2019-06-10 - Kree Martial Arts


Storm Shadow and Captain Marvel officially meet. Talk of Gun Kata and Martial arts occur.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Jun 10 01:16:02 2019
Location: Triskelion

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Storm Shadow, one of SHIELD's resident special operatives, was currently at the recreation area, on what looks to be a sparring mat. He wears white pants and a white shirt and yes, his color of choice does appear to be white. He appears to be practicing with one of his trademark katana swords for a moment, doing plenty of movements with his sword that applies mostly to the style of Tai Chi.

Though many people are in the recreation area, SHIELD has this training facility so that even superhumans could take part in it. Though…Storm Shadow seemed to be off by himself.

He tends to be a bit of a loner.

But who knows, someone might actually be bold enough to say hello.

Which is when Carol walks in. Currently she's wearing a SHIELD branded workout shirt and sweats, her hair tied back behind her head with a single white scrunchie. She looks over at Storm Shadow working out by himself, and wanders over, not having seen him around before. "Interesting technique there."

As Carol speaks, Storm Shadow shifts his feet and settles into a resting position, though it was done so fluidly that one could believe it was part of the routine. Or he practiced that move a great deal to look cool. Whichever comes first.

"It is simply Tai Chi." Though eventually Shadow just lets out a small breath, and he gives a bow. "But thank you. I have seen you around much, but we have not spoken. It is likely my fault that this is the case."

He's a ninja and she's Captain Marvel. Of course he's seen her before. "I am Storm Shadow." he puts a hand on his chest to make that point clear.

Carol nods, and grins, "Carol works then, since you know who I am." She makes a bit of a face, "Which, well, kinda makes covert operations a little hard to pull off anymore, but I still do work as the Cavalry. Don't tell May." The last is a bit of a joke, judging from her grin.

"Yeah, I admit I'm a bit rusty on Terran techniques, but I have a head full of Kree martial arts styles. Pretty similar, but not quite the same… spirit, I suppose is the word."

"You know of alien martial arts?" This seems to capture Shadow's curiousity. Though of course, he gives a light nod. "I will let her discover it for herself. Though, if you wish to give a display of these Kree martial arts you speak of…" he sheathes his Katana and sets it aside, gesturing in front of him for Carol to enter.

"Feel free to showcase." Storm seems to actually smile now. He didn't know he would be able to bond with others about martial arts. Most agents only know common styles like kickboxing, boxing, judo, karate, tae kwondo, or kung fu. This was a fun prospect to think about.

Carol enters, taking a few deep breaths as she stretches, "Alright… just let me focus here." She does occasionally sparkle a bit, random light motes shooting from her, even when she's not actively using her powers. But, now those light motes don't seem to be generating at all, as she then opens her eyes, dropping into a stance.

Suddenly she launches into a flurry of moves, mostly punches, though her focus seems to almost be more on her center of gravity rather than what limb is striking out at her phantom opponents. "You know, it's funny, the Kree were really mad at that one movie about gun katas… that's an actual thing some of them do." She grins, "Works pretty well."

Shadow takes a few steps back to give Carol all the room she needs as she shows off her Kree skillz. Though Storm Shadow notices that she sparkles a little bit whenever she throws a few punches here and there, he seems to be following her movements relatively okay before she finally stops. "Not bad." He compliments.

"Everyone gets upset about martial arts involving firearms. I am skilled with it well enough."

Though he does seem to grin at that. "I didn't realize Kree paid close enough attention to us humans to care about what we like to fight with, smart or no."

Carol chuckles, "Oh, the Kree and Skrulls have been poking around here for a very long time. No one noticed it until recently, though." She rolls her neck a bit, "Just have to focus to stay at a normal speed. With my powers, I have to be careful not to get carried away there." She flashes Storm Shadow a grin at that, "But yeah, I mean, makes sense to use guns if you have them. Or if you need them." Not that Carol does anymore…

"Point taken." Though Shadow crosses his arms. "You say that like you need firearms to be effective." Shadow smirks, before he approaches. "I take it you don't spar much. Hard time holding back?" he asks curiously, because he has to admit…he wonders how his current skills match up to a full-scale space warrior.

Carol grins, "Well, when you can do what I do… hey, I can hold back just fine. The problem is that when the glass is broken in case of emergencies, that's the last thing I should be doing." She chuckles a bit, then shrugs, "But hey, firearms are a tool like anything else. You don't need them, but they can make the job a lot easier."

"If you say so." Storm seems to chuckle with her. "True. Especially if the sound is reduced." by use of a silencer or other muzzling tool. "But, whether you wish for a spar or not is up to you. But, in the meantime…tell me more about yourself. You were a Kree warrior. Why come back to earth?"

Carol shakes her head, "Well, before that I was from Earth. There were just some… things, I had to work out." She shrugs a bit, "I mean, I got my powers from the Kree, seemed like the thing to do was learn more about them first-hand, and not just what was burned into my brain."

Storm Shadow seems to be listening carefully to her words. "hm. Have you worked those…things out?" he asks her when she shrugs, though as she continues on, he seems to understand the feeling. "I know what you mean. Though unlike you, I'm not capable of space travel. Not without an advanced ship that earth doesn't have."

Carol grins. "Oh, you might be surprised… but yeah, I think I got a lot of stuff figured out. Which is why I'm back, probably for good." She chuckles, "Barring anything else weird happening, I suppose. Which, well, what are the odds of that." Totally not being sarcastic with that, honest!

"Now on that, /you/ would be surprised." Storm grins back at Carol as he seems to be putting his swords in his duffle bag. "Well good, it means we get to see more of each other, hm?" He then stands up as he looks at Carol.

Carol chuckles, "Probably. Though I tend to be pretty busy with the Avengers side of things. Still, I try to get over here and give Fury grief when I can." She grins cheerfully at that, then nods at Storm Shadow, "Though, since you're a ninja and stuff, am I really gonna see you?" Apparently she's heard a bit about Storm Shadow already.

When Carol questions Storm Shadow on if she'll /really/ see him or not, he simply grins. "When I want you to see me, you'll see me." Which is…exactly what a ninja would say, but maybe it will give Carol a bit of a challenge to live up to.

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