2019-06-11 - Resumes and Chips


Thea and Thor meet for snacks at SHIELD.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Jun 11 00:15:15 2019
Location: RP Room 3

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She's still wary, just sort of sliding around the unclassified areas. Strawberry blonde hair is loose in curls over a green silk blouse tucked into bone hued linen pants, with expensive green heels. There are sparkling studs in her ears, and everything is prim in professional mode.

She's in a seat, back to the corner behind her, sipping at less than great coffee, a snack pack of chips in front of her, untouched.

"Hello. .Yes, thank you. Hello," carries a loud masculine voice from the main door. While dressed casually, Thor sticks out in just about all situations. While he's in comfortable jeans, boots, and a windbreaker, the presence of the God of Thunder tends to make any attempt to blend just worthless. His visitor tag, with the bright coded color to make him stand out as a visitor, isn't necessary, he's pretty clearly lost.

Thor's greeting a few people as he holds the door open and looks inside, with a thoughtful expression, allowing others to pass through as he makes the world's most uncomfortable blonde doorstop.

Thea rises, moving to get something else to drink from one of the machines. The voice that doesn't quite fit with the slight boom makes her glance over as she bends down to retrieve her soda from the slot. Eyes turned green to match her blouse with contacts will shift, drifting over him from head to toe. It's not a leer, it's almost dispassionate, like a scientist looking at a specimen. Her head will tip slighty to the side, as if that would bring something into focus. Some might just think she's staring at the big, blonde male.

Well, she is staring, in addition to whatever else she is doing. However, it doesn't bother Thor in the slightest. He asks someone that's leaving his next question - "Is this where refreshment can be acquired?" - and upon getting a yes, he enters with confidence. Spotting Thea's gaze, he immediately smiles at her, in his automatic, warm way. Thor's probably very interesting to someone with an ability to see his biology: since, obviously, he's a mix of Asgardian and something even more extreme.

If her stare is dispassionate, Thor doesn't catch it; the towering, bulky hero heads towards the drink machines, examining them and collecting a plastic cup for himself. One step at a time. "Forgive me, did I step in front of you?" Thor asks Thea kindly.

That warm smile makes her blink, eyes lifting from his chest to his face. Her lips curve in the well mannered, automatic response she'd been drilled on as a politician's daughter, just the right amount of light and welcome. Green eyes watch his fact a moment, and maybe admire the bone structure and his hair.

At his question, she'll lift her bottl of soda. "Nope, already got mine. I'd stay away from the coffee. It's not very good today."

As an Asgardian prince, some staring is expected. Being an Avenger has added to that lately. Thor is friendly about all of it, and doesn't even seem aware, really. "Most unfortunate. I like the iced coffee," Thor reports. "Which drinks do you find most pleasant today? I am hoping for something of a colder variety?" Thor asks, clearly interested in her opinion, as he scans the variety available to him.

He prods across the button of one of the soft drink machines with an index finger, experimenting. He ends up creating ice, which drops into the lower tray. He's smart enough, just not familiar with how the machine works. He gets the cup under the ice for the next press of button.

"That depends on what you like. I personally went for the citrus flavored caffiene delivery system." There's some humor in her tone. "Or there's root beer, or the basic colas. I don't suppose you're a diet soda guy, there's no need for you to be, with your physiology." There's a tiny hesitation before those last words are offered. But that's why she's here, right? So she can be who she is, and do what she does.

"I didn't know you associated with SHIELD. Or is this just a now and then morale visit as an Avenger?"

"I oft speak to SHIELD on matters of diplomacy or to advise in other matters," Thor says, in his deep, official way. He's projecting: most of the cafeteria probably could have heard that. This is, of course, said while he begins to put his cup under first the Mountain Dew, to fill it for a second, then to add grape 7-up, and next, Diet Coke. It appears that he just randomly chose some buttons, really. He looks down at his concoction and fearlessly drinks most of it.

"I feel as though we have not met, I do not know your name," Thor says, still friendly. "I am Thor Odinson, of Asgard." He pauses, and points a little bit at his name tag. A funny little perky smile follows: a smile of a pure, honest, and happy type that Thor is very prone to.

"Intergalactic diplomacy?" She asks lightly, looking at him curiously. Of course, his drink mix choices make her blanche slightly.

She smiles, offering a hand. "Because we have not met. My name is.." She barely pauses, smile brightening. "Thea Harman. A pleasure to meet you, Thor Odinson." He did not envoke his royal status, so she will not use it.

"On rare occasion," Thor replies, with only a pause as if he needed to consider how often intergalactic diplomacy issues did happen. "Oft times it is within those here on Midgard itself." Thor accepts her handshake with a gentleness that may seem out of character for the large god. He's aware, and won't harm someone by accident.

