2019-06-12 - Being Peter Parker is a Rollercoaster


Guess who runs into who? Peter and Mary Jane finally catch up.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Jun 12 02:59:02 2019
Location: Perk 'Em Up Coffe Shop

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Peter rubbed his face and sighed as he left the apartment building. Ten dogs times eight bucks a dog is eighty bucks, which should work well. He's a week and a half away from his first paycheck from Kane, and he can't seem to find his lint roller, so he keeps brushing off hair from his baggy jeans.
He stopped at the door to Perk 'Em Up, a little coffee shop he hadn't been to in some time. Oh, yes. The first time he drank coffee after the spider-bite. Something he also thinks of aas "The INCIDENT."
Maybe some iced lemonade will do the job. Maybe he can convince the barista to make him an Arnold Palmer.
He steps inside, making a beeline towards the short line of customers, rubbing his face tiredly.

"Hi everyone! It's the EmJay here at Perk 'Em Up!" The redhead says as she stands a little away from the small line. Perk 'Em Up was always a favorite place, so why not do them a favor and well? Boost sales! At least that was MJ's thought, who knows what horrible blow-back that this could case.

"I know, I know I posted earlier but I just wanted to talk to everyone again because I miss you." She makes kissy faces at the phone, then moves to sit down at a seat. She already had her drink; a large iced mocha, two shots of espresso with vanilla creamer and a dash of splenda to add more sweetness.

"Sadly, I really don't have anything to review but this gourmet coffee that I got.." Which she lifts and wiggles towards the camera.. "..from Perk 'Em Up. So about this place.." She starts, then looks up towards the door, squints.. and looks towards the camera. "..Actually, I'd ask my Watsons if they'd want to meet an old friend but he's -really- shy!" She playfully stage-whispers, hoping to get Peter's attention.

…Oh, gosh.
Peter turned and there she was, as the old song went. Green eyes like brilliant emeralds. Hair the color of heart's blood…"red" is not up to the task, it is a rich crimson. That face that he had seen at the door.
*"Face it, tiger…you just hit the JACKPOT."*
Except the jackpot had been squandered. That regretful look on her face as she said she needed someone she could depend on, someone who'd show up when she needed them.

She was right, of course. And how could he tell her that it was stickups and muggings that delayed him instead of late buses and missed trains?

He took a deep breath, preparing himself for anything. MJ wasn't the vindictive type, but he hadn't exactly treated her like he should have.
Peter walked towards her table, Arnold Palmer forgotten. "Uhhh…hi, MJ. I…haven't seen you since graduation…"

"Gotta go.." She says to the phone, putting down her coffee. "Ta-ta!" Fingers wiggle towards the camera, the phone soon promptly shut off and stuck into the inside pocket of her cardigan. "Hi Peter.." She playfully drones on, gesturing towards the chair in front of her so that he could settle in. "I know. I'm sorry I just ran like that. I figure a clean break from everything was the best." Since that school attack.

"And, mom lined me up a quick job in California. So I quite literally had no time." She flushes a little, then waves her hand in front of her face. "Nevermind me. Did you order?"

Peter sits down basically because MJ told him to. It was automatic. "Uhm…no. I was going to get that drink I like. Half iced tea, half lemonade? I saw you and…I guess I got distracted." Which happens a lot where MJ is involved.
"Uhm, right, yeah…that was a weird thing to happen. Some thief called the White Rabbit. I don't know where she is…"
You're talking about a crook instead of communicating with her, Mr. High-IQ.
"Yeah, it's okay. Really. I kinda…kept my head down. Like I always do." He takes a deep breath. "I did get into Empire State, though. Doc Connors liked the dragonfly, and he put in a good word for me with the Admissions department. Also, I was able to get a grant from the science fair and a work-study scholarship. I'm a lab assistant over at Kane Industries…"

Mary gave a slight wince; in a way she felt bad that he hadn't gotten his drink, which causes her to leave hers untouched. "Do you want me to go get it for you?" It was the least she could do. She left everyone without saying goodbye.

It wasn't as if she didn't care about the villain, to be fair, she had a slight moment of PTSD reliving that fact. So it was shoved down with a serious nod and a look of interest in his life.

"That's so wonderful to hear! See Tiger, I knew that big brain of yours was going to work out for you one day." She was genuinely happy, and with a reach across the table she attempts to grab his forearm to give him a gentle squeeze. "It's sounding almost like you got a full ride?" She guesses. "All expenses paid, no need to worry about rent.. books.."

