2019-06-17 - Crepes to Celebrate


Dinah, Kate, and Chris meet up at the Creperie to celebrate making it through another week.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Jun 17 01:50:40 2019
Location: Creperie NYC

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After the busy sort of week that Kate had, she was in need of a bit of rest and relaxation. The stomach rumblign scents that came from the crepery were a lure that was too strong to resist. She sneaks inside, shooting off a text to a few people to invite them to join her if they were inclined saying that she would buy. It was time to celebrate in some small way and that was best shared. Glancing up to the menu she hesitates before pointing to three, "I'll take one savory, and two of those sweet ones please," she requests. SURELY they couldn't be that filling. Right?

Christopher Powell is often off doing whatever it is that Chris does when he's not Avengering — probably doing nerdy lab things with his lab buddy over at SHIELD. But today when he gets the text, he texts back that he'd be there, and there he is. He comes strolling on down the street toward the creperie, noting that she didn't need to buy. He comes on up behind her as she waits in line and says "Hey, Kate." Then he glances up at the menu, considering for a moment. It doesn't take long. He knows what he wants.

Dinah was not immune to the need for time off, nor was the songstress immune to the tempations that come from Pizza. Pulling up on her bike and setting her helmet aside, the blonde in her leathers steps up into the restaurant while stretching her arms over her head. Scent alone was enough to have her groaning in delight. She could regret the feasting later!

Kate Bishop takes over the order she'd requested. It wasn't traditional pizza, really, but crepe with pizza filling? Hell yes. It was suitable enough. "Hey Chris," she greets as she turns to gesture toward a table. "I just had a hell of a week but survived and figured that called for a celebration. Small as it may be," she adds with a laugh. The songstress that comes in earns a double-take as she looks familiar… ish. Just a bit.

"Any week you walk away from," Chris says with a grin, considering that to be a good enough week. "Celebrating sounds good. We nearly got flattened by concrete at a concert the other night." He orders himself a strawberry crepe with chocolate and a dusting of powdered sugar. Pure dessert all the way for him, and then steps off to the side to wait for it. He glances over and sees Dinah approaching and says, "Hey, Dinah. Nice to see you again." He hadn't seen her since the concert where he'd met her, some time back.

"Oh hey!" Familier face spotted, Dinah moves deeper into the space and tucks her hands into her pockets. "Likewise Chris? How's things going?" It had indeed been a while, but at least people hadn't forgotten her either, so that bode well for her music! Of course, she'd -intended- for Pizza at first, but sweet crepes had won out by scent alone.

Spotting Kate as well, she tilts her head to the side and and raises a hand in greeting. Seems she'd noticed the doubletake, now she had to try and place the other woman's face herself.

Kate Bishop flashes a smile toward Dinah only to give a small shake of her head. "Sorry, for a minute you looked like a friend of mine. She's kind of fond of leather too," she points out with a little chuckle. Not quite as blonde though. Glancing to Chris, then back again, an eyerow raises slightly. "Ah guess you two know each other? I'm Kate," she offers to Dinah before she claims a table to sink down into with a sigh. "Kate of the 'not dead yet' gang so I'm totally going to stuf myself silly tonight."

"You were supposed to tell us when and where you were playing next so that we could come see you," Chris says when Dinah approaches, with a little bit of a grin. "Things are alright. Been a bit of a week, so Kate and I were just grabbing some crepes. Maybe a couple of others showing up." He nods to Kate and says, "I met Dinah at a concert with Rose, Helena, and Anya a while back. She did a set that was pretty cool. Was a fun show. Lots less almost getting flattened than the Dazzler show." He smiles a little bit crookedly. "Dinah, Kate, Kate, Dinah," he says, making quick introductions.

"I uh…got a little hung up," Dinah answers, giving a little chuckle. An armored car heist does tend to upset ones plans a little. Mention of Dazzler has her raising an eyebrow, after all she'd met the other singer. Their little 'duet' of combined powers had been something to see, but not exactly something publicly advertised deliberately.

"Guess you have to just stick to the facebook page, huh?" she jests at Chris before turning her gaze towards Kate and offering a bright smile of greeting. "Dinah, similarly not dead and looking to relax. Nice to meet you Kate."

Kate Bishop tips her head in greeting to Dinah. THen pauses as her phone goes off. She fishes it out of her pocket to stare at it with eyes narrowing suspiciously. "My father. I'm sorry I'm going to have to bail." There's a mutter under her breath as she adds, "Possibly literally," and she stands from her seat. The pizza crepe she'd gotten is snagged to take another chomping bite off of as she heads for the door.

Christopher Powell smiles a little amusedly at Dinah and then looks wounded, but just a little wounded. "Fine, fine, Facebook for me." He then glances up as his crepe is ready, grabbing it before moving off to one side to pull off a piece and take a bite. Mm strawberry chocolatey goodness. When Kate suddenly has to go he says, "Oh, well.. good to see you. Catch you later, Kate!" He waves as she slips out.

"Don't take it poorly, I'm terrible about remembering to call dates back too." Dinah adds, offering a glance towards the fleeing Kate and a raised hand of farewell before she finally turns herself up towards the counter to place her own order for sweets and chocolate-y goodness. Now for the wait, she turns to face the other man and tilts her head. "So the next one didn't go that smooth for you, huh?"

Christopher Powell chuckles and says, "Duly noted." He doesn't seem to have taken it poorly. But now that he's standing there alone without the person that he came with, crepe in hand, he seems perhaps a little more awkward just standing there. When she turns back to him he says, "What?" Then after a moment he realizes what she's referring to, "Oh, the concert.. yeah. Was crazy. Guys in masks with screeching sound grenade things. Flying concrete. It was chaos. Definitely not as much fun as the first one."

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