see the door that has yet to repaired - the one that Jemma wrenched out of the frame yesterday.

"Do what, Roy? I was toying with that idea a few hours ago." She reaches for her tablet and brings up her research to show the men. "On the surface it seemed sound but statistics show that among habitual users, that sort of thing seems to drive the use." Roy does get an apologetic look for that. Jemma knows his background.

"How go the preparation for Afghanistan? I'm hoping to be certified for field work by then."

Because of course she is.

Jemma looks at the packages that Steve has bought. They'd got a little derailed back there.

"Weird. That's some dejavu type stuff there." He hasn't put it together that Kelly may have them on the same Brain-Fi network. She needs better password protection. When Jemma gives him the look, he lifts his hand. "No, I get it. You know what would do it - showing them what happens. I'm not talking that eggs in the pan stuff. I mean, watch someone's head cook off and leak out of every opening in their head before they die." he says with a grunt.

"And no, I know we can't do that." he says with a sigh. "So, we're doing what we can, and starting with wherever the troops got it from in Afghanistan." There's a shrug of his shoulders as he goes to drop into a seat on the side of the bed. "I've got the gear together and maps. Just working on the team. And you know. Making sure Kelly is ready. First field op. Well. Second now."

"Mmm." The short sound from Steve implies caution even as he realizes that his own little gifts are being silently recognized. He steps around the opposite side of the hospital bed to place them on the small table beside it. "Just a little light reading if you want. Chocolate always seems to be the thing when you're stuck in traction. I'd know." He gives Jemma another small smile before he looks across the way at Roy.

"They did that in one of the Indiana Jones movies, melted someone's head. People would think it's special effects." At least, someone had to explain this to Steve after he'd watched the scene, staring wide-eyed at the grisly display. "Who're you thinking of bringing along? I can always recommend folks to add to your list."

Jemma accepts the gifts, pulling the table closer so she can inspect the book with her left hand. The bowl of Star Cruch is left between them all and she chuckles when she sees what the book is.

Stand Back! I'm Going To Science!!

Which kind of underlines Jemma to a fault. "I love it, thank you. And I'll enjoy the chocolate as well."

She's thinking though, Roy gets flashes of it, the way things connect in strange ways. Intuitive. And possibly slightly disconcerting for the poor archer.

"I think Steve is right. They'd think it was special effects. CGI or something similar. I can run some numbers and work out the statistical spread - would we drive more use or less if we publicise it." beat "Of course stopping the influx has to be the priority."

"Is Kelly alright? I understand I owe her and you a lot of thanks." Steve wouldn't had heard about that.

"Hey, from one member of the Cybernetic Welcome Wagon to another, we have to help each other out. Just glad to see you're okay." Roy offers with a chuckle, though he gives a little rub at the side of his head. "Just don't think so hard yet. Still getting used to that." It's said teasingly to Jemma.

His attention returns to Steve. "Right now? Team's just me, Kelly, Jemma, a few Agents.. dunno, you feel up taking a trip? Passport up to date?" Hey, it's worth asking if Steve can go along.

"You're welcome, Jemma." Quietly, the Captain stands beside the bed, his hands resting in the pockets of his motorcycle jacket. He's glad that Jemma has a rescuer present; he makes a note to go dig through the SHIELD reports to see precisely what occurred to cause such a need for the implants in Jemma's body.

He gives Roy a nod. "Gotta keep the paperwork up to snuff. Never know when I might be needed in Cuba. Or Nepal. Or Ireland." An odd little smile, something proud, fleets across his lips before he composes himself again. "Been a while since I've been out of the country. I could use some sun." He doesn't recommend Agent Barnes, not right off the bat, given it would be a case of obvious preference.

Steve can speak to Jemma about it, but there's a full mission brief. A.I.M had a bioweapon that they'd gone to disable and recover. The computer that had controlled the system had neural pathways that had interacted with Hardwires ability.

Jemma had been locked in the containment room when the weapon had discharged.

Between Hardwire, Koa and Roy, they'd got her out but it was too late. Cellular necrosis had set in. She'd been given hours to live. So the Death Lok protocols had been modified to save her.

The worst thing? This was a prototype weapon and there were more out there.

"Don't think too hard?" Jemma isn't aware of what Kelly did. SHIELD isn't fully aware of that ability and Kelly hasn't had the chance to see the biochem.

"You're help would be welcome, Steve. We're not sure what to expect. It's possible there's magic involved with the creation of the drug as well. I'd recommend Bucky, as well, Roy. What do you think, Steve?" She doesn't let that cat out of the bag. At least.

They can see her getting sleepy though. "Oh, Steve. I found an interesting correlation on the bioweapon that did this and the fake Vibranium. There were similar signatures in the chemical breakdown."

Fake vibranium? It gets Roy's attention, but it may be outside of his paygrade. However, he can see Jemma - or rather - /feel/ Jemma getting sleepy. There's a smile towards her. "Alright, I think visiting hours are about over." he offers up in a grin, giving the side of Jemma's bed a pat. "Get some rest, you're gonna need it if you plan to come with us."

"Captain Rogers.. thanks for the offer to come along. I can use the exprtise in the field." he admits with a little smirk "Leadership isn't exactly my thing sometimes, so I look forward to the advice."

Roy gets a wry little smile. "I'll see what wisdom I have to share on matters — 'nd sure, pass on word to Bucky. He's probably interested in seeing some illegal experimental science put to rest." A very hard rest. Like a grave. Imagine a grave.

Steve too has noticed the sleep attempting to steal over Jemma and he nods his head, agreeing with his own conclusion on matters to excuse himself. "I'll stop by another time for the results you found, Jemma. For now, like Consultant Harper said, rest. Oh," and his expression softens to a knowing empathy. "If you want to pick someone's brain about getting used to it, see if you can't pin down Bucky. He might have some thoughts on things," the Captain offers, knowing full well that it's entirely on his husband to decide whether or not to brave a conversation with Jemma.

Jemma smiles wanly at the two men who have come to visit, reaching out with her good hand to touch both of theirs. "Don't be strangers? I could do with the company, even if you're just sitting reading reports." They might not blame her for that, though Roy or Kelly might be able to explain why she's rarely alone now.

"Would you ask Bucky to drop by, Steve? I … might like that. And I know Roy will help me out as well."

"I'll be ready, Roy. I have to be."

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