Following the handshake, though, he inserts his cup under the Vanilla coke and goes for that as well as more of the grape kind. Clearly that was the good part of it. He tastes it, and seems to be fine with it. "It is not Asgardian ale, but it will do," he remarks, with a teasing glitter to his blue eyes.

Thea will lift her eyebrows, looking up at him. "I would like to think Asgardian Ale would taste better than mish-mash of various cola flavors. Or maybe I'm just not that bold with my palette." She smiles again, eyes matching that teasing glitter.

"So you've just stopped by for a visit, or are you here in an advisory capacity?" Her hand will gesture to the table where her chips still sit, forlorn.

"Most drinks pale to the comparison of the fine refreshment of Asgardian vintage, that was an unfair contest," Thor replies, while selecting a straw from among all of the array of straws, the best straw. But he then decides he doesn't need it, and puts it back. His cup gets another partial refill of Dr. Pepper knockoff.

"Advisory; however, I have completed my tasks," Thor answers smoothly. He pauses as she gestures to the empty table, and gives her a slight lift of eyebrow. He doesn't understand why she's pointing at the chips, it appears. "Do you need to go?" Thor guesses. "It was nice to have met you, Lady Harmine."

"I don't know, I find a variety of wine and spirits around the world quite refreshing." She watches his straw hesitation, and then the Mr. Pibb refill. Good gods.

"Knocking off for the day, then?" She blinks, a shake of her head. "No, I was asking if you'd like to sit. And it's Harman. Close though! " She smiles brightly at him.

There's a little bit more confusion on his face about 'knocking off' but he doesn't ask about it. Sometimes it's better to just let some of that sort of thing sail right over his head, as it doesn't matter too much. Context provided a guess on what she meant.

"Allow me to find a snack as well; I can sit for a short time," Thor grants, while skimming his eyes over the available items around him. A bag of Doritos ends up in his possession, possibly just due to proximity, and an orange. "Harman, yes." He's got it.

She laughs at his choices, but maybe Doritos and citrus work for the Asgardian tongue. She will lead the way, her back to the corner of the two walls again as she sits. She will crack open her soda to sip at, watching him again.

" I have to give one of your Avengers for noticing me and me ending up involved with SHIELD." She says softly, opening her bag of chips. "Cap saw me doing what it is I do best, and gave me a card."

"'Cap'?" Thor echoes in amusement. "Everyone I meet is very familiar and casual with Captain Rogers, lately," Thor reflects, curiously, though without jealousy or judgement. Just that he finds it interesting. "He is excellent at referrals, then?" Thor asks, while starting to peel his orange. He does it efficiently and quickly, managing the peel with broad hands, but does make a little clump of mess on the table. Asgardian awareness just doesn't see an issue there.

"That is fortunate that you found a good place at SHIELD," Thor grants, evenly, which is the best he can do with little idea of who she is. "You are becoming an agent, then?"

"A friend of mine called him thus, so I think I picked that up." Thea explains with a smile. "I tend to be a little more formal, otherwise." She doesn't mind the mess, oranges are not exactly a neat fruit, after all. "If he only knew what he was referring." That smile slants towards smirking mischieviously.

"I haven't found a niche yet. I'm still sort of rattling about, waiting to see exactly what they think I should do. I have feeling some people may want to confine me to medical bay, since I'd be useful there, but I am much more interested and trained in field type situations. Multi lingual and all."

"Many Midgard languages?" Thor wonders, picking up on a topic he's able to speak about more confidently. "How many do you speak fluently?" Thor asks. He has now separated his orange into peels and the middle, and eats the middle a few pieces at a time, chewing in a relaxed way. And also eating his Doritos. There's no attempt to separate the two odd snacks, much like the mix of various sodapop lacked much attempt about it.

"Assisting in medical bay is honorable work, but you should focus on your calling, whatever that is," Thor advises in a suddenly firm, direct way. It's harmed a little by a drink of his weird soda.

"I speak a few. Greek, French, Arabic, Hebrew, and of course, English. I'm studying some more." Thea says, a flush as she shrugs. "Medical is good, but they have plenty of people do that. What I do is best suited for the field. I can heal people without bandages or things. Just me. You can see why that would be useful. Add in lots of fight training, and the languages…be a shame not to use me."

She will joke, smiling at him. "Maybe I should ask for an application to be an Avenger."

Thor considers her words; his expression suggests he didn't expect to be told about all her abilities; he's eating the rest of his chips, until he flattens the empty bag under one hand. "I do not recruit for the Avengers," Thor says kindly, tone adjusting to a gentler note. "Your description and your resume is better aimed at Stark or Captain America," Thor advises, with a little partial-smile. "SHIELD is a good place to learn. Several of our Avengers are in SHIELD," Thor says, and gets to his feet. He collects his trash in a sort of scooping motion of both hands.

"Have a pleasant day, lady Harmane," Thor says, cheerful once again, and accidentally butchering her name: but not as badly as he did before. He'll throw his things away, and head out.

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