2019-06-10 - Sunday Interruptus


Jemma brings an update to Roy, interrupting his Sunday morning board game with Kelly

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Jun 10 01:20:53 2019
Location: 58 Water Street - Apt 501

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Jemma's been busy since her return. Part of that has been the Thunderbolt investigation that Consultant Roy Harper had dropped on her desk … workbench … yesterday. Another part was related to the reason she's been absent for the last month or so.

She's an update for Roy, which is why she's now knocking on an apartment door in Brooklyn. Computer tablet in hand and a package with food in it. Baked goods by the smell of it.

"Consultant Harper?" Her british accented voice sounds through the door.

|ROLL| Roy Harper +rolls 1d20 for: 1

"…wow, did you send fliers to everyone that I moved in with you, Kelly?" Roy's asking as he moves to answer the door. The tone's offered in a clearly teasing manner as he heads over to the door to open it. "Agent Simmons? And here I thought doctors didn't make house calls anymore." he comments. Though it's probably no wonder she came here - the rumor's probably out about him blowing up at Sarah last night in front of May.

"Not my place, but I don't think Kelly would complain. We were just ah.. playing a board game?" he offers to her as she steps out of the way to glance towards the datapad and bag of goodies. "Always beware of doctors bearing gifts of baked goods." he offers sagely.

"Did you update your profile?" Kelly calls back from where she's sitting on the couch with her datapad, reading through some documentation. Sure, the workday ended hours ago but that doesn't mean Kelly stops working. Putting her feet down and leaning forward to see who is at the door she adds, "She could be tracking the GPS locator in your arm." It's what she'd do. If she wasn't jacked into his head at the moment.

When Roy mentions a boardgame she just blinks. And looks around. She owns a boardgame?

The short redhead is dressed down since she's at home, loose cotton pants and an oversized T-shirt. No gloves, they're in a basket by the door and so it's easy to see her chromed arms.

Jemma sighs as the door opens and holds the bag out. "I'm hungry. I haven't had breakfast yet and I've spent most of the night looking at that Thunderbolt. Are you going to sass me or can I come in?" beat "Sure, boardgames. We'll go with that."

"Sorry to intrude Doctor Dehaven, but this is top priority. The Director has given me only things to focus on." She's awkward as she stands there, not sure if she should sit or not. "I need your help on the second. And … I was wondering about the crack in my workbench…"

Oh yes, she's heard.

It was an attempt to know, admit he wasn't moving in with his arm doctor? Roy doesn't know if Kelly wants things discrete or not, and he's trying to err on the side of caution! Okay, he's /poorly/ erring on the side of caution, but it's the attempt that counts.

And of course, Jemma sees right through that. There's a little ahem as he steps aside. He's dressed in a t-shirt with a letter F waving a cowboy hat while riding a bomb, and a pair of sweat pants. "Well, you're already here, and it's important, so come on in." he offers as he closes the door behind Jemma.

And then she mentions the workbench. There's a slight ahem and clearing of his throat. "I forget that arm isn't exactly normal." he manages, a glance to the side as he reaches to subconsciously scratch at the area just above where flesh meets metal. Kelly would feel the slight twinge of pain.

"I'll patch it up for you good as new."

"He was obviously hoping to break his hand, not your workbench." Kelly adds helpfully as she sets aside the datapad and gets up to head into the small, open kitchen area that looks out on the rest of the apartment so she can get plates and napkins. "You're seeing me in my PJs, just call me Kelly. Do you drink coffee? I have some Earl Grey if you'd prefer." She's not British, but she's a fan of tea. She's got a whole shelf in the cupboard filled with the stuff. All loose leaf.

If Kelly's embarrassed about being 'caught' with Roy, it doesn't show, and there's no trickle of apprehension to Roy across their mental link.

"I've asked Agent Turner to join me here. I think we're going to need his expertise, as well." Whatever Kelly and Roy were up to, are up to, is of little interest to the Biochem. She's always been focussed on her work and now she's even more focussed than before.

"He should be here momentarily." Though the message he got might be … in Jemma babble.

"Tea, please." There's a grateful tone as she glances at Kelly "Did he? Break his hand, I mean. The workbench is easy fixed, don't worry about it. I'm more concerned about you." That's to Roy.

"So, about the Thunderbolt. I … don't have good news."

"I'm fine." Roy pushes aside any concern about him. This isn't about him, and even if it was, he'd avoid like this anyway. There's a little grunt at the teasing from Kelly and a smirk. "You wanted to know if the arm can handle that kind of pressure. And it did. You can make a note of it." he offers to Kelly as he moves to take a seat on one of the couches, moving so that they can settle.

