2019-06-11 - Adventures in Webslinging


Spider-Man reconnects to his Angelic Benefactor and gives her a ticket to Mr. Spidey's Wild Ride.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Jun 11 00:00:00 2019
Location: Midtown/Financial District, NYC

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Spider-Man is thinking about Thea. At the moment, while he is cocooning two girls who had gone on a joyride in a commandeered police car "for the lulz." He figured they could reflect on their notoriously-bad judgment while they were waiting for the cops to cut them down. Literally, and maybe figuratively.
He walked over to the nearby alley, jumped up to the fire escape, then climbed up to the roof. So securing his privacy, he dialed up Thea, his personal angel.

Thea is out shopping for sensible shoes, when the call comes in. Strawberry blonde is pinned up in a sleek sweep, a simple soft blue blouse and black dress pants. She looks very young office worker on the rise, as she peruses shoes that would be beyond most office employees' budget.

She will press the piece in her ear, accepting the call. "Hello." She will set down the low heeled black shoes, and turn to look towards the windows and door towards the street.

"Thea? Hi…it's your ever-grateful Webhead, doing all the usual things in the usual places. I hope I haven't called at a bad time."

There's a smile as she moves to head out the door. "Hey, kid. No, no, now's fine. I was just shopping." She certainly sounds like a rich girl, saying that. She will breeze out onto the sidewalk, feeling the wind stream over her skin. "What's up?"

Spider-Man cringed a little at that. Yeah, he hasn't gotten into college yet, but it still stung a bit.
"Well…I wanted to get in touch with you again. Let you know how things were going. I was curious if you'd looked at the files I sent you on the suit yet, what you thought of it. Even if you don't understand the tech, I was curious if you thought the design was a little too…flashy?"

Thea laughs. "I always look forward to our talks, Peter." She'll use his name now that she's sure there's no one around to wonder. Personally, I thought the suit looked cool as hell. I know I am no tech expert, but it looks super cool. Did you want to meet up?"

Spidey blushes. Yeah, she knows. Because of course. "I…don't want to take away from anything you have planned. Unless you want to see what happens to two female joyriders who steal a cop car."

Thea chuckles. "Peter, if I had real plans, I would let you know and we could schedule something. I don't really /need/ more shoes. And no, I prefer to keep you away from the cops, thank you."

Spidey chuckles. "Don't worry. It's not near the actual scene, but the view is good. I'm on the roof of the apartment building on 16th, next to the laundromat. If you get here in the next ten minutes, I'll get you to the roof by the express route."

Thea laughs, and she will break into a light jog, a grin crossing her face. "Does this mean I get a wild ride from the infamous webhead?" There's an odd joy as she just breaks loose from her every day behaviors.

Spidey chuckles, already working up a sling for Thea. "Depends, Thea. Are you a big fan of rollercoasters?"

"Oh yeah. I love adrenaline. Haven't you figured that out by now?" She laughs, a faintly breathless, free sound as she runs faster along the sidewalk, ignoring the stares and comments of people.

Spidey chuckles. "Oh, good. That means I can give you the full experience. I hope you don't get motion sickness."
He can see the sidewalk from his position, and chuckles as he sees Thea. When she gets close, he says, "Hands together, arms up, please?"

"You do remember I can control my own bodily responses, right?" She teases, looking upwards. Hands will link together, up over her head. "Come on, Parker. Make it a good one."

Spidey cringes. "Code names while I'm in uniform, PLEASE…?" he whispers.
In the next moment, her clasped hands are enveloped in webbing, and he begins reeling her in, up to the roof.

He looks around as he pulls out a thin atomizer, spritzing her hands, and the webbing disintegrates almost immediately.
Spider puts the bottle away as he displays the sling made out of spidersilk. "Just sit in here, I'll web up a harness, and then we can go. Safety first, after all."

Thea laughs still more, sounding giddy. "Sorry, Spidey." She manages a look of faux contrition. She will sit in that sling, eyes their natural grayish blue, her face glowing as she looks at him.

