2019-06-13 - Internet, Brushes, and Meatloaf


Mary Jane and Flash do an impromptu internet recording.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Jun 13 05:43:21 2019
Location: 220 Central Park S - 37C - MJ's Room

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Flash has been out all morning and much of the afternoon; practice, and then a couple of quick interviews. His routine is pretty straightforward most days, and he keeps it all straight not only with reminders in his phone, but also a calendar on the fridge that MJ would be able to see if she were interested. He popped back into the apartment very briefly, but then went down to the pool for a couple hours, and is only now coming home again. The knob turns and in he comes, still a bit wet, towel around his waist, and his watch and phone bundled together in one hand. "Emjay?" He calls in, wondering if she's home.

MJ was in her room, unpacking a few items, tossing things here and there everywhere so that she could get the perfect setup. And for a moment, it almost looks like something you'd see in a professional studio! "I'm in here!"

Obviously it was an invitation. But if he were to enter unprompted, he would see two large spotlights set up upon either side of her bed. A table in front of said bed with at least a dozen make-up items splayed across in the neatest fashion. Glam bags were on the floor by the chair, and a few mirrors with more lights were around it.

In front of the table was a camera, set up on a tripod, obviously digital. It was the lastest in the technological finds in the broadcasting and advertising world, and Mary Jane had her fix. Imagine sleeping like this!

Flash closes the door behind him, and sets his watch and phone on the little table by the door. He balls up the towel, and lobs it into his room from the hallway as he passes, and then pokes his head into MJ's room. "Whoa, what are you doing in here?" He asks, eyeing the lights, and the camera; all that's missing is the action? If it weren't for the makeup, bags, and assorted swag, he might get a very different idea of what was going on in here. Of course, he has, since MJ moved in, made it a point to follow her on Instagram, so he kind of knows. Doesn't really understand it all, but knows.

"Well.." She starts, moving behind the camera to begin to futz with the settings. "Instead of me screwing up a hotel room or renting an office space and hiring people to help set me up, I'm going to turn the bedroom into the studio." She motions him over, her expression completely serious. "I know that.. this probably isn't what you had in mind but.." She looks at him apologetically. "I won't have random people over and if I do, I promise to clear it with you first! But I just need really, really good lighting for the make-up videos." She bends behind the screen, studying the background. "And maybe different paint. Come look and let me know what you think."

Flash lets out a little chuckle, and steps inside the room. "Hey, it's cool Emjay," he says. "Mi casa es su casa. Don't worry about it." He smiles, and comes a little closer, looking over the setup. "If you need to get it painted, let me know, I can get someone in. Looks like a good setup though, not that I'm an expert. You want me to clear off so you can do your thing, then?" Otherwise, he'll just sit off-camera and watch, because he's always been curious how this kind of thing goes from the other side.

"Nope!" She immediately says, pressing record on the camera. So what if he's naked from the top up! Ladies love that stuff! She reaches over to grab his arm, tugging him further into the room and around the table. "Sit here!" Hopefully, he'll do so. For she's already grabbing another chair to park it right next to it. The ipad that was on the chair that she dragged over was taken up, and soon she sits down, messy, not camera ready, but who cares! "We're going to film for the Watsons." Aka, her fan-club! "You being shirtless, priceless!"

Flash doesn't have much in the way of modesty to start with, so no big deal! He sits, and flashes a smile for the camera. "Hey there, Watsons," he say with a bit of a laugh, and then flexes his pecs a bit. "I think I'm just here as eye-candy, but I'm cool with that," he jokes, and then looks toward MJ. "If Emjay starts testing eye-shadow on me though, you're gonna see a Flash-shaped whole in that door," he says, pointing. Not even sure if the camera is filming or not, but it's really just for show. "You're gonna edit this, right?" His agent is gonna be pissed if he finds out Flash is doing Instagram spots without checking in first.

