2019-06-15 - The new Wakandan Ambassador


The gala for the new Wakandan Ambassador is well attended, including by a couple of Heroes in their civies.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Jun 15 22:22:18 2019
Location: Wakandan Embassy

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The Wakandan embassy clearly has prepared for tonight's gala: A red carpet leads down from the entry to the atrium and the security checkpoint has been dismantled and stowed under a couple of tables at the side of the entry hall. Instead, a pair of tall and burly gues stand guard, their posture and face giving somehow a faint idea of gorilla only furthered by the fact that their tie clips carry the state sigil of Wakanda, a roaring felines head, blackened on the silver disk. Between them, a lean man with a clipboard greets the guests, managing to get the names the invitees before they mention them for the most part. Like a curious feature, each of the Wakandan employees of the embassy wears a bead bracelet at the left arm.

Once the Guests enter into the Atrium, it's obvious that it has been decorated at least somewhat to the likings of the American guests. The chandelier surely isn't a permanent fixture to the room as are the spotlights directed onto the stairs. A podium has been placed on the landing of the stairs, the Wakandan panther emblem decorating the front of it, but at the moment it is deserted.
Along the sidelines of the room, the embassy has placed a couple of tables. Hired waiters with trays full of champagne and juice walk between the guests and a buffet offers finger food and snacks on the front-right side of the room. Besides American treats, there are some odd offerings, labeled as various African and Wakandan specialties. On the opposite side of the buffet, the staff has set up a bar, offering various beverages from around the world.

This is going to be the assignment of the year. As long as he can keep the Parker Luck at bay.
Peter Parker, freelance photographer for the DAILY BUGLE, is about to make his first jump to the international stage. He was tasked to take pictures of the Wakandan Embassy, the interior, and the Special People of Note. A big spread in the World section was going to feature the pictures in a Sunday spread, as well as on the website. Editor's choice though, so shoot, shoot, shoot and let him deal with the embarassment of pictures,
If only the suit didn't itch. It had been months since he had worn this suit…actually, more than a year. He was sure, though, that he would be celebrating this time, instead of mourning.
He wondered if they'd serve food. They probably were. He didn't know much about African cuisine in general or Wakandan in particular. He might have to resort to using the Spider-Sense on the stranger-looking dishes.
He held up his press pass as he got stopped by security, holding up the fairly-old-but-still-reliable digial camera. "Daily Bugle?" he says, trying to be helpful. He gives the big, imposing guy the disarming smile that works for lectures, excuses for being late, and explaining why there are fresh bruises…

Pulling up outside of the embassy, Alfred exits the car first as the chaffeur, before moving around to open the door for Helena, and then Bruce. His duties done for this part of the evening, he moves to drive the car off until such time that he's needed to return to gather the father and daughter duo. Dressed in a custom and tailored tuxedo, Bruce Wayne is the very model of the businessman that shows up in the press. Handsome, debonaire, and not quite outshined by the young woman on his arm that could easily be confused for a young Selina Kyle.

Offering his arm to Helena, Bruce provides the escort for the young woman, since this is one of those events where the higher society shows, and it's time for Helena to start showing herself further as the face of the future of WayneTech, Wayne Pharmaceuticals, and Wayne Enterprises.

"It's rather lovely, isn't it?" he asks her as they walk. "I've never had the chance to visit Wakanda myself, but it's on my list of places to go." There's very few countries that Bruce nor Batman have visited, and he plans on shortening that slightly.

As they approach the checkpoint a few moments after Peter's departed, there's a smile as he presents his invitations. "Bruce Wayne, and this is my plus one, Helena."

Invite, ready. Eddie? Scrubbed and.. "What? You look like -that- underneath all this?!" Is probably what the make-up artist and Hairdresser -and- Mary Jane probably said in unison once he was all complete. Dresses, on. Limo, rented. Clutch had and they were a go. Sure enough Mary Jane was attending with a +1, but no one mentioned that he would be her bodyguard. But once dropped oof in front of the Embassy, Mary Jane loops her arm within Eddie's and begins to drag him along. "I don't want to say play pretend. But, you're my plus one, which means you're my date." She says to Eddie. "If anyone says anything about the age gap, tell them I like them old and raggedy." She was jooking. As they approach behind the Wayne's, she begins to shuffle through her clutch for the invitation, which was soon gathered and handed off to Eddie for presentation.

Eddie Brock keeps close to MJ's shoulder, his hair slicked back a bit. He doesn't look -that- old, although he's definitely got about a decade at least on MJ, "Not my fault you look like jailbait," he mutters, showing them to have perhaps an unusual employer-employee relationship.

"Don't worry, I'm pretty sure ain't nobody gonna make much fuss about it. These sorts of things, everybody's fake smiles and bullshit handshakes. The knives only come out in private. How you doin'?" he says, bumping shoulders for a moment against one of the security guys, "My bad," he says quickly, wavin goff any confrontation before MJ presents the invitation and gets them in proper.

Susan Richards arrived a short while ago, trying to maneuver a floating car into a pedestrian parking space; her blonde hair done up nice, wearing a modest but fetching blue dress and carrying a small black purse in one hand. She looks around curiously, clearly delighted and curious about the foreign decor. She makes eye contact with a camera about half a second before it and a dozen others go off, and promptly turns invisible, prompting a lot of confused looks before she turns visible again. "Kidding! Kidding. Promise." She says, and makes sure to smile for the next round. It's a step up from the owl-like bewilderment they would have captured the first time.

Really, Susan's happy to have an opportunity to dress up that isn't A: Televised and B: Focused strictly on her. So she's free to gravitate towards the food table, keeping a curious eye on the entrance, watching for familiar faces.

Helena steps out of the car when Alfred opens the door for her, and it's certainly a sight for the press photographers. She may be heir to the Wayne fortune, but the Waynes have been famously protective of the girl, and public events have been limited until she reached her majority. There's no doubt from the gown she's wearing, though, that Helena's an adult now.

Heavy black lace, with just enough shimmer to suggest fine beading throughout, fits her like a second skin. Sleeveless, the neckline dives nearly to her navel, the fabric clinging to her waist and hips until it bells out at the bottom in a fall of fabric that seems heavy despite its sheerness. ( https://lnk2.biz/2wXY9Tq ) It's finished with black heels, an elegant updo, and heavy chandelier sapphire earrings that bring out her eyes.

"I read they don't exactly have a tourism industry going," she replies to her father, flashing a polite smile to the man with the clipboard.

Loki should probably not be the one representing Asgard. In fact, he's probably not the one that got invited. But, when there is an interesting party, with interesting people, invitations have a way of finding themselves in his hand. He is wearing his leather Asgardian attire, green cape included, but with just the smaller, tiara-style horns instead of the full helm. Time to learn about the secrets of Wakanda!

Loki is also accompanied by a raven, perched on his shoulder, that appears to be quite tame.

