2019-06-18 - Catching Up Scandal


Kori and Eve meet with Scandal Savage for some lunch and catching up!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Jun 18 10:39:26 2019
Location: Chinatown

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Standing on a street corner amidst the bustle, Scandal peers to and fro - over the heads of many in the ever-shifting crowd, but she lacks the height to see so far as she might like. Still, she has hopes that those for whom she is waiting might be visible amidst the throng… with one in particular having a remarkable talent for standing out in ways beyond the simple effects of her remarkable appearance. For her own part, Scandal is clad in her customary black, hands thrust into the pockets of her biker jacket; the richly blue scarf around her throat complementing the streek in her hair - also, for the most part, black at present.

Kori tries to be responsible about her friendships. Granted, anyone she's met twice is a 'friend', but that might be a language thing. Or she's just that lovingly effusive. At any rate, having not heard from Scandal for a while, it was simple enough to call her and suggest lunch.

Yes, Kori calls instead of texting. Written English is still hard for her.

She's easy to spot though, wearing waist-high trousers of some lightweight tan material and an off-the-shoulder white blouse covered in bold tropical floral patterns. She's even wearing a wide-brimmed hat, though her hair's worn loose and ever-flowing behind her. Her wide leather belt matches neat low-heeled black wedges. Kori's tall enough without adding heels to the mix. She wears no jewelry though, nor does she carry a purse, marking her as someone not quite in step with 'how it's done'. Needless to say, she's easy to spot.

Her companion's a little shorter, but no less unique looking. "I don't understand the streets in this city still," Kori complains to Eve. They've been walking for a bit. "How is there a North East Street and a West South Street? And why are they different from Northeast Avenue and Southwest Lane? I am grateful you have come, friend Eve. I would have been very 'the lost'. I need to get my phone replaced soon," she adds, wryly. It's easy to spot Scandal, being the tall bombshell she is, and Kori bounces on her toes to beam at Scandal on approach and wave vigorously at her.

"It's really no problem, Kori," says Eve, warmly, to the taller and muscular space alien.

"IT's all relative, anyway, and New York is hopelessly confusing. When I moved out here it took me forever to figure any5thing out. Now that I've been here for decades, well… it's still really confusing and impossible to figure out but you kinda get a feel for things eventually anyway." And then there's Scandal. Eve blinks her eyes at her. She does know her, after all. "OH yeah," she says. "Her. WE've met."

TRhen she's waving a hand up at her.

Scandal's attention is easily caught by said space-alien… but even as she smiles and raises a hand in greeting, she's registering the presence beside Kori. A laugh, then she cracks a broad grin, and mimes doffing a hat to the unexpected addition. Moving forward to meet them, she chuckles. "I didn't know that you two had met. Hi. It's good to see you both."

Kori crashes into Scandal with a hug, sweeping the leggy fighter up in her embrace. She pivots once on a toe, the motion too smooth to be anything but a little gravity-defying. "Friend Scandal! Joyous greetings!" she bids her, and sets the woman back down with a beaming, fond smile. "It is good to see of you again!" she adds, still entirely too much in Scandal's personal space. "And yes, I know friend Eve very well," Kori says. "I recalled you had once met, and it seemed you might like to see another face of a friend. Also, Silkie ate my phone and I need a new one and I cannot navigate the city without it," she admits, looking crestfallen.

It lasts for a tenth of a second and then she perks with that endless bubbling enthusiasm. "Are you the hungry still?" she inquires of Scandal. "I would very much enjoy try

Scandal bliiinks slowly, arches a brow at Eve to check that she's at least somewhere close to all right, then looks back to Koriandr again. "I… would be honoured," is said quietly enough to quite possibly be sincere. "The Obsidian Lounge? If you can give me your schedule, I can make sure to attend when you are due to be performing. It would be a shame to go there and miss you."

"That would be the wonderful!" Kori exclaims. "I am the new girl there as well so I do not get the good days. It is Tuesday, Thursday, and Wednesday, during lunch times," she explains. "If I make more money and I am demanded more often, I might start getting the better hours. Priscilla gets the /best/ times. But she is a much better dancer than I am, and very pretty. I have learned that it is the dancing that gets the best tips, not just being naked. I am good at being naked already, so that part was easy to learn."
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze goes Eve.

"Y-yes. Of course. Very good at these things. I am sure you will do very well there," she adds. She manages to recover from this. "I will, uh! ANYWAY! Movie night. When is a good movie night." MOVING ON! YES. DESPARATELY MOVING ON.

Scanal laughs softly, briefly lowering her gaze to the table between her hands, before looking up and grinning at her companions once again. "I shall do my best to catch some of your performances, Koriandr, if you really *do* want to me to come to watch. And movie night sounds as if it could be a great deal of fun, yes."

"You should come as well, friend Eve!" Kori tells the goth girl, impulsively. "I would welcome all of my friends. There is a modest cover charge," she admits. "And I have been told, don't let friends eat the food."

"I would welcome you to be there, friend Scandal. Truly," she promises her. "You do not need to tip me unless you want a dance in the room for champagne, either," she promises them. "You are there for the support of moral nature only! And then afterwards, we could see of the movie night at your apartment?" Kori inquires, nodding agreeement with Scandal's assertion. "Tomorrow, perhaps?"
"Right. I'll, uh… come, I guess," says Eve, hemmed into it by Kori being Kori more or less. She has recoveerd from her wheezing, at least, and then slumps down into her seat with a sigh. "To be honest, I've never much enjoyed that kind fo place, but… for you," she reaches over to tap Kor on the side with a single finger. She then turns her attention back to Scandal. "You'll Scandalize the place," she adds, dryly.

A snort of laughter escapes Scandal. "I do try not to. It's unfair on the performers, after all," she answers, tone prim - before winking at Eve. "But I can gladly come and show support, Kori. And do my best to behave well. Many such establishments *are* quite keen to draw in more female customers, I believe: it should be interesting to see if that is true."

Food arrives and is distributed, and Kori digs into her meal with a hungry enthusiasm. At least she's got some basic table manners and isn't just shovelling it into her face. At least, not in a public restaurant.

"It is true I do not see more women there," she admits, frowning. "Only the dancers. Except on ladie's nights. But that is Mondays, and most of the men work at the Rainbow Bridge the rest of the week. Perhaps we need more men dancing. They are not as aesthetically pleasaing as the girls, but it is a pleasant enough change of pace."

Eve enjoys her kebab, of course, silently hoping that neither Scandal nor Kori will say something else to make her choke. While she can not die from it, it is very unpleasent.

"I mean, yeah. That's how that kind of place is. Usually." She takes a moment to have a sip of her coffee.

"Not really my usual scene. Totes not Goth enough," she adds, as if it needed further explanation.

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