"I figured it wasn't going to be good if it brings you out of the lab to come all the way over here." he points out to Jemma as he settles in and moves to hunch over slightly, hands folded in front of him.

"What, last I heard, this would be done within a week." The sarcasm in his tone is oh-so-dry.

Kelly Dehaven puts the kettle on and gets out a mug with a drop-in infuser so she can spoon tea in. "He's fine. We made his arm tough enough to match his hard head." The redheaded woman isn't actually annoyed with Roy for damaging the workbench, but she's certainly going to needle him a bit about it. Kelly also gets done another mug in preparation for Koa's arrival before pouring some coffee into a third mug and then bringing it over to set down in front of Roy. On a coaster. She doesn't have guests much and part of her is a little tickled to play hostess.

Koa Turner had indeed gotten a message that was mostly in babble, but he had intuited a request for his presence. The strange part was that the request was not at the SHIELD office but at what appeared to be the listed residence for one Doctor Kelly Dehaven, a woman whom he remembered meeting the other night but not with much else.

He is probably going to be somewhat confused when he arrives, on a Sunday, dressed athletic gear.

"Hello? Doctor Dehaven? Doctor Simmons asked me to meet her here." That's the knock on the door and the voice outside. Does he smell of salt water? Yes. Yes he does. What had he been doing?

Good question.

"Agent Turner, why do you smell of salt water? Have you been down near the sea?" Jemma asks in a distracted manner, as she starts to tap at her tablet.

"It's good you got here, I've news on that Thunderbolt. Now that you're all here, we can get started." She gives Roy a look at the oh-so-dry tone. "Firstly, the Director has told me that you're to lead this project. Liaise with the others to get the resources you need. It might take more than a week though."

Oh so dry herself.

"So the first thing …" the tablet is turned to show the data on the screen. "Is that Thunderbolt appears to be rewriting the DNA of those who take it. Neutralising it isn't going to be a matter of an innoculation. I'm not even sure that we can, I'm still running the data on that."

"The second, which is why I wanted Agent Turner here. There's been chatter on our South East Asia desk, that the supply is being magically boosted. Something about the way the ingredients are being bonded."

There's a brief /tinge/ in the link that Kelly has created with Roy. Didn't he just show Kelly not more than a couple of hours ago why he's probably the worst choice ever to lead a mission? And yet, here's Jemma, with the Director telling him he has to get back into the saddle.

"I'll post a note on the fridge in the break room." he says with a sigh as he reaches up to take the coffee with his good hand, that being his real one. He takes a sip from the mug and sets it down. When Koa joins them, and Jemma starts to share the news, his frown only grows.

"So nothing like heroin."

Kelly Dehaven opens the door for Koa, so that Roy and Jemma can continue to talk shop. She manages not to look too flustered at all the company that she wasn't expecting and is greeting in her pajamas. "Coffee or tea?" She asks Koa with a nod to where the other two are seated. The kettle goes off so she can bring Jemma her tea along with whatever Koa would like to drink.

When Jemma notes the smell of salt water, Kelly's brow furrows and she leans into sniff at him without thinking about it. Until after she does it and then her face pinches in an 'oh no. that was totally a social faux pax.' Giving Koa a nervous sort of smile she hurries on her way uhm. Over there.

From the kitchen, Kelly's moss-green eyes shift over to Roy at that mental twinge, and there's the phantom sensation of her hand squeezing his as a reminder that she's there.

"Uh, coffee, thanks Doctor." Koa politely doesn't point out that Kelly is in her Pajamas. Just has he politely doesn't point out that this is a lot of people to be in someone's house talking shop on a Sunday.

"I was swimming, Doctor Simmons. I was swimming when I got your message." He doesn't say that he was swimming twenty miles offshore because that would just generate questions and he's here to provide answers, apparently.

"Hello Harper. Fancy seeing you here. So I take it this is in regards to the drug that you had Doctor Simmons working on last night? A magical component to it?"

The broad shouldered man blows out a sigh through his nose. "There ARE ways to do that yes. Mostly related to old methods of alchemy that have been around that area for a couple millennia. But you'd still need to be growing everything you were using. And you'd need some exotic ingredients. Nothing comes from nothing, after all."

The sniff, well, yeah. He DOES smell like salt water. Though being sniffed has him giving Kelly a curious look before as she retreats.

"So no, nothing like heroin I would imagine."

"Nothing like heroin, no." Jemma says quietly. Odds on she's read Roys jacket and understands the impact this is having on him. "You found this, Consultant Harper, and you bought it in the Director thinks you're the best for this mission."