Dead Girl arrives dressed in what can best be called a blast from the past- she's in a tie-dyed silk dress The colors are more muted than perhaps Dead GIrl herself would prefer, but it is one of those international events. She arrives much like the others, showing her invitation- she skirts by cameras and the like- letting other people take the fame as NYCs most friendly Dead Girl. She's here for a wholly different reason.

"Marvin, my friend!" Dead Girl says as she approaches an older man- in his 80's at least. He's half bent, using a cane- but his face is bright and vibrant. "Oh, Deeg, it's so good to see you again! It's been years!" She embraces the older man, kissing his cheek with a clear fondness. "Oh, yes. The last time you decided to visit the US was in the eighties, wasn't it? Oh, we saw the Opera, it was such a beautiful evening." she sighs quietly, squeezing the elderly man. "Thank you for inviting me. It's been a long time since I've been at any kind of political dinner. You know how I love to watch the living just living!" she seems to be quite excited for that.

The guards give Parker a longer look, the press pass getting a good scan before he is allowed entrance. "Do your best, Mister Parker. This is not quite the event of the year, bt there's royalty here," the man ith the clipboard advises before he leaves.

But even despite there being exactly no tourism in Wakanda, the Waynes shorten the list of countries they have not been to, if only for the fact that the Embassy was considered Wakandan soil in international law. "Welcome to Wakanda, Mister and Miss Wayne. I hope you'll enjoy your stay."

MJ and Eddie get greeted just like those before them, and even before she can even show her invitation. "Miss Watson and guest. Please enjoy your visit."

Similarily, Susan gets greeted. "Wellcome Miss Richards, we are honored to have someone of the Fantastic Four visiting this event."

While Loki wasn't technically invited, the Maitre still does greet him with all title and names before he gestures him to come in. However, he has a little word for him. "Please show your best side, Prince of Asgard."

There's low music playing as the guests can wander, mix and mingle, but no sign of the host yet.

Peter steps inside and oh my GOSH look at this place. The place looked…epic. There was a presence that was undeniable. Maybe it was just the big panther on the banner. He brought up the camera, set specifically for low-light pictures without needing a flash (a modification that served him well in the past) and began taking pictures. The camera was saving the pictures to the card, but a LITTLE wireless modification also saved it to cloud storage. In case security decided suddenly to pull the card. He had to remember he was on Wakandan soil right now, and they had their own rules.
He made his way to one corner, turning to capture the faces of the other people showing up. Susan Richards, the wife of one of the top scientists in the world? Natch. He waited for her to turn visible again before getting her. A few other he didn't recognize. Then the crimson hair and oh GOSH there she was. The One That Got Away. Well, the One That Got Tired of His Malarkey. And the big guy he was with made his Spider-Sense tingle unpleasantly.
He looked to her left and Helena Heaven HELP Me Wayne? With her FATHER, no less. That wasn't a dress, that was a STATEMENT. He looked down at himself, then amended. A statement that called her choice in men into question.
*Steady on, Parker. You still have a job to do, and your crippling, unreasonable self-doubt needs to take a powder for now. You gotta do the job. So get all the party faces, keep your face neutral, and let it all hang out AFTER the party is over.*
Yeah. Good idea. Pros don't let their feelings mess with their heads.
He spots Deeg. Meyb they can get toge…oh. She's with someone. Never mind. He does sneak a pic of her, because she does look lovely in that dress. And then there's…
He snapped the picture, but couldn't help thinking, *Who's the guy in green? And what's with the raven, ever more?*
He shrugged, and continued to shoot.

"Thank you." Bruce offers breezily to the guard, as he bows his head. "Our daughter and I are honored to be welcomed and greeted." With that, he moves to head into the venue with his daughter in tow, though they are continuing the conversation. "That is true - Wakanada is one of the few countries that is very strict on maintaining it's lifestyle as it is and not allow it to fall under influence from the outside world." he agrees with Helena as they walk and talk.

"But it is my hope that someday, perhap.." he shrugs his shoulders. He's had some small dealings with Wakanda, off the books of course, but that's not discussed - even a secret from his daughter for now.

As they're talking, Bruce hears the commotion behind him, and then there's a flash of recognition, as he lifts his brow as he recognizes the redhead. "Miss Watson, a pleasant surprise!" he offers warmly, as he turns with Helena to greet the influencer. "I do not recall if you've met my daughter, Helena? Helena, this is Mary Jane Watson. She approached me about going to Juilliard. How did your audition go?" he asks Mary Jane curiously, catching sight of Susan out of the corner of his eye, and his lips pull into a thin line for a moment.

Susan waves the photographers goodbye politely, doing a quick double take at one of them - my but they're bringing in paparazzi young these days! - before making her own way. She watches the Wayne's enter - My goodness, is that Selina Kyle? LOVE what she's done with her hair! - and then blinks once, unsure how to interpret the look Bruce gives her, but offers a friendly wave regardless, hanging back while they're talking to someone else.

"I do -not- look like jailbait!" Mary Jane exclaims! She was dressed in a simple deconstructed dress from Vera Wang; white, prominent grey featherish like material with a black strap to accent. It was elaborate, but nothing to shake a rod at compared to others there. "I know, I know Eddie. To be honest, I don't forsee anything bad happening here though. So, I suppose you can consider this a night of high society fun instead of an actual job, right?" She gives Eddie a nudge with the elbow closest to him, stepping into the embassy, her eyes wide with wonder.

"This place is amazi..- Oh Mr. Wayne!" Mary Jane cheerily exclaims! "I haven't met her no, it's nice to meet you!" Mary Jane dislodges herself from Eddie's arm to reach out a hand for a shake. Even if the hand is taken or not, she continues to speak to Bruce. "Yes I got in! It's going to be great. I start next semester.." She pauses, then jumps in mild surprise. "Oh oh, I forgot to introduce. This gentleman on my arm is Eddie Brock, my date for tonight. He's a writer."

Sarah Black had been one of the earlier arrivals, actually, aiming at getting in before the press and paparazzi circus got into full swing outside. Not that she's anyone they'd be much interested in, but still. She's dressed for the occasion, but unlike Ms. Wayne, not in a way meant to make any sort of statement, but rather to blend in with the formally-dressed crowd without attracting more attention than she can help — this is work, not a date, after all. Still, a certain level of style is called for, and the young British WAND agent looks rather smashing in a strapless, floor-length gown that hugs her curves quite nicely. (https://tinyurl.com/yydq5e4a)

Eddie does keep his eye on the area, flicking around, but she's right. She isn't likely to get stalked or attacked here. If she really was being chased by some goofy obsessive, he wouldn't get past Wakandan security. Which mostly just meant that he was free to drink if he liked.

The introduction to the Waynes makes his eyebrows raise. Yeah, there was rich and then there were these people. "No, you probably haven't read anything I've written. That's okay. I ain't starvin'," he says, offering a hand to shake since he is supposed to be passing off as a date and not her muscle.

