2019-06-08 - Shirts can be fun!


Big Kitties T-Shirt!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Jun 8 02:58:40 2019
Location: Greenwich Village

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It is a bit early in the evening, but then again Hank had a long drive (and Catseye a long RIDE) to get here from Westchester. Regardless, having parked the car they took he stretches, which only underscores the prodigious length of his arms and his sheer bulk. His back arches and there's a distinct *pop!* that triggers a sigh, before the massive and completely blue-black furred genius turns to open the door for his travel companion, offering her a hand out. "Here we are, Catseye." He looks about, they're parked near a small park which seems to be hosting a market fair of sorts, there's a large number of stalls featuring food and drink, as well as a wide assortment of other items, curios and toys but best of all — CLOTHES! He chin points. "Shall we?"

Catseye nods to Hank. "Will have to alter clothes." She lashes her tail once, "But can sew. Just is boring. MotherMotherFrost prefers tailor, but is expensive. Not clothes to run or play in." She smiles at a memory, "Did that -once- in good clothes, MotherMotherFrost just gave this look. So sad. So disappointed. Catseye feel this big." She holds two fingers about a half inch apart. "Need lots more clothes and things."

A market means cheap…and cool…so Alison is here to pick up a bargain. She certainly can't afford clothes from stores with walls. At the moment she is looking through a bin of hand-printed t-shirts with 'amusing' slogans or copyright infringing band photos. She is currently clad in boots, torn fishnets, shorts, t-shirt, and back-pack. "Ten bucks for three?" she asks the stall owner; but even that price has her considering them carefully.

"Not to worry, Catseye - I'll be happy to help if you like." Hank is dressed in black khaki shorts, they make it to just above the knees. He's also wearing short-sleeved t-shirt with 'Mutant and Proud!' emblazoned across the chest, and a smaller thought bubble below and to the left. . o O (Gee, YA think?). He can't help but chuckle, a deep bass rumbling as she speaks of the one time she ruined good clothes. "Ah yes, the infamous maternal super power - the Dread Glare of Guilt. My own mother is quite adept, let me assure you." He nods then, and leads the way towards the shopping. "Get whatever you like." Yes, he's sure that will be a cause for regret, but hey - his expenses are FAR below his income!

The Beast will lead the purple haired girl with the cat eyes towards the shopping, pausing just behind and to the right of Alison, pausing to study the various shirts. He LIKES amusing shirts! To wit (hopefully) the one he's wearing!

Catseye flashes Hank a smile, and looks through the t-shirts. Band shirts, eh, maybe if there is one she likes. A t-shirt with two cats on the chest and says 'big kitties' draws an 'UGH' face from the girl, even if she is well endowed just… no. Then she finds one of a line drawing of a cat sprawled out that says beneath it 'NOPE' and laughs. She holds it up to make sure it will fit, and grins at Hank. "Fits, yes?" Size or message… or both? Probably both!

Alison makes some space for the other two looking through the t-shirt bin, offering them a smile and a light "Hey" in greeting. "I love the color of your fur" she offers Hank, completely genuine in her tone. A little giggle at the reaction to the 'big kitties' t-shirt. "If you want subtle, you don't come to a market" she grins to Catseye. She's managed to find a couple of t-shirts that have taken her fancy but that last one is eluding her. Maybe it will have to be 'big kitties'. "I'm Alison" she informs them both. "Come here often?"

A snort of amusement at the 'Ugh' face, and Hank nods complete agreement, a little surprised to be greeted by the rather pretty young lady in torn fishnets, he inclines his head. "Many thanks, dear lady. Hank McCoy, and this is Catseye." His voice is very deep, and every word exactingly enunciated, and then he straightens again and grins at Catseye. "Ah yes, that's PURR-fect." Yes, he said it just as written, the big goof! At the question from Alison, Hank shakes his head. "Honestly, not in a couple years, I used to live in the neighborhood then, but moved…" During the registration foo. A smile then. "Yourself, miss?"

Catseye shakes her head at Alison's question. "Been away couple few years. Have to learn way around again." Maybe English isn't her first language? She keeps her tail high and close to the back of her head. Crowds and tails don't mix well, and given that her hair color and fur color are the same, it's likely the hair is natural. She finds another t-shirt of a cat wearing glasses that says 'Nevertheless, she purrsisted" and snags that one. None of the other cat t-shirts appeal, so she starts looking for purple ones.