While Flash was talking, she didn't even tell him that the camera wasn't rolling. She was adjusting the frame, making sure the bed wasn't seen, focusing and zeroing on the two with a sly grin upon her face. "Camera wasn't rolling.." She states, then quickly fixes her hair, then puts the ipad down upon the table so that he could see how the two of them look in the lights and on camera. WHICH WAS BUSTED!

Though, right now, Mary taps the button and…

"Hey My Watsons! It's Mary J checking in live! And right now? I'm with Flash Thompson of.. some football team, yay!" Of course it'll be edited. "So don't mind him, he's a bit shirtless.. but we're going to do a quick demo of the brushes that I've gotten from MAC. And no ladies, we will not be adding any foundation and make-up on Flash." She grins towards him, then nudges. "Flash, tell us a little bit about yourself."

"Hey there ladies," Flash says, flashing that smile again. He's not exactly new to this, being on camera, putting on a bit of a show. "I'm Flash Thompson, quarterback for the New York Giants," he starts, leaning forward a bit toward the camera. "My favourite colours are red and blue, of course," because those are the Giants colours, and also, you know, America. "My favourite food is a nice, medium-rare t-bone steak," because of course it is. "And I've known MJ here for years, but I have a feeling, not as well as all of you do," he finishes with a wink, and then throws it back to MJ.

Once Flash throws it back to her, MJ continues to explain. "So Flash and I went to the same high school, he graduated before I did. Now, he's my nice and quiet and ever loving roommate!" She claps, probably signalling sound effects to go along with her video. "So if some of my Watsons are following football or are fans, or know people who are fans, let them know that occasionally, I'll have Flash with me to help review products." She looks to Flash. "Maybe you'll want to do a few outfits too? I know there are some vendors out there are looking for a famous face to wear their stuff?" She'll wait for an answer, then continue. "Alright. So as you know I received my press kit for the new line of MAC brushes." She leans over to rifle through the boxes. "Here!" She holds it up, label first. "I mean, the silver box is a bit gaudy but whatever works for them. You do you boo." She drops the box and begins to open everything, leaving Flash to comment.

"I've never been able to say no to you, Emjay," Flash says with another signature smile for the camera. He's always been that way with cameras, as many a post-game interview will show. "So I guess I'm in this for the long haul, huh?" When Mary Jane drops the box, he picks it up, turning it over a couple times. "Now girls, I don't know anything about makeup, but I do know something about boxes. And this one right here," he holds it up again, in all its silvery glory, "This is a good box. Well made, just the right amount of sparkle, and it's just the right size. Not too tight, not too loose. And.." he turns it over, looking at the bottom. He miiiiight be over-sexualizing the box just slightly. "Yep. Recyclable. You could put things in this box over and over again, as often as you wanted until you were fully satisfied." He throws it over his shoulder onto the bed. "But you came to see Emjay, not listen to me jabber on about boxes, right?"

Contents of the box were out, and MJ moves the other stuff to the side to assemble. Thankfully, no one on the feed can actually see the mess she just made of the table. As Flash speaks, she looks up towards him, then towards the camera, her eyes wide with shock and even forcing out a twitch to show that she doesn't approve. (HOWEVER, she totally approves, she's just acting.) She clenches her teeth hard and bears down, forcing out a blush, which she finally lets loose with a huff of a laugh..

"Okaaay!" She puts out, hopig Flash would get that she's just kidding, then moves on. "Packaging aside, the -actual- case that the bag is in.." She lifts up, showing a black leather case, turning it around to reveal the row of brushes by lifting the top flap. "Leather, but a bit on the affordable side of leather. So it's cheap but not." She lifts the flap repeatedly, even putting her ear to it. "Doesn't sound like it squeaks.." Underneath the table, she nudges Flash's leg as his cue to speak.

Flash gets it! He's not completely oblivious, after all. It's Instagram though, so he figures he can get away with being a bit goofy. A side of him doesn't get to show very often. "A little bit of a squeak shouldn't be a problem though, right? All the leather jackets I've owned squeaked a bit until they're worn in. Same with couches. If you make sure to give them a good breaking in, they'll soften up and won't squeak any more. For even wear, best done with a friend."