Spider-Man spins a couple of wide bands criss-crossing Thea's chest, then walks to the edge of the roof, Thea seeming to weigh nothing at all to him.
"Now, remember, Thea…I'm a semi-trained not-really-professional."
And then he swan-dives off the roof.
For a moment, there is the weightlessness of freefall. Then after a quick THWIPP, Thea feels gravity engage as they swing in a short arc towards the main street, between the buildings. He lifts off from the swing, already firing another webline with a movement so natural and smooth, it is almost a harmony of body and mind.

"Way to reassure a girl." But then he's swan diving, and her arms are up in the air like she is on a roller coaster. "Oh man, this is awesome. I've never really been jelous, but I totally am now!"

Spider-Man grins under the mask, then says, "Breathe normally…"
Then the next swing is deep and wide, and then the upswing goes up and up and then they are catapulted upward.
The complete somersault is new. Nothing like a rollercoaaster. No metel sounds of wheels on rails, no hard shoves. For a moment, they are suspended above the city, turning over and over…
And then another webline and they are upright again, swinging in a wide arc around one taller skyscraper.

Thea lets out a little squeal, breathless laughter sounding from low in her throat. She's clearly not in the least bit scared, or she fully trusts Peter. "Man, this is the way to get around. I am so, so jealous." There's a sigh, as she turns her head to watch the world sliding by below as he slings them around.

The rest of the trip is one of those ten-minute trips that seem like only one minute. Peter's body isn't showing any kind of fatigue—in fact, everything is moving like a finely-tuned machine. It's like watching a ten-minute Olympic event, only through the eyes of the athlete. The highlights include swinging low enough to swing BETWEEN two panel trucks without brushing against them, a quadruple-somersault past the Empire State Building, and waving to the passengers of the elevated train as they swing past it.

And then Spidey is landing on the roof of the building, slowing to a stop in a few steps. "The ride is over, please check your belongings and make sure to pick up the souvenir photo as you head out into the park."

Thea laughs, arms coming around him from behind in a hug. "You're a helluva guy, you know that? Now if you could let me out of this thing, or am I supposed to cut my way out?" She sounds…happy. Has he heard that before?

Spidey looks over his shoulder, then nods and out comes the bottle again. Ten seconds later, the straps come loose and Spider-Man settles Thea on her feet on the roof. "That's just ten minutes. You ever have an entire day to spare, let me know. I'll give you the ten-dollar tour over the entire island. It's a two-hour jaunt, unless I have to jump in and help someone out, but trust me…I won't get tired. I think I went five hours before feeling really tired, webslinging around the city."

"Yeah, but that's five hours without my added weight." Thea will point out, once she's on her feet again. "I mean, I'm in good shape and relatively svelte, but I still add on cargo weight." She's doing that glow thing girls do when they're excited. "But man, that was awesome. I don't even think sky diving could beat that!"

Spidey chuckles and leans over. "If you step on a scale and it says anything more than 130 pounds, i'll eat the scale. Besides, I topped out at lifting ten TONS. I think a wee slip of a lady such as yourself don't have anything to worry about." He rubs the back of his neck. "Anyway, I kinda wanted to do that. I figured you might enjoy your unique perspective, being a biokinetic. Like watching a car engine as it revs. I didn't even show you the Not Safe For Sanity acrobatics. I wasn't sure how well you could take riding on my back as I run up the side of a building."

"You're a smart man when it comes to discussing lady's weight." She teases, a wink at him. She would have ruffled his hair if his hair was out in the breeze. "Yes, you are a Lambo, and I am a chevy. Happy?" She jokes, teasing him. "There's probably not much I couldn't handle. And if I couldn't, I could tell you."

Spidey chuckles. "Well…we'll earmark that for next time. Although if you're going to be seen with me, maybe you should consider some kind of costume of your own. Unless you want to end up on Instagram or Twitter…:"

"I change my looks a lot. Why, you think I'd look good in some skintight number?" She grins at him, hands up to slide through her hair and shake it down and loose from the former upsweep. "So, where's the show?"