There's a look to Kelly "You, Doctor Dehaven um Kelly, are being assigned to work with Consultant Harper and ensure he has the support that he needs." Kelly will get the implication that. Not just his tech, Jemma is aware of the telepathy she possesses. "Will you need anything more than you have?"

"Down to tin tacks, so I don't take up too much of your down time." Jemma is well aware she's intruding. "The chemical analysis of the drug shows organic materials that are native Madripoor, as I said last night. The other component, the active one, was a mystery. Which is why I've been working all night."

"It took a while to search the SHIELD databases but I found it. The active component is the hypothalmic fluid of the Madripoorian Spider monkey." She shakes her head and looks to Koa "I'm going to need your expertise and that of WANDs on this, Agent Turner. The chatter on the desk indicates that a HYDRA nest is operating." HYDRA mages. Just what can deal with. "The Director wanted me to impart just how important this is, Agent Turner. They're confident your team is up for this."

"I can work on the cure, or neutralising agent, in my lab, but I'm going to need more samples." There's a look to Roy. "But we're going to have to stop the source, if we can."

Roys datapad beeps as Jemma transfers some intel to him. Everything they could gather on the physical location itself.

Feeling Kelly's telepathic calming helps Roy calm down a little himself as he takes it all in. "And here I thought monkey brains were best served chilled." he comments - unsure if anyone else is going to get the joke. The information starts to download, and the padd embedded in his arm acknowledges the information as he takes it in. "You know, if someone had told me sooner that SHIELD's sci-corp was so hot, I'd joined up sooner." it's said in a teasing manner, before the new information comes in.

"So the magical part. What's going on with that?" he asks Jemma curiously. "I mean, the pills seem to kill sometimes, so I can't think that they're trying to remove side-effects. Brainwashing?" There's a frown in thought as he gets the rest of the information.

"Looks like we may be working together. I'm following up a lead on a video that was uploaded from overseas - hoping we can get to the source there, and maybe get you some of those samples you need." Though there's a pause.

"But if the source of this stuff is a monkey from Madripoor - that's going to be a bit of a mess diplomatically, eh?" Though Koa's smell has him arching a brow. "I'm sure the two-headed cat will be all types of lovey dovey when you get back to the office, Agent Turner." There's a sip from his coffee as he considers.

"I don't know if there's gonna be a report on the raid at the bar, but at least one of the dancers there seemed to have abilities. And Sam noticed a friend of his there - a Jean Grey."

Kelly Dehaven was stirring some honey into her own tea when Jemma speaks to her. The biochem's words startle her so much she knocks over her mug, sending hot tea all over her counter.

Flushing, she grabs for a tea towel to try to mop it up before it gets too far away only to pause as the reason for her clumsiness comes back to her and she stares at Jemma with those wide-green eyes. "I. What? But…"

Being young, new, and brought in for specialized knowledge, she honestly hasn't been out of her lab except to chase down errant arms that skip their appointments with her. The poor woman looks a little like a fish out of water. It's amazing how sometimes really smart people can contract The Dumb.

"Well I am quite happy to help, Doctor Simmons." Koa says. "If you're working on the neutralizing agent I take it that you all want me to find some manner of identifying and halting whatever the mystical angle on this is?" It doesn't surprise Koa, really, that there are magical drug runners out there. Drugs make money and magi like money as much as anyone else does. Possibly more so.

"Wait did you say HYDRA is operating in on this?" Koa is aware that HYDRA has in the past dabbled with the occult but a move like this would be a significant one. It's not something that his own direct superiors are going to want to hear.

"I hope that two headed cat is still IN the office when I get back. But I won't be there today. It's sunday, you know…"

"I think you broke her, Doctor Simmons." Koa asides to Jemma.

There's a flicker of sympathy in Jemma's eyes as Kelly spills her tea. "I remember the first time they told me to go in the field. It might be you don't have to, but with his cybernetic arm, he's going to need support and you're the expert on that." It might mean that Kelly doesn't have to go in the field, but not likely.

"We can get you some training, if you need it." So little time and so much to do but Kelly might appreciate the field training bootcamp. Appreciate it, not enjoy it.

"The pills kill because of the way they hyperexcite the hypathalmus and adrenal glands. Some people have a higher tolerance for that than others. The wider the distribution of the drugs, the more deaths we're likely to see."

"Yes Agent Turner, quite right. Though I also suspect that any raid Consultant Harper runs, will be met with mystical interference as well." She pauses as Koa processes HYDRA involvement. "And yes, that's the chatter on the desk. It seems to be a nest that has popped up if not in, then near Madripoor." beat "And I think I rather did break, Kelly. You should have seen my response when I was told of my first assignment."

