2019-06-13 - Invasive Much?


The Batman drops by Kelly's place to interrogate her a bit, and return something that belongs to her.

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Storyteller: None
Date: June 13, 2019
Location: 58 Water Street, Apt 501, Brooklyn

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Ever feel like a part of you is missing? You know, like.. you would rather just be somewhere else - or that you /are/ somewhere else? Kelly may be feeling that a little at the moment as she comes home from work. Roy's not at home - he'd texted her earlier that he had a lead on Thunderbolt and was following it up.

So that won't explain why when she turns on the lights in the room, there's a silhouette of a man standing there. One she'd only met a few nights prior - so how'd he find her so fast?

"Kelly Dehaven, mechanical biomed expert." comes the greeting, as Batman reaches into the corner of his utility belt and pulls out a small vial. Within that vial? That missing piece of her. "You had my curiosity at the exhibit."

Kelly *has* been distracted by that missing piece. It’s still psychically connected to her, and so she can still feel through it. Every time it’s touched, or moved around, poked or prodded, she feels it. Like an ant across her skin.

But she can’t tell where it *is*. And that’s been frustrating.

While Kelly works for SHIELD, she’s not any kind of spy or field agent or anything like that. She’s doing her postDoc with them and they wanted her specifically for her BCI expertise. So when she turns on the light and Batman’s gravelly voice brings attention to his cowled form, the redhead gives a shriek of surprise and the mail she was looking through goes flying.

While her labcoat was left at work, Kelly’s otherwise dressed in her usual ‘business casual’ look. Even though it’s summer, she’s got long sleeves and gloves on, though. Of course, Batman got a look at why she hides her arms the other night.

Deep green eyes wide, lips parted as she pants and tries to get her racing pulse under control she gives a stuttering sort of nod. “Y-yes. That’s me.” When she sees that vial, her eyes go wider and outrage chases away the fear. “You! Give me that!” She demands, stalking up to him.

Handing the vial back over with little complaint, there's a lift of a brow from Batman as the diminutive redhead goes into rage machine mode. "It is an interesting mutation. But not one that was of the mutant variety." Which means he didn't see her as X-Gene. There's something else that she did to cause her to be like this.

And he waits for her to reincorporate that piece of her back into herself. He made sure to test in a secure location, in case it could somehow download where it was into her like a GPS. "What was your purpose for being at the exhibit?" he asks her suddenly. And that tone carries what could be called.. an accusation?

Kelly takes the vial back but doesn’t open it. Re-incorporating it would require taking off her gloves and she’s loathe to do that in front of the Bat. He’s scared her, and even if he does know about her abilities she doesn’t want to feel vulnerable in front of him.

Green eyes narrow at Batman’s observation, and she holds up the vial. “Hopefully this means you’re done violating me, then?” Her anger is still there, which is managing to keep Batman’s intimidating presence from cowing her. At least for now, while he’s not really trying to be so.

She blows out a breath in a huff. “My purpose for being at a charity fundraiser?” There’s a dry sort of incredulity there, and she shakes her head. “My dad was supposed to be in town, and he had plans to go. Something came up last minute and he asked me to represent him.” ‘Guilt-tripped’ would be closer to the truth. The Dehavens are an affluent family out on the West Coast. Nothing like the Waynes, but part of Kelly being there on her dad’s behalf was probably to keep the family climbing whereas the Waynes would show up to keep their social dominance.

"Hnh." Batman responds, folding his arms over his chest in thought. "It would not be the first time that SHIELD has opted to test something new in the field instead of in a lab." he comments dryly. It's clear that he has no real love for SHIELD - after all, they went after him hard when he refused to register. And even if that's all cleared now - bad blood runs deep.

Wait, did he just suggest SHIELD was field testing /something/? "I read up on your parents. You are clearly breaking their mold." He probably knows who she has living with her - and it's probably breaking her parents' hearts.

Kelly might not have mentioned that she’s got a new roommate to them yet. Mostly because she doesn’t talk to them all that much and she knows the conversation is likely to be, well, long.

When Batman makes that suggestion she just stares at him, blinking once. “I’m not that kind of SHIELD employee!” It’s a bit high-pitched, though not quite a squeak of indignation. She’s not even an agent, really. Not that SHIELD hasn’t been known to fake their employee files.

