2019-06-18 - Theramin Hero


Hank creates a 4D theramin, what could possibly go wrong?

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Jun 18 03:38:03 2019
Location: Institute - Hank McCoy's Lab - Westchester

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Evening in Hank's lab—more of a miniature lab complex, really, and Hank is hard at work on…a weird device. It is akin to a box, but there's a pair of antennae on it, one is vertical on one side, a bar. The other antenna is circular, and horizontal to the box. A small crystal on top is projecting a three-dimensional hologram of what looks to be cube that is eight by eight by eight - and each little cube, marked, so a big mass of cubes. "Ah, that's better." The not-so mad scientist murmurs with a happy grin. Atop his head is a pair of welding goggles, and he's wearing a lab coat and a simple pair of pants and a t-shirt. Not exactly haute couture!

Which is when Dani wanders into the lab, crunching an apple in probably some violation of lab rules for most people. Of course, Dani isn't quite used to labs… at least of the scientific variety. She grins cheerfully over at Hank, "What's that there?" She looks at the array with undisguised curiosity, then glances back towards Hank.

"Ah, hello Miss Moonstar." Hank grins hugely, eyes of bright blue briefly backlit as he looks over to the girl. "This? Oh, a musical instrument…something of an experiment, really." He flips a switch, and then moves his hands through the grid, as he does their positioning modulate the sounds produced — it is rather otherworldly. "It is my own version of a theremin, with a training program and the grid to help one learn to play." Sadly, he's fairly awful at the moment, but it DOES produce some highly varied noises!

Catseye comes barreling into the room, which for a large lavender lion is a lot of mass and thus a lot of momentum. "NoooooaaaAAAAAAROWWWWW!" She slides to a stop next to Hank, putting her paws over her ears. "Noise off! PleasePleasePleasePlease?" and lets off another unhappy yowl!

Dani blinks in surprise at the lavender lioness, and smiles, "Yeah, I was just about to ask… that's a bit off pitch or something. Reminds me of Niflheim." She then focuses her attention on Catseye, using her animal empathy which… well, it does work on most shapechangers too. Just ask Rahne! Mainly just looking to help her calm down a bit, more than anything else.

Dani is not the only one surprised by Catalanche Sharon! "Oh dear." Hank murmurs in genuine distress. "Forgive me, Catseye…" He turns the neo-theremin off, powering it down with a hum that fades slowly. He looks to Dani then. "Miss Moonstar, this is Sharon Smith, but she prefers Catseye, she's Miss Frost's…ward, I suppose." A smile to Catseye. "And this is Danielle Moonstar, our resident chooser of the slain." He looks between the pair. "So…now that the lavender lady's ears are not under assault, might I assist either of you in any way?"

Catseye heaves a sigh of relief as the machine cuts off, and headbutts Hank's hip, careful with her strength not to knock him over. "Soundproof rooms. Is a thing," she tells Hank teasingly, the tip of her tail twitching. Then she peers around him curiously at Dani, the tail arching over her back as she looks. "Catseye say Hihi, DanielleMoonStar. Yes, legal-wise MotherMotherFrost is guardian, not mother." She gives a fake kitty sneeze, amused and disdainful of stupid paperwork. Then peers again, trying to figure out of head butting Dani is appropriate or not. Probably not. A sigh, and she flops near Hank. "Can wait. Need furfriend Hank for couple-few hours this weekend. Catseye needs driving lessons."

Outside the room, there's a sudden *woosh*, a puff of air flowing into the room and carrying with it the scent of…burnt rubber? There's muffled cursing from outside and the sound of someone smacking something rapidly, so much it sounds like a drumline. There's a moment of silence then some rustling, before Carin walks in barefoot. Carrying her Converse. Which are…smoldering, as they appear to have caught fire. "Um…h-hi…" she says, realizing the lab is already crowded and shrinking back a little bit. "Um, I can come back later, if you're all busy…." The pale girl is already starting to backpedal faintly, her cheeks flushed with embarrassement.

Dani makes a face at driving, "Definitely a good reason to have a flying horse. I don't even want to think about driving an actual car." She grins at Catseye and offers the lioness her hand, as headbutts seem to be okay by her.