She's more though. She said that. Not related to Thunderbolt at all.

"I'll get her down to the gun range, make sure her marksmanship's up to date." Considering that he's in what passes as pajamas as well, it's probably little secret that Roy stayed over with Kelly as he takes a draw from his coffee. Setting it down, he reaches up, touching a small silver Navajo looking cuff on his ear, before his attention returns to the others.

"So we're going to need magi support." He has a thought, but quickly brushes it aside. Not worth sharing he decides.

Though there was other news that is being explained at the moment, and his brows perk as he turns to Jemma and Koa. "So we get the Dogs of Hell out of the way, find the network, then find the source. And apparently free some monkies."

Mopping up the spilled tea, wiping down the counter, it gives Kelly something to focus on as her mind spins in a dozen different directions and all sorts of 'what if' scenarios. There's a meticulousness to the way she cleans that starts to explain why the apartment looks rather showroom-ready. She doesn't look up as Jemma talks to her, but bobs her head in a nod that is supposed to mean she's paying attention and not totally distracted.

The offer of training gets her to look up, but then she's doing that head-bob-nodding that might mean she's a little overwhelmed. "Yes. Of course. Totally a good idea." More nodding. She doesn't even glare at Koa when he suggests she's been broken.

"Well we'll make sure that Mister Harper gets it. Either personally or via amulets and what not. We're not exactly the vaults of the Sorcerer Supreme but we have a few tricks." Koa nods.

"I'll run down those reports you're talking about Doctor Simmons. Forgive me, though, you said you had more? Did you also need my assistance with that?"

Because that seems reasonable. After all she called him here for a purpose did she not?

"Yes. Find the drugs. Stop the drugs. Free the the monkies. Sing 'Defying Gravity' while you're at it and then go home."

Because… monkies… okay we'll just let that one go.

"Are you quite alright, Doctor Dehaven?"

"The intel we have on High Town and Low Town in Madripoor are in the files I've sent you, Roy." Roy, not Consultant Harper, Jemma might be unwinding a little. "You might want to get a covert team in there to do some more surveillance. And avoid any diplomatic incidences if you can."

"I'd be happy to come with you, Kelly … I remember what it was like. The agents that trained to work in the field despaired I would ever keep my eyes open when I shot my weapon."

That should earn a groan from the two men at least.

"And yes, I did, Agent Turner, but I'm not sure you can help me there. The reason I've been absent is I was on mission myself. A.I.M are developing a bio-weapon that will target specific DNA. My other priority is to bring that down and I'll need you're assistance, Roy. And therefore yours as well, Kelly." Maybe there's something for Koa there, but at the moment it doesn't look like it.

"Yeah. I'll work on that. And maybe see if I can pull some strings for a bigger gun. Anyone seen Widow lately?" Roy asks with a shake of his head. Speaking of redheads that can make things difficult. "Anyway.." he says, trying to not groan too much at Jemma's comment, and only imagining what Kelly's reaction is going to be like, Roy moves to stand up. "I need to take care of a few things if the director's putting me in charge."

Like making sure he gets a good meal out of the deal.

Kelly Dehaven gives Koa a strained sort of smile. "I'll uh, yes. I'll be fine. Thank you. I just… I wasn't expecting that." Most of the SHIELD science geeks never see the field, so it wasn't even her being naive!

Jemma gets a nod from the redhead, but this time it's less of the bobbleheaded nod. "I'd appreciate that." For the moral support if nothing else!

As Jemma says she'll need Roy, and thus Kelly, for some additional work she nods, trying to get her head back into the game here. "I'll make sure to read up on what we've got so far immediately." Kelly assures Jemma.

"Ah alright. Well let me know if you do need support for that, Doctor Simmons." Koa looks about the apartment. Doctor DeHaven is still in her pajamas. Roy looks quite comfortable…

And it's a sunday. And he should be out swimming. So, that's what he's going to go do.

"Give me a call if there's anything else urgent. Otherwise, come see me when you need me." Koa waves and turns to head back out. Whatever is going on here beyond the meeting, he really doesn't need to know.

Needs Must Doctor Dehaven!

Jemma offers another smile to Kelly and quickly finishes her tea. "Thank you Roy. And please forgive my intrusion. I'm going back to the lab and getting things in order. I'm sure I'll hear from you soon."

Taking up her tablet, the biochem glances around and tries not to think too hard about what she might have interrupted. Board games, in deed.

Then she's heading out the door with a wave.

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