2019-06-08 - No Black Widow Cosplay


Roy has an idea. It involves Kelly and guns. There's no possible way this could go wrong.

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Storyteller: None
Date: 2019-06-28
Location: Gun Range, Triskelion, NYC

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What is it with Roy and gun ranges? Okay. He just likes guns like he likes women and whiskey. Hot and firey. Ahem. Anyway, he's suddenly had a /pang/ of a thought in Kelly's head and is currently bugging her to finish her current project and come down so he can test something on her.

"Are you done yet?"


"What's taking so long?"


“« I need to find a MUTE button for you. »” Kelly grumbles as she finally gets her work to a stopping point and makes her way down towards the range that Roy’s at.

Despite the grumbling, her presence is warm in his mind as more of her attention focuses on him. It’s like having a dozen spotlights that had been tracking different items one by one turning over towards him.

Flesh finally joins thoughts as she comes into the large room. “Alright. I’m here. If you want to shoot an apple off of my head, that’s going to be a hard no.” Kelly’s dimples are showing as she teases him.

"Man, I don't even get to live out my randy Robin Hood fantasies." Roy smirks, and then shakes his head. On the table, he's stripped down an icer and has changed it so it looks more like a phaser, with it's wires are exposed.

"So your arm can morph and take in stuff, right. Can it adapt to things introduced to it? Like, can you take this icer, match it up to you, and deploy it. Concealed weapon, eff tee dubya."

He looks so proud of himself.

Kelly gives a soft huff of amusement, rolling her eyes at him. “I think all your fantasies are randy.” And she’d know, right?

OK, she’s teasing him there.

She comes over to the table and looks over the deconstructed weapon before arching a brow at him. “I.. suppose so? I’ve never tried to err, hide things in me before.” That just sounds awkward. “Eff tee..?”

She does reach out and poke at it experimentally.

"Did you change your name to Randy?" comes Roy's response, his grin playful, before she gets awkward. "You know. For. The. Win." Gamer speak. Of course he's a gamer. She just hasn't seen him plug up the system and get started yet.

Because she's a little distracting.

And he watches, to see what happens when her arm and icer interact - will she assimilate?

Of course, he’d be a Marksman main.

“Oh! Right. I was.. Having trouble with the.. Anyhow!” Sometimes, her brain gets a bit too literal. Downsides to ‘talking’ to machines most of the time.

Turning her attention to the modified ICER, she pulls off her gloves and lays a hand over it. Most of the time, when her psisteel changes shapes, it’s reflexive. Or forming something specific, like a knife. This is different. The chromed-silver form of her arm ripples, and then flows out, over the weapon and into the exposed portions.

Roy can pick up some ‘static’ at the back of his head as she ‘talks’ to the device to figure out what she can make it do. Then, with a bit more focus and direction, the psisteel engulfs the weapon and then starts to reform into a hand.

There’s this odd moment when the bulge of it can be seen in her arm, like a snake swallowing its dinner, before her arm can adjust to redistribute its mass again.

"Okay, way creepier than I imagined. I hope your arm never decides to eat me." Roy lifts his brows as he feels that static in his head and ughs. Too much technical - though oddly he understands some of it. And when Kelly is done and ready, he gestures towards the downrange targets.

"Wanna give it a go? See if it feels right? I figure if you're going to be doing more field work, it might help you. You know, we're on an undercover mission, you need to wear a slinky cocktail dress, you can have a little something up your sleeve."

“This is more like, up my *arm*.” Kelly says, purposefully being literal as she smirks over at him before her attention is drawn back to her arm with the ICER, moving it around as though it feels odd. Because it does.

“And my arm can’t eat you. Little bitty arm, great big Roy.”

Feeling a bit awkward, as much because of his attention as because of the weapon in her arm, Kelly raises her arm towards the target and closes her eyes.

He’s probably just about to chastise her about not closing your eyes when you shoot when her arm shifts and morphs. It sort of looks like her arm is turning itself inside out, as her hand an wrist peel back and the ICER emerges with.. Another hand gripping it even as it’s still partially merged with her and she fires.

OK, her aim is terrible, but she was focusing on the process of shooting with it more than trying to hit anything. Opening her eyes again, they’re very wide. Surprised. Excited. A bit freaked out.

"You so do not shoot with your eyes closed. Oh my god Kelly, remind me never to stand in front of you on the gun range." he says with a smirk as he watches her fire and completely miss the target.

"But.. not bad. How did it feel?" he asks, looking over to her, Roy's own look one of concern as Kelly is processing it all. Then he gives her a grin.

"We'll make Black Widow eat her heart out yet, super spy." There's a wink at her.

“I was concentrating on not firing the thing while it was *in my arm*!” Kelly protests, though she knows he’s just giving her a hard time.

Looking back down at her arm, her forearm ripples and then the fluid metal slides up over her hand and the weapon, ‘swallowing’ it back into her arm and then her hand reforms. She splays her fingers and wiggles them a bit. “It’s a bit like.. I dunno. Trying to get the ball through one of those tilt-mazes? Because it’s less moving it and more moving the psisteel around it to get the *result* of it moving.

Kelly rubs at her arm a bit, and there’s a bulge that moves about in her arm before it settles back to normal. “And it’s a bit like keeping hold of something all the time.”

The quip about Black Widow has her smirking at him. “I am *not* cosplaying as her for you, Roy Harper.”

"I'd never ask you to do that. You look a lot better in lace than leather." Roy responds with a blithe little smile. He would know.

"Well, would it be better to have your arm spit it out, and you know, save that for when you actually need it? I mean, it took me a few days to get used to.." he rubs the back of his head, she knows what he's talking about. She put it there.

"I don't want you uncomfortable, sweetheart."

“It’s weird.” Kelly admits. “But not painful or anything like that.” And ‘drawing’ it is likely to take practice. But what doesn’t.

The redhead reaches out to squeeze his hand gently. “No.” She agrees. “But you want me safe more than that, hmm?” She nods. “Me too. And overall the idea is good on a much broader level. I never thought of them as uh, containers.”

He’s the one with the out-of-the-box ideas. One of the things that makes him so good at what he does.

Squeezing her hand, Roy gets brave and steps forward, slipping his other hand around the back of Kelly's neck to hold her and kisses her firmly and deeply.

Pulling back, he blushes. "Been waiting all day to do that." he admits.

Kelly’s lips curve into a smile, picking up on his intent even as he’s leaning in to kiss her. Her arms slip around his waist so when he goes to pull back he can’t get far. “So all of this was a part of your clever plan to get me alone so you could kiss me?”

"Pretty much." Roy grins wryly. Of course, that wasn't the whole reason, the idea was sound. It just makes for a very nice bonus.

"So, what you doing for the rest of my life?" he asks with a small smirk.

Keeping her hold on Roy, she turns him so he’s trapped between her and the shooting counter. “I think you need better plans, Consultant Harper.” She teases him.

The question though, that has her going up on her toes so she can kiss the tip of his nose. “Blushing over the naughty images that go through your head.” Beat. “And making you close the damned cupboards when you get something out of them.”

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