When Carin comes in, Dani then says, "Yikes, um… no, come on in, we're just talking, but it seems like you have a serious hotfoot there." She looks at Carin with some concern, "You okay?"

Hank laughs and scritches Cat's mane quite effectively - strong, claws, dextrous - that makes for a good scritch! "Ah, yes, I'll be happy to help with that, Cat." No, teaching a young lady who's probably never driven before to drive, not scary at all! And then enter Carin of the Flaming Feet! Hank smells the rubber, and bounds to bounce off the ceiling and grab a fire extinguisher with a foot and then bounce back, flipping it up into hands as he puts the shoes out. Wow. He really -does- bounce!

"Ah, Miss Taylor, good evening…and no, not busy per se, so no need to depart." He nods. "And as Miss Moonstar has asked…are you well? Not injured?" Other than her pride of course.

When Dani offers her hand, Catseye butts her head up underneath it, turning her head in the 'scratch right here please' manner of cats. Her mane is incredibly soft and fluffy, curling in waves utterly unlike a lion's. She starts to purr, a deep rumble that vibrates her whole body, another sign that she isn't a 'real' lion. Other than being lavender, of course. She opens one eye and peers at Carin, "OnFire MUCH more important than talktalk." Her tone is clearly disbelieving of Carin's priorities. Her nose crinkles at the smell of burning rubber, but she doesn't comment on it. Carin doesn't seem to have done it on purpose, after all, unlike Hank's awful noise making machine. And the girl is already embarrassed.

"Uhhhhh…w-well…" Carin smiles at Dani then quickly drops the shoes and blurs back several feet to avoid getting extinguished as Beast comes bouncing with it. Which is bouncy and cool! She then looks down at her pale feet…which are noticeably pinked in place. "I think the kevlar stopped most of it…but it's a little ouchie." the speedster admits after a moment, in an almost apologetic voice.

Then the big lavender cat talks and that sort of throws her off a bit. "Uh…yes…I guess? I mean, I didn't mean to interrupt." There's that apologetic tone again as she hunches her shoulders a little bit.

Dani grins, "Whoa, that's fast. Very cool. Well, hot, I guess, actually." She chuckles, shaking her head as she looks over towards Hank, "Guessing you designed her shoes, Dr. McCoy?" She then spends her time scritching Catseye, knowing exactly where to scritch properly.

"Catseye is quite correct." Hank states firmly. "FIRE trumps conversation every time, especially when the operative word is 'on'." Hank's smile is kind, his words exactingly enunciated, the tones deep and rich and rolling. He watches the blur back, and notes the pink feet, and sighs very faintly when Dani asks about the shoes. "No, Miss Moonstar, I did not in fact design them…though I'm suspecting that heat and friction resistant attire and accoutrements are likely in my future and that of Miss Talyor." He looks back to the girl as she half-shrinks away, trying to offer some measure of reassurance as he smiles. "Or am I mis-reading things?"

Catseye purrrrRRRRRRRrrrrrrRRRRRRRrrrrrs as Dani scratches. "FastTaylor not worry. DoctorHank figure it out, yes?" Briefly the idea of asking him about clothing that shifts with her occurs to her, then she discards the idea. No sense in getting rid of one of her best excuses for staying in furform. She leans against Dani, just a little, careful of her weight. It is not polite to knock people over. Though… that would mean a lap to sprawl in… nope. Dani might get annoyed, no more scritching. She ups the volume on her purring instead.

Carin shifts from foot to foot. "Um, what he said, yes. I mean, I HAVE a costume, but I was wondering if he could, um…maybe help me recolor it? And shoes that don't catch fire when I run would be totes cool." she adds, shifting the backpack she's wearing to rummage in it, then pull out what appears to be a bodysuit in AIM yellow currently.

Also a pair of gauntlets that look like they would be named "murder gloves" as they're basically extended back across her forearm if she was to wear them and each finger is tipped with wicked looking blades. "And, um, maybe if these could be…retractable?" She glances at Catseye. "Like a cat's claw? Because I don't want to cut people accidentally."