"This is the only shopping I can afford" Alison laughs with a wave to the market around them. "And it's a nice atmosphere. Even bad puns are accepted here" she grins to Hank before a little sadness in her expression. "Yeah, that whole registration thing. It sucked. Glad everyone is over that now and all is good in the world." There may have been some sarcasm with that last part. "That tail is pretty cool" she smiles to Catseye. Hopefully the stall owner is not horrified by their latest customers. "Welcome back to New York."

Hank, in the meantime snags the Big Kitties shirt, which is bubblegum pink of course, and holds it up to about a third of his chest. "Hrm…do you think it might stretch? Perhaps as a baby-tee for the beach?" He is definitely being exceedingly silly, living up to the SillyDoctorBeast moniker that Catseye once bestowed, but that's how he rolls. And yes he 'models' for the girls, looking for their thoughts. He even seems earnest! Well, if you ignore the laughing glint to bright blue eyes. The stall owner probably isn't terribly thrilled by Hank — the guy's HUGE, and BLUE, and FURRY, not like Hank can help it, and the 'Mutant and Proud' shirt…yeah. Still, customers are customers and the night is young. Cat's choise of second shirt is given a nod of approval, and then he sighs faintly at the mention of the Registration thing. "Indeed. I lobbied for years against it, foul thing." He beams at the kind accepting of his punning, fangs not at all threatening in light of the bright smile. Somehow.

Markets, cheap clothing and puns about an ample bust? It might as well be halfway to a summoning circle for Sunny. The blonde woman had been moving through the stalls, she'd even grabbed a few 'knick-knacks before she rounds the corner to the stall in question and blinks, tilting her head to the side at the sight of the big blue mutant with the 'big kitties' shirt, immediately snickering. "Alright, that's awesome."

Purple tie dye, crown royal, LSU tiger… nothing in the scattered purple t-shirts are grabbing her. When Alison welcomes her back to New York & compliments her tail, Catseye smiles. "Thank you." She hesitates, then adds, "No such thing 'all is good in the world'" She repeats the words back with the exact phrasing and intonation Alison used. "Gets better, gets worse, gets better…" Her hand makes a see sawing motion. At Hank's clowning around, she grins. "Not good color for BlueBeast. Purple or black maybe?" She moves to a section of Pride shirts, flipping past the rainbow ones and keeps looking.

"Do you have any babies that could wear it?" Alison deadpans to Hank and his t-shirt idea. "Not sure what people would make of you wearing a big kitties t-shirt. It'd be like me in a 'Sausage Fest Organizer' t-shirt." Her eyes narrow. "Actually, a woman could get away with that. Moving on. I was not a fan of the Act either. I'm glad it's gone." A pirse of her lips as she considers Catseye's color theories. "I dunno. You think purple and black would work with a deep blue? Might get lost in the fur. Oh…can you grab me one of those Pride t-shirts?" Alison glances around at the crowds in time to spot a familiar face in Sunny. "Hey!" she grins happily. "There's a sight for sore eyes."

With another commentator offering insight, Hank can't help but smile sunnily Sunny-wards. "Ah, and many thanks indeed." He carefully puts the shirt back, and then clasps hands in the small of his back to survey the shirts that Cat is piling up. "Are you fond of the fairer sex, Catseye?" He asks in a careful tone, he's not sure, and doesn't want to offend. He nods at the clowning. "I bet I could pull it off…" A thoughtful nod. "…mostly in shreds I expect." He bestows his best (not very good!) faux-frown on Alison at the babies question. "Afraid not, I am utterly bereft of fatherhood." He almost seems relieved! "And yes, things do tend towards the cyclical." He adds as an aside to Catseye. He falls silent when Alison greets her friend, letting the friends talk as he passes Ali a pride shirt with a bit more purple than most.

There's a grin to match at the sight of Alison, the blonde moving in closer to embrace the other woman in greeting. "Well, maybe you shouldn't look directly at the 'Sunny' to prote….sorry." she begins, but the bad joke falters in the tide of her own amusement before she shakes her head. Besides, seems Hank had her beat for once. A glance comes up at Catseye, offering a nod of greeting before she releases Alison. "So, what's up?"

Catseye hmmm "Black make the blue fur brighter, purple… have to be carful with shade, yes. Could get lost." Catseye tilts her head at Hank's question, and shakes her head. "Catseye is Ace. Would rather have good meal or good nap." She gives Sunny a friendly nod, the tip of her tail hooking over. Going through the pile, she finds a shirt with the word 'NO' in stripes of Black, grey, and white, and the word 'THANKS' in purple below. "I like."