This is where it gets good! "Ladies, when it comes to squeaking couches, at least you know that it's fresh and untouched. Unlike most, you sit on a leather couch you can imagine the hell that it's been through." She grins, wriggling her nose, finally taking out a fan-type brush. She holds it up to the camera, then narrows her eyes along the edges. "Alright, this brush I use to wipe away the debris after piling on my makeup." She keeps the brush straight, then lines her fingers across the top. "It's soft, which is a good thing. That means the bristles are natural." She puts the brush back and pulls out a foundation brush, which is a lot narrower and defined. She holds it up, peels it back so that it can flip, keeping quiet so Flash can talk in the meanwhile. Then she adds. "See? This brush has a good spread and snapback. Still soft. So made with soft material but also appears to have a cuticle."

She picks up the fan brush again, then tickles Flash's nose with it while laughing. "I think we should showcase Flash in makeup! Men!" Mary addresses the crowd directly. "Totally OK to wear make-up to hide all of the blemishes. Nothing is wrong with manscaping. Repeat. Nothing is wrong with manscaping. Men are beautiful too and worth it!" Positive message for the day!

"I don't think anyone wants to hear me go on about manscaping," Flash says with a bit of a laugh, especially after MJ tickles his nose with the brush. "I'll just leave it as.." He glances down, maybe even giving the impression that he's not even wearing anything down there. He is. Shorts, remember? "I approve of keeping everything looking tight and clean, no matter which bathroom you use." Is he even talking about makeup? No. "I think MJ could probably convince me to take one for the team and let her use me as a model. I'll tell you what," he says, pausing. On the sly, he pulls up her instagram profile. "You get her 1.2 million followers, Watsons, and I'll agree to let her do a full makeover, manscaping and all, live on video." His. Agent. Is. Going. To. Kill. Him.

"You're.. joking?!" Mary Jane was completely surprised at this. She was -sure- that he was going to refuse! Now she's all grins, the biggest grin she could complete as she reaches out to smush the front of his face and back of his head to drag him in for a HUGE cheek kiss! "YES! And to add to that Watsons.." Mary Jane has left her seat! She is out of frame, but those who were watching could hear the rustling, and soon she sits down with a floof of red hair all over the place.

She adjusts her seat, swiping her hair out of her face as she holds up two pictures. "Now. We can do basic man camera ready model look.." She shows off a picture of Gaspard Ulliel, looking mighty clean and fresh in a magazine.. "..Or.." She holds up a picture of famous drag queen, Manila Luzon. "..this gorgeous spitball of fire." Now, Mary Jane holds both pictures up against her face, particularly giving the -ENTIRE- crowd pure filth with just her face. Serve FISH. Honey! Serve it! Her hair flips, smacking Flash as she leans against him, full posing motion to show off with the pictures in front of her. Yes.. hunty. Her. Mentor. Is. Going. To. Die.

Flash might be regretting saying that, but he doesn't show it. Iron will, baby. Even when MJ starts freaking out, and brings back the two pictures, he doesn't bat an eye. Of course, he has his preference. He has an image to maintain, too, but there's something to be said for having a sense of humour, and being secure about yourself. So, sure. He'll let it happen. It's another 200,000 followers though, so he'll get some time. Hopefully. Again, he can feel his agent having a minor heart attack over this though. "I'll leave it up to the expert," he comments with a grin. "But, on that note, I think I should bow out of here before I get myself into even more hot water. Thanks for putting up with me taking up valuable screen-time!"

Mary puts the pictures down, then smiles a genuine smile towards Flash. It was one of thsoe thank you ones that don't need to be said. "Alright, that's all for us too. My final findings with just reviewing the two brushes? Good quality. Especially if price is no matter to you. I still stick by the ELF brand for something more affordable, but you get what you pay for. Next live review, we'll see how the brushes hold up against various mattes and foundations and go from there." She presses her fingers against her lips, and blows a kiss to the camera, then leans in with an arm around Flash for a picture esque scene. "Say bye bye Flash!" And she waves at the camera!

