2019-06-08 - Upscale Lunch


Tony and Bucky talk over lunch.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Jun 8 05:21:33 2019
Location: RP Room 6

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When Tony kidnaps Bucky, it's a lot less stealthy. A driver shows up with an invitation to join Mr. Stark for lunch in one of those upscale places that usually require a reservation and a nice suit. Sometimes a membership. In this case, the invitation states that, while the waiters like it when you dress nicely, it isn't a dealbreaker.

But he has a suit. He has several nice ones. They're even tailored…so he dons one. A nice gray summer-weight, with a french blue shirt and a darker tie, the long hair sleeked back and bound. He doesn't even seem that ill at ease.

Though knowing Tony, Bucky could've shown up in a clown suit and Tony would've made it okay.

Tony Stark would've been delighted, knowing him. He's in an Italian suit, tailored, and he looks damn fine in it. Bucky's led to his table, where he sits with, surprisingly enough, a glass of water. Not a drink. He rises when Bucky comes by, and he holds out a hand to shake. "Good to see you," he says. "This is my way of saying thank you for the camping trip. Lunch is on me."

The hand he takes and shakes, gently. No comment on the glass of water….but there's that funny smile that makes the lines appear around his eyes. "I'm glad it's something you still want to thank me for," he says, gently.

His gaze is a little searching, making sure Tony really does seem okay….and pleased, it seems, to find it so.

Tony seems fine, but seeming fine is one of his key life skills. He resumes his seat and takes up the menu. Some of these dishes are in the triple digits. Probably not even the most expensive places this guy goes to eat. "Yeah, well. It was an interesting way to spend a weekend. I may have ratted you out to my PA, but I had to throw someone under the bus, man."

Those prices are obscene - but Buck learned manners in an older and harder school than most of those who practice today. Nothing makes you look more like a poor yokel than exclaiming over something's price. "I understand," he says, with a sympathetic smile. "Send her at me, if you must. I'm tough, I can take it."

Tony Stark says wryly, "You haven't met Pepper Potts. I told her how to get in touch with you. I don't think she'll be too mad. Getting me to stop drinking for awhile probably has you in her good graces." He glances at his glass of water, then back at Bucky. "I'm not saying it'll stick, but so far, I'm waiting until six and not drinking alone so much."

"Not like I was setting out to get you sent through AA," Buck says, inclining his head in acknowledgement. "But if you need to have her come chew my head off, it's good. We can take more trips, if we need to. Can make it a periodic thing. I don't even charge, unlike a lot of these bullshit life coaching people," he says, as he drops his gaze to the menu.

"I think next time we won't go with a kidnapping is all," Tony says. "It turns out, she doesn't like me disappearing." Sure he called his people eventually, but for a couple hours, he was just gone. Tony sets aside his menu, having decided, and says, "I don't think I'm so far gone I need AA, but maybe three martini lunches were a thing of my dad's time, not mine."

"They weren't even really then," The brunet's voice is dry. "Howard drank a lot. Always did. And sure. I'm not out to traumatize all your staff, every time. We can schedule it as a retreat, as needed." Then his grin appears, again. "Maybe that's the skill I offer - forcing heroes to take care of themselves." God knows he does it for Steve.

Tony Stark's brows lift. "Anything I should be assuming about Cap? Nothing I don't already know. He never takes it easy, does he?" He shakes his head. "See, at least I love the stuff I do in the lab. That's how I relax. Do what you love and you won't work a day in your life. I don't think I could soldier twenty-four seven."

Now….now there's something odd in his face. Not the coldness that's uniquely Winter's, but a little shadow on that general sunniness. "I liked it," he says, mildly. "Being a soldier. I had a whole year of it before Steve got into the war, and I was good at it. I was good at the parts that Steve hated." Read: taking care of Nazis and HYDRA with extreme prejudice. "And no, you know it. He never does. Now I'm gonna get to play the spouse card, though. 'I gotta get going, Mr. Rogers expects me home for dinner'."

Because that will be his married name, won't it? Captain and Mister Rogers.

"Is congratulations in order?" Tony says. "We might have to order some champagne. I'd like to see him happy. You too, for that matter." He smiles, though there's a shadow around his eyes. Who would he even have in his life to bring to the wedding? His PA? If she's not busy? The look is there and gone in the blink of an eye.

"Soon," Buck says, quietly. And now there's a funny, quiet glow to him, like the full moon just behind the horizon. "No champagne at the moment, I think. We'll be happy. And I'm going to be fucking merciless about taking care of him and demanding he take care of me. The wedding is going to be just us at City Hall. The reception….we need to work that out, the Waynes are hosting it. Steve's goddaughter Helena is losing her mind. I'm sure it'll be some kind of three ring circus, but…." He shrugs. "Steve's a public figure. You're definitely invited to the reception. Guest of honor."

The Waynes? Tony doesn't lose his smile. He just says, "It'll be a great time, I'm sure. I'll have to think of the perfect gift. Something that says 'enjoy your nuptials' while also saying 'be prepared to save the world because you know every enemy you've ever had is going to come out in numbers today.'" When the waiter comes around, he orders the steak and mentions, "It's all on one tab." It is his way of saying thank you after all.

"That's why we're not saying when we're showing up at City Hall," Buck observes. "Here's my suggestion. We're honeymooning in IReland, and it's gonna be pretty lowkey and spontaneous, same reason. But….I hate winter. I hate being cold. So, let's set up a trip somewhere private and nice and warm for this winter? I'll be able to guilt him into taking that vacation. For the reception…..I figure if there's anyone who can make a tux into armor fit to take on Godzilla, it's you."

Tony says, "Sure, I've already got a few designs on paper, and I didn't even realize there'd be an occasion. If you need help with a distraction, spectacle I can do. I'm about due for a scandal. You two slip away when everyone's looking this way."

Bucky grins at that. Now it's the full, dazzling display. "Thanks," he says, visibly relieved. "Maybe just make a giant armored dome that walks on its own and I can put Steve in it like the Turtle of Freedom, or something."

"I'm sure he'll love it," Tony says. "So, will you guys age, or did the serum make you young forever? Something to think about before saying til death do you part. Though there's something right about the idea that there'll always be a Captain America."

"We don't know. No one knows. We haven't lived long enough out of ice to be able to tell," Bucky's voice is low. "I'll take forever, though. I wanted long enough…." He trails off. There's that shadow in his face again. "There always will be. It just…may not always be Steve Rogers."

Tony Stark drops his gaze to the table. The waiter remains, waiting to take Bucky's order. Tony glances at him, then to Bucky. "The steak's worth dying for, or at least worth killing for. I hope it never becomes an issue, but do you know who he might have lined up? Just in case the unthinkable happens?"

"Steak, please. However he likes it." Buck nods at Tony. Tony does know class when he sees it….and he knows what's good.

When the waiter is gone, he says, "He doesn't have anyone. But one of the things I intend to work on is seeing that he does. The unthinkable is him retiring, and by God, he's going to. We didn't both survive fucking Hitler and HYDRA only to have him run himself to death in this weird future. He belongs to me now, not the American people. He's going to be Mr. Barnes, no matter how long it takes me to get there."

Tony Stark smiles slowly. "Good luck with that," he says. "I do truly wish you luck. Being Captain America is who he is. It's in his nature. I hope some day he finally stands in the wake of a fight and says, "This is enough." Because he's earned the rest. But we still need him. At least for a little while longer."

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