She's hesitant now. "Oh! Um, I'm Carin…Carin Taylor." she says to Dani and Catseye, then looks back at Hank and adds. "Um, if it's not a problem. I mean, I can not go fast for a while if you've got other things to do…"

Dani nods, "Interesting. But yeah, I'm Danielle Moonstar, resident Valkyrie." She offers her free hand to Carin, continuing to scritch at Catseye as she says, "Though my mutant power is talking to animals, or shapeshifters." She grins a bit, cheerfully, "And some other things that are pretty effective when I'm in a fight." Which she purposefully leaves blank for now. No need to freak out people.

Hank nods emphatically. "Oh yes, definitely happy to help, Miss Taylor, but first…" He points imperiously towards the medical area. "Have a seat and let me take a look at your feet." The imperious tone nicely mitigated by a warm smile. Once Carin is seated, he'll take a look at the AIM issue gear, and it is pretty obvious he recognizes its pedigree. "Yes, well…I'm sure I can modify it, yes. And I'll sweep it for bugs, tracers, biologicals and so on." Paranoid much? Why yes, yes he is! "Fortunately I have extensive experience with several models of claws." Hank quips, heck, he has some of his own!

At Dani's introduction, Hank grins. "And I'm The Beast, oft labeled 'The Bouncing Beast', or if Cat is around something akin to DoctorSillyBeast, or the like. My power is…well, I'm agile and very strong." Like THAT wasn't stunningly obvious? Regardless, once Carin is seated he'll examine and treat her feet for the burns, even if she's healing as fast he expects!

Catseye nods to Carin, "And Catseye is Cat." That really explains it all to her way of thinking. "FurryHank is very silly, also smart, also doctor. So yes, is DoctorSillyBeast." She varies his name more than most because, well, he is complex and what part of him is important to her varies. "Also very blue." She looks at Dani, "Catseye met foxshifter once. Fun, played pounce-tag. Catseye like furform better than smoothskin, think furform, sleep furform. Nice having place can be Cat."

Carin reaches out to take Dani's hand, shaking it gently. "Um, I'm mostly speeds. I go really fast. Um, which is why the shoes were on fire…" She tilts her head. "…a valkyrie? Like that Bugs Bunny cartoon?" Yeaaaah, not exactly a classical education here. She smiles a bit shyly at Catseye. "Cat. Right. Makes sense." she says, getting used to CAtseye's way of talking quickly. "You are the first lion I've ever met! Who could talk, especially."

She responds to Beast's firm tone by immediately moving over where she's pointed, then hopping up on the bed. "That'd be great! I mean, Kitty and Doug already poked around the one in my head and made sure that stuff was disabled, but I haven't really tried to do more than log into the wi fi with it." she says, very matter-of-fact. As if everyone has a cybernetic implant in their head.

One thing that's obvious in a closer examination…Carin's skin is a bit too…firm. There's something under the skin that appears to be reinforcing her body, separated into flexible 'plates' that move with her.

Dani chuckles, "Sorta kinda." She takes a half-step back, then whistles at an odd pitch. Suddenly the shirt and jeans that she was wearing is replaced with an ornate winged helm and chainmail armor and skirt. Along with a sword sheathed in a scabbard at her hip. Dani then grins, "I wound up in Asgard five years ago… long story. But yeah, I became a Valkyrie there. Literally."

"Catseye is -very- Cat." Hank agrees, makes sense to him! And the mix of names is clearly a good natured thing, a game between friends. "Pounce-tag is fun, perhaps later we can all do something in the Danger Room." Which is, in his opinion - the greatest invention of all time!

Expertly, Hank cleans and bandages Carin's feet, noting the texture of her skin. "Dermal armor? Interesting." A nod. "And a neural link, also interesting. I'm sure if Miss Pryde and Mister Ramsey poked about, they did a fine job, though I admit I'd like to study the tech if you are willing." Because: SCIENCE! Ahem.
Hank grins at the Valkyrie, and nods. "And she has a flying horse as well."

Catseye's nostrils flare, and she opens her mouth a bit, the better to scent Dani after this change. The armor smells very different than modern clothing, a difference she would have trouble putting into words, English just isn't suited for describing smells. "MotherMotherFrost say Catseye born human, birthmother abandon Catseye. Catseye shift, mother cats feed Catseye, teach Catseye. Catseye is Cat for longlong time, till MotherMotherFrost find, teach change smoothskin, teach talk, read, maths. Books -almost- better than pounce-tag. Maths fun too, except for 'show work'. Feh!"

