2019-06-13 - A Midsummer Night Rendezvous


A quiet evening of friends in the park.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Jun 13 02:19:34 2019
Location: 2 East 5th Avenue #12E

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Night time. Central park.

Eve has a favored tree she lays under some nights and Ivy has joined her. They sit side by side, enjoying the evening summer air.

Communing with nature, you see.

"So," she says after a long moment.

"How've you been?" Friends they might be, Eve sometimes struggles to make conversation with Poison Frigging Ivy. It's hard, okay?

Ivy smiles, wearing her 'normal' skin color, since it's just Eve, feeling more comfortable with her green tone around her. "I've been good, Eve. It's been busy work with the Disaster Zone." She glances over towards Eve, favoring her with a fond expression, "Is everything alright with you?"

"Eehhh," is Eve's reply.

"I've got too much time on my hands, same as ever, but you know how it is." She spreads her hands in an open, dismissive gesture. "There's not much that can be done about that. I like it out here, though. It's not too noisy at this hour." There's always life, everywhere, and Ivy knows that Eve can sense it well enough, but sometimes the background noise of all the people /around/ is a bit too much for her.

Ivy hmmms, "Yes, this is very true." She smiles, and offers Eve her hand, "I only can hear the other plants, so it isn't too bad for me. Though, if you ever wanted to come out to the Disaster Zone to visit, I wouldn't mind the company."

"I mean, I'm happy to help with the growing and what not, though it's probably better if you do it." She pauses a moment, then allows herself to take the hand. The gesture is companiable. She is unblinking as she fixes her eyes off in the other direction.

Ivy gives the hand a bit of a squeeze, just letting Eve have a bit of contact. She smiles a little, "Well, probably… but truth be told, it's nice to have a friend that understands nearby. If that makes sense?"

"No, I getcha. Plants." She lays a hand on the ground and brings forth a small flower, a daisy, from a seed she produces from her bare hand, raising it until full bloom. She plucks it, has a sniff. "I do my gardening for a reason. Mostly to get paid." She flashes agrin.

Ivy laughs a little, "I can relate to that." She tilts her head, looking curiously at the daisy, then smiles warmly, "Very nice, though I've always been a bit more partial to roses."

"I'm shocked," remarks Eve, dryly. The daisy reshapes itself into a rose before their eyes. Eve can do that, after all, change one plant to another plant. She gives her hair a shake before letting out a sigh. "It's stupid hot out," she mutters.

Ivy nods, "Yes, it's actually very soothing… to me, anyway. But I prefer more tropical climates." She grins wryly, "But it definitelly is unseasonably warm for New York City." At the reformation of the rose, that earns Eve a slight squeeze on her fingers.

"Happy now?" says Eve in faux-mocking tones. She looks down at her hand. Then away.

"So. Anything else new?" she asks, casually. "No trouble with… whats his name, the Bat-Dude?" She asks.

Ivy chuckles, "No, nothing there. Though some of the other Bats swing by occasionally, just to be sociable more than anything else. At least they aren't presuming that I'm going back to my 'villainous ways' anyway." Her eyes roll slightly at that.

"Well, you did poison some things," remarks Eve, casually. She didn't get her name from nowhere, afterall. Eve rolls a blade of grass between her fingers casually, plucking it up and casually letting it expand into a larger vine in her hands.

Pamela hrms, "Well, that's fair… though well, I was feeling a lot of anger then. Betrayal." She sighs a little, and looks at the sky, "i would like to think I'm a different person now."

"Anger, betrayal, global warming and mass extinction. I get it," says Eve, casually, "I get it. You're half my age, remember," she flashes a grin at Ivy. She looks up to the sky before throwing one end of the vine to the top of the tree, where under her comamnd, it snakes around the top. She gives it a tug and starts to… climb?

Ivy snickers, "And that's just the beginning of it…" She blinks in surprise at the vine-rope trick, then looks up towards Eve, "Scaling the tree now?" She smiles up towards Eve.

"Sure, why not?" says Eve. And then up she goes. The vine tightens itself for her, clearly under her command, and she's moving up still.

Ivy shrugs a bit, then follows Eve up, using her own abilities to have the vine help carry her up the tree. She has a bit of a curious look on her face, as if uncertain what will happen next…

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