2019-06-10 - Some Late Night Coffee (Part 1)


Dazzler and Harvey chat over coffee at a diner.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Jun 10 05:54:40 2019
Location: {$location}

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The small corner diner is rather empty in the middle of the night, even if it is a Saturday night. This place isn't known for its great food or service, nor is it known for being notably -bad- at any of that. What the place IS is convenient. A few booths and a countertop with stools, some pie under glass, and a chalkboard menu gives the place a rather classic feel, as does the twenty-four hour service.

Harvey makes his way in, looking hungry and exhausted. The handsome man is dressed in a decent suit, even if a bit wrinkled at the moment, and he has a bit of stubble at the moment. He finds a stool and sits down, offering the woman behind the counter a tired smile. "Coffee, please. And a menu…" He sets the briefcase down beside his stool and stifles a yawn.

Twenty four hour diners are a godsend for someone like Alison. Not really having a place to stay, she can be in here all night for the price of a coffee. Even snooze a little in a booth or the bathroom. There are also other ways she can 'pay' for a night's stay. Nothing illegal or indecent, rather she is perched on the table of a corner booth singing quietly while playing a guitar. Her small amplifier also responsible for backing drums and keyboards on disc. Music while you eat in a cheap diner? Why not? It's not as if anyone is listening to her anyway. She finishes up a song and smiles at the non-existent applause before it is time for a break. She makes her way over to the counter and gestures for a coffee refill.

Harvey glances over as Alison finishes her song, and he actually does provide a warm, appreciative clap. He smiles as she approaches the counter, and he offers a nod. "Hey there!" He looks to his coffee as it is set in front of him. He adds a bit of cream but no sugar before he glances down at the menu. "Hmm. Any suggestions? Been a long night already and I need to be up a good bit longer."

Alison offers a smile at the applause from the handsome man at the counter. "Hey, yourself" she greets in return before glancing at the menu. "You want to stay awake? Hmm…you could try uppers" she deadpans. "Anything exciting?" He has a briefcase, what could he be doing that is exciting all night?

He chuckles a bit and shakes his head. "Nooot exactly my scene." He eyes the menu for another moment before glanicng up at the server. "I'll take the pancake stack, please. Scrambled eggs and…sausage?" He sets the menu aside and takes a long sip of his coffee before he glances back over at Alison. He shrugs a bit and replies with: "Not really. Dealing with a case. Building a case against the Brookehouse Gang."

The NYC based gang has spread into the various borroughs over the last few years. Drug dealing, human trafficking and similar is commonly used by them to finance human supremacy actions against Mutants (And other metahumans on a lesser scale).

"Good luck with that" Alison replies about the case. "And I mean that. Those fuckers…" She's a Long Island girl whose (estranged) father is a judge, she knows all about such people. "You might have to keep yourself awake twenty-four seven to watch out for assassins." Her coffee is refilled and she offers a smile of thanks to the waitress. A growl from her stomach but she doesn't order any food.

He shakes his head a bit. "We're doing what we can, but they clearly have connections. I keep wondering if I should have pushed the case sooner but…I wanted to wait until we had everything I think we needed." He pauses briefly. "Plus the previous person in my position was corrupt as hell. So…" The man shakes his apparently finely sculpted shoulders as he lifts his coffee for another sip, turning back towards the young beauty. "Oh, I know. It wouldn't be the first time I've pissed off bad people." He chuckles, and then offers a hand. He has bruises along the knuckles like a boxer. "Harvey." He pauses at the growl, and then pushes a menu towards her. "On me. Least I can do for keeping a lonely guy company."

"Of course they have connections. Anyone with money can get away with anything. And since they're bigots as well, that appeals to those 'above' bribery. The world can be a shit place" Alison sighs before taking the offered hand. "Alison. Nice to meet a crusader." If he wants to buy her a meal, she won't protest. At all. "Thanks" she grins before looking to the waitess. "I'll have what he's having…but with extra sausage." She looks back to Harvey. "Oh please, you wouldn't be lonely unless you wanted to be."

Harvey Dent shakes his head. "Part of my job is making sure that people with money -can't- get away with anything." He sips his coffee and then grins as his food is set in front of him. Hers will be a few moments. He passes one of the sausages to her so she can eat something while waiting. "There are a lot of shitty people in the world, but a lot of good ones, too. Many are just afraid. Doesn't make them bad." He blinks at her last comment and shakes his head. "Well, I don't want to be lonely. But I can get…focused on my work, I guess. It's why I'm single. Most women don't want to deal with that."

"Why, Mister Harvey, are you offering me your sausage?" Alison teases before plucking it from his fingers and biting down. "Mmm…not too bad." Though everything tastes good when you're starving. "The only thing that evil needs to succeed, is good people doing nothing. Or something like that. Might not make them bad but it doesn't help." A shrug about the women in Harvey's life. "Then you're not lonely, you have your work" she winks. "Though I understand how 'work' can get in the way. I mean, I have a singing career to get going. Hard for me to concentrate on anything else. At least long term."

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