Helena doesn't hesitate to take MJ's hand, a warm smile flashing across her features. "You're Peter's friend, right?" she asks. "He says the nicest things about you. I'm so glad to finally get the chance to meet you. You look amazing by the way," she adds, admiring the dress. "I really like the way those colors play against your hair. What's your focus going to be at Juilliard?"

She turns a smile on Eddie as well, nodding once, but she waits to hear MJ's answer before she responds. In the process, she catches sight of Susan Richards, whereupon there's a definitely look of fangirl in her eyes. "Dad! Susan Richards is here!" Okay, she just had to tell someone.

Loki leans towards the guard and says in a buttery tone, "You know…insulting me is not the best way to get the cosmic realm of Asgard on the side of an infant nation." His thin lips spread into a sly smile and then he moves on, casting his gaze about to see who is here. The kid taking pictures gets his attention for a moment, but then he's distracted by all the lady-squeeing. Oh my. He ends up near to Sarah Black, and he pointedly greets her with his accented lilt, "You know…you look like a lady who is trying to avoid attention. Call it a personal preference, but I like that sort."

Dead Girl links arms with Marvin- she is his guest for the night. He speaks softly to her. To those with mystical senses, Dead Girl posed a strange signature- an entity wholly devoid of life. A Creature of Necromantic and Necrokinietic energies that walks so safely among the living. There is no theft of life energy- no.. The entity is in tight control. A thinking, feeling entity of death.

Who, apparently, was there to enjoy a dinner with an old, nearly retired diplomatic agent named Marvin. "How is it this time of year in Wakanda?" Dead Girl wonders of Marvin.

"Oh, you know I have nothing but good things to say about my homeland, my dear. It is beautiful and precious to every Wakandan. But, to answer your question, perhaps a bit hotter than I'd like- you know how much I love the temperate zones." Martin answers with a soft chuckle as he guides Dead Girl down to a table with other low-level, but important enough to be able to invite someone style Embassy Staffers.

Kate Bishop was running a bit later than intended due to… issues that didn't really need to be described. The perils of her line of work were always there after all. When she makes her way in she sticks to the fringes to try and avoid stepping on any toes, literally or figuratively, while she tries to still get a good view of the room and this new ambassador.

The lights dim a little as the spots flare on, casting the stair into harsh light. A young woman steps down the stairs, surprisingly not dressed in an elegant gown but a skintight black suit of some shimmering material, gloves almost worked into it ( https://i.imgur.com/8C2i59e.png ). A decorated cape with a gold locket and a fur neck adorning her, covering up some the gold necklaces. Heavy earrings and a headband and tiara frame her short hair, that is cut to almost the scalp ( https://i.imgur.com/XTRMYVt.png ). A few moments she checks the microphones on the podium she stands at, then she parts her lips.

"In Wakanda, theres a saying. It is hard to translate, but Ill try anyhow: For ten thousand years the people of Wakanda have been free and strong, since a hundred centuries we stand firm against terror and invasions," the young woman opens her speech, watching over the crowd a couple of moments before resuming. "It might seem embellished, but it boils down how Wakanda thinks about itself. Wakanda is a tiny nation, and while we share the warrior spirit of some of our neighbors, some say even surpass it, Wakanda never fought a war of aggression, never sought to spread its borders since our recorded history began. Even if the Wakandan culture revolves around their own ability and the duty of everybody to stand united and fight for our country should it be needed, we do so not out of hostility. It is our means to peace in this word of turmoil ever since."

She lets the words sink a couple of moments before she resumes with a gesture in the direction where the UN Buiding had once stood years ago. "Once this city was the place all the world met to discuss their matters. Wakanda had not always been there to discuss with the others, keeping other states at a distance, protected by the borders we all protect. But the times are changing, and sometimes the changes in the world get Wakanda to change. It isnt tradition to have an embassy outside of the capital of a state, but Wakanda wants to send not just a message to the United States but to the world. But believe me, Wakanda chose this place carefully. Its so close to the hearth where the fire of world peace had been tended for long years since it had been ignited 73 years ago on the 26th of June in Dumbarton Oaks."

"You might look at me and see Shuri, a young relative of the King of Wakanda. You see a woman, a daughter. You see a single fist raised against the sea in turmoil, a single voice shouting at the winds of terrible disorder in the world. But listen, I am neither girl, now woman, nor relative, nor a fragile voice in a raging storm. I am Wakandan and here to speak on its behalf. Wakanda is offering its hand in friendship."

With a smile she lets the attendees give their applauds before bowing and taking the steps down to the ground floor to shake hands with a couple of other envoys, slowly making her way through the crowd with Smalltalk here and there.

Giving polite response at the speech, Bruce's phone vibrates, and he picks it up to glance at it. "Ah, excuse me." he says to Eddie and MJ as he steps back, expecting Helena to follow. "Sorry, sweetheart, I have to take this." He's unsure of the security, cameras, and who may be listening to what in the embassy, so he keeps his tone low, and the words encoded. "It's work, have a board member that is having some doubts on a project." With that, he's meandering through the crowd to head to the back - in case he needs to make a quick getaway into the car, and then into the night.

Peter smiled. He was getting VERY good pictures of her, the suit, the adornments, the whole nine yards. He had had the presence of mind to record the speech, and was sending THAT to the cloud as well. Soon, if some copywriter didn't screw it up, the lady's very quotable speech was going to be front-page news in the morning.
Okay…this was working. Plenty of good shots. Just keep it together, then slip out while Ail the Important People pressed the flesh and networked. He was getting hungry and there could only be so many pics of the reactions that would work.

It didn't really click until Helena mentioned Peter. Oh! This is Peter's Helena! "Ooh! Yes! I am Peter's friend! You're his girlfriend right? It's so good to finally meet you!" She shakes Helena's hand more eagerly now, finally releasing her hand to draw her shoulders up close to the lobe of her ears to twist left and right, a brief modeling pose. "Thank you so much, and you look 'gorge' yourself. Serving nothing but fish tonight honey." MJ snaps her fingers appreciatevly, then settles. "Acting. Even though I've done a few minor jobs here and there, but to learn under the greats would surely put my foothold in that world."

Mary Jane quiets now, stepping away from father and daughter to focus upon the podium. She didn't expect the dignitary to be so.. well.. wonderful! Usually they're old and mucky, but Shuri and her confidence seemed like a breath of fresh air. She instinctively leans against Eddie, then tucks her clutch beneath her arm to offer a few small claps. MJ takes the time now to survey the room, her brows raised once she sees Peter with the camera. Not one to interrupt his work, she does smile in his direction and waves! Then holds up her hand to cover the side of her mouth while she points at Helena, mouthing to Peter.. 'Good job!' Even giving him a thumbs up! And an 'A-OKAY' sign!

Mary Jane adds in a very obvious wink for good measure too. An awkward one at that.