Spidey walks over to the edge of the roof, guessing she can probably tell he is blushing, even through the mask. He points down at the pavement. Across the street is a police cruiser with yellow tape around it, and two other cruisers parked nearby. Four cops are handling the scene—-two keeping people away, one on the radio to his precinct, and the last gazing up at the light pole, where two human-sized cocoons with female faces looking out from them, both apparently with a matching bitch-face as they try not to look at the cop, the onlookers, or each other.

From the laugh she gives, he can probably be sure she knows he's blushing. "I'll take that as a yes. Maybe you can design one for me." She will move to lean over the edge to watch the show, a hand over her mouth to smother the giggles. "Oh, their faces are priceless!"

Spidey sighs. "Yeah. Well, you should have seen them aiming for people in their way, asking how many points they'd be worth. Well, they'll have plenty of time to consider their actions. That webbing is going to last for three hours, and I'm not sure they can hold their bodily functions in check for that long." He looked to Thea. "And I have no problem letting them wait it out. For the lulz, my picturesque fanny."

"They did what?" There's a growling sound, and Thea will turn her head and glare, and both girls start squinting, like the light is suddenly too bright to be borne. They'll both develop splitting headaches. "Good on you."

The girls suddenly start pleading with the cops for Excedrin, and Spider-Man looks to Thea. "Ouch. Harsh, but apropos. They certainly were a headache for ME…"
Spidey steps away from the edge of the building, not terribly interested in the two girls anymore. "Well, maybe you see a good inspiration, or have some color preference…maybe even a code name, text it to me. Maybe I can do a simple suit, or one that's a little more durable. Unless you want to appropriate the whole Spider motif." He smiles under the mask. "Up to you, really. If you want to keep hanging around with me, pun certainly intended, then we're going to run into trouble sooner or later."

"I have a codename. River." She shrugs. "It's a lame joke from a sci-fi show." She will lift her hands to her hair, twisting it up in a simple, easy bun. "Color isn't important to me, really. Just not like yellow or anything neon."

Spidey tilted his head. "…Okay. I think I heard about that show. Well, I can always think of something. I'm fairly good at that. Thinking stuff up." He looked around. "Well, I should probably get a few things done. Want me to take you anyplace in particular?"

"It's the whole I can kill you with my brain thing. One of the guys where I trained a while decided it was funny to call me River." She smiles at him. "I don't have any plans, so you can just drop me somewhere on your way wherever you're going?"

Spidey nodded. "Well, I can take you a block over to the cab stand over on 16th Avenue. I have to report to my new job as a lab assistant. It's shaping up to be a very interesting job…I just got told they want me to work on my idea for a medical hip-replacement rig for my Aunt. Hers is wearing out after only a couple of years…"

Spidey steps forward and scoops Thea up into his arms. "And, if we pass any hardware stores on the way there, I might juggle a few chainsaws, while in transit…"

He's joking…maybe.

Thea shakes her head. "You can just put me down on the sidewalk, I don't want to hold you up." But she does link her arms around his neck, just to be on the safe side. "Do you need me to take a look at your aunt?"

Peter chuckles. "It's hardware error. It's not her body, it's the add-on we had to install a few years ago."
Spider-Man stepped off the ledge, holding Thea with one hand and webslinging with the other one, and he wasn't even slowed down by the somewhat-riskier position, but as he said, he could carry her for hours.
A minute later, he finds a relatively-empty patch of street and drops down to place Thea on the ground again. "Here you go. I hope you had an enjoyable time in the theme park that is my life."

"See you later, Spidey. And I get hardware error, but I am sure there is some pain and inflammation with it. THAT I could help with." She will point out, before she will waggle fingers at him. "Make sure all the spider crew has my number, all right? Healer on call."

Spidey waves. "I'll tell everyone right now. Thanks again, angel." He paused. "Hey, that could be a good name."

Thea laughs. "I'm way too far from an Angel, Spidey. You just think I am."

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