Alison gives Sunny a tight hug in return and a quick kiss on each cheek. "You're looking good" she grins. "Oh, I might have a place to stay that isn't your hotel room or the street…or the park. Let me introduce you. The blue guy is Hank and the woman with the tail is…umm…cute? Don't think I got a name. Everyone, this is my friend Sunny." She takes the Pride t-shirt from Hank with a smile of thanks. "That should fit" she nods. "Tight is preferable. Have to advertise the goods sometimes" she giggles with a wiggle of her eyebrows. The joke about the shredded t-shirt makes her laugh. "Don't worry, I'm not a father either."

"Perhaps we should get your friend some Peril Sensitive Sunglasses." Hank offers wryly to Sunny, of course now he does at least know -her- name, if not Alison's. "Hank McCoy, and this is my friend Catseye." He indicates the purple haired girl with the tail and yes, here's the give away — cat like eyes! He listens to Cat's musing about the colors, and shakes head. "Truly not relevant, we're not here for me, we're for you." He grins even as he slants a longing glance at the Hello Kitties…if only it came in XXXXXXL! "Oh! I like that one too, Catseye, excellent choice." He offers the stall keeper a twenty, well, probably two - taxes and all. When he's offered change, he looks to Alison and nods towards her three shirts. "May I treat?" He asks — doesn't assume, doesn't want to offend but certainly can spare it! "Forgive me if I'm a poltroon, but I don't think you gave us yours either, Miss." Hank is a little afraid he might have missed it, he doesn't like missing stuff! A snort of amusement at the last comment she made. "Well, something we can bond over?" He asks with a lopsided smirk.

"A place to stay huh? Neat." Sunny begins before blinking, tilting her head to the side. "I didn't realise you were sleeping out in the park and stuff…" Wow, now she was feeling a little crappy for not picking the singer had it a little more rough than she thought. "Hi uh…'Cute'," she greets Catseye before Hank offers the girl's real name and she gives a little nod of her head and a shrug. Introductions changed, the blonde 'goddess' tilts her head. "So, get anything good?"

Catseye indicates Alison with a flick of her tail, "Is Alison, said earlier." She's used to people forgetting things, and being surprised when she remembers. She nods when Alison talks about place to stay. "Sleeping rough is hard. If not work out, couple few blocks over Deadgirl has building, garden on roof. Maybeso talk Deadgirl." Catseye can't promise anything for someone else, but suggesting they talk might help Alison. Catseye wouldn't be where she is now if someone hadn't helped her, after all. Multiple someones.

"Deadgirl?" Alison has to think on this. Is Catseye offering her possible lodgement in a cemetery? In a building. It's New York…these things happen. "Thank you, Catseye, I will look into that if this new place doesn't work out. Do you mind if I call you 'Cat' or 'Kit'?" A shrug at Hank as he offers to pay. "I won't say 'no' to the gallantry of a poltroon" she grins. Damn, she hasn't heard 'poltroon' since…ever. She points to Catseye when her name is brought up again. "I got a couple of t-shirts" she informs Sunny, showing them off. "That Hank just paid for. And don't worry about my sleeping arrangements. You weren't to know and I can look after myself."

"Actually, as Catseye just suggested…just across the way there…" Hank motions which way. "…The Store? Dead Girl runs the place and anyone and everyone are welcome, she even has beds to offer." He looks thoughtfully towards Catseye. "We should let her know that you've been accepted at the Institute, mm?" A smile. "And of course her cooking is not even faintly something to do with my thought on that." He looks back at Alison and Sunny then. "Regardless, might be worth checking out." When Cat reminds him, Hank ponders, and then one big hand moves up to cover his vastly chagrined face. "Oh my stars and garters, so she did, forgive me, Alison. I am a cad, a bounder, a ne'er-do-well jackanapes." And Ali was impressed by poltroon! Hank IS rather mortified at the name lapse, his memory is nearly perfect normally. "Dead Girl." He confirms. "Very sweet lady and so far I've seen no sign she can phased." He pays for the shirts and then waves off any remaining change. "Ah well, gallantry is my middle name…my second middle name, after Phillip of course. Doctor Henry Phillip Gallantry McCoy." A serious nod, and then he blinks at a message chime on his phone. After excusing himself he looks to Catseye. "Need to head back to the Institute, a tech situation there needs my expertise." He bows to Sunny and Ali. "Ladies, it was grand to meet you both, pray forgive my rapid departure." Eyes of bright blue are kind, and then he looks to Cat in question, letting her decide if she wants to ride back with him. She's an adult after all!

Catseye grins at Alison, her nose scrunching up a bit in amusement. "Catseye is Cat, not kitten anymore. Cat is good." She nods to Hank, "Catseye ride back with you. Not comfortable going back by self yet."

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