Susan applauds politely, feeling a little bit overwhelmed, but keeping high enough spirits. The ambassador was not hardly what expected, even as Princesses go. Now she's torn. She doesn't want to bother her, but she also really really wants to bother her. So she politely makes her way past a few people, making sure only to elbow when appropriate, and briefly turning invisible to pass between two people when she approaches Shuri. "Ms. Ambassador! That was a lovely speech! I'm Susan Richards, it's a pleasure to meet you~" she says kindly with a sort of natural good cheer.

"Well I wish you the best of luck," Helena grins to MJ. "I'm sure you'll blow them away." She falls quiet for the speech, chin rising slightly in appreciation for both the sentiments and the young woman delivering them. She's among the first to add her applause at the end of it, though she looks around the crowd as Shuri descends. There's a wave and a warm smile for Peter, quick so as not to distract him too much, before she raises her hand a little more enthusiastically in Kate's direction. "Kate!" she calls over.

Kate Bishop is wearing, of course, a pleasant shade of purple in the form of a lovely dress. Shoulderless but kept at a modest length it falls down to knee height making it appropriate for cocktail or evening wear. It's suitable enough for the occasion and easy to change into as well. The strappy heels worn just finish it off nicely. At the end of the speech she claps with perhaps more gusto than several others may have while wearing a broad grin. Shuri didn't look much older than her, so that put her at 'peer' status, and that was one hell of a speech for someone.

Helena's greeting draws her attention and a wave in return. Rather than yell over the crowd she strides toward the familiar Wayne with a little laugh. "Helena, it's been ages! How are you?" A dip of her head is indicated toward where the crowd was starting to swarm Shuri. "It sounds like the ambassador is going to be really great, doesn't it?"

Peter cannot fully suppress a little frisson of nervousness on seeing MJ and Helena. Two women out of his league, of course.
Keep it together. The last thing you want to do is look nervous in a foreign country.
He gives a quick waves to MJ and then to Helena. Try not to gape at the dress.

"Richards… Oh! The Invisible Woman, right? I have heard of the exploits of your family even in our small backwater country of Wakanda. It's a pleasure to meet you too," Shuri replies, shaking the hand of Susan with a smile. The material of her gloves is silky, though differnt too. "Your Husband and the others couldn't make it? A pitty, isn't it?"

With everything starting to settle and people are mingling, MJ decides to do the generous thing and helps herself to the food table. She wasn't big on politics, she wasn't even sure where Wakanda was. So to save Mary Jane some embarrasment, she'll settle for food and grabbing drinks for Eddie. (Totally not herself *coughs*)

There was a slight grin, not quite a smirk, on Sarah Black's lips as she was about to reply to Loki, but then the lights did their thing, and all attention was on Shuri as she gave her speech. Once that moment, and the applause that follows, have passed, she half-turns again toward the trickster. "And here I had thought this might be a dull evening," she says to Loki, one eyebrow rising. Apparently his reputation has preceded him, at least with her.

Venom watches the exchange between MJ and Peter with a bemused smile, "Who's that? Your little brother?" he asks. Does he recognize Peter Parker? Perhaps. Eddie's old friend, Betty Brant, has crossed paths with Peter a few times, but Peter probably wouldn't have seen Eddie if he did. And if he had, Eddie probably wouldn't have looked like Eddie.

He takes the drink Shuri has sent their way, raising it in appreciation and taking a sip. A little fruity for his taste, but it's got a kick. That'll do.

Dead Girl smiles quietly- just talking quietly at the table of primarily Wakandan staffers- just enjoying the evening with an old friend. The fondness between the two is obvious- and the table often laughs as stories are told- adventures in a New York City and United States that just doesn't exist anymore. They drink, and eat- even Dead Girl, although one can guess it's more to ensure comfort for the living. Eating isn't something she does on the regular.

Their group however is easily forgotten, tucked into an unimportant corner.

"I'm great," Helena grins to Kate. "You look great, too. How's college? Did you decide to do college?" For all her father's already run off for a phone call, Helena seems to enjoy the socializing aspect of the party, genuinely happy to meet everyone she comes across and interested in every new thing she learns about them.

Loki seems impressed by the way Shuri looks, at least, and he forms a gentle smile. He can appreciate some style with black and gold! "Perhaps not. I prefer this though. /This/ is familiar. Proudly displaying strength. Many other parties I have been to the hosts were so humble." Loki winks at Sarah Black. "And whom do I have the pleasure of meeting?" green eyes look her up and down, appraisingly, but also possibly looking for hidden weapons.

Susan's bright smile grows a bit embarrassed as Shuri speaks, saying "I've heard your country's lovely." in regards to the 'backwater' comment; before the subject of her family comes up. "Oh, I'm sure Reed's around here somewhere. As for Benjamin and my brother… well, I'm not sure which one is harder to convince to dress up." She gives a bit of a theatrical, long-suffering sigh, but smiles through it. "I'll be sure to tell them what they missed."

"My little brother?" MJ asks Eddie. "Psh. No. We went to high school together." She offers a tray of snacks for Eddie, if he wants to eat or not it was his choice. But she does linger by the table, popping a few bits of food into her mouth here and there, still studying everyone. "So what do you think about all this? Think you can handle this until.. well.. whenever?" She asks of Eddie. "You do clean up really well in a suit, by the way."

Kate Bishop rolls her eyes upward in clear exasperation at the mention of college, but her smile remains. "Father insisted I go to a proper finishing school in upstate," she explains showing just what she thought of *that*. She already knew how to act in society events. "But it doesn't require me to be there all the time which is nice. Really the only decent class is music. The rest is about how to handle prenups, and where to meet suitable husbands. It's so, so very antiquated."

She shares a smile with Helena though as her eyes glint in the light. "But I've been following my own future path rather well, I think. I'll have to tell you about it sometime." A glance is cast around looking over the crowd for any other familiar faces. There was Peter… How interesting. Then Susan, of course, and Loki— "What the hell is he doing here?" She mutters without thinking.

"Wow, prenups," Helena laughs, a glint of humor in her eyes. "Awesome. I'll remember that if the subject ever comes up. Mine's pushing for ESU," she admits, glancing over her shoulder to make sure Bruce isn't looming. "I was on the fence, but a friend's been making it look more attractive lately. We'll see though. If I could get an internship with someone, I'd almost rather take that route, you know? Hands-on learning over sitting in a classroom."

Overhearing the muttered words, she moves a little closer to Kate to follow her gaze toward Loki, quirking a brow. "Who's that? Ex-boyfriend?"

|ROLL| Loki +rolls 1d20 for: 15

Venom grins at MJ, "Really? Has he graduated? I'd peg him for fifteen," he says and shrugs, "And he's hooking up with Helena Wayne? Man, talk about goin' above your paygrade. I salute you, tiny champion," he says, giving Peter his own thumbs up.

"I can handle anything you throw at me, MJ. Don't worry. You're in safe hands with us."