Pete blushes. "It's okay, MJ. I wasn't really that thirsty, anyway, I just wanted to get out of the sun."
He looks around, then back to MJ. "Well…rent's not a problem because I'm staying at home. I can take the subway to ESU. This way, I can also look after Aunt May. She's kinda getting on in years, and Uncle Ben's disability payments are a joke no one's laughing at. Without him, I have to keep the lights on and the water running, and keep the fridge and pantry stocked." He shrugs, a What-Can-You-Do? shrug. "It's okay, really. I'll just stay in my room. We have someone staying there, as well. Someone needing to get back on their feet. So…it's really good for everyone concerned."
Besides, who thinks MIT is such a big deal these days, anyway, amirite?

Since he wasn't thirsty.. poor MJ still didn't touch her drink. It almost seemed rude to do. But she nods her head, taking in the information, a little concern showing at the mention of Aunt May. She remembers what happened that day..

But that old block. It almost seemed like years that she had been there, when in reality it's been a month. But even when she had the chance to stay at home, she fled with her mom doing odd jobs here and there to further her career..

"If you need the help Peter, you can always ask. My mom is back home now, since I don't need her supervision. And I know Aunt Anna wouldn't mind hanging out a day or two with Aunt May while you're at school and working.." Hopefully! They were neighbors after all.

Peter smiled. "Well, I appreciate it. I think they already get together a lot." He pauses for a moment then said, "Something else happened, though. I…I met someone. She was at the dance, and at the science fair. We got to talking…and…well…"
*"We went on a few dates." Jeez, Peter show some guts!*
"We went on a few dates…"

"I.." Well, if there was a little bit of sting to that news, Mary Jane didn't show it. Being an actress and model allowed her to have one hell of a poker face; her expressioned turned from concerned about Aunt May to honestly happy for Peter's love life. "..can guess." She finally says, no hint of malice in her tone. "You went on a few dates, and maybe a week or two ago, it was made official?" She grins wide. "You met the parents?"

Peter rolled his eyes. "Geez, the PARENTS. Nothing bad against her, but her parents…"
He stopped. Took a deep breath.
"Her name is Helena…Wayne. Her father and mother are Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. As in WAYNE ENTERPRISES. They're as rich as Croesus. Mr. Wayne is this big tycoon, and Miss Kyle is a…reformed thief. It's very very weird."

Okay. Now MJ was impressed! The look of shock was written there, and -now- she takes the time to be selfish to take a healthy swig of her coffee. Which, surprisingly, wasn't watered down with the ice! "Woah, woah what?" Wayne?! "Uh.. the guy.. he offered us scholarships!" Holy crapola. Could Peter be the reason why? Though it was said that he did feel horrible.. "Woah. I met him the other day!"

Mary Jane Watson. The new Keanu Reeves.

Peter nodded. "The very same. He offered me a scholarship for one year, but since I already had the one through Kane, I had to turn him down. I think it was some kind of compensation for all the nuttiness that ruined the after-graduation party. But Helena is…really smart. Me and Harry and Aunt May invited her to dinner after the fair, and we did nothing but talk about drones and coding while Harry and Aunt May apparently chose to shut up and just nod in the right places. By the way, Harry would like to hear from you. You should give him a call, He can use all the friends he can get…I think they are going to oust his dad from the CEO position at OsCorp."

"Wow.." She says quietly, then nods her head slowly. "He.. I was offered a scholarship from him." She admits. But then again, this day was becoming something full of emotion. MJ kept herself out of the loop on purpose, and getting back into it was near heartbreaking. "God.." She says quietly, leaning back into her chair. "How is he handling it? How is Mr. Osborn handling it?"

Peter took a deep breath. "…I dunno. I talked to him a few days ago when i went in to help Dr. Octavius for the last time before my own lab job started. He sounded…strained. Erratic. I think if he doesn't pull back or take care of himself he's going to have some kind of nervous breakdown or something…"

MJ remained quiet now, her elbow soon propped against the table so that she could play with her chin uninhibited. This was all almost sort of bad news; the kind you needed to have breakfast and a full half a day to hear. Not one over coffee. But it was clear the wheels were turning. What could she do to help their friend and his dad? She didn't know, but she'll figure it out. "I'll just go over there." She finally says, then drops her hand upon the table. "I don't think a phone call would do anyone justice."

Peter smiles. "Probably the best idea. Head over there, say hello, catch up with him. He needs his friends more than ever. I try to spend as much time with him as I can while trying not to make it look like I'm pitying him. I think it will mean a lot to him if you just show up out of the blue. Make it look spontaneous."