Carin squirms a bit, trying not to wince as her slightly flambe'd foot is poked at. "Well…sure." she says tentatively. "It's called a Brain Box? I don't know a lot about it. I got a HUD thing I can see overlaid on my vision, and it's got an encrypted com thing that Kitty reprogrammed so it had new encryption that's better." She wrinkles her nose. "Um, though it was set up ta mess up my memories originally, though that part got burned out by this scientist lady apparently. I can't remember much though still."

She blinks at Dani's transformation, her eyse widening. "Oh, that's fucking /cool/!" she gushes, looking over the armor. "You're like a full metal badass…wait, is Asgard where the lightning guy is from?"

She quiets as Catseye speaks up again, a sympathetic look crossing her expression. "Sorry…my birth parents weren't great either." she admits. "You speak real well though! Hey, maybe we'll be in the same class. I gotta learn all that stuff." She furrows her brow. "I mean, I gotta basically learn high school pretty much."

Dani scritches the cat, then grins at Carin, "Thanks, and yeah, the crown prince, Thor is from there. Along with a lot of other gods and such. In fact…" She pauses, as her cellphone starts ringing. Frowning a little, she says, "Hey, Mist what's u… oh? Right now? Sure, let me get Brightwind and I'll be there shortly."

She pets Catseye one last time, "Okay, work of a Valkyrie is never done, but it was nice to meet all of you." She grins and waves, giving Carin a wink as she moves out of the lab, staying in her armor as she's probably going to be needing it soon.

"Cat, 'show work' is important." Hank chides with a fond tone and smile. As he treats Carin's foot, and noting the wince, he applies some topical anaesthetic before finishing up the bandaging. "Stop by in the morning before your first classes tomorrow, Carin and I'll check the dressing and change it if needed." He's not even an MD!

"A Brain Box, no, that doesn't sound intimidating at all." That smile fades at the story about the memories, and he nods, seriously. "I'll definitely want to check it then, and the other gear." He watches Dani reveal her armor, which is indeed 'fucking cool', though he doesn't /say/ it. He sighs about the awful to ridiculously awful parents both girls had. He doesn't even mention his! And then Dani has to leave, and he inclines his head to her as she departs.

Catseye gives Hank a look. "For proofs, show work important. If answer wrong, show work important. If not proof, and Catseye answer right, should be enough! Show work SLOW. Writing slow. Is BORING." And that seems to be a cardinal sin in her book.

Carin waves to Dani. "Good luck storming the castle!" she calls after her, smiling a little bit as the armored young woman walks out to do valkyrie things. Hmm. She'll have to read up on that Asgard stuff! She peers over at Catseye. "Yeah, I know! If you're right, why do ya gotta map everything out for math stuff?" She pauses. "…wait, so you turn all human to take class?" she says curiously at Catseye, before she's distracted by Beast's comment.

"Well, you know, all wanting to turn me into a murder ninja and stuff and overlay a new personality and all that." she says witha frown, chewing her lip as she watches him work then wiggles her toes as the patching is done. "Sure, I'll be careful. Maybe I can wear flip flops so it doesn't rub up an' stuff." She tilts her head. "I mean, if ya wanna look at it, go ahead? I don't know a lot about it, I just know what the lady in my head said. Er, the scientist. Who left a video thing I could watch."

Soft laughter at Cat's priorities, and then he looks thoughtful. "I'll concede that it is not the most thrilling of things, but they want to be able to see you understand the rules and reasons, that your solution isn't merely instinct and intuition." Hank grins then. "Tell you what, get an A in math this semester and we'll go hunting in Africa." Ooh, that might be tempting!

Hank finds Carin's calm acceptance of the whole 'murder ninja' thing a little off-putting, but the again, if she's not freaked, she's not freaked! "I've got some shoes you can use, Miss Taylor." Hank assures. "Don't want the bandages to get dirty, mm?" He inclines his head in thanks. "I'd like very much to watch the video and examine your wetware, Miss Taylor. I suspect they'll both be fascinating."