The only 'hidden weapon' to be found on Sarah this evening, of course, is herself. "Sarah Black," she replies to Loki. "It's an… unexpected pleasure," she continues, laying just enough weight upon those two words that they might be perceived as politeness, or sarcasm, or possibly polite sarcasm. She is British, after all. Must respect one's national art forms. "I would have expected perhaps someone else to be representing your people here tonight."

Peter nodded. Okay, enough of the hoi polloi. He needs to get a good clear shot of the princess. Up close, with her shaking hands with someone. That's the "money shot."
Peter readies the camera, then begins to move along the line, tracking his "prey" as he gets in closer.

"Eddie.." MJ starts, giving him a nudge after she puts her food down. "Well.. its not like he can hear you.." Though, that was said moreso to herself as she huffs. "But be nice! And honestly, I think they make a pretty cute couple, all things considered. He's really living the charmed life, you know?" She looks at Eddie's drink, then holds her hand out. She wanted to try it.

"I better be in safe hands here." Mj comments idly. "You and all of the guards here could probably take down a spider if it crawled wrong." She totally didn't get the us comment. "Want to stroll a bit? See if we can slide in and meet the Princess?"

"Thank you for coming. You're like a high profile hero team, did you have to make room in your calender?" Shuri asks Susan, still smiling while she tries to steer them both towards the buffet slowly. "You have to try the rolls. They're not like the American rolls, a Wakandan recipe."

The door opens, and Reed Richards slips into the party. He gives a furtive glance around, adjusting the tie of his nice gray and black pinstripe suit he's wearing. He spots his wife and Shuri, and makes his way towards the pair of them, weaving through the crowd and returning any greetings he receives. "Susan! Hello, dear. I ah… lost track of the time a bit. I hope I didn't miss too much of the party." He bends down to kiss the blonde woman on the cheek, then inclines his head to Shuri. "Thank you for the invitation."

"You might think so." Loki answers to Sarah. "It is so rude of them to not attend. But, despite the fairly obvious favoritism shown to them, I am finest choice for this event. Can you imagine Baldur trying to get in with his horse?" The trickster chuckles. The bird leans in close to his ear and Loki looks to it for a moment and nods. "Yes, of course." Then back to Sarah. "Come…my companion wishes one of those dinner rolls, and I would love to know how Miss Sarah Black achieved an invitation to such an event as this?"

Susan tilts her head thoughtfully, "Oh, no, it was no trouble at all. The only hard part is peeling my husband away from his projects." She peers about briefly. "… if he hasn't gone back to them." A beat, and she laughs, "He wouldn't, though, really." Right? Peer peer. "Oh, lovely!" She says, taking a roll and tasting it appreciatively, nodding her head affirmatively, "Mmm-MMP!" She gives a bit of a startled closed-mouthed yelp of surprise as Reed approaches her.

She puts her hand to her chest, nodding slowly before she swallows with a nervous laugh. "Only the important part~" She replies cheerfully before kissing his cheek in return and putting one hand on his back, gesturing to Shuri with the other. "This is my husband Reed~"

Kate Bishop shoots a glance back at Helena at the guess. Oh. Right. She might think that. "No, no, that's Prince Loki of Asgard, brother to Thor, Baldur and Hod. Hodr. I can never say his name quite right." A little shake of her head comes as she looks back toward Sarah and Loki curiously. "He's kind of a known troublemaker." Lightly her throat clears. "So I've heard. I mean, by reputation alone." A little smile creeps over her though, and she turns her attention back to Helena again. "Do you need to go shake some hands? I don't see your father right now."

And here we have the Wakandan Royalty, in its native habitat. She is approaching her food, and is currently joined by the elusive Blond-Tressed Chameleon. But wait…there is another animal there, the White-Streaked Brain. Currently mated to the Chameleon, and apparently for life.
The hunter lines up for the perfect shot. Wait for it…let the alpha male greet the alpha female and…
The shutter is silent, but ten shots of Susan introducing Reed to Shuri are fired as fast as eyeblinks, heading up to the cloud as well as the card.

Put that trophy on the WALL. The hunt is successful. The Parker clan will eat hearty for a week.

"So, definitely you'd need a prenup," Helena teases Kate, smile tugging at one corner of her lips. "A really ironclad one." Because that's the takeaway from that conversation, obviously. "Who, me? No, I don't need to shake any hands. I like to though. I mean, where else are you going to find a room full of people this interesting, right? Oh my god, it's Reed Richards." She gives Kate's arm a squeeze, bouncing on her heels just a little bit. Like it's a rock star. Prince and god: Eh. Reed Richards: OMG!!!

"I never should have mentioned that class. I hate that school," She groans before she nearly jolts when her arm is grabbed with the squeal from Helena. Over… Reed? She can't help but laugh warmly at that as she reaches over to pat her hand on Helena's. "I actually know the Richards. They're helping me and some friends with a project and have been very generous. Want to meet them?" She offers with a bright grin. "I know for a fact that Ben Grimm cooks a pretty good burger, too."

Eddie smiles to MJ, "Probably depends on the spider. You'd be surprised what some of them are capable of," he says.

He trails close behind MJ, keeping a hand on her elbow so she doesn't stray too far. Not to much because he's worried for her safety, but he doesn't want to be left alone amongst all this fancy company without her as a shield.

<I think we blend very well, Eddie. Seamless.>
(For now.)
<I am getting a little rumbly in the tummy. Pick us up a snack. Something meaty?>

Eddie sighs and looks around for the hors d'ouvres.

Shuri gives the two lovebirds a moment before offering Reed her hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you too. I hope you didn't miss my speech earlier." She chuckles as she notices a little commotion to the side, the high pitched sqeal of what might sound like highschoolers. With a little smile she bows to the Richards. "Excuse me a moment, feel free to raid the buffet as much as you like."

She turns to where the girls were seemingly fawning about somebody, offering them a smile. "Oh finally someone that is of my generation…" she greets to them.

"The usual for this sort of thing," Sarah replies to Loki, as she starts to walk with him toward the buffet, though his conversation with his avian companion did get a bit of a curious look — though not so much of one as it might have gotten from some people. "Connections, a friend of a friend of a colleague, you know how it is," she vaguesplains, while at the same time being completely honest, more or less, about how it was she came to be here.

"I might die. But I would die happy." Helena gives Kate the puppy eyes, but then Shuri is stepping over and she releases Kate's arm to offer a hand to Shuri, the corners of her eyes crinkling with her smile. "The old people aren't all bad, your highness," she chuckles. "Some of them know how to have a good time. Probably. In theory. I'm Helena Wayne," she introduces herself belatedly. "This Kate Bishop. And your party is great. Your speech was amazing."

Susan gives a sort of… 'amused flinch' as that same squeal of enthusiasm goes off again, prompting an embarrassed laugh from Susan who peers about for the source of it briefly, before looking to Shuri, "Of course! It was a pleasure to meet you, again~" She says sincerely, before here eyes settle on Helena. "Oh! It's Selina Kyle! I didn't realize she was such a faaa-waait no, nonono, oh! Her eyes are blue. Oh! Oh my gosh, is that Bruce Wayne's daughter? I thought she was a myth!"