MJ didn't laugh, but she did put on a warm smile. "If there's anything that I can do in this life, it's make anything look like it was meant to be." Cue acting skills! "But with all of this Peter, how are you doing. Truly."

Well, MJ, it's like this. Trouble is following me like a rabid dog. A cat burglar had the hots for me but puked in my lap when she found out I was only 18. A cult following a pretender god kidnapped children and I haven't been able to help at all. An alien from another world asked me to help out with the Young Avengers but they are still getting situated. Twenty-four hours after I meet someone smarter than me, they get the life I want almost by circumstance. Other Spider-People are showing up all over the place, and my clone from another universe dropped by to say hi just last week. On the upside, I made an enigmatic blonde patron smile with undisguised pleasure, found out that Flash has changed drastically, and just got an assignment to take pictures at an upcoming event featuring Wakanda's new ambassador.

"…Well, I saw Flash a few days ago. He's changed a lot in the two years he spent at college. Did a complete 180. It looks like he turned in his Jerk card for good."

"Didn't he?" She asks, almost excited. Too bad she didn't know all of that, or.. maybe it was a Good Thing?(tm) "You want to know what's funny? I'm starting to hang out and promote coffee shops more. I ran into Flash about a week or two ago?" She shakes her head. "I don't know what made me do it, but I asked if I could move in with him."

She knows what made her do it. She was afraid.

"I'm hoping I could at least keep him on the straight and narrow.." She was completely lying. "..apparently during that time we didn't see him he went to rehab and got clean." That was at least the truth. "Maaybe.. you should try to reconnect with him some more. He really needs all the positive influences he can get."

Peter took a breath, then nodded. "Right. To err is human, to forgive divine, right? All right…well, he's with the New York Giants now. I suppose I could try to reach out to him, if I can get past the security." He grinned. "Maybe you can wrangle something. I mean, you were always charismatic, MJ. It's why I think you'll be a great actresss."

"Yup. Youngest running.. something. I don't know." Her hand waves as if it was no big deal, but all she does is shake her head. "Since I live there now, I'll just add you to the list. They'll let you right up." But, his compliment does make her blush, but she plays it up with sitting up straight, her shoulders wriggling back and forth, along with a toss of her head and red hair that follows. "And now that I've gotten into Julliard, I'll be completely unstoppable!" Yaas.. hunty is practically serving fish at the current table. Look at MJ pose! She cuts it out though, laughing. "I got into Julliard!"

Peter blinks…then grins. "Wow. You're going to blow their doors off, MJ. Seriously. It's great you were able to get accepted. They must have seen your raw talent and figured they had the next Meryl Streep." He looks more relaxed now, warmer. "Wait till I tell Aunt May. She's going to make you her award-winning apple pie, I just know it. You can even save some for Flash."

Hes feeling better already. Maybe it's hearing about how MJ is going to make good, get famous realize her dreams. And maybe it's…just MJ. MJ smiling. That smile of hers is infectious, he has to admit.

"Gosh I hope.." Mj flushes, now her hands were lightly patting her cheek to make sure that this was all a reality. "I've been in so many small roles on tv, did a few fashion shows, pictures.." She shakes her head. "But nothing.. nothing compares to being accepted at Julliard. It's.." She just shakes her head, nearly tearing up. "..it's just amazing." She lets out a huge breath of air, then begins to fan her face. "God.. Aunt Anna's probably going to try to convince Aunt May to throw a potluck.." She laughs, then closes her eyes. "It's been the best few weeks of my life, Pete. I just, can't explain most of it."

Peter smiles reassuringly. "Well, I'm glad for you, MJ. You were due, that's all I can say. it's…"
Peter frowns and looks at his phone, then says, "MJ, I'm sorry to cut this short, but I have to get going. There's…something I have to get to."

Like a guy threatening to inflict a dirty bomb six blocks south of here.

Peter gets up abruptly, then smiles apologetically. "Sorry, MJ. Uhm…catch you another time?"

"Than…" She starts, then immediately stands up. "I.. well okay. I'll call you. Hey! Invite everyone to arts week! Most of it will be in the Times Square. I'm walking for.." She forgot.. "I'll text you later!"

Peter nods and bolts out of the cafe, the open door revealing the sound of far-off sirens.
Late for his own funeral. Dashing off because of his forgetfulness.

Same old Peter. He hasn't changed at all.

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