"Bye bye Flash!" Flash says jokingly, gives a little wave to the camera as well, and smiles. When it's stopped recording, he turns to MJ and gives her a little nudge with his elbow. "I hope I wasn't too goofy. And I'm gonna get hell for it from my agent when you post it, but that was fun," he says with an honest smile. He obviously doesn't really know what he's just signed himself up for.

It was pretty big. "Well, I just have to do some editing and it'll be up there in a few hours." She reassures him, then picks up the Ipad to turn off the recording. "You weren't too goofy. People sometimes are going through hard times and it's good to have them laugh." She grins. "But thank you for being such a good sport. I really appreciate it. And I appreciate you inviting me into your life again." She leans over to give him a tight hug, then she remembers! "Oh! You'd never guess who I ran into.."

"Hey, no big deal," Flash says. He hugs her right back, and then remembers that he's actually dry now. Would you look at that. "I'm really glad you're here, Emjay. I love this place, I really do, but it's too much for just me. I got sold on it being a good investment, and I'm sure it is, but.. it's a lot for one single guy, right?" He shrugs. "Liz? Barry? The Cheese?" Who the hell is 'The Cheese'? Some guy they knew in high school, most likely.

"Well, it's our home now, and I'm going to do my best to respect it. First by making you dinner."

She gets up from the chair, then begins to put everything away and back into boxes. "Peter. Peter Parker, from Midtown." She states. "I pretty much invited him over to hang out with you, hope that wasn't too much." She wrinkles her nose. "Oh, and he's apparently dating Bruce Wayne's daughter. Full ride internship and scholarship it seems, he's totally living the charmed life."

It actually takes Flash a moment. "Peter.. Parker? Par- OH, that kid!" There it is. Parker was like.. a couple years younger than him, and they didn't exactly run in the same crowds. Even so, Flash was probably not all that nice to him. Pressing his memory, he recalls shoving the kid into a locker at least once. "I probably owe him an apology.." But he'd be one of many names on a very long list, at that. "He's dating BRUCE WAYNE'S DAUGHTER?" Flabberghasted. The Parker he remembers wouldn't be dating anyone without webbed feet and a hairpiece. "Wow, the kid did well for himself. Good for him." He nods a bit, making that 'impressed' face people make. "Yeah, he can come hang out, for sure, if he wants to." It'd give Flash a chance to cross the name off his list, at least. "You don't have to.. but what were you thinking about making?" Flash won't turn down a homemade dinner; it's been order-in for the last six months or so, since Jessica has been out of the picture.

"Right?!" She said, completely .. well, she was still shocked! But it wears off quick. "I don't know. Well I do know. But seeing Peter made me a little homesick and I feel a bit bad with how I left things with my mom and Aunt Anna.. so. I figure I'll just make her homemade meatloaf receipe, put on some old romantic black and white movie and probably cry into my pillow." She shakes her head. "What do you say? I'll get washed up then start dinner, and you should probably take a shower. You smell like chlorine."

"Meatloaf sounds great. I haven't had meatloaf since.." Well, there was a month when one of his aunts came down, she made it once. He doesn't really spend a lot of time thinking about when he lived at home with his parents. "It's been a long time. And I'm sure yours will be great," he says with a smile, perhaps a touch forced. He clears his throat, and nods his head. "Yeah, a shower is definitely in order. But hey. Old black and white movie after dinner. Pick something from iTunes, and we'll throw it up on the big screen. I'll make popcorn, and we'll build you a pillow fortress on the couch out there. No crying into your pillow alone in your room, okay?"

MJ moves away from the table now, to the dresser to get out the rest of her clothing for the night. "Ok. It's a deal. See you in a bit Flash." And she disappears into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

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