Settling an arm around the waist of his more socially adept half, Reed takes the hand of the Wakandan Princess and shakes briefly. "Ah, no. Of course I didn't." He clears his throat, then inclines his head to her, "Duties always call, of course." He smiles at her, then leans down to whisper in Susan's ear, "Sorry dear, the chemical bath was at a critical point and I couldn't leave the sample alone until things stabilized." Of course, he could have not started that part of the experiment until AFTER the party. And Susan is no doubt aware of that. But… such is living with Reed Richards. He seems unaware that he's been spotted by a Wayne, and her reaction to said spotting.

In regards to Reed's apology, Susan gives a bit of a wry smile. "I seeeeeeee." She says, humoring him, "I understand. Though we're going to have to have the 'timing' conversation again." She notes merrily, and gives Reed an affectionate peck on the chin.

"I think you'd manage to survive, but he'd probably talk your ear off with all that boring science stuff you love," Kate assures Helena only to grin wider when it's Shuri that breaks away to greet them. At Helena's introduction she offers her hand out as well. "You were awesome up there," she assures with a dip of her head. "And your speech was wonderful. Trust me I've heard of lot of speeches, more than I like, and that was one of the best. A pleasure to meet you, your Highness."

"I see some known faces…but you do not seem starstruck." Loki goes straight for the bread-like item and hands it to his raven, then continues the conversation. "Have you met the Richards before? I have not, formally. I do know her though." He nods in Kate's direction. "You know what this event needs…a good /dare/. Dare me something." He smiles broadly to Sarah. "Or accept one from me."

Since Eddie was mentioning spiders, MJ gets visibly unnerved at the thought of it. Blech. "We learned about spiders and such at school. Cutest one, the peek a boo spider. Though, that's probably something too boring to talk about right about now."

It seems like the Princess was otherwise engaged, MJ already had thoughts of coming back at a later date with a gift to properly introduce herself. Noticing Eddie looking over at the table of assembled hors d'ouvres, MJ reaches out to lightly pat his arm. "You okay? Want to get out of here?"

Peter took a few extra pictures of Shuri and Reed, hands touching, and then Shuri moves off again, Peter is still relaxing. This was working out better than expected. He stepped back into the corner, checking the shots. He hunched over slightly to check them through the small screen on the back of the camera. He didn't want to say it out loud, but he was hoping for no Parker luck-related issues. problems.
Good…good…good…okay. If he got them all, he might…
Then the phone beeped.
"Oh, no…" He checked the screen on the phone. A gold heist. Two blocks away…

"Wayne as in the Wayne Enterprises? Bruce Wayne's elusive daughter?" Shuri asked to confirm, smiling before offering her hand to her. "It's nice to meet you two. While sure, some might know how to have a good time, it is a fact that generations are different from their predecessors." She takes KAte's hand next, shaking it. She's stronger than she looks, that both can feel, and she is controlling it well. "Thank you miss Bishop. But honestly, I still have a lot to learn."

Venom tugs on his tie a little bit, "I'm a little hungry," he admits. "The buffet isn't exactly up to my usual standards. I like a full rack of ribs," he admits.

"Your dime, kiddo. We'll go where you wanna go."

"That's me," Helena smiles ruefully to Shuri. "They finally let me out of the tower. I had to make a rope out of the bedsheets, but I made it. I'm really happy to hear that Wakanda's set up an embassy here. After everything with the UN, I was starting to think we'd never start to fit in with the international community again. And I can't wait to find out more about Wakanda." Ever observant, she nods toward the bracelet on Shuri's wrist. "Do the bracelets have a cultural significance?"

Peter snaps the camera off and shoves the phone in his pocket. He's gotta go.
He begins heading towards the exit, brushing against someone vaguely important, who scoffs at him.
"Sorry…sorry…" he says quickly, looking over to MJ, then to Helena, giving them the same sheepish smile as he moves through the crowd with some haste.

Kate Bishop has a surprising amount of callouses on her hands. In a rather specific order if one were familiar with those that an archer would posess. The strength in Shuri's grip earns a little loft of an eyebrow in surprise but it's smoothed away quickly with a warm, genuine grin. "I think we all do. What's important is that we actually show up and try instead of letting the older generations make all the decisions."

"Alright!" MJ claps her hands, then reaches out to take Eddie's hand to drag him to the door. She stops to let Peter pass, frowns after missing a wave and hello, then continues on. "My place first to change. Then lets head to Harlem. They've got a nice barbeque joint there with ribs to -die- for." Better than most famous smoke-houses! "Then meet me at 8 o'clock for a run, cause that stuff is totes going to go to our hips.." And with that, they're gone!

"I'll admit I haven't had the pleasure, myself," Sarah replies to Loki, with regard to his question about the Richardses. "I really don't move in the same circles." That's certainly true enough. She doesn't further address the noted lack of any 'starstruck' reaction on her part, though. It might have something to do with being here to do a job, and that job having rather rapidly become largely, 'keep an eye on the Asgardian next to you'? Regarding the dares, she says, "I'm afraid I'll have to decline on that, though, intriguing as the offer might be. Propriety and all, what?"

Turning in place, keeping an arm around his wife, Reed scans over the crowd. He considers the various people there, trying to decide who he should introduce himself to next. He presses his lips to the top of Susan's head and murmurs, "What do you think, Susan?" So many unfamiliar faces. And probably a few that he has seen and simply never stuck in his mind. They go to a LOT of charity things. The upper crust for the most part start to blur together after a while.

Shuri smiles as she shakes the head a little. "Careful Miss Bishop, while we might escape our prisons now and then, we still need our elders. We can make things different, but we still can also learn from them, we can listen to their advice. And some of them are very good at what they do."

Susan smiles warmly and hugs Reed's side gently, answering, "I… think… you should try one of these rolls." She says, popping a small one into Reed's mouth, and then tilting her head thoughtfully. "After thaaaat, maybe go say hi to our tennant over there, hob knobbing with the Wayne family~…" she says, indicating Kate, "… and after that maybe the greetings will thin out enough for us to spot some new people."

"Well, then…I dare myself to go slide my arm around that one." Loki waggles his brows at Sarah, then takes one biiiig step away, then walks normally for the rest of the approach towards Kate Bishop and the others around her, including Shuri. He comes up right beside Kate and tries to put his hand to her waist and lean in for a fairly British style air-kiss greeting. "Ohhhh…listen to Elders? What is this? /I agree/." Then, if he's not actively being punched, he greets Shuri with a smile. "Loki Odinson, Prince of Asgard." and dips his chin.

Helena takes a broad step to the side when Loki approaches Kate, like she knows very well he might get punched and she's going to make sure she's out of the way when it happens. "Your highness," she addresses Shuri, "What is Wakanda's stance on womens rights?"