“My parents support what I do!” OK, they’d have liked it better if she used that big brain of hers to further their business interests, but they still have high hopes. She’s only in her mid 20’s. Still lots of time to come back to the fold. That he’s been reading up on her does get a narrow-eyed look. “Invasive much?” She just sees the headlines about the Batman, and so no idea just how much of a detective he is. And how ‘Invasive’ is really his middle name.

See the current home invasion.

"The vibranium used in the core last night. It was artificially made. Flawed. You were able to access the issue. You were able to defuse it before it became more problematic. You were able to bypass security without issue to get to it, with something you created from yourself." Batman lays out all the information that he gleaned from the incident. Even if it's not true - he's rattling the cage. To see if SHIELD truly knows about fake vibranium, of if they are as in the dark as their records indicate.

And it's easier to get the truth out of her this way than say - Nick Fury.

“There wasn’t really any security on it.” Kelly says, her manner calming down a bit from the earlier outrage. Now that perpetual ‘scary bat’ aura is getting to her a bit and she backs up from him a bit, arms coming up to cross in front of her in an unconscious defensive gesture. “If you’d had a keyboard on you, well, and a monitor I suppose, you could have shut it down yourself.” Little does he know he probably does have a Bat version of each. He probably needed a Bluetooth connection though, and that system definitely didn’t have that.

Even whilst being defensive, she gives him a frown at the rest of his statement. “Yes. With something I created from myself. I can link with computer systems. That’s kind of in my wheelhouse.” Even if her psisteel is a bit of an experiment gone wrong. Her eyes narrow a bit. “Are you accusing me of that rat attack? Because ew.”

"It would not be the first time you ran an uncontrolled experiment and been heedless of the circumstance." Batman responds to the woman. But she's telling the truth, that much he can tell from the way she's reacting at the moment.

He gives a small grunt. "May want to tell your supervisors at SHIELD that someone is making vibranium through artificial means. What we saw the other night was a test of that new metal. And it did not do well."

Kelly’s jaw tightens, the muscles along it standing out as she grits her teeth as he points out her past indiscretions. If Batman were doing anything more than just standing there ominously, she’d have flagged someone down for help. As it is, Roy might pick up on the tumble of nervous emotions but she’s not actively projecting them.

“Yes. I did. Only because the only one likely to suffer any fallout from it was *me*.” Which, well, she did. “And while you may be privy to the results, don’t act like you know all the precautions I *did* take. I don’t know you. I barely know anything about you. You don’t get to judge me.”

"No, you gave yourself abilities that could effect /millions/." Batman responds. "So no, it was not just fallout on you." he points out to her.

Somewhere, on the other side of the city, Roy was just wrapping up an op when he feels the tug on his thoughts. "The /hell/?" he asks himself, but now he's moving quickly to head back towards their apartment.

It’s the red hair. I makes her quick to anger. And Batman’s accusation does just that. Her arms uncross and hands set on her hips. While she doesn’t move any closer, she does lean forward a bit as she talks.

“Oh, yes, I’m sure you understand all the ramifications of my work after a day or two of looking at the result.” She fires back. OK, he probably looked up her Doctoral project as well, but again, she doesn’t know much about the Bat except that he’s rude!

“You want to know what can affect millions? Hopefully, anyway? My BCI work. So that those born with impaired or missing limbs, or worse, those that loose them in wars or tragic circumstance might be able to have a mostly normal life.”

"There are plenty of people that had the same intention that experimented on themselves first. They all weren't Marie Curie." Doctor Octopus for example. Does Batman need to go on about it. "And the fact that you are able to cybernetically link yourself to computers does not have an issue - unless of course that is something you have not shared that with your superiors yet."

Because what good supervillain would show all their cards at the start? He's delivered his message. He's messed with her flesh. His work here is done. Good intentions or not? That's not his place to decide. He tends to think the worst in people though - after all, look where he came from. Turning from her, he makes his way to the window he let himself in, and disappears back into the night.

Kelly stands there, anger bubbling up inside her as her hands tighten into fists as the Batman makes his exit. She’s able to keep the tears that well up at bay while he’s there but has to swipe at her eyes once he’s gone.

The redhead stalks over to the window to slam it closed, locking it tightly. Her arms wrap around to hold herself as anger starts to crash into sadness and guilt.

She scrubs at her eyes with the cuff of her shirt again, sniffling as she tries to reign her emotions in. Stupid fair skin making her turn all splotchy when she cries.

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