Catseye gives an overly dramatic sigh of martyrdom. "Smoothskin, yes. Can't hold pen in mouth and write. Still have cat eyes, tail. Makes city dangerous, sometimes. But try go anyway. Makes MotherMotherFrost happy for Catseye to try be smoothskin." She smiles with smug amusement, "But clothes not change with Catseye, so once furform, stay furform until get back to clothes." And she plays that excuse for all she can! "Furform best anyways. Stronger, faster, sharper." She perks an ear at Hanks offer, tail starting to come up, "Plains zebra? Not Endangered… maybe Wildebeest?" She won't hunt endangered animals, no matter HOW delicious they smell! "Normally hunt wild boar. Is pest, always in season. Sometimes deer."

Carin actually giggles a bit, relaxing slightly. "Um, I can see how writin' would be weird, yeah, with paws I mean. And you can just get comfy anywhere if you're a cat." She mmms. Not having clothes though could be a problem, yup." She peers over at Beast. "YOu go on safaris?"

At his question, the pale girl ponders, tilting her head, those green eyes peering at Hank. "Um, well, I /think/ I could upload it, if you've got a computer or something? I don't have, like, blueprints or stuff though. I just know from Kitty that parts of it were deliberately burned out. The whole brain washing part, and the tracker." She blinks a bit, then squirms, blushing. "Uh, well, you're a doctor so if you need to check my wetware, I, um, guess?" Yes, she has no idea what he's talking about. In her defense, it does sound vaguely dirty!

"Oh, the -horror-." Hank teases in response to Drama Cat is Dramatic. "And Cat, I could always make you some clothing that -will- morph with you." Cna you say 'Unstable Molecules'? Knew you could! He grins as he he sees he's piqued her interest with the hunting offer. "Absolutely. A full weekend. But only for an A, or A-plus, an A-minus just doesn't do it. Deal?"

Turning back to Carin with the question about Safari. "Me? Oh heavens no, not normally, but for Cat I would. And…I think perhaps it might be good to let myself go a bit. Sort of like the pressure valve in a steam cooker." He does have those bestial instincts to contend with at times, a good hunt might well be a very useful catharsis for him and fun for Cat, so win/win.

Hank glances over towards the wall o'monitors and the computers there, and nods wryly. "I suspect we can find the hardware, yes." But then she blushes, and he realizes how -questionable- 'wetware' might sound, and then HE blushes. His blue fur turns nearly black, and Cat would smell his embarrassment (No doubt much to her amusement and his chagrin!). "Oh…um…wetware is a term referring to biological and computer interactive software and hardware, like your Brain Box…" He says quickly.

Catseye gives Beast this LOOK at the idea of making clothing that will morph with her. 'A where can I hide the body' type look. Then she sighs, "Old uniform could change with Catseye, yes. But is gone, with old safeplace. Not miss uniform. Was PINK." Ok, Magenta but just… no. Not with lavender hair. "And cut too low. Stupid, have uniform cut for heartshot. Not miss uniform at ALL." She yawns, showing a mouthful of sharp kitty teeth. "Catseye take nap. Bother FurryHank later. Driving lesson, driver's license, most important, yes?"

Carin blinks at Hank. "Oh? OH! Ah…okay." she says, getting a deeper blush…and boy is it easy to tell with that alabaster skin when she's blushing. "Um, sure, no problem. I'll answer any questions I can? I just…don't remember a whole lot." She frowns a little. "Rachel and Jean have been poking around in my head to help me reconnect with what's there, but so far it's been the suck kind of memories."

There's a slight pause, then Carin says. "…do…you take other people with you sometimes?" she says, a bit hopefully. And a bit wistfully. She's fairly sure she's never been out of the United States, or at least she doesn't remember it. Obviously. Ugh, amnesia sucks.

"Um, well, I don't mind, um, it low cut. It's kinda helpful for cooling down for me." the slender speedster admits. And well, she's enough of a teen she likes showing off what she's got, a bit at least. "…are you holding open driver training? Cuz…I could be your driving buddy, Cat." She smiles, then slides off the table easily. "Um, well, let's get the shoes then and I'll upload what I got and ya can start poking at it, doc? I got some time."

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