Reed Richards opens his mouth just a hair wider than should be possible for a human, chewing thoughtfully on the roll. "Hmm. Interesting flavor. I don't recognize some of these spices. I wonder if there's varieties that are exclusively grown in Wakanda…" Then he gives his head a shake, and follows her pointing towards Kate and the others. "That's a place to start, yes." He gives her a squeeze, then starts over to the group. As he nears them he says, "Ms. Bishop. Good to see you. I can't say I was expecting to run into you here. Sorry if we're interrupting, but being your landlords in a sense, it seemed appropriate to give you greetings." He smiles at the archer, then inclines his head to the others, including the Wakandan he had just been talking to. "Hello again, Madame Ambassador. And… I don't think we've met, Miss Wayne. I'm Reed Richards." He offers a hand to the currently non-batty Wayne.

Peter made it to the exit without incident, or bumping into any more important people. He looked over his shoulder once more, sighing to himself. He didn't even get to eat any of the buffet. He promised himself to use just a LITTLE extra webbing on them for that.
He sidled past some Senator and headed for the alley one block down, where he'd hidden the backpack with the gear.
Two minutes later, he was off, doing what a spider can.

Kate Bishop was about to say something regarding elders… When one puts his arm around her waist causing her eyes to widen with the look of someone about to strike. A single deep breath is taken to calm that instinct. She was taught better than that. "You're about as old as they come, Loki," she has to agree with a smirking glance tipped up at him even as she gives his side an elbow. It was a small revenge given the social situation.

The Richard's coming over earns a little grin as she nods her head toward Helena. "Mr. Richards, this is my good friend Helena Wayne. She's a huuuge fan of yours," she explains.

Shuri turns to Loki as he slips in and Helena taking an evasive step. "Well, in Wakanda there's little legal difference, whatever gender you might have. Male, female, neutrum, any combination or tree. If you are a sentient being, you have rights," Shuri resummees, smiling some. "Now, mister Odinson, I hadn't expected you to come to this party, but I am happy to…" That's when Reed rubberbands in, making her lift a handto hide her chuckle. "As I was saying, I am happy to see you Mr. Odinson, and surely you have a tale to tell? I heard they call you the god of stories, and me and probably the others would be delighted to hear one."

"I am very glad to hear that," Helena smiles easily to Shuri, but then Reed Richards is coming over and she's stepping forward to offer a hand quickly, smile spreading bright. "Mister Richards, I am your biggest fan," she agrees with Kate's introduction. "Your recent paper in Scientific American was amazing." She's young to be reading those sorts of papers, but it seems the Wayne girl is gifted in her own ways.

The gray-templed scientist considers Helena curiously. "Oh? A fan?" They do get those sometimes. You can never be sure whether it's a fan of the science, or the adventure. Most, it's the adventure. Apparently it's the other with this one. He shakes briefly then says, "Thank you, Ms. Wayne. It occured to me one day that while the safer forms of dimensional travel tend to leave the subject how they were to begin with, there are specific ways of doing it that could have an interesting effect on certain isotopes. I was hoping to find the right dimensional frequency that would let you send them back and forth a few times and drastically reduce the half-life of radioactive waste, but…" And on he goes.

"There are plenty of stories to tell, Excellency. And though you did not specifically invite /me/, my brothers were not able to attend. Regardless, /I/ am more appropriate for a party like this." Loki grins crookedly, making a slight grunt when Kate elbows him. He does drift his hand away, but he stays familiarly close. "Perhaps the tale of the magic ring? There was once a dwarf named Andvari, long of beard, and thick of shoulders, who owned a ring that could detect precious metal in the earth." Loki arched his brows and looked at Shuri. "And he was quite elusive, for with his magic, he could evade the best hunters. He grew more and more wealthy by using the ring, and telling his kin where to dig. Where there is inequity, there comes swiftly, jealousy, envy…and so it was that all tried and failed to capture the dwarf and his magic ring. It would take someone who also knew of the ways of magic, to tell that the dwarf was a shapeshifter, able to become a pike, a fish, at will. Instead of a spear, I caught the great Andvari in a net. It was I that claimed the ring from him." Loki gestures to himself. His manner of speaking is peculiar. Each syllable is crafted with intimate care, so that the exact tone, the exact note of it, evokes the mind's imagination to picture the scene. He also gestures, long fingers helping to weave the story, though he never actually draws or produces any illusions. There are stresses on 'jealousy' and 'envy', and he lingers there. Silvery-tongued. He touches his chest, and the story nearly comes to a rest, but then he starts again suddenly, "He cursed the ring! And all the treasure he had amassed. Anyone who claimed hold of it would find their luck completely spent and misery and destruction would follow. He meant to harm /me/, of course, but that is not the magic he wove. No, the curse would follow the ring, and the treasure, not I. Fittingly, I gave it swiftly away to the Dwarf King, and even though he knew it was cursed, he clung to it greedily. Until the dragon, of course. The dragon who destroyed the dwarf kingdom of old and sat upon the treasure here…in /Midgard/. Of course, not too long passed before mortals got their hands upon it and the greed siezed them as well. Its still out there…the magic ring. Why, I would venture that it could find all the gold in a mountain, or…other metals…if only one could outrun the curse upon it." Green eyes glitter and he smiilllllles like a snake.

Kate Bishop watches Helena and Reed start to talk with a look that was… okay her eyes were glazing over at mention of all the science talk. She knew her friend was into that though, as was Mr. Richards, so it was a perfect match. Besides, Loki had started with his story.

Then he ends it and she crosses her arms tipping her head toward him rather skeptically. "That sounds like a vague retelling of Lord of the Rings."

"Of course, which would make it significantly safer to use nuclear energy sources, helping with cleaner energy." Helena seems to be following along just fine, engaged and nodding along with Reed's science explanation. "It would be a major step forward." Science talk is way better than Loki stories. At least in Helena's book, apparently. "The discoveries you've already made are legendary, Dr. Richards. I really look forward to everything you can discover."

Loki having ceased to be her up-close-and-personal problem, Sarah does her best to fade into the assorted People In Formal Wear milling about, while keeping at least part of her attention on the Asgardian. She's not focusing entirely on him, in case something else happens that she should be aware of, but still.

Reed Richards nods to Helena. "Making the world better is what science is for, after all." He smiles at the younger woman. "You seem quite knowledgeable for your age. Are you by chance going the scientific route with your schooling?" He glances over at the others as Loki gives his little story. He smiles faintly and says, "I've heard that story before as well. Though in these days, science makes such magic basically unnecessary."

Loki looks over to Kate. "My dear…it is not a retelling of Lord of the Rings. Lord of the Rings is a /fiction/ made from gathering bits and pieces of old legends." There is a pause. "Elves and dwarves are nothing like Lord of the Rings." He waves his hand a little.

"That is the plan, yes," Helena nods to Reed. "Though I'll admit, I've been wavering a little bit on the school process. I've always been more comfortable with hands-on learning than with lecture. I've been lucky enough that my parents have been able to send me to schools that encouraged that approach, but the advanced sciences programs in most schools still focus heavily on lecture and book learning. So it's a question of whether or not there's enough to be gained from the experience of going to college, or if I might be better suited seeking out an internship somewhere. I could always go into the family business, of course, but…" She pauses, grimacing. "It's the easy route. And I want to earn my way."

Kate Bishop wears a satisfie smirk at the reaction she elicites from Loki as she was, clearly, teasing. "Mmhm. I suppose that makes sense. And I can agree on them not being like that at all from what I've already seen and heard." There's a little shudder from her and a look of distaste, "Be too soon before I see another scarab." It was way too much 'The Mummy' for her.

She glances at Reed and Helena chatting away happily about nerd things, then looks around again for Shuri to see how the new Ambassador was doing in the crowd. There was a lot going on. "Mm. I think it's probably time for me to slip off. Your brother gave me a kitten and she's the most demanding little ball of anger ever. I'm sure my couch is shredded by now."

"I remember my college years. Some people gave me some trouble because of my age. But overall, it was enjoyable." The older scientist smiles briefly. "I even made some good friends during that time." His gaze goes distant for a few moments as he remembers. Then he focuses on the young Wayne again. "I'm sure you'll do well." He rubs his chin thoughtfully with one hand, consiering her. "Hmmm. If you send me your resume, maybe you could assist me on a few projects here and there. Some of it is…well. Private. But there are things I could use another set of hands on."

Loki glances towards Reed at the science versus magic remark, but since he seems to be speaking to someone else right now, he focuses back on Kate. "So, no tales about scarabs, then?" He asks in a teasing manner.

"I would be thrilled if you'd even look at my resume, Dr. Richards," Helena grins broadly. "I'l make certain to get it over to you as soon as possible." She really does love to geek out. If Peter was still here, she'd probably be pointing at this to get him to take a picture of it. "Anyhow, I should let you go. I'm sure there are plenty of people here looking for your attention."

Reed Richards nods his head to Helena, "I'll keep an eye out for it, Ms. Wayne." He smiles at her again, then nods his head to the others, "If you'll excuse me." He turns, and wanders off to look for wherever it is his wife went to.

Kate Bishop gives Loki a *look* at that joke only to shake her head. "Nope. Not going there." Overhearing the end of Reed and Helena's chat she grins toward her friend. "Happy now that you've met your hero? You always did love that sciency stuff." Her on the other hand, her goals were a bit more martial. There's a pause as she watches another photographer drift by, and she glances askance at Loki. "Maybe you ought to not stand so close. My father might get ideas that I do not need him to be getting."

"And here I was going to ask you to dinner. I will take that as a 'not interested in a foreign Prince', then." Loki grinnnns at the woman and then takes a sideways step. "Did someone not say earlier that I was your ex-boyfriend?" He chuckles.

"Thrilled," Helena winks at Kate. "I mean, I would have preferred to be wearing a little bit more, but that's part of why he's my hero." She grins, then tips her head toward the buffet. "I'm going to get my snack on, see what else is happening. Careful with her," she adds with a waggle of her brow in Loki's direction. "She's had the class on prenups, you might not come out ahead."

Kate Bishop claps a hand over her eyes with a little groan. That was not something she really wanted to get out. "I didn't *take* the class, I said they *offered* it, Helena! You know I'm not like that!" Huffing a bit she drops her hand away with foot tapping just a bit. Hmph. "Helena presumed you might be but I think she does things to annoy me sometimes." You know, as friends tended to. Mention of food, though? There's no denying that her stomach grumbles at her reminding her that she hadn't eaten since earlier in the day. "My dad isn't a nice person," she states simply to Loki with a shrug. "And he can go to hell for all I care, but unfortunately he controls what money I do or don't get to use."

"So, you are saying that your greed is greater than doing what your heart tells you. Its almost as if you did not listen to my tale of greed /at all/…" Loki arches his brows and the corners of his lips quirk.

Kate Bishop lifts her hand, a single finger raised up at Loki in a simple 'don't' gesture. "Not greed. I don't spend more than I need, and I share with my friends when I can. He doesn't approve of my lifestyle and uses money to try and keep me in line."

"Lust for money has destroyed another relationship." Loki looks mockingly sad. "You truly do not think he would approve of you dating royalty?"

Kate Bishop glances back at Loki looking quite surprised at that. It does earn a little laugh of amusement and a quick shake of her head. "Oh! Is that what you think? No, no he'd be urging us to date and for me to settle down. Probably try to bribe me over it, too."

"So what you are saying…is that you might get extra funds, which you could spend on anything you wanted, and I would get to make a certain someone jealous, then capriciously break up with you and you could be devastated and sad for /years/…even…" Loki grins crookedly.

"Weren't you JUST the one talking about the issues involved with being greedy?" Kate points out clucking her tongue reproachfully. "And who is this 'certain someone' you'd be making jealous, exactly?" An eyebrow lifts glancing back toward him curiously. Oh, that sounded like something she ought to know the answer to easily. "But… Yes that is essentially what could happen. Until he found out I'm still doing my archery which is what he dislikes. I tend to run in different groups than his friends."

Shuri had slipped into the crowd of people after Loki's stroy with a little thanks, doing her tasks as a host elsewhere. She does return though, the discussions haveing moved. "Oh I seem to have brought together a group that loves to talk, don't I?" she asks with a little tease, though also a smile.

"Whom I might wish to make jealous has no bearing on the rest." Loki grins. "But, I shall let it rest there. Should you mull things over and decide it would be humorous, though, let me give you my number." He holds out his hand for her phone. Then he looks over at Shuri. "Ahhh…did you like the tale earlier?"

Kate Bishop considers it slowly. There was a lot to consider there. The last time she'd gotten involved in god related things, she ended up nearly dead several times over. Yet she had sruvived. A soft 'hmph' is given though she does hold over her phone for the number. "At least you use one. Trying to get ahold of Hod is near impossible. Just look for a mopey old man in an icecream shop." She glances to Shuri once more offering a warm smile. "It looked like you had a lot of room to cover. If you ever need a guide around the city for some fun places, let me know."

"It's a variant of an asgardian classic, isn't it? Some names remind me of the Ring of Niebelung, the one Wagner turned into an Opera by telling mainly the Siegfired saga part." Shuri said with a smile, "Your version is interesting and nice. It reminds us to be all careful of what we exactly say."

"Mmmhmm. I do not know what you call it…and I am certain the details have become mired in the telling and retelling. But…to me, it is just youth." Loki plugs his number into her phone, then holds it out and takes a rather charming selfie of himself, for the profile picture, before handing it back to Kate. "I am afraid I need to depart. I look forward to meeting you to discuss other things, some time, Princess." He bows his head again and makes to depart.

Kate Bishop takes the phone back with a little amused eyeroll, but she is smiling at least. "Have a good evening you two. I'm off to save my couch from a very irate feline who thinks she's starving when